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BJP PHILOSOPHY :: Integral Humanism
Integral Humanism, the guiding philosophy of the Bharatiya Janata Party, was first presented by Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya in the form of four lectures delivered in Bombay on April 22-25, 1965.

Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya was born on Sept. 25, 1916, in a village Nagla Chandrabhan, Near Mathur in Uttar Pradesh. He passed his Matriculation standing first class, first in the Ajmer Board Examinations, winning two gold medals. He again won two gold medals in Intermediate examination securing first rank. He did his B.A. in mathematics in first class.

Panditji joined the RSS in 1937 as one of the first few Swayamsevaks and rose to be its Joint Provincial Pracharak.

He joined the Jana Sangh in 1952 and was appointed its General Secretary, which post he retained till he became the President of the Party in 1967. After the death of Dr. Syama Prasad Mookherji he shouldered the responsibility of building up the party and he achieved a remarkable success in this onerous task.

Pandit Upadhyaya edited PANCHJANYA (Weekly) and SWADESH (Daily) from Lucknow. He has also written a drama CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA in Hindi, and later wrote a Hindi biography of SHANKARACHARYA. He translated Marathi biography of Dr. Hedgewar, the founder of RSS.

His death in tragic circumstances on Feb. 11, 1968 is an irreplaceable loss to the country.

Integral Humanism – Chapter 1

I am asked to present my thoughts on the subject of “Integral Humanism” in a series of talks beginning this evening. Last January at Vijayavada, Bharatiya Jana Sangh adopted the statement of “Principles & Policies” in which ‘Integral Humanism’ has also been accepted. There has been scattered discussions here and there on the subject. It is necessary that we consider Integral Humanism in all its aspects. So long as the country was under the yoke of the British rule, all the movements and policies in the country had one principal ‘aim to drive out the foreign rulers and to achieve independence’. But what would be the face of the new Bharat after independence? In which direction were we to advance? These questions were precisely thought out. It would not be correct to say that no thought was devoted to these aspects. There were people who even at that time had considered these questions. Gandhiji himself had set out his idea of the independent Bharat in his book “Hind Swaraj”. Prior to this Lokmanya Tilak discussed the philosophical basis of the rejuvenation of Bharat in his book ‘Gita Rahasya’. He gave a comparative discussion of various schools of thought current all over the world at that time.

Apart from these, the Congress and other political parties adopted various resolutions from time to time which contain references to this subject. However the subject requires much more serious study than was devoted to it at that time. It did not attract serious attention at that time because every one believed it was more important to think of ways to drive out the British and the other things could be discussed later on. It did not seem right to waste time in internal discussions while the foreign rule continued. Hence even if there might have been difference in views, they were shelved for the time being.

As a result, even those who held the view that socialism should be the basis of the future Bharat, worked inside the Congress as a socialist group. They did not attempt to form as a separate party as such.

The revolutionaries too, were working independence in their own way. All were agreed, however, that the foremost task was to gain independence.

Having attained Independence, the question naturally ought to have occurred to us, “Now that we were independent, what shall be the direction of our progress?”. But it is amazing that serious thought has not been given to this question and today even after seventeen years of independence we cannot say that a definite direction been decided upon.

Whither Bharat

From time to time, Congressmen. or others have declared Welfare State, Socialism, Liberalism etc. as their aims. Slogans have been raised. But this ideology slogans attached little significance to the philosophies, apart from the slogans. I am saying this on the basis of personal discussions. A leading gentleman once suggested during a conversation that a joint front should be for against Congress, whereby a good fight can be given. Now a days political parties adopt this strategy. So, it was surprising to put forward this suggestion. However, naturally, I asked, “What programme shall we adopt? If such a joint front is formed some idea of the programme essential. What will be out economic policy? What will our foreign policy? These questions should also be broadly tackled.”

“Do not worry about it. Whatever you like you can adopt. We are ready to support, anything from extreme Marxist to downright capitalist program.” The reply came as if this was natural. He had no difficulty in adopting any programme. The only object was somehow Congress should be defeated. Even now some declare that Congress must be defeated even with the cooperation of communists and all the rest.

Recently elections were held in Kerala. During the elections, Communists, Muslim League, Swatantra Party, S.S.P. Rebel Congress known as Kerala Congress, Revolutionary Socialist Party etc. entered into a variety of bilateral of multiple alliances. As. a result, it was difficult to imagine that any of these parties had a definite ideology, principles and aims. This is the situation as far as principles are concerned.

Congress too, is in a similar state. Even though the Congress has proclaimed democratic socialism as its goal, the behavior of various Congress leaders shows one thing clearly that there are no definite principles, no single direction in Congress. There are staunch communists in Congress fold. There are also those who have faith in Capitalism and oppose communism to the teeth. All brands of people are arrayed on Congress platform. If there can be a magic box which contains a cobra and a mangoose living together, it is Congress.

We must ponder whether we can progress under such conditions. If we stop to analyze the reasons for the problems facing the country we will find that the confusion about our goal and the direction is mainly responsible for the chaos. I realize that all the 450 million people of Bharat cannot agree on all or even on a single question. That is not possible in any country. Yet there is generally, what is called a more or less common desire of the people of any nation. If this popular longing is made the basis of our aims, the common man feels that the nation is moving in a proper direction, and that his own aspiration is reflected in the efforts of the nation. This also generates the greatest possible feeling of unity. The truth of the statement is borne out by the response of the people during the Chinese Invasion of October/November 1962. A wave of enthusiasm swept across the country. Action and sacrifice, both obtained in abundance. There was no barrier between the government and the public or between various political parties. How did this happen? The external threat made us recognize ourselves. The government adopted that policy which reflected the widespread feeling in the people and which enhanced their sense of self-respect with a call for sacrifice. The result was, we stood united.

The Root of Our Problems-Neglect Of Self

It is essential that we think about our national identity. Without this identity there is no meaning of independence, nor can independence become the instrument of progress and happiness. As long as we are unaware of out national identity, we cannot recognize and develop all our potentialities. Under alien rule this identity is suppressed. That is why nations wish to remain independent so that they can progress according to their natural bent and can experience happiness in their endeavor. Nature is powerful. An attempt to go against nature or to disregard her leads to troubles. The natural instincts cannot be disregarded but it is possible to elevate this nature to the level of culture. Psychology informs us how by suppression of various natural instincts different mental disorders ensue. Such a person remains restless and dejected. His abilities slowly deteriorate and become perverted. The Nation too like the individual becomes a prey to numerous ills when its natural instincts are disregarded. The basic cause of the problems facing Bharat is the neglect of its national identity.

Opportunism Has Shaken The Confidence Of People in Politics

A majority of those who lead the nation today as well as those who take active interest in the affairs of the country are not sufficiently aware of this root cause. Consequently opportunists with no principles reign in politics of our country. Parties and politicians have neither principles nor aims nor a standard code of conduct. A person feels nothing wrong in leaving one party and Joining another. Even alliances and mergers of parties or their bifurcations are dictated not by agreement or by differences in principles purely by gains in elections or in positions of power. In 1939 Shri Hafiz Mohammed Ibrahim was elected on a Muslim League ticket. Later when he joined Congress, in accordance with healthy principles of public conduct he resigned and sought re-election on Congress ticket and was once again elected. In 1948 when socialists left Congress and founded Socialist Party, all those who were members of legislature resigned and fought elections on socialist tickets. But thereafter this healthy tradition was forgotten. Now there is complete license in politics. As result, in public mind there is distrust for every one. There is hardly any reason whose Integrity is beyond doubt in the public mind. This situation must be changed. Otherwise, unity and discipline

What Should Be Our Direction?

The nation is at crossroads. Some people suggest that we must start from where we have left off one thousand years ago, when foreign invaders disrupted our life. But nation is not an inanimate object like a cloth so that weaving can be taken up after a gap in time. Besides it would not be rational to say that the thousand year old alien rule has interrupted the current of our national life so completely that from that time to this day we remained stationary and inactive. The nation has certainly put her genius to work, in the changing circumstances to meet the challenges thrown at her. We have struggled to continue our life forward and to wrest independence from the aliens. The current of our national life was not interrupted but has gone on ceaselessly. The task of turning the waters of Ganga back to some previous point would not be wise. Ganga at Banaras may not be crystal clear as at Haridwar. But still it is the same holy Ganga. It has absorbed numerous rivulets with all their refuse. However, these have no separate existence but have become Ganga. The current Ganga must inevitably glow onwards. If this was all that happened it would still not be a big problem. But there are other nations in the world. They have made phenomenal progress in the past one thousand years. Our entire attention was engaged in fighting for independence or staving off new hordes of invaders. We have not been able to contribute to world progress. Now when we are free, is it not paramount that we fill this deficiency at the earliest and stand shoulder to shoulder with other advanced nations of the world?

Up to this point there is no room for difference of opinion. The difficulty arises when we fail to discern the reasons of the spectacular advance of the West, its effects, real and apparent. This is further complicated by the fact that Britishers, representatives of the West, ruled this country for a century and, during this period adopted such measures whereby in the minds of our people a contempt for things Bharatiya and respect for everything Western were subtly created. Along with scientific advance, their way of life, manners and food habits etc. came to this country. Not only material sciences but also their social, economic and political doctrines became our standards. Today the educated in this country clearly display this effect. We shall have to decide whether this effect is good or bad for us. We had taken pride in resisting things British while they ruled us, but strangely enough, now that the Britishers have left, westernisation has become synonymous with progress. It is true that a narrow sense of nationalism should not be allowed to obstruct the progress of the nation. However western science and the western way of life are two different things. Whereas western science is universal and must be absorbed by us if we wish to go forward, the same is not true about the western way of life and values. In fact thoughtless imitation of the West must be scrupulously discarded. There are those who consider economic and political doctrines of the West as epitome of progress and desire to transplant the same in our country. Therefore when we are trying to decide where we wish to take our country and how, we must also take into consideration the basis of various economic and political doctrines of the west and their present position.

The Rise Of European Nations

Among various Isms that affected the West, the principal ones are Nationalism, Democracy and Socialism. At the same time there have been some who cherish world unity and world peace and have made some efforts in that direction.

Among these, nationalism is the oldest and the strongest. After the fall of the Roman Empire and decline in the influence of the Catholic Church, Europe witnessed rise of several nations. History of Europe in the past thousand years is the history of the rise of and conflict among various nations. These nations extended their empires beyond the European continent and subjugate other independent countries. Nationalism brought nation and state together resulting in nation states. At the same time the decline in the influence of the Roman Catholic Church gave rise either to national churches or to complete disappearance of religious influence on politics. Anyway the concept of secular state arose out of this situation.

Birth Of Democracy In Europe

A revolutionary concept which made a deep impact on the political life of Europe is Democracy. In the beginning, every nation had a king as its head but there was gradual awakening in the minds of people against the autocracy of the royalty. The industrial revolution and the international trade resulted in the rise of a business community in all nations. Naturally there ensued a conflict between these new centres of power and the established kings and feudal lords. This conflict, adopted ‘democracy’ as its philosophical basis. The origin of democracy was sought in the Greek city republics. The common man was attracted by the lofty ideals of equality, fraternity and liberty of every citizen. France witnessed a bloody revolution. In England too, there were periodic movements. The idea of democracy gained foothold in the mind of common man. The royalty was either liquidated or their powers were drastically curbed and constitutional governments were established. Today democracy has been already accepted in Europe. Even those who have suppressed democracy do not denounce it. The dictators like Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin too paid lipservice to democracy.

Individual Was Exploited

Every individual got a vote in the democratic setup. But real power stayed with those who had led the revolution. Industrial revolution had generated faith in the new methods of production. Instead of working in the freedom of home, workers had started working in the factories taking orders from the factory owners, The worker migrated from his home town to dwell in crowded cities. There was no provision of proper housing. There were hardly any rules in the factory to protect the worker. He was economically weak and not yet organized. He became a victim of exploitation, injustice and harassment. Those in whom political power was vested were members of the same group who exploited the workers. Hence there was no hope of redress from the state.

A number of persons led movements in protest against this injustice with the desire to improve the lot of workers. They called themselves socialists. Karl Marx was one of them. In an effort to lead the movement against this injustice, he studied the entire history and structure and presented his analysis of the situation. He claimed to have given a scientific basis to his theories. All subsequent socialists might not have agreed with Marx but they were all considerably influenced by his ideas.

Dictatorship Of The Proletariat

According to Marx’s analysis-dialectic materialism, the root cause of exploitation, lies in the private ownership of the means of production. If these means are made the property of the society (for the Marxist, the Society synonymous with the State) then there will be no further exploitation. But before this, the state should be redeemed from the hands of the exploiters and ensured against their influence in future. Towards this end, dictatorship of proletariat must be established. In order that people tolerate this dictatorship, it was held as an ideal that when the exploiter class has been finally liquidated, and possibility of its resurgence exists, the state will replaced by a classless, stateless society. Marx also attempted to show that capitalism contains seeds of own destruction and that socialism is inevitable.

In some countries of Europe there was social revolution. Even where, socialism was not accepted, politicians had to accept the rights of workers. “Welfare State” was accepted as an ideal. Nationalism, democracy, socialism or equality (equality is there at the root of socialism; equality is different from equability), these three doctrines have dominated European social political thinking. Every now and then apart from these, ideals of world peace and world unity also cropped up. All these are good ideas. They reflect the higher aspirations of mankind. But by itself each of these doctrines is incomplete. Not only that, each stands opposed to the rest in practice. Nationalism poses a threat to world peace. Democracy and capitalism join hands to give a free reign to exploitation. Socialism replaced capitalism and brought with it an opposition to democracy and individual freedom. Hence the West is presently faced with the task of reconciling these good ideals. They have not succeeded to this day, in this task. They have tried combinations and permutations, by emphasis on one or the other ideal. England emphasized nationalism and democracy and developed her politico-social institutions along those lines, whereas France could not adopt the same. There, democracy resulted in political instability. The British Labor party wanted to reconcile socialism with democracy but people have raised doubts whether democracy will survive if socialism gains strength. Hence the labor party no longer supports socialism so strongly as the Marxist doctrines advocate. If socialism has been diluted considerably, Hitler and Mussolini adopted nationalism cum socialism and buried democracy. In the end socialism also became a tool for their nationalism which posed a great threat to world peace and unity. We may indeed seek some guidance from the western world but the fact is, it has no concrete suggestions to offer. It is itself at crossroads unable to decide what is good. Under such circumstances we cannot expect guidance from the West. On the contrary we must consider whether in this present state of the world, we can contribute something to resolve its dilemma. Having taken note of the progress of the world, can we add to the common store of Knowledge? As a member of the world community , we must discharge our responsibilities. If we possess some thing that may prove helpful to world progress we should not hesitate in imparting it to the world. In this era of adulteration, instead of adulterating ideas we must on the contrary scrutinize and improve upon them wherever possible before accepting them. Rather than being a burden on the world, we must attempt to resolve if possible the problems facing the world.

We must also consider what contribution our tradition and civilization make to the world culture. We shall consider this tomorrow evening.

22nd April 1965

Integral Humanism – Chapter 2

Yesterday we had seen that even after 17 years of independence, we have still to decide what direction we should adopt to realize our cherished dream of all round development in the lives of our countrymen. Normally people are not prepared to seriously consider this question. They think only of the problems which they face from time to time. Sometimes economic problems are viewed with concern and an attempt is made to resolve them, and at other times social or political problems come to the forefront claiming attention. Not knowing fundamentally the direction in which we to go, all these efforts are not accompanied by sufficient enthusiasm not do they give a feeling of satisfaction to the people engaged in these efforts. These efforts produce only a fraction of the results which they ought to have produced.

Modern versus Ancient

Those who advocate some definite direction include two distinct groups of people. There are some who suggest that we must go back to the position when we lost our independence and proceed from there. On the other hand there are people who would like to discard all that has originated here in Bharat and are not ready to think about it. They seem to think that western life and thoughts are the last word in progress and all of it should be imported here if we are to develop. Both these lines of thought are incorrect, though they do represent partials truths and it will not be proper to discard them altogether.

Those who advocate starting from where we left off a thousand years ago, forget that whether it may or may not be desirable. It is definitely impossible. The flow of time can not be reversed.

The Past Cannot be Disowned

In the past one thousand years, whatever we assimilated, whether it was forced on us or we took with willingness, cannot be discarded now. Besides, we too have created originality, not a little, in the life of our society, We did not remain always mere passive witnesses to whatever new challenging situations arose; nor did we merely react to every alien action. We too have attempted to reshape our life as required to face the new situations. Therefore, it will not do, simply to close our eyes to all that has happened in the past one thousand years.

Foreign Ideologies Are Not Universal

Similarly those who would like to make western ideologies the basis of our progress forget that these ideologies have arisen in certain special situations and time. These are not necessarily universal. They cannot be free from the limitations of the particular people and their culture, which gave birth to these Isms. Besides many of these ideas are already out of date. The principles of Marx have changed both with the changing times as well as with varying conditions to the extent that parrot like repetition of Marxism for problems facing our country would amount to a reactionary attitude rather than a scientific and pragmatic one. It is indeed surprising that those who claim to reform society by removing dead traditions, themselves fall prey to some outdated foreign traditions.

Our country: Our problems

Every country has its own peculiar historical, social and economic situations and its leaders decide the remedies to the ills that beset the country from time to time, taking into consideration its background. It is illogical to believe that remedies which the leaders of one country decided to try for their problems are likely to be applicable as such to all other peoples. A simple illustration will suffice. Even though the basic organic activity is the same in all human beings, the drugs which may be helpful in England may not prove equally helpful in India. Diseases depend also upon climate, water, dietary habits and heredity. Even though the external symptoms may be apparently similar the same drug does not necessarily cure all persons. Those who apply a single penacea to all diseases must be considered quacks rather than doctors. Therefore Ayurveda states i.e. for the disease in each place remedy suitable to that place must be found. Therefore, it is neither possible nor wise to adopt foreign Isms in our country in the original form in toto. It will not be helpful in achieving happiness and prosperity.

Human Knowledge Is Common Property

On the other hand, it needs, to be realized that not all the thoughts and principles that have sprung up elsewhere are necessarily local in space and time. The response of human beings in a particular place time and social atmosphere may, and does, in many cases have relation and use to other human beings elsewhere and at other times. Therefore to ignore altogether the developments in other societies, past or present is certainly unwise. Whatever truths these developments contains must be taken not of and accepted. The rest must be scrupulously avoided. While absorbing the wisdom of other societies it is only proper that we avoid their mistakes or perversities. Even their wisdom should be adapted to our particular circumstances. In brief, we must absorb the knowledge and gains of the entire humanity so far as eternal principles and truths are concerned. Of these the ones that originated in our midst have to be clarified and adapted to changed times and those that we take from other societies have to be adapted to our conditions.

The Conflicting Ideas

The western political thought has accepted Nationalism, Democracy and Socialism or equality as ideals. Besides now and then, there have been attempts directed at world unity which took the shape of the “League of Nations” and after the second world war, the “United Nation Organizations”. For a variety of reasons those have not succeeded. However, those definitely were attempts in that direction.

All these ideals have in practice proved to be incomplete and mutually opposing.

Nationalism led to conflict between nations and in turn to global conflict, whereas if status-quo is regarded as synonymous with world peace, the aspirations of many small nations to be independent would have never been fulfilled. World unity and Nationalism conflict with each other. Some advocate suppression of Nationalism for world unity whereas other regard world unity as an utopian ideal and emphasize national interest to the utmost.

Similar difficulty arises in reconciling Socialism and Democracy. Democracy grants individual liberty but the same is used by the capitalist system for exploitation and monopoly. Socialism was brought in to end exploitation but it eliminated the freedom and dignity of the individual.

Mankind stands confused, unable to decide what is the correct path for future progress. The West is not in a position to say with confidence that “this alone and no other” is the right path. It is itself groping. Therefore simply to follow the West would be an instance of a blind being led by another blind.

In this situation our attention is claimed by the Bharatiya culture. Is it possible that our culture can point the direction to the world?

From the national stand point we shall have to consider our culture because that is our very nature. Independence is intimately related to one’s own culture. If culture does not form the basis of independence then the political movement for independence would reduce simply to a scramble by selfish and power seeking persons. Independence can be meaningful only if it becomes an instrument for the expression of our culture. Such expression will not only contribute to our progress but the effort required will also give us the experience of joy. Therefore, both from the national as well as human standpoint it has become essential that we think of the principles of the Bharatiya culture. If with its help we can reconcile the various ideals of the western political thought then it will be an added advantages for us. These western principles are a product of revolution in human thought, and social conflict. They represent one or the other aspiration of mankind. It is not proper to ignore them.

Bharatiya Culture Is Integrated

The first characteristic of Bharatiya culture is that it looks upon life as an integrated whole. It has an integrated view point. To think of parts may be proper for a specialist but it is not useful from the practical standpoint. The confusion in the West arises primarily from its tendency to think of life in sections and then to attempt to put them together by patch work. We do admit that there is diversity and plurality in life but we have always attempted to discover the unity behind them. This attempt is thoroughly scientific. The scientists always attempt to discover order in the apparent disorder in the universe, to find out the principles governing the universe and frame practical rules on the basis of these principles. Chemists discovered that a few elements comprise the entire physical world. Physicists went one step further and showed that even these elements consist only of energy. Today we know that the entire universe is only a form of energy.

Philosophers are also basically scientists. The western philosophers reached tip to the principle of duality; Hegel put forward the principle of thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis; Karl Marx used this principle as a basis and presented his analysis of history and economics. Darwin considered the principle of survival of the fittest as the sole basis of life. But we in this country saw the basic unity of all life. Even the dualists have believed the nature and spirit to be complementary to each other than conflicting. The diversity in life is merely an expression of the internal unity. There is complementary underlying the diversity. The unit of seed finds expression in various form – – the roots. the trunk, the branches the leaves, the flowers and the fruits of the tree. All these have different forms and colors and even to some extent different properties. Still we recognize their relation of unity with each other through seed.

Mutual Conflict – Sign of Cultural Regression

Unity in diversity and the expression of unity in various forms has remained the central thought of Bharatiya culture. If this truth is wholeheartedly accepted then there will not exist any cause for conflict among various powers. Conflict is not a sign of culture of nature: rather it is a symptom of their degradation. The law of the jungle, “Survival of the Fittest” which the West discovered in recent years was known to our philosophers.

We have recognized desire, anger etc. among the six lower tendencies of human nature, but we did not use them as the foundation or the basis of civilized life or culture. There are thieves and robbers in the society. It is essential to save ourselves and the society from these elements. We cannot consider them as our ideals or standards for human behavior. Survival of the fittest is the law of the jungle. The civilizations have developed not on the basis of this law but by consideration of how the operation of this law will be the least in human life. If we wish to progress, we have to keep this history of civilization before our minds.

Mutual Co-operation

Co-operation also obtains in abundance just as conflict and competition in this world. Vegetation and animal life keep each other alive. We get our oxygen supply with the help of vegetation whereas we provide carbondioxide so essential for the growth of vegetable life. This mutual co-operation sustains life on this earth.

The recognition of this element of mutual sustenance among different forms of life and taking that as the basis of an effort to make human life mutually sustaining is the prime characteristic of civilization. To mold the nature to achieve the social goals is culture but when this nature leads to social conflict it is perversion. Culture does not disregard or deny nature. Rather it enhances those elements in nature which are helpful in sustaining life in this universe and making it fuller richer, and curbs others which obstruct or destroy life. Let us take a simple illustration. The relationship such as brother, sister, mother and son, father and son are natural. These are same both in man as well as among animals. Just as two brothers are sons of one mother so also two calves have a single mother cow. Where lies the difference?? In animals by lack of memory the relation is short-lived. They cannot build up an edifice of civilization on these relations. But men use this natural relation as a basis to construct a more harmonious order in life, to establish other relationships flowing from these basic relationships so as to knit the whole society in single unit of co-operation. Thus various values and traditions are built. Standards of good and bad are constructed accordingly. In society we find instances of both affection as well as enmity between brothers. But we consider affection good and aim at enchanting affectionate brotherly relations. The opposite tendency is disapproved. If conflict and enmity is made the basis of human relationships and if on this basis history is analyzed, then it would be futile to dream of world peace to result out of such a course of action.

A mother brings up her children. Mother’s love is held up as the highest love. On such a basis alone we can devise the rules regulating the life of mankind. Sometimes there are examples of selfishness and cruelty of a mother toward her child. Among some species of animals mother devise her progeny to satisfy the hunger. On the other hand among monkeys mother carries her child long after its death. Both types of behavior are found among living things. Which of these two principles of nature can be made the basis of civilized life? We cannot but conclude that alone which helps to sustain life can be chosen, the contrary cannot lead to civilized life. Human nature has both tendencies, anger, and greed on the one hand and love, sacrifice on the other. All these are present in our nature. Anger etc. are natural to man and beasts. For the reason if we make anger a standard in our life and arrange our efforts accordingly then the result will be a lack of harmony in our life. Therefore the exhortation, “do not yield to anger”. Even. when the anger arises in one’s mind one can exercise control over it and one should do so. Thus control becomes a standard of our life and not anger.

Such laws are known as the principles of ethics. These principles are not framed by anyone. They are discovered. A suitable analogy is that of the law of gravitation, that if we throw a stone it falls on the ground. This law of gravitation is not framed by Newton. He discovered it. When he saw an apple falling to the ground from the branch, he realized there must exist such a law. Thus he discovered this law, he did not frame it. Similarly there are certain principles of human relations such as, if one feels anger it is on the whole beneficial to mankind that one must control anger. These principles of ethics are then discovered.

“Do not tell lies to one another, say what you know to be true”. This is a principle. Its usefulness becomes apparent at every step in life. We appreciates truthful person. If we speak lies, we ourselves feels unhappy; life cannot go on; there will be great confusion.

Modern versus Ancient

These Principles Constitute Our Dharma

A child does not speak lie by nature. Often Parents, teach their child to speak untruths. When the child desires something, if parents do not wish that child should have it, they conceal the object and tell the child that the desired object has disappeared. The child may be fooled a couple of times but soon knows the real situation and learns to speak untruth. This fact that by nature a person is truthful is a law that is discovered. Many other principles of ethics are similarly discovered. They are not arbitrarily framed by someone. In Bharat these principles are termed “Dharma”, laws of life. All those principles which bring about harmony, peace and progress in the life of mankind are included In this “Dharma”. On the sound basis of “Dharma”. then, we must proceed with the analysis of life as an integral whole.

When Nature is channeled according to the principles of Dharma. we have culture and civilization. It is indeed this culture which will enable us to sustain and sublimate the life of mankind. “Dharma” is translated here as law. The English word ‘religion’ is not the correct word for ‘Dharma’.

As pointed out earlier an integrated life is the foundation and the principle underlying this culture as well as its aims and ideals.

We have thought of life as Integrated not only in the case of collective or social life but also in the individual life. Normally an individual is thought of in the physical bodily forms. Physical comfort and luxury is considered happiness. But we know that mental worry destroys bodily happiness. Everyone desires physical comfort. But if a person is imprisoned and there he is given finest of food etc., will he be happy? A person does not experience joy on getting nice food if it is also accompanied by a few abuses. There is a well-known incident in Mahabharata. When Lord Krishna went to Hastinapur as an emissary of Pandavas, Duryodhan invited him to enjoy his hospitality. Lord Krishna declined his Invitation and went instead to Vidura’s home. Overjoyed by the visit of this much revered guest, Vidura’s wife served the banana skins while throwing away the pulp. But Lord Krishna enjoyed even the meal of banana skin. That is why it is said, “Even a modest meal served with dignity and affection tastes better than the best delicacies served with disrespect”. It is necessary therefore to take not of the mental happiness.

Similarly there is an intellectual happiness which too must be considered. Even after a person gets comforts for the body, and importance, affection. etc. Which please the mind. if he is involved in some intellectual confusion he is reduced to a state almost similar to madness. And what is madness itself? A lunatic may have all physical comforts, he may be perfectly healthy and properly cared for by his relatives; but he does not posses intellectual happiness. Intellectual peace is also essential and important. We will have to take all these things into consideration.

Modern versus Ancient

The Political Aspirations of Man

Body, mind, intelligence and the soul.-these four make up an individual. But these are integrated. We cannot think of each part separately. The confusion that has arisen in the West is due to the fact that they have treated each of the above aspects of human being separately and without any relation to the rest. When there was movement for democratic structure, they proclaimed “man is a political animal” and therefore his political aspirations must be attended to. Why only one person should be the king and others his subjects’? Let everyone rule! In Order to satisfy this political man they gave him the right to vote. Now he did get the right to a vote, but at the same time other rights diminished. Then the questions arose. “The voting right is nice but what about food? What if there is nothing to eat ?”

They wondered, “Now that you have voting right, you are the king. Why need you worry?” But man replied, “What shall I do with the state if I do not get any food? I have no use of this voting right. I want bread first. Then came Karl Marx and said, ” Yes, bread is the most important thing. The state belongs to the ‘haves’. So let us fight for bread. He saw man as primarily made up of body, wanting bread. But hose who followed the path shown by Karl Marx came to realize that they had neither bread not voting-right.

At the opposite end there is USA. There is both bread as well as voting right. Even so there is lack of peace and happiness. USA has highest list in number of suicides, number of mental patients and number of persons using tranquilizers to get sleep. People are puzzled as to the cause of this new situation. Man obtained bread, he got his voting right, still three is no peace, no happiness. Now they want back their peaceful sleep. Sound and undisturbed sleep is a scarce commodity in the present day America. Those who think realize that there is a basic mistake some where, whereby even after acquiring all good things of life, they are not happy.

The reason is that they have not thought of the integrated human being. In our country we have thoroughly considered this matter. That is why we have stated that progress of man means progress of the body, mind, intellect and soul of man, all together. Often it has been propagated that Bharatiya culture thinks only salvation of the soul. It does not bother about the rest. This is wrong. We do not think of the soul but it is not true that we do not consider body, mind and intellect of much importance. Other gave importance of body alone. Therefore our attention to the soul is unique. With time this created and impression that we are concerned only with the soul and not with other aspects of human being. A young unmarried boy cares for his mother, but after marriage he cares both for his wife as well as his mother, and discharges his responsibilities towards both of them. Now if anyone says that this man has no loves for his mother, it would be untrue. A wife also loves only her husband at first, but after the birth of child, she loves both her husband and child. Sometimes an unthoughtful husband feels that his wife neglects him, after the birth of their child. But this is generally not correct. If that is true then the wife has certainly slipped in her duty.

Similarly, while we recognize the need to pay attention to the soul, we do not neglect the body. Upanishads declare in unambiguous words i.e. weakling cannot realize the self. Again Body is truly the primary instrument to discharge the responsibilities that dharma in joins. The fundamental difference between our position and that of the west is that. whereas they have regarded body and satisfaction of its desires as the aim, we regard the body as an instrument for achieving our aims. We have recognized the importance of the body only in this light. The satisfaction of our bodily needs is necessary, but we don’t consider this to be the sole aim of all our efforts. Here in Bharat, we have placed before ourselves the ideal of the four fold responsibilities, of catering for the needs of body, mind, intellect and soul with a view of achieve the integrated progress of man. Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha are the four kinds of human effort. Purushartha means efforts which befit a man. The longings for Dharma, Artha Kama and Moksha, are inborn in man, and satisfaction. Of these four efforts too, we have thought in an integrated way. Even though Moksha has been considered the highest of these purusharthas, efforts for Moksha alone are not considered to give benefit to the soul. On the other hand, a person who engages in action, while remaining unattached to its fruits, is said to achieve Moksha inevitably and earlier.

Artha includes what is known as political and economic policies. According to the ancients, it used to include the justice and punishment also. Kama relates to the satisfaction of various natural desires. “Dharma” defines a set of rules to regulate the social activity. Artha and Kama, so as to progress in an integral and harmonious way, and attain not only Kama and Artha but also Moksha eventually.

Thus even though Dharma regulates Artha and Kama. all the three are interrelated and mutually complementary. Dharma helps achieve Artha. Even in business, one requires honesty, restraint, truthfulness etc. which are the attributes of Dharma. Without these qualities one cannot earn money. It must be admitted that Dharma is instrumental in attaining Artha and Kama. Americans proclaimed, “Honesty is the best business policy”. In Europe they said, “Honesty is the best policy”. We go one step forward and assert “Honesty is not a policy but a principle” i.e. we believe in dharma not just because it is instrumental in acquiring Artha but because it is a fundamental principle of civilized life.

Kama too can be attained only through Dharma. Having produced the material things such as nice food. when, where, how and in what measure it will be used can be determined only by Dharma. If a sick person eats food meant for a healthy one and vice-versa, both of them will be at a disadvantage. Dharma helps in restraining the natural tendencies of man, whereby he is able to determine what is beneficial to him apart from what is pleasurable. Hence Dharma is given the foremost place in our culture.

Dharma is of primary importance, but we should not forget that it is not possible to practice Dharma in the absence of Artha. There is a saying “What sin will not be committed by one who is starving? Those who have lost everything become ruthless.” Even a rishi like Vishwamitra driven by hunger broke into the home of a hunter and ate the flesh of a dog. Therefore we are enjoined to see that there is enough wealth created continuously, since wealth. also strengthen Dharma. Similarly the government has maintain law and order and prevent chaos, which definitely destroys Dharma. At the time of Chaos, law of the jungle prevails where the strong feed upon the weak. Therefore stability in the state is also essential for the prevalence of Dharma.

In order to do this, education, character building, spread of idealism, and suitable economic structures are all necessary. Governments also fall inside the realm of Artha. Excessive power of state is also harmful of Dharma. It was said that a king should be neither too harsh nor too soft with his people. Heavy reliance on harsh measures produces a feeling of revolt in people. When state usurps the rightful position of Dharma, then there is this evil of preponderance of power of the state. Dharma suffers thereby. This is the reason of the decline of Dharma in ruthless states.

When the state-acquires all powers, both political and economic, the result is a decline of Dharma. In this way if the state has unlimited powers, the whole society looks towards the state, for everything. Officers of the government neglect their duties and acquire vested interests. These are all signs of the preponderance of the powers of state.

Dharma staffers a setback. Hence Artha should no be allowed to acquire hod in either of these two ways.

Karma too has been considered on the same lines. If the physical needs are neglected, and desires entirely suppressed, Dharma does not grow. Dharma cannot be observed if one has no food to eat. If the fine arts which satisfy the mind, are altogether stopped, then the civilizing influence on people will not be present. Mind will become perverse and Dharma neglected. On the other hand, if greediness of the gluttons of Rome or sensuousness of Yayati prevails, then the duties will be forgotten. Hence Kama too must be pursued consistent with Dharma. We have thus considered the life of an individual in a through and integrated manner. We have set the aim of developing body, mind intellect as well as soul in a balance way. We have tried to satisfy the manifold aspirations man taking care that efforts to satisfy two different aspirations are not mutually conflicting. This is the integrated picture of all the fourfold aspirations of and individual. This concept of a complete human being, integrate individual, is both our goal as well as our path. What should be the relation of this integrated human being with the society and how the interests of the society should be enhanced will be discussed tomorrow.

23rd April 1965

Integral Humanism – Chapter 3

Yesterday we considered man as an individual. There are different aspects of an individual personality, different levels of needs of an individual. In order to develop complete personality, to satisfy the needs progressively but simultaneously at all levels, certain specific kinds of effort’s are needed. These, too, were considered. But man does not exist merely as an individual. The individual comprising of body, mind, intellect and soul as not limited to singular “I” but is also inseparably related to the plural “We”. Therefore we must also think of the group or the society. It is a simple truth that society is a group of men. But how did society come into being? Many views have been put forward by philosophers. Those propounded in the West and on which the western socio-political structure is based can be broadly summarized as “society is a group of individuals brought into being by the individuals by an agreement among themselves.” This view is known as “Social Contract Theory”. Individual is given greater importance in. this view. If there are any differences in different western views, these pertain only to the questions, namely, “If the individual produced a society. then in whom the residual power remains vested, in the society or in the individual? Does the individual have the right to change the society? Can the society impose a variety or regulations on the individual and claim a right to the allegiance of the individual to itself? Or the individual is free as regards these questions?”

Individual Versus society

There is a controversy in the West on this question. Some have opted for the society as supreme and from this a conflict has arisen. The truth is that the view that individuals have brought society into being, is fundamentally incorrect. It is true that the society is composed of a number of individuals. Yet it is not made by people, nor does it come into being by mere coming together of a number of individuals.

In our view society is self-born. Like an individual, society comes into existence in an organic way. People do not produce society. It is not a sort of club, or some joint stock company, or a registered co-operative society. In reality, society is an entity with its own “SELF”, its own life; it is a sovereign being like an individual; it is an organic entity. We have not accepted the view that society is some arbitrary association. It has its own life. Society too has its body, mind, intellect and soul. Some western psychologists are beginning to accept this truth. McDougal has produced a new branch of psychology called group mind. He has accepted that the group has its own mind, its own psychology, its own methods of thinking and action.

Group has its feelings too. These are not exactly similar to the individual’s feelings. Group feelings cannot be considered a mere arithmetic addition of individual feelings. Group strength too is not a mere sum of individuals strength. The intellect, emotions and energies, strength of a group, are fundamentally different from those of an individual. Therefore, at times it is experienced that even weakling, despite his individual weak physique turns out to be a heroic member of the society. Sometimes an individual may be ready to put up with an affront to his person, but is unwilling to tolerate an insult to his society. A person may be ready to forgive and forget a personal abuse to him, but the same man loses his temper if you abuse his society. It is possible that a person who is of a high character in his personal life, is unscrupulous as a member of the society. Similarly an individual can be good in society but not so in his individual life. This is a very important point.

Let me give you an illustration. Once during a conversation between Shri Vinobaji and the Sar Sanghachalak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Shri Guruji, a question arose as to where the modes of thinking of Hindus and Muslims differ. Guruji said to Vinobaji that there are good and bad people in every society. There can be found honest and good people in Hindus as well as in Muslims. Similarly rascals can be seen in both the societies. No particular society has a monopoly of goodness. However, it is observed that Hindus even if they are rascals in individual life, when they come together in a group, they always think of good things. On the other hand when two Muslims come together, they propose and approve of things which they themselves in their individual capacity would not even think of. They start thinking in an altogether different way. This is an everyday experience. Vinobaji admitted that there was truth in this observation but had no reasons to explain it.

If we analyze this situation. we shall discover that the modes of thinking of an individual and of a society are always different. These two do not bear an arithmetic relation. If a thousand good men gather together it cannot be said for certain that they will think similarly of good things.

An average Indian student at present, is a mild and meek young man. Compared to an average student of twenty years ago, he is weaker and milder in every way. But when a score of such students get together, the situation becomes difficult. Then they indulge in all sorts of irresponsible actions. Thus a single student appears disciplined but a group of students become undisciplined. We shall have to consider why this change comes about. This is known as mob-mentality as distinct from individual mentality. This mob-mentality is a small aspect of mind. When a group of persons collect for a short time, the collective mentality obtained in that group is known as mob-mentality. But society and social mentality evolves over a much longer period. There is a thesis is that when a group of people live together for a long time, by historical tradition and association, by continued intercourse, they begin to think similarly and have similar customs. It is true that some uniformity is brought about by staying together. Friendship arises between two persons of similar inclination. However a nation or a society does not spring up from mere co-habitation.

Why Mighty Nations Of Antiquity Perished ?

It is known that some ancient nations disappeared. The ancient Greek nation came to end. Egyptian civilization similarly disappeared. Babylonian and Syrian civilizations are a matter of history. Cynthia’s perished. Was there ever a time when the citizens of those nations stopped living together? It was only the fact that there were wide differences among people that let to the downfall of these nations. The Greece in the past produced Alexander and Heredotes, Ulysis and Aristotle, Socrates and Plato and the present day Greece is inhabited by people of the same hereditary stock. There was no interruption in their heredity, because there never was a time when the whole of Greece was devoid of human population and when a new race inhabited that country. Such a thing never happened. Father and son tradition of old Greece was never interrupted. It is possible to trace the ancestry of present day Greeks to the old Greeks, some 250 to 500 generation back. Despite all the old Greek Nation is non-existent. So also the old Egyptian Nation Is no longer there. New nations have arisen in those places. How did this happen? This simple fact is indisputable, that nations do not come into existence by a mere cohabitation. There was never a time in the lives of the citizens of these decadent nations, when they stopped living in a group. On the other hand Israeli Jews lived for centuries with other peoples scattered far and wide, yet they did not get annihilated in the societies in which they lived because of cohabitation. It is clear therefore that the source of national feeling is not in staying on a particular piece of land, but is in something etc.

What Is A Nation?

That source is in the goal which is put before the people. When a group of persons lives with a goal, and ideal. A mission, and looks upon a particular place of land as motherland, this group constitutes a nation. If either of the two-an ideal and a motherland-is not there, then there is no nation. There is a “Self” in the body, the essence of the individual; upon the severance of its relation with the body, a person is said to die. Similarly there is this idea, ideal, or fundamental principle of a nation, its soul. Although it is believed that man take birth again and again, yet the reborn person is a different individual. They are treated as two separate beings. The same soul leaves one body and enters another, but the previous and the latter are two different individuals. The end of a person is nothing but the departure of his soul from his body. The other components of the body also undergo change. From childhood to old age, there is a drastic change! The biologists tell us that in course of a few years, every cell of our body is replaced by a new one. A variety of changes takes place. Because the soul resides in the body without interruption, the body continues its existence, such a relation is known as “the law of identity” in logic. It is due to this identity that we admit the continued existence of any entity. In this connection a nice illustration of a barber’s razor is sometimes advanced.

Once while shaving a customer, a barber, prided in his razor being 60 years old. His father too had worked with the same razor. The customer was surprised especially because the handle was quite shiny and new In appearance. “Why the handle is quite shiny? How have your preserved the brightness for sixty years?” He asked. Barber too was amused with this. Is it possible to preserve the handle in a brand new appearance for sixty years? It has been replaced only six months ago”. He replied naturally. The customer was curious and asked and how old is the steel? Three years was the reply. In brief. the handle was replaced. the steel was also replaced, but the razor remained old! Its identity was intact. Similarly a nation too has a soul. There is a technique name for it. In the “Principles arid Policies” adopted by the Jana Sangh, this name is mentioned. The word is Chiti. According to McDougal, it is the innate nature of a group. Every group of persons has an innate nature. Similarly every society has an innate nature, which is inborn and is not the result of historical circumstances.

A human being is born with a soul. Human personality, Soul and character are all distinct from one another. Personality results from a cumulative effect of all the actions, thoughts and impressions of an individual. But Soul is unaffected by this history, Similarly national culture is continuously modified and enlarged by the historic reasons and circumstances. Culture does include all those things which by the association, endeavors and the history of the society, have come to be held up as good and commendable. but these are not added on to Chiti. Chiti is fundamental and is central to the nation from its very beginning. Chiti determines the direction in which the nation is to advance culturally. Whatever is in accordance with Chiti, is included in culture.

Chiti, Cullture, Dharma

By way of an illustration consider the story of Mahabharat. Kauravas were defeated, and Pandavas won. Why did we hold up the conduct of Pandavas as Dharma? Or why this battle was not considered just a battle for a kingdom? The praise for Yudhistir and the dishonor heaped on Duryodhana are not a result of political causes Krishna killed his uncle Kansa, the established king of the times. Instead of branding this as a revolt, we consider Krishna as an Avatar of God, and Kansa as an Asura.

Rama was assisted in his invasion of Lanka by Vibhishana, brother of Ravana. Such conduct of Vibhishana instead of being branded as treason, is considered good and exemplary. He betrayed his brother and his king even as Jaichand had one later on. He might be branded as a “quisling”. But Vibhishana is not called “quisling’ by any one. On the contrary he is highly praised for his conduct, and Ravana actions are disapproved. Why so? The reason behind this is not political.

If there is any standard for determining the merits and demerits of particular action, it is this Chiti; from nature whatever is in accordance with ‘Chiti’, is approved and added on to culture. These things are to be cultivated. Whatever is against ‘Chiti,’ is discarded as perversion, undesirable, is to be avoided. Chiti is the touchstone on which each action, each attitude is tested, and determined to be acceptable or otherwise. ‘Chitti’ is the soul of the nation. On the strength of this ‘Chiti’, a nation arises, strong and virile if it is this ‘Chiti’ that is demonstrated in the actions of every great man of a nation.

An individual is also in instrument in bringing forth the soul of the nation “Chiti”. Thus apart from his own self, an individual also represents his nation. Not only that, but he also mans the various institutions that are created for the fulfillment of the national goal. Therefore he represents these too. The groups larger than nation such as “mankind” are also represented by him. In short, an individual has a multitude of aspect, but they are not conflicting; there is co-operation. unity and harmony in them. A system based on the recognition of this mutuality complementary nature of the different ideals of mankind, their essential harmony, a system which devises laws, which removes the disharmony and enhances these mutual usefulness and co-operation, alone can bring peace and happiness to mankind; can ensure steady development.

“Institution”- A Means To Fulfill National Needs

According to Darwin’s theory, living beings develop various organs as per the requirements dedicated by the circumstances. In our shastras, it was stated slightly differently, that the soul constructs, using the strength of “Prana'”, various organs as the need is felt, for the purpose of continuing life. Just as the soul produced these different organs in the body, so also in the nation many different organs are produced as instruments to achieve national goals. Like various departments in a factory, building, machinery, sales, production, maintenance etc. nations also produce different departments, which are called institutions. These institutions are created to fulfill the needs of a nation. Family, castes, guilds, (which are now known as trade unions) etc., are such institutions. Property, marriage are also institution. Formerly there were no marriages. Later on some Rishi established this practice of marriage. He produced the institution of marriage. Similarly Gurukul and Rishkul were institutions. In the same way, the state is also an institution. The Nation creates it. A lot of trouble in the West is due to the fact that they confused the state with the nation, they considered the state synonymous with the nation. Truly speaking, nation and state are not the same. In our country, the state was produced as per social contract theory. Formerly there was no king. Mahabharat describes that in Krityuga, there was no state or king. Society was sustained and protected mutually by practicing Dharma.

Later on interruption and disorganization came into existence. Greed and anger dominated. Dharma was on the decline and the rule “might is right” prevailed. The Rishis were perturbed over the developments. They all went to Brahma to seek counsel, Brahma gave them a treatise on “Law and the Functions of the State”, which he had himself writer. At the same time, he asked Manu to become the first King. Manu declined saying that a king will have to punish other persons, put them in jail and so on; he was not prepared to commit all these sins. There upon Brahma said, your actions in the capacity of king will not constitute sin, a long as they are aimed at securing conditions under which the society can live peacefully and according to Dharma. This will be your duty, your Dharma. Not only that but you will also have a share of the Karma of your subjects, whereby you will gain Dharma considerably if your subjects maintain conduct according to Dharma. Although it is not explicitly stated here, but I believe that if the society under any king committed sin, a part of that too must automatically go to the account of the king. It is not proper if only good things are shared by the king and not the bad ones; both must be shared in the same proportion. Thus state came into existence as a contract. This contract theory can be applied to the state but not to the nation. In the West, it was exactly opposite. Society as a nation, according to them. was a contract, but the king claimed a divine right and proclaimed himself the sole representative of God. This is wrong. In our Country, the king may have been first recognized in antiquity but the society as a nation is considered self-born. State is only an institution.

Similarly other institutions, like the state, are created from time to time as the need is felt. Every individual is a limb of one or more of these institutions. A person is a member of his family, as well as his community; he may also be a member of some association of his fellow professionals, if he pursues a profession. Above all he is a member of the nation and society. If we consider even larger sphere he is a member of the whole mankind, and then the entire universe, Truly speaking an individual is not merely a single entity but a plural entity. He is a part of not just one, but a member of many institutions. He lives a variety of lives. The most important aspect, is that despite this multiple personality, he can and should behave in a way which does not bring different aspects of his life into mutual conflict but which is mutually sustaining, complementary and unifying. This quality is inherent in man.

A person who uses this quality properly, becomes happy and on the other hand one who does not do so, reaps unhappiness. Such a person will not have balanced development in the life. As an illustration, a man is son of his another, husband of his wife, brother of his sister and father of his son. A single individual is a father and is also a son, he is brother and also husband. he has to maintain all these relation with intelligence, understanding and tact. Where a person fails to do so, there is conflict. If he sides with one party the other feels wronged. The conflicts between his wife and his sisters, his wife and mother result from his inability to behave properly. There upon some of his relations are strained. He is pained because his duties towards his mother and towards his wife clash. When he can resolve this conflict, and fulfill all his obligations properly, it can be said that his development will be integrated.

Society And Individual not conflicting

We do not accept the view that there is any permanent inevitable conflict among the multifarious personality of an individual, and different institutions of the society. If a conflict does exist, it is a sign of decadence perversion and not of nature or culture. The error in western thinking lies in that some people there believe that human progress is a result of this fundamental conflict. Therefore they consider the conflict between the individual and the state as a natural occurrence, on the same basis they also theorized on the class conflict.

Classes do exist in a society. Here too, there were castes, but we had never accepted, conflict between one caste and another as fundamental concept behind it. In our concept of four castes, they are thought of as analogous to the different limbs of Virat-purusha. It was suggested that from the head of the Virat-Purusha Bhrahmins were created, Kshatriyas from hands, Vaishyas from his abdomen and Shudras from legs. If we analyze this concept we are faced with the question whether there can arise any conflict among the head, arms. stomach and legs of the same Virat Purusha. If conflict is fundamental, the body cannot be maintained. There cannot be any conflict in the different parts of the same body. On the contrary “one man” prevails. These limbs are not only complementary to one another, but even further, there is individual unity. There is a complete identity of interest identity of belonging. The origin of the caste system was on the above basis. If this idea is not kept alive; the castes, instead of being complementary, can produce conflict. But then this is distortion. It is not a systematic arrangement, rather it is absence of any plan, any arrangement. This is indeed the present condition of our society.

This process of deterioration can set in the various institutions of a society due to a variety of reasons. If the soul of the society weakens, then all the different limbs of the society will grow feeble and ineffective. Any particular institution may be tendered useless or even harmful. Besides the need and the usefulness of any particular institution may change with time, place and circumstances. While examining the present state of an institution we ought at the same time, to think of what it should be like; mutual complementary and a sense of unity, alone can be the standards of proper conduct. Family, Community, Trade Union, Gram Panchayat, Janapada, State and such other institutions are various limbs of the nation and even of mankind. The are interdependent, initially complementary. There should be a sense of unity through all of them. For this very reason, there should be a tendency toward mutual accommodation in them instead of conflict or opposition.

State is one of the several institutions, an important one, but it is not above all other. One of the major reasons for the problems of the present day world is that almost everyone thinks of the state to be synonymous with the society. At least in practice. they consider the state as the sole representative of the society. Other institutions leave declined in their effectiveness while the state has become dominant to such an extent that all the powers are gradually being centralized in the state.

We had not considered the state to be the sole representative of the nation. Our national life continued uninterruptedly even after the state went in the hands of foreigners. The Persian nation came to an end with their loss of independence. In our country, there were foreign rules now and then in various parts of the country. At the some time the pathans seized the throne of Delhi, and then the Turks; the Mughals and the British too established their rules. Despite all this, our national life went on, because the state was not its centre. If we had considered state as the centre, we would have been finished as a nation long time ago. In some tale for children, it is described that an evil spirit resided in some parrot and to kill the evil spirit one had to kill that parrot. Those nations whose life centred in the state, were finished with the end of the state. On the other hand, where state was not believed central to its life, the nation survived the transfer of political power.

This had its had effects also. Late Dr. Ambedkar had said that our Gram Panchayats were so strong that we neglected the throne of Delhi. We did not remain alert as regards the state. as much as we ought to have done, thinking that nation’s life did not depend on the state. We forgot that, though it may not be central. the state is definitely an important institution serving some needs of the nation, just as a limb of the body. It is possible to pluck a hair without much harm but along with the hair, if some skin is also removed, and a little further, if the head too is cut off, then there will be great loss for the body. Therefore the body must be protected. Although the various limbs of the body are not absolutely indispensable yet each of them serves an important purpose. From the same standpoint, state, too, should have been deemed important in the life of a nation. There were persons who attended to this aspect. It was for this reason that the great teacher of Shivaji, Samarth Ramdas Swami, directed him to establish his kingdom. Dharma wields its own power. Dharma is important in life. Shri Ramdas would as well have preached to Shivaji to become a mendicant and spread Dharma following his own example. But on the contrary, he inspired Shivaji to extend his rule, because state too, is an important institution of the society. However, to consider something important is different from saying that it is supreme. The state is not supreme. The question arises, then, that if the state is not of fundamental importance, what is a that is absolutely important. Let us consider this question.

Dharma Sustains The Society

We shall have to examine the reasons why the state was established. No one will dispute that the state must have sosme specific aim, some ideal. Then this aim or ideal must be consider of highest importance rather then the state which is created to fulfill this ideal. A watchman is not deemed greater than the treasure he supposed to protect, nor is a treasure. The state is brought into existence to protect the nation: produce and maintain conditions in which the ideals of the nation can be translated into reality. The ideals of the nation constitute “Chiti”, which is analogous to the soul of an individual. It requires some effort to comprehend Chiti. The laws that help manifest and maintain Chiti of a Nation are termed Dharma of that nation. Hence it is this “Dharma” that is supreme. Dharma is the repository of the nation’s soul. If Dharma is destroyed. the Nation perishes. Anyone who abandons Dharma betrays the nation.

Dharma is not confined to temples or mosques. Worship of God is only a part of Dharma. Dharma is much wider. In the past, temples have served as effective medium to educate people in their Dharma. However just as schools themselves do not constitute knowledge, so also temples do not constitute Dharma. A child may attend school regularly and yet may remain uneducated. So also, it is possible that a person may visit temple or mosque without break and yet he may not know his Dharma. To attend temple or mosque constitutes a part of religion, sect. creed, but not necessarily “Dharma”. Many misconceptions that originated from faulty English translations, include this most harmful confusion of Dharma with religion.

Dharma And Religion Are Different

On the one hand we used the word religion as synonymous with “Dharma” and on the other hand increasing ignorance, neglect of our society and Dharma, and greater acceptance of European life, became the outstanding features of our education. As a result all the characteristics of a narrow religion, especially as practiced in the West were attributed automatically to the concept of Dharma also. Since in the West, injustice atrocities, were perpetrated, bitter conflicts and battles were fought in the name of religion, all these were enblock listed on the debit side of “Dharma” also. We felt that in the name of Dharma also battles were fought. However battles of religion and battles for Dharma are two different things. Religion means a creed or a sect; it does not mean Dharma. Dharma is very wide concept. It is concerned with all aspects of life. It sustains the society. Even further, it sustains the whole world. That which sustains is “Dharma”.

The fundamental principles of Dharma are eternal and universal. Yet. their implementation may differ according to time, place and circumstances. It is a fact that a human being requires food for maintaining his body. However, what a particular person should eat in, how much quantity, at what intervals is all decided according to circumstances. It is possible at times that even fasting is advisable. If a typhoid patient is given normal food, the consequences may be disastrous. For such a person, keeping away from food is necessary, similarly the principles of Dharma have to be adapted to changing times and pace.

Some rules are temporary and others are valid for longer periods. There are some rules regulating our conduct at this meeting. One of the rules is that I speak and you listen with attention. If an contravention of this rule, you start conversing with one another or addressing the gathering at the same time, than there will be disorder; our work will not progress: the meeting will not be sustained. It can be said that you have not observed your Dharma. Thus it is our Dharma that we observed your Dharma. Thus it is our Dharma that we observed the rules by winch the meeting proceeds smoothly. But this rule is applicable only as long as this meeting lasts. If after the meeting is over, even when you reach home, you continue to observe this rule and do not speak, a different problem will arise. Your family might have to call in a doctor. At home, the rules suitable there will have to be observed. The complete treatise on the rules in general, and their philosophical basis is the meaning of Dharma. These rules cannot be arbitrary. They should be such as to sustain and further existence and progress of the entity which they serve. At the same time they should be in agreement with and supplementary to the larger framework of Dharma of which they form a part. For instance. when we form a registered society, we have the right to frame the rules and regulations, but these cannot be contradictory to the constitution of the society. The constitution itself cannot violate the Societies Registration Act. The act has to be within the provision of the constitution of the country. In other words, the constitution of the country is a fundamental document which governs the formulation of all acts in the country. In Germany the constitution is known as the “Basic Law”.

Is the constitution too, not subject to some principles of more fundamental nature? Or is it a product of any arbitrary decisions of the constituent assembly? On serious consideration, it will be clear that even the constitution has to follow certain basic principles of Nature. Constitution is for sustaining the nation. If instead it is instrumental in its deterioration, then it must be pronounced improper. It must be amended. The amendment is also not solely dependent on majority opinion. Now-a-days the majority is much talked of. Is the majority capable of doing anything and everything? Is the action of the majority always just and proper? No. In the West, the king used to be the sovereign. There after when royalty was deprived of its so-called divine rights, sovereignty was proclaimed to be with the people. Here in Our country neither the kings, nor the people, nor the parliament have had absolute sovereignty. Parliament cannot legislate arbitrarily.

It is said about the British parliament that it is sovereign and can do anything. They say that “British Parliament can do everything except making a woman a man and vice versa.” But is it possible for the parliament to legislate that every Englishman must walk on his head? It is not possible. Can they pass an act that everyone in England must present himself before the local authority once everyday? They cannot. England has no written constitution. They regard tradition highly. But their traditions too have undergone change. What is the basis for making changes in their traditions? Whichever tradition proved an obstacle in the progress of England, was discarded. Those which were helpful in the progress were consolidated.

The traditions are respected everywhere, just as in England. We have written constitution, but even this written constitutions cannot go contrary to the traditions of this country. In as much as it does go contrary to our traditions, it is not fulfilling Dharma. That constitution which sustains the nation is in tune with Dharma. Dharma sustains the nation. Hence we have always given primary importance to Dharma, which is considered sovereign. All other entities, institutions or authorities derive their power from Dharma and are subordinate to it.

If we examine our constitution from the point of view of the growth of the nation, we find that our constitution needs amendment. We are one nation, one society. That is why we did not entertain any special rights on the basis of language, province, caste, religion, etc. but gave every one equal citizenship. There are separate states. There is no separate citizenship of state and of Union. We are all citizens of Bharat. By the same token, we have denied the right to secede to individual state. Not only that the power to demarcate the boundaries of state and to choose their names, is vested in the parliament, and not in assemblies. This is as it should be; in tune with the nationalism and tradition of Bharat. However, despite all this, we made our constitution federal, whereby what we have adopted in practice, we have rejected in principle. In a federation constituent units have their own sovereignty. These voluntarily relinquish their sovereignty to the federation, by an agreement. It may be that they surrender all their rights and thereby the centre requires sovereignty. But these powers are given to the Union. It has no power of its own. Thus the federal constitution considers the individual states as fundamental power, and the centre as merely a federation of states. This is contrary to the truth. It runs counter to the unity and indivisibility of Bharat. There is no recognition of the idea of Bharatmata, Our sacred motherland, as enshrined in the hearts of our people.

According to the first para of the Constitution, “India that is Bharat will be a federation of States”, i.e. Bihar Mata, Banga Mata, Punjab Mata, Kannada Mata, Tamil Mata, all put together make Bharat Mata. This is ridiculous. We have thought of the provinces as limbs of Bharat Mata and not as individual mother. Therefore our constitution should be unitary instead of federal.

A unitary State does not mean concentration of all powers in the Centre; just as the head of the family does not have all the powers with him even though all the transactions are carried out in his name. Others also share the executive power. In our body also, does the soul possess all powers? Thus a unitary State does not mean a highly autocratic centre nor does it entail the elimination of provinces. The provinces will have various executive powers. Even the various entities below the provincial level, such as the Jana Padas, will also have suitable powers. The Panchayats too should have powers. Traditional, the Panchayats had a very important position. No body could dissolve Panchayats. today, however. our constitution does not have any place for these Panchayats. There are no powers to these Panchayats in their own right. They exist at the mercy of the states only as delegated authorities. It is necessary that their powers be considered fundamental. In this way, the decentralization of power will be accomplished. The authority will be distributed to the lowest level, and will be fully decentralized. At the same time, all these entities of power will be centred around the unitary State. This arrangement will embody Dharma.

If we carry this concept of Dharma even further, not only the State and the nation but the nature of the entire mankind will have to be considered. In other words, the constitution of a nation cannot be contrary to the natural law. There are a number of norms of behavior which are not found in any statute book, yet they do exist. At times they are even stronger and more binding than any statutory law. The precept that one should respect one’s parents is not written in any law. The present day governments which are turning out variety of laws, day in and day out, have not passed a law to this effect. Still, people respect their parents. Those who do not are criticized. If tomorrow there arises a discussion, even in a court. it will be generally accepted that as long as a person does not attain majority, he should accept his parent’s decisions and should respect them.

Thus the fundamental law of human nature us the standard for deciding the propriety of behavior in various situations. We have termed this very law as’ Dharma’. The nearest equivalent English term for Dharma can be “Innate law”, which, however, does not express the full meaning of Dharma, Since ‘Dharma’ is supreme, our ideal of the state has been “Dharma Rajya”. The king is supposed to protect Dharma. In olden times at the coronation ceremony the king used to recite three times. “There is no authority which can punish me”. (Similar claim was made by kings in the western countries. i.e., it was said, “King can do no wrong”, and hence there too, nobody could punish the king). Upon this, the Purohit used to strike the king on his back with a staff saying. “No, you are subject to the rule of Dharma. You are not sovereign”. The king used to run around the sacred fire and the Purohit would follow him striking him with the Staff. Thus after completing three rounds, the ceremony would came to an end thereby the king was unambiguously told that he was not an unpunishable sovereign. Dharma was above him, that even he was subject to Dharma. Can the people do whatever they please? It may be contended that democracy means just that. The people can do what they please. But in our country, even in people wish, they are not free to act contrary to Dharma. Once a priest was asked: “If the God is omnipotent, can he act contrary to Dharma. If he does, then he is not omnipotent”. This was a dilemma. Can God practice Adharma or is lie not omnipotent? Actually God cannot act contrary to Dharma. If he does, then he is not omnipotent. Adharma is a characteristic of weakness, not of strength. If fire instead of emitting heat, dies out it is no longer strong. Strength lies not in unrestrained behavior, but in well regulated action. Therefore God who is omnipotent is also self- regulated and consequently fully in tune with Dharma. God descends in human body to destroy Adharma and re-establish Dharma, not to act on passing whims and fancies. Hence even God can do everything but cannot act contrary to Dharma. But for the risk of being misunderstood, one can say that Dharma is even greater than God. The universe is sustained because he acts according to Dharma. The king was supposed to be a symbol of Vishnu, in as much as he was the chief protector of Dharma Rajya.

Dharma Rajya does not mean a theocratic state. Let us be very clear on this point, Where a particular sect and its prophet or Guru, rule supreme, that is a theocratic state. All the rights are enjoyed by the followers of this particular sect. Others either cannot live in that country or at best enjoy a slave-like, secondary citizen’s status. Holy Roman empire had this basis. The same concept was existing behind “Khilafat”. The Muslim kings world over used to rule in the name of Khalifa. After the first world war, this came to an end. Now efforts are afoot to revive it. Pakistanis the most recent theocratic state. They call themselves an Islamic State. There, apart from Muslims all the rest are second class citizens. Apart from this difference there is no other sign of Islam in Pakistan’s administration. Quran, Masjid, Roja. Id, Namaz etc. are same both in Bharat as well as in Pakistan. There is no need to the state and religion. By such a tie-up, there is no increase in an individual’s capacity to worship God. The only result is that the state slips in its duty. This does not happen in a Dharma Rajya. Rather there is freedom to worship according to one’s religion. In a theocratic state one religion has all the rights and advantages, and there are direct or indirect restrictions on all other religions. Dharma Rajya accepts the importance of religion in the peace, happiness and progress of an individual. Therefore the state has the responsibility to maintain an atmosphere in which every individual can follow the religion of his choice and live in peace. The freedom has its inherent limits. I have the freedom to swing my hand, but as soon as there is conflict between my hand and someone else’s nose, my freedom has to be restricted. I have no freedom to swing my hand so as to hit another person’s nose. Where other person’s freedom is likely to be encroached upon, my freedom ends. The freedom of both parties has to be ensured. Similarly every religion has the freedom to exist. But this freedom extends only as far as it does riot encroach upon the religion of others. If such encroachment is carries on, it will have to be condemned as misuse of freedom and will have to be ended. Such limitations will be required in all aspects of life. Dharma Rajya ensures religious freedom and is not theocratic state.

Now-a-days the word “secular state” is being uses as opposed to theocratic state. The adoption of this work is mere imitation of the western thought pattern. We had no need to import it. We called it a secular state to contrast it with Pakistan. There is some misunderstanding arising out of this. Religion was equated with Dharma and then secular state was meant to be a state without Dharma. Some said ours is a state (without Dharma ), whereas others trying to find a better sounding word, called it Dharmanikshepa (indifferent to Dharma state). But all these words are fundamentally erroneous. For a state can neither be without Dharma nor can it be indifferent dharma just as fire cannot be without hear. If fire loses heat, it does not remain fire any longer. State which exists fundamentally to maintain Dharma to maintain law and order, can neither be needharma nor Dharmanipeksha. If it is Needharma it will be lawless state, and where there is lawlessness, where is the question of the existence of any state? In other words Dharma and State are self-contradictory. State can only be Dharma Rajya (rule of Dharma) nothing else. Any other definition will conflict with the reason of its very existence.

In a Dharma Rajya, the state is not absolutely powerful. It is subject Dharma. We have always vested sovereignty in Dharma. Presently there has arisen a controversy. Parliament is sovereign or the Supreme Court? Legislature is higher or judiciary? This quarrel is like a quarrel whether left hand is more important or right hand? Both are limbs of the state, the Legislature is well as Judiciary. Both have distinct functions to perform in their individual sphere each is supreme. To consider either one above the other would be mistake. Yet the legislators say, “we are higher”, On the other hand members of the Judiciary assert that they have a higher authority, since they interpret the laws which the legislature makes. The Legislature claims to have given powers to the Judiciary. If necessary, legislature can change the constitution. Hence it claims sovereignty. Now since powers are bestowed by constitution, they are talking of amendment to the constitution. But I believe that even if by a majority the constitution is amended, it will be against Dharma. In ‘reality’ both the Legislature and the Judiciary are on an equal plane. Neither the Legislature is higher nor the Judiciary. Dharma is higher than both. The Legislature will have to act according to Dharma and the Judiciary will have to act according to Dharma. Dharma will specify limits of both. The Legislature, the Judiciary or the people, none of these is supreme, Some will say, “Why ! People are sovereign. They elect”, But even the people are not sovereign because people too have no right to act against Dharma. If an elected government allows people to go against Dharma and does not punish. then that government is in reality a government of thieves. Even the general will cannot go against Dharma. Imagine the situation if by some manoeurving, thieves gain a majority in the government and send one of their ranks as an executive ! What will be the duty of the minority if the majority is of thieves and elects a thief to rule. The duty clearly will be to remove the representative elected by the majority.

During the second world war then Hitler attacked France, the French army could not stall the onward march of Nazi troops. The then Prime Minister of France. Marshall Petain decided to surrender. The French public supported the decision, but De Gaulle escaped to London where he declared that he did not accept the surrender. France is independent and will remain so. From London, he formed a Government of France in Exile and eventually liberated France. Now if the majority rule is to be considered supreme, then De Gaulle’s action will have to be condemned. He had no right to fight in the name of independence. De Gaulle derived his right from the fact that the French nation was above the majority public opinion. The national Dharma is above all. Independence is Dharma of every nation. To preserve independence, and to strive for regaining it when lost is the duty of every citizens.

Even in our country a majority had not risen against the Britishers; only a few had. Some revolutionaries arose, some brave people arose and fought. Lokmanya declared “Freedom is my Birth right”. He did not declare this birthright with the support of a majority or by a referendum from the public. Now a days people advocate that the merger of Goa should be decided by referendum, that there should be plebiscite in Kashmir etc., etc. This is wrong. National unity is our Dharma. Decision concerning this cannot be made by plebiscite. This type of a decision has already been taken by the nature. Elections and majority can decide as to who will form the government. The truth cannot be decided by the majority. What the government will do will be decided by Dharma.

You all know that in the USA where they swear by democracy, at one time Lincoln did not accept wrong public opinion. On the question of the abolition of slavery when the southern states declared their intention to secede. Lincoln stood firm and told them: “You have no right to secede even in a democracy”. He fought against this and did not allow them to secede. Nor did he tolerate slavery. He did not show readiness for a compromise whereby there may continue partial slavery to accommodate southern states. He did not accept the principle of meeting halfway. He categorically declared that the system of slavery was against tradition, the Dharma, the principle which were at the basis of American nation. Therefore the system of slavery had to be abolished. When the Southerners decided to secede he told them “You cannot secede”. On this point there was a civil war and Lincoln did not compromise with Adharma.

Here in our country the situation in this regard is very much like old Hindu marriages where a married couple could not divorce even if both the parties wished. The principle was that their behavior should be regulated not by their sweet will but by Dharma. The same is case with the nation. If the four million people of Kashmir say that they want to secede, if the people of Goa say they want to secede, some say they want the Portuguese to return, all this is against Dharma. Of the 45 million people of India. even if 449,999,999 opt for something which is against Dharma, even then this does not become truth. On the other hand, even if a person stands for something which is according to Dharma, that constitutes truth because truth resides with Dharma. It is the duty of this one person that he tread the path of truth and change people. It is from this basis that persons drives the right to proceed according to Dharma.

Let us understand very clearly that Dharma is not necessarily with the majority or with the people. Dharma is eternal. Therefore. in the definition of democracy to say that it is a government of the people. It is not enough, it has to be for the good of the people. What constitutes the good of the people. Dharma alone can decide. Therefore, a democratic Government “Jana Rajya” must also be rooted in Dharma i.e. a “Dharma Rajya”. In the definition of ‘Democracy’ viz. “government of the people, by the people and for the people”, of stands for independence, ‘by’ stands for democracy and ‘for’ Indicates Dharma. Therefore, the true democracy is only where there is freedom as well as Dharma encompasses all these concepts.

24rd April 1965

Integral Humanism – Chapter 4

Yesterday we had discussed the functions of State in a Nation. According to the Bharatiya traditions. a nation is an organic living entity which has come into existence on its own and has not been made up or created by any group of persons. A nation brings forth a variety of institutions to fulfill its needs, as well as to give concrete shape to its inner fundamental nature. The State is one of these institutions which though being an important institution, is not supreme. In our literature where the duties of a king are referred to, his importance is definitely recognized. This is so, perhaps, to make him realize his immense responsibility. He exercised tremendous influence on the lives and character of the people. Hence he had to give due attention to his own behavior. Bhishma has said the same thing, in Mahabharat when he was asked whether circumstances make a king or a king makes the circumstances. He categorically stated that the king shapes the circumstances. Now some persons interpret this to mean that the considered the king above all. But this is not true. He did not suggest that the king was above Dharma. It is true that the king wielded a great deal of influence. and that he was the protector of Dharma in society, but the king could not decide what constitutes Dharma. He only saw to it that people led their lives according to Dharma. In a way he was equivalent to present day executive.

In the present State, the executive has the responsibility to execute the laws properly, but does not enact laws. When the executive does not function with honesty and efficiency, the laws are entirely disregarded, as we see very well around us. We can well say today “Executive is responsible for the present evils to a great extent.” After all why has prohibition failed? Who is responsible for the failure?? When those very persons who have been entrusted with the task of implementing prohibition. Start taking monthly allowances from the bootleggers, how is the prohibition policy to succeed? The executive is, therefore, responsible for the proper enforcement of law. This is the meaning of Bhishma’s statement. It would be a mistake to interpret it as acceptance of approved supremacy of a monthly allowances from the bootleggers, how is the prohibition policy to succeed? The executive is therefore, responsible for the proper enforcement of law. This is the meaning of Bhisma statement. It would be a mistake to interpret it as acceptance of approved supremacy of a king. If this were so, how was it that the tyrant king Venu was removed by the Rishis and Prithu was enthroned? This action by the Rishis was never condemned by any one in history. On the contrary it was hailed by everyone. When the supremacy of Dharma is accepted as a principle, then, though the authority of Dharma, the Rishis derive a right to remove a king who defaults in his duty. Otherwise, it would have been absolutely illegal to remove a king from his throne. Thus if a King does not act according to Dharma, it becomes the duty of everyone to remove him.

In Western countries, either a King was removed by some other king or people rejected the sovereignty of king altogether. There king was a representative of God and could under no circumstances be removed at least in principle.

In our socio-political set-up, the king and the State were never considered supreme. Not only that, there were other important institutions, (besides the State, which was only one of them) to regulate and to help carry on the social life. Those institutions had been organized both on horizontal and vertical level, i.e. on original and occupation basis. We have evolved Panchayats and Janapada Sabhas. The mightiest of the king did not ever disturb the Panchayats. Similarly there were associations on the basis of trade. These two were never disturbed by the State; on the contrary their autonomy was recognized. They devised their own rules and regulations in their fields. The Panchayats of different communities, shrines, nigams, Village Panchayats, Janapada Sabhas and such other Organization used to set- up regulations. The function of the state was mostly to see that these rules are observed by the persons concerned. The State never interfered with the affairs of these associations. Thus the State was concerned only with some aspects of life of the Society.

Similarly, in the economic field many institutions are created. We have to think what should be the nature of our economic structure. We must have such an economic system which helps in the developments of our humane qualities, or civilization and enables us to attain a still higher level of all round perfection. We should have a system which does not overwhelm our humane quality; which does not make us slaves of its own grinding wheels. According to our concept, man attains God like perfection as a result of development. What structure. what regulation should be specified in our economic system if we wish to achieve this goal? Let us, consider this point.

Economic system must achieve the production of all the basic things essential for the maintenance and development of people as well as the protection and development of the Nation. Having satisfied the basic minimum requirements, the question naturally arises, whether there should be more production for greater property and happiness. The Western societies consider it most essential and even desirable to go on continuously and systematically increasing the desires and needs of man. There is no upper limit in the context. Normally desire precedes the efforts at producing the things desired. But now the position is reverse. People are induced to desire and use the things that have been and are being produced. Instead of producing to meet the demand, the search is on the markets for the goods already produced; if the demand does not exist, systematic efforts are made to create demand. This has become the chief characteristic of the western economic movement. Earlier, production followed the demand, now demand allows the production. Consider the use of tea for example. Tea was produced because people desired and wanted it. But Tea was produced and we were induced to develop taste for tea. Now tea is a common man’s drink. It has become a part of our life. Similar is the case of vegetable ghee. Did anyone ever want to use it? It was first produced and then we were taught to use it. If whatever is manufactured is not consumed, there will be depression. Some of us many remember the great depression of 1930-32. There was abundance of goods at that time but there was no demand. Therefore factories had to be closed down. Bankruptcy and unemployment were widespread. Thus now-a-days it is most important that what is being produced must be consumed.

The Editor of “Organiser”, an English Weekly, had gone to USA for a visit sometime ago. Upon his return, he related an interested instance.

There is a factory producing “Potato-peelers”, a device for peeling potatoes. The production of this factory outstripped the demand for the device. The management of the firm faced the problem of finding some way by which people may be induced to buy more potato peelers. They called a meeting of all the salesmen of the firm. Among the suggestions put forward, one was to make the color of the handle similar to that of potato peel. so that along with the peel. the peeler may also be dumped in the garbage, often by mistake. Thus there may be greater demand. Also, the product was offered in a more attractive packing. Now this economic structure is not merely consumption oriented but is clearly leading to destruction. Throw away the old one and buy a new one! Rather than satisfying the need and demand from people. to create fresh demand has become the aim of modern economics. Supposing that we need not worry about the limited supply of natural resources, there is yet the question of balance in Nature. There is a relationship in different parts of Nature. If from the three sticks standing with mutual support, one is removed, the other two will automatically fall. The present economic system and system of production are fast disturbing this equilibrium of nature. As a result on the one hand new products are manufactured for satisfying ever increasing desires, on the other hand new problem arise every day, threatening the very existence of the entire humanity and civilization.

It is essential, therefore, to use up that portion of the available natural resources which the nature will be able to recoup easily. When the fruits are taken, the fruit tree is not injured: it may even be helpful to the tree. However, in the effort to take a greater harvest from the land chemical fertilizers are used which in a few years time render the land altogether infertile. Lakhs of acres of land lie barren in America due to this factor. How long this dance of destruction can go on ?

The destruction provides for depreciation fund to replace the machines when worn out. Then how can we neglect the depreciation fund for nature. From this point of view, it must be realized that the object of our economic system should be, not extravagant use of available resources, but a well regulated use. The physical objects necessary for a purposeful, happy and progressive life must be obtained. The Almighty has provided as much. It will not be wise, however, to engage into a blind rat-race of consumption and production as if man is created for the sole purpose of consumption. Engine needs coal for its proper working, but it has not been produced merely to consume coal. On the contrary it is only proper always to see that with the minimum coal-consumption, maximum energy is produced. This is the economic view point. Keeping in view the aim of human life, we must endeavor to see how with the minimum of fuel, man proceeds to his goal with the maximum speed. Such a system alone can be called civilization. This system will not think of merely a single aspect of human life but of all its aspects including the ultimate aim. This system will not thrive on the exploitation of nature but will sustain nature and will in turn itself be nourished. Milking rather than exploitation should be our aim. The system should be such that overflow from nature is used to sustain our lives.

If such human angle inspires the economic system than our thinking on the economic question will undergo through transformation. In the Western economics, whether it is capitalist or socialist, value has the most important and central position. All economic theories centre around value. It may be that the analysis of value is very important from the point of view of the economist but, those social philosophers which are based entirely on value are for incomplete, inhuman and to some extent unethical take. For example, the slogan commonly heard now-a-days “one must earn his bread”. Normally communists use this slogan but even the capitalists are not fundamentally in disagreement with it. If there is any difference between !hem, it is only as regards who earns and how much. The capitalists consider capital and enterprise as important components of production and hence if they take a major share of profits. they think it is their due. On the other hand, communists believe only labor to be the main factor in production. Therefore they concede major share of production to the laborers. Neither of these ideas is correct. Really speaking. our slogan should be that the one who earns will feed and every person will have enough to eat.. The right to food is a birthright. The ability to earn is a result of education and training. In a society even those who do not earn must have food. The children and the old, the diseased and the invalids, all must be eared for by the society. Even society generally fulfills this responsibility. The social and cultural progress of mankind ties in the readiness to fulfill this responsibility. The economic system must provide for this task. Economics as a science does not account for this responsibility. A man works not merely for bread alone, but also to shoulder this responsibility. Otherwise those who have had their meals would no longer work.

Any economic system must provide for the minimum basic necessities of human life to everyone. Food, clothing and shelter constitute, broadly speaking these basic necessities. Similarly, the society must enable the individual to carry out his obligations to the society by properly educating him. Lastly, in the event of an individual falling a prey to any disease. society must arrange for his treatment and maintenance. If a government provides these minimum requirements, then only it is a rule of Dharma. Otherwise, it is a rule of Adharma. Describing the King Dilip, Kalidas has said in Raghuvansha “Being responsible for the maintenance. protection and education of his subjects, he was their true farther. Others were merely instrumental in giving them their birth”. The description of king Bharat after whom our country has been named Bharat, also runs similarly, i.e. “by maintaining and protecting his subjects he was called Bharat.” This is his country, Bharat, if in this country maintenance and protection are not guaranteed, then the name Bharat is meaningless.

Education – A Social Responsibility

To educate a child is in the interest of the Society itself. By birth a child is an animal. He becomes a responsible member of the society only by education and culture. To charge fees for something which is in the interest of the society itself a rather odd. If due to the inability to pay the fees, children are left without education, will the society endure the situation for long? We do not charge fee from trees for sowing the seed and caring for the supplying. On the contrary we invest our money and efforts. We know that when the tree grows, we shall reap fruits.

Education is a similar investment. An educated individual will indeed serve the society. On the other hand it will not be surprising if people grow indifferent to the society which leave them to fend for themselves. Before 1947, in all the princely states In India, no fees were charged for education. The highest education was free. In the Gurukulas, even food and lodging were arranged with out any charge. The student used to go to the society for “Bhiksha”. No householder would refuse the Bhiksha to the student. In other words, society used to bear the burden of education.

Similarly, it is rather surprising that medical treatment must be paid for. In fact, medical treatment also should be free as it was in this country in the past. Now-a-days one has to pay even to gain entrance to a temple. In Tirupathi, to enter the Balaji temple, there is a charge of 0.25 paise. However, at noon for one hour, there is Dharma Darshan, which means, during that time, no ticket is needed, as if at other times there is Adharma Darshan. The society should guarantee to all members minimum requirements for maintenance and progress of every individual. Now the question arises that if everyone is to be guaranteed the minimum necessities, where will the resources for all this come from?

Guarantee of Work

It is clear that the resources must be produced by our own efforts. Therefore. where a right to a guaranteed minimum is recognized, any individual who does not share in the efforts to produce is a burden to the society. Similarly any system which obstructs the production activity of the people is self destructive. Such a system will not enable the individuals to fulfill their responsibility. Not only that, but even if the requirements of an individual are met, while he does not share in the efforts, his personality will not develop fully, his progress as a human being will be distorted and lop-sided. Man has stomach as well is hands. If he has no work for his hands, he will not get happiness even if he gets food to satisfy his hunger. His progress will be obstructed. Just as a barren woman experiences emptiness in life and consequent dissatisfaction, so does a man without work.

The guarantee of work to every able bodied member of the society, should be the aim of our economic system. Today we witness a very strange situation. On the one hand, a ten-year-old child and seventy-year-old man are toiling and on the other hand youth of twenty five is driven to suicide for want of work. We shall have to remove this mismanagement. God has given hands to every man but by themselves hands have a limited capacity to produce. They need assistance of capital in the form of machines. Labor and capital bear the same relation to each other as that between man and nature. The world is a creation of these two. Neither of them can be neglected.

Capital Formation

For capital formation it is essential that a part of production be saved from immediate consumption and be used for further production, in future. Thus capital can be formed only by restraint on consumption. This is the basis of capital formation to which Karl Marx refers to as “surplus value” in his treatise. In the capitalist system the industrialist creates capital with the help of this surplus value. In a socialist system, the state undertakes this task. In both the systems, the entire production is not distributed among the workers. If production is carried on through centralized large-scale industries, the sacrifice on the part of the worker in creating the capital is not given due recognition. The advantage in decentralization is in the fact that the workers has a sense of direct participation in the management of this surplus value or capital. Machine is the most common from of capital. Machine was created in order to reduce the content of physical labor in production and to increase the productivity of the worker. Machine, therefore, is an assistant of the worker and not his competitor. However, where the human labor came to be considered as a commodity to be purchased with money, the machine became the competitor of the human being. The principal drawback of the capitalist view point in the fact that by making the machine a competitor of human labor and thereby displacing and competitor of human labor and thereby displacing and subjecting human being to privations the very purpose of creating machine has been defied. Machine cannot be blamed for this. It is the fault of the economic and social system which cannot distinguish between the object and the instrument. We shall have to take into account the limitations on usefulness of machines and decide on its field of application. From this point of view to import the machinery from Western countries, where shortage of manpower was the guiding factor in the design of machines would be a serious mistake. The merits of machine are, not independent of time and place. Machines are a product of the modern science but not its representatives. Scientific knowledge is not a monopoly of any particular country. But its application has to take into account the particular condition of each country and its requirements. Our machines must not only, by tailored for our specific economic means, but also must, at least, avoid conflict with our socio-political and cultural objectives, if not support them.

Professor Vishvesaraya has said in one of his books, that while considering the system of production one must take into account the seven ‘M’s. These are man, material, money, management, motive power, market and machine. The skill and ability of the workers or those who should be provided with work must be considered. Easy availability of the required raw material. and the quality and properties of the raw materials available cannot be ignored. We must also think of how much money is available as capital. How this capital can be increased and at what rate? How best it can be utilized for maximum production? How much of it should be put in the fixed assets and how much should be kept in the liquid form? We must also pay attention to the form of power available in the country in addition to the human and animal labor. Wind, water, steam oil, gas, electricity and atomic power can supply the motive power. Of these, which form of power can be obtained in what quantity and without being uneconomic must be thought of while deciding upon our methods of production. In the same way managerial skills are also important and deserve the attention. If the ability to co-ordinate the efforts of a dozen workers is wanting, all of them will remain unemployed. It is also necessary to think of the usefulness of the goods produced to the society. This means that production of any particular commodity cannot be justified economically without the consideration of the market it commands. Taking into consideration all these factors we should design suitable machines. Instead, we find now-a-days that we install the machines first and try to coordinate all other factors afterwards. Other countries of the world did not progress in this fashion. Otherwise new machines would not have been invested. We are importing the machines and hence, we have little knowledge. We shall have to develop a Bharatiya technology.

None of the seven factors is unchangeable. In fact each one keeps constantly changing. Those who are entrusted with the task of planning must think of how the change is directed towards progress, how physical hardship is reduced, and waste of energy is minimized. As an illustration let us take the low productivity of our worker. It can be increased by using machines, and it is necessary to do so. But if the machine is such that requires only a few men to run it, then the rest of the people will be thrown out of employment. If the machine has to be imported from other countries at such a heavy cost that the additional production it causes will be insufficient to make it economic, then such a machine is not suitable to our requirements. Just as to let a part of the installed capacity of a factory remain unutilised is a losing proposition, so also to let the people of this country remain unemployed is a losing proposition. May, this is even worse. Whereas a machine ties up only the capital invested in it in past, the unemployed people have to be fed, which is continuous and unending drain on resources, consumed at double the speed. Therefore instead of the usual exhortation “Every worker must get food”, we must think of “Everyone who eats must get work”, as the basis of our economy. No doubt charakha has to be replaced by machines but not necessarily automatic machines everywhere. Full employment must be a primary consideration and then the rest of the six factors suit this.

Man’s Place In The Economy

The use of manpower and the employment question will have to be thought of in the context of the human being as a whole, as an integral being. The economic theories of the past few centuries and the structure of society based on these theories, have resulted in a thorough devaluation of the human being. His personality is altogether irrelevant to the economic set up. Capitalist economy recognizes only an “economic man”, whose all decisions are based entirely on calculations of gain and loss, in terms of material wealth. For this economic man, five rupees are always more than four rupees. He works solely to gain more wealth, and execs to get the maximum gain. For him, just like other commodities, human labor is a commodity to be brought and sold In the market. This is free enterprise. It holds all other restriction and regulations unjust, save the brake of competition. In the race no one is prepared to stop and give a helping land to the weak who is left behind; elimination of the weak is considered just and natural. He is uneconomic, marginal unit, not fit to exist. This is what it advocates. By the elimination of such marginal units, the economic power accumulates in the hands of a few. This is considered normal and natural is capitalist system. But when monopoly is a established, even the check of competition ceases to operates. In such a. situation the incentive resulting from competition is no longer available. Prices are arbitrarily fixed and quality of products deteriorates.

Even as regards the consumer’s needs, the capitalist is guided not by the necessities and desires of the consumer. but by his purchasing power. The needs of the wealthy and the well fed are attended to rather than those of the poor and the hungry. As a result where countless varieties of goods are produced for he needs of the wealthy, even the basic necessities of life for the poor become scarce. The centralization and monopolization of reduction totally undermine the influence of the consumer. The markets are so organized that the consumer has to go by standard products. This standardization is on the increase at such a pace that individual preference of the consumer is ignored. Like the books in the library, even human beings are allotted numbers as consumers. The system which boasts of giving highest importance to the individual has ironically destroyed all individuality. Clearly, the capitalist system is incapable of helping the development of an integral human being

Socialist System Is A Reaction

Socialism arose as a reason to capitalism. But even socialism failed to establish the importance of the human being. Socialists contented themselves by merely transferring the ownership of capital in the hands of the State. But the State is even more of an impersonal institution. All the business of the State is conducted by rigid rules and regulations. Generally, there is no place for individual discretion and even where such discretion is allowed, the slightest laxity in the sense of duty and social responsibility on the part of the administrators results in corruption and favoritism. The capitalistic system thought merely of the economic man, but left him free in other fields where the could exercise his individuality. The socialist system went much further thinking only of the abstract man. After that, there was no scope for the development of the individual personality based on diverse tastes and abilities. The needs and preferences of individuals have as much importance in the socialist system as in a prison manual. There is no such thing as individual freedom in the socialist system.

State’s Claims on Individual

There is no private property in a socialist society. This removes the problems attendants to the institution of private property. However. the incentive for production and conservation of resources and economy in utilization accompany the institution of private property. There has been no alternative arrangement to preserve these. The State is made supreme and sole authority in all matters. Individual citizen is reduced to mere cog in this giant wheel. There is no provisions to inspire the individual to fulfill his role. As Djilas states, the class of old fashioned exploiters has been eliminated, but a new class of bureaucratic exploiter has come into existence. Karl Marx put forward, in his analysis of history, that capitalism contains the seeds of its own destruction. and that communism is a natural and inevitable successor to capitalism.

This concept may be helpful in fostering faith in the communist about their ultimate victory but certainly such a determinist view destroys the urge for reforms and dynamism in man. He is no longer the creator of a new order; he is merely incidental to a predetermined historic process. His task is only to accelerate the process. Therefore, even as he tries to organize workers, he cares little for their welfare, but uses them as mere tools for the revolution. The dialectic materialism of Marx, too, operates only so long as state is note established as supreme after destroying the capitalists. Thereafter, the state puts a stop to the operation of the principle of dialectic materialism. In the name of crushing and counter revolutionaries, the state becomes more and more totalitarian. The day when the state is to wither away yielding place to a stateless society remains a mere dream. In fact according to the Marxist view, to obstruct the process of these antithesis, is itself reactionary. Marx is thus falsified by his own standards.

Both these systems, capitalist as well as communist, have failed to take account of the Integral Man, his true and complete personality and his aspirations. One considers him a mere selfish being lingering after money, having only one law, the law of fierce competition, in essence the law of the jungle; whereas the other has viewed him as a feeble lifeless cog in the whole scheme of things, regulated by rigid rules, and incapable of any good unless directed. The centralization of power, economic and political, is implied in both. Both, therefore, result in dehumanization of man.

Man. the highest creation of God. is losing his own identity. We must re-establish him in his rightful position, being him the realization of his greatness, reawaken his abilities and encourage him to exert for attaining divine heights of his latest personality. This is possible only through a decentralized economy.

We want neither capitalism nor socialism. We aim at the progress and happiness of “Man”, the Integral Man.

The protagonists of the two systems fight with ‘Man’ on the state. Both of them do not understand man, nor do they care for his interests.

Our Economic System

The Objectives of our Economy should be
An assurance of minimum standard of living to every individual and preparedness for the defense of the nation.
Further increase above this minimum standard of living whereby the individual and the nation acquires the means to contribute to the world progress on the basis of its own ‘Chiti’.
To provide meanings employment to every able bodies citizens by which the above two objectives can be realized and to avoid waste and extravagance in utilizing natural resources.
To develop suitable machines for Bharatiya conditions (Bharatiya Technology) taking note of the availability and nature of the various factors of production (Seven ‘M’s).
This system must help and not disregard the human being, the individual. It must protect the cultural and other values of life. This is requirement which cannot be violated except at a risk of great peril.
The ownership, state, private or any other form of various industries must be decided on a pragmatic and practical basis.

These are a few general directions which we must bear in mind while developing our economy. “Swadeshi” and “Decentralization” are the two words which can briefly summarize the economic policy suitable for the present circumstances. Centralization and monopolization have been the order of the day for all these years, knowingly or unknowingly. The planners have become prisoners of a belief that only large-scale centralized industry is economic and hence without worrying about its ill-effects, or knowingly but helplessly, they have continued in that direction. The same has been the fate of “Swadeshi”. The concept of “Swadeshi” is ridiculed as old fashioned and reactionary. We proudly use foreign articles. We have grown over independent upon foreign aid in everything from thinking, management, capital, methods of production, technology, etc. to even the standards and forms of consumption. This is not the road to progress and development. We shall forget our individuality and become virtual slaves once again. The positive content of “Swadeshi” should be used as the cornerstone of reconstruction of our economy.

For want of time, I have not touched the natural aspects of economic structure. But one thing is clear that many old institutions will yield place to new ones. This will adversely affect those who have vested interests in the old institutions. Some others who are by nature averse to change will also suffer by efforts of reconstruction. But disease must be treated with medicine. Strength can be gained only from exercise and hard work. Therefore, we still have to discard the status-quo mentality and usher in a new era. Indeed our efforts at reconstruction need not be clouded by prejudice or disregard for all that is inherited from our past. On the other hand, there is no need to cling to past institutions and traditions which have outlived their utility. We have considered what the direction of change should be.

We have in the last four days thought over the integrated from of Humanism. On the basis we shall be able to reconcile nationalism, democracy, socialism and world peace with the traditional values of Bharatiya Culture and think of all these ideals in an integrated form. The mutual conflict among these ideals can be removed and they can supplement mutually. Thereby the “Man can gain his lost status and attain the aims of his life”.

We have here discussed the philosophy. But the members of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh are not mere philosophers or academicians. We have set out with the determination to make this nation strong, happy and prosperous through the medium of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh. Therefore, we must carry on practical programs for the nationalist reconstruction on this foundation. We have taken due note of our ancient culture. But we are no archeologists. We have to intention of becoming the custodians of a vast archeological museum. Our goal is not merely to protect the culture but to revitalize it so as to make it dynamic and in tune with the times. We must ensure that our nation stands firm on this foundation and our society is enabled to live a healthy, progressive and purposeful life. We shall have to end a number of traditions and set in reforms which are helpful in the development of values and of national unity in our society. We shall remove those traditions which obstruct this process. Whereas one need not mourn the limitations of the human body, one must undergo the required social operation if any part of the body has cancerous growth. There is no need to to amputee healthy limbs. If today, the society is gripped with evils like untouchability which lead men to treat other human beings as lower than themselves and thereby threaten the national unity, we shall have to end s such evils.

We shall be required to produce such institutions as will kindle the spirit of action in us, which will replace the self-centredness and selfishness by a desire to serve the nation, which will produce not only sympathy towards our brethren, but a sense of affection and oneness with them. Such institutions can truly reflect our ‘Chiti’.

‘Chiti’ is a nation’s soul. The strength and energy activating the nation is called “Virat” and channeled by ‘Chiti’. The place of ‘Virat” in the life of nation is similar to that of Prana in the body. Just as ‘Prana’ infuses strength in various organs of the body, refreshed the intellect and keeps body and soul together; so also in a nation, with a strong ‘Virat’ alone can democracy succeed and the government be effective. Then the diversity of our nation does not prove an obstacle to our national unity. The difference of languages. occupations, etc. are present everywhere. However, when the ‘Virat’ is awake, diversity does not lead to conflicts and people co-operates with each other like the various limbs of the human body or like the members of a family.

We have to Undertake the task of awakening our nation’s ‘Virat’. Let us go forward in this task with a sense of pride for our heritage, with a realistic assessment of the present and a great ambition for the future. We wish neither to make this country a shadow of some distant past nor an imitation of Russia or America.

With the support of Universal knowledge and our heritage, we shall create a Bharat which will excel all its past glories, and will enable every citizen in its fold to steadily progress in the development of his manifold latent possibilities and to achieve through a sense of unity with the entire creation, a state even higher than that of a complete human being; to become Narayan from ‘Nar’. This is the external divine from of our culture. This is our message to humanity to cross roads. May God give us strength to succeed in this task.

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Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh inaugurated 63rd national school games

25074760_1524377337643959_359340944954808779_oDy CM Dr Nirmal Singh inaugurated 63rd national school games in football under 17 yrs boys organised by Directorate of Youth Services & Sports, J&K at MA Stadium.

Historic Developments Continue for Old Samba-Kathua Road

24955746_1523637497717943_3808141744458473476_oUnion MoS Dr Jitendra Singh laid foundation for Old Samba-Kathua Road to further improve connectivity.

Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh inaugurates blood donation camp organized by ITBP

24879555_1521078644640495_3579801410900444621_oDy CM Dr Nirmal Singh today inaugurated a blood donation camp organized by the 47 Battalion of Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) here. The camp was attended by senior officers of ITBP, prominent citizens, doctors and donors from different sections of society. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Singh appreciated the efforts of the ITBP in organizing such events maintaining that these go a long way in serving humanity. He said blood donation is like donating life to the person who is in need of the same in case of an accident or being operated upon and we should all try to be voluntary donors, which would be our contribution towards humanity and nation. The Deputy Chief Minister also inspected guard of honor on the occasion and also interacted with donors.

Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Nirmal Singh insisted the workers at Dal Lake to play their role in preservation of Lake

24958718_1519238131491213_4098970870624790125_oBJP Convention at Dal Lake HIGHLIGHTS BJP today organized a day long convention with the workers Hundreds of workers attended the convention BJP senior leader and Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Nirmal Singh insisted the workers to play their role in preservation of Dal Lake. Dr Narinder Singh, State General Secretary and Incharge Kashmir Affairs during the convention said that BJP’s core policy is to reach the poorest man and help them in their upliftment. Surinder Ambardar, senior leader and MLC BJP said that he has his doors open for dialogue with all those youth who posse grudges.

The political misadventures of Dr. Farooq Abdullah have crossed all the limits of democratic norms: MLC Ramesh Arora

Ramesh AroraMLC Ramesh Arora said that Dr. Farooq Abdulla former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir made a statement yesterday stating therein that Secular fabric of the country was being eroded. Mr. Abdullah further said that minorities in the country are living under an atmosphere of fear and anxiety as various State Governments and the Center Government has tragically failed to speak unequivocally on the issue. It was stated in a public rally by Dr. Farooq Abdullah at Karnataka. Mr. Arora said that previously also his remarks over POK were shameful and against the Constitution of J&K State and that of India. Mr. Arora said that the matter is serious now. Exceptional and rare rest incidents if any cannot be justified and law will prevail but India is a secular, democratic and peace loving country and leaders like Dr. Farooq Abdullah are bent upon to create a dent in secular fabric of the country. This type of attempt is against basic spirit and nationality of his country he added. Deep rooted heritage is oneness in all i.e God is there inside every human being or in other words there is only one Atma which is present in every human being. Mr. Arora said that political misadventures of Dr. Farooq Abdullah have crossed all the limits of democratic norms. Nation and its identity cannot be challenged and it has been done by Dr. Farooq Abdullah. Mr. Arora said that it is political militancy and it is also responsible in spoiling peaceful atmosphere of Kashmir region. Dr. Farooq Abdullah never said a single word over the killing of innocents, police persons, Army persons and other members of Para military forces brutally killed by militants and he want to spoil the national character of our country at International level due to frustration being out of power in J&K state. Mr. Arora also said that Indian Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi have also condemned such provocative words spoken earlier. Now it is time to repeat 1953 and keep him at a place which was loved for sometime by Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah. India as a nation is secular country respecting and providing peaceful atmosphere to grow within Constitution and in the hearts of every Indian irrespective of his cast, creed and religion. It is time to curb such tendencies and Dr. Farooq Abdullah must tender unconditional apology to the nation he added.

Smt. Priya Sethi inaugurates Inter-State Youth Exchange Programme

????????????????????????????????????Minister of State for Education, Technical Education, Priya Sethi today inaugurated Inter State Youth Exchange Programme, “Ek Bharat Sherestha Bharat” being organized by Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan, J&K. Around 50 youth from Tamil Nadu and 50 from J&K are participating in the programme. The inaugural ceremony was held at Govt Women’s College Gandhi Nagar Jammu. Director Colleges, Principle Women’s Degree College Gandhi Nagar Jammu, State Director Nehru Yuva Kendra J&K, District Youth Coordinator Leh and a large number of students were present on the occasion. Speaking on the occasion Priya Sethi said that “Ek Bharat Sherestha Bharat” mission was inaugurated on 31stOct 2015 with the aim to showcase the rich heritage, culture, tradition of the states of country and to appreciate the diversity of the nation and to create environment which promotes learning between states by sharing best practices and experiences. She welcomed the young boys and girls from Tamil Nadu and assured them of best hospitality during their stay in J&K. The students from Tamil Nadu expressed their eagerness to visit Kashmir and urged the Minister to facilitate their visit to the Valley. No:

Smt. Priya Sethi inaugurates workshop on ‘Digitized Libraries’ organized by DL&R

PRIYA-11J&K’s Department of Libraries and Research today rolled out the maiden initiative of linking up with National Digital Libraries of India (NDLI) to provide free worldwide access to the students and academicians in the State to around 1.5 crore downloadable e-books and journals. The unique initiative was launched on the sidelines of a workshop on ‘Digitized Libraries’ organized by the Department of Libraries and Research here this morning. The Workshop was inaugurated by the Minister of State for Education, Ms Priya Sethi. Director Libraries and Research, Mukhtar-ul-Aziz, Professor IIT Kharagpur, ParthaPratim Das, Chief Librarian NDLI, N Gopal Chattopadhayay and other senior officers of the Libraries Department were present on the occasion. National Digital Libraries of India is an online repository of the e-books under the aegis of Union Human Resource Development Ministry. It has been developed by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur. The repository hosts content in multiple languages on multiple subject domains including technology, science, humanities, agriculture and others with educational material available from primary to PhD level. The learning resources include e-books, journals, articles, thesis, manuscripts, audio and video lectures. To integrate J&K’s libraries with the online repository of National Digital Libraries of India, the state’s Libraries Department has already launched a massive digitization programme under which all the libraries in the State are going to be digitized in a phased manner. The National Digital Libraries of India will be also imparting training to the staff of the Libraries Department in J&K regarding the use of online services. Speaking at the inauguration of the Workshop, Ms Priya Sethi said in the age of internet, massive changes are occurring in life and it has become necessary to adopt and take benefit from new technological inventions and digital interventions. She said the new initiative will help the students to get online access to the best possible educational resources within and outside the country. “Once our libraries are fully digitized, joining hands with NDLI will contribute a lot in facilitating the teaching-learning process and the research work,” she said. Speaking on the occasion, Director Libraries, Mukhtar-ul- Aziz said the department has computerized all District and some Tehsil level libraries in the state so far and in the process to make all state libraries fully digitized in a more user-friendly way. The aim of this project is to integrate all national libraries, which will be centrally linked with central server to facilitate J&K students to take advantage of the massive learning resources available online. ParthaPratimDass in his speech said that project of MHRD was started in April 2015 with an aim to consider the needs of students and to put all those needs on single platform. MHRD came up with this idea and this program also aims at to make people aware how to access the program. He also said that virtual learning is to be introduced to the students to help them to understand the difficult concepts of various subjects.

Deputation led by Sh. Sanjay Baru meets Minister Sh. Ajay Nanda

Deputation led by Sanjay Baru meetsDeputation of local people from Ransoo led by BJP State Secretary Sanjay Baru approached the Minister of Finance & MLA from Reasi Constituency, Ajay Nanda regarding the concerns of local masses about the road and other local issues. While submitting the memorandum of demands to the Minister, Sanjay Baru said that black topping on the Road of Ransoo to Kotla road falling under Tehsil Pouni in Reasi is incomplete still after many years have elapsed since early eighties, when it was sanctioned, but the work was not commissioned on ground resulting in subsequent difficulties to the local population especially student community which is feeling the heat of the burnt due to unapproachable road in the region. He said that the proper road construction will also felicitate the diversion of heavy rush for the pilgrimage of Shiv Khori to the beautiful landscape of hilly areas around Kotla thus giving a major boost to the local tourism which will add up to the livelihood of many people. Baru said that the BJP led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Centre is committed to address all the issues pertaining to the common masses while working with the aim to uplift the status of last man standing in the row. He said that the BJP as alliance partner in government of Jammu & Kashmir is also committed to bring the state on the path of growth and prosperity, with every single party activist working tirelessly and selflessly for the welfare of the common masses. Minister promptly listened to the demands put forth by the local masses led by Sanjay Baru and said that their concerns will be addressed on the priority basis. He said that soon he will make sure that the work of blacktopping on the said road is started so as to promptly address the genuine demand of masses along with their other issues.

भारतीय जनता पार्टी के जिला कार्यालय उधमपुर में निकाय चुनावों व शहर के विकास को लेकर बैठक

20171211_131512निकाय चुनावों व शहर के विकास को लेकर एक बैठक का आयोजन भारतीय जनता पार्टी के जिला कार्यालय उधमपुर में किया गया। इसमें शहर के प्रमुख कार्यकर्ता मौजूद थे ।बैठक में प्रदेश भाजपा के महासचिव पवन खजुरिया मुख्य रूप से उपस्थित रहे। कार्यक्रम की शुरुआत में लगभग सभी कार्यकर्ताओं ने शहर में सफाई की व्यवस्था को लेकर चिंता जताई , उनका कहना था कि शहर में शायद ही कोई जगह होगी जहां पर गन्दगी के ढेर ना लगे हों। महिला मोर्चा की प्रदेश उपाध्यक्ष नीलम नरगोत्रा ने सुझाव देते हुए कहा कि स्वच्छता अभियान के तहत शहर के हर एक नागरिक को जागरूक होना जरूरी है। हम सब कुछ नगर पालिका पर नहीं छोड़ सकते , अगर हर नागरिक अपने आसपास गन्दगी ना फैलने दे तो कुछ हद तक इस समस्या से छुटकारा मिल सकता है। पवन खजुरिया ने बैठक को सम्बोधित करते हुए कहा कि आने वाले निकाय चुनावों में कार्यकर्ताओं को अभी से तैयारी करनी पड़ेगी। एमएलसी अशोक खजुरिया , राज्यसभा सांसद शमशेर सिंह मन्हास व पीएमओ में राज्य मंत्री डॉ जतिंदर सिंह द्वारा इस विधानसभा व शहर में कई विकास कार्य करवाए जा रहे हैं । उन्होंने कार्यकर्ताओं से उनके वार्ड के स्थानीय निवासियों से मिलकर उनकी समस्यायों को जाननें के लिए आग्रह किया।अब जबकि केंद्र ने राज्य में विकास के लिए दिल खोलकर फंड्स जारी किए हैं ,तो ऐसे में शहर का कोई भी वार्ड विकास से वंचित नहीं होना चाहिए। उन्होंने कार्यकर्ताओं को निकाय चुनावों के लिए अपने अपने वार्ड से ईमानदार व स्वच्छ छवि बाले उम्मीदवार को आगे लाने के लिए कहा। बैठक में संजय वर्मा , विवेक गुप्ता , अशोक मेहरा , मोहन द्राही ,जगदीश चंद्र ,सुभाष ,भारती शर्मा ,संजय , अक्षय बन्टी ,नीलम नरगोत्रा , गीता देवी ,नीलम देवी ,राज ठंडा ,सोमनाथ ठंडा , विनय ,राजकुमार ,सिंपल शर्मा ,वाचस्पति दुबे आदि प्रमुख कार्यकर्ता मौजूद थे।

Congress flirting with nation’s enemies for lust of power: Brig Anil Gupta

Brig. Anil GuptaAn article published in Sunday Guardian dated 18 December 2016 exposed the Congress leadership’s desperation and mindset, “Modi’s massive win and Congress’s complete decimation in 2014 had led the Congress along with its Lutyens moles to adopt a policy of total war with Rahul Gandhi at its helm against the government and PM Narendra Modi, the fact is that RaGa “has been working to a plan to derail Modi from the start”. Contra-Modi plan also envisages help from nations and agencies inimical to India, with the singular aim of dethroning legitimately chosen government by the people and to snatch power from it at any cost. The plan unfolded with a number of pro-Pakistan and anti-Modi statements by prominent Congress leaders immediately after Modi government assumed the rein of power. Former external affairs minister and senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid while delivering invitation lecture at the Jinnah Institute in Islamabad in November 2015 was all praise for Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif, who not very long ago had referred to the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as “Dehati Aurat”, while sparing no effort to lash out at own Prime Minister Modi. Incidentally, Salman Khursid was nation’s foreign minister when Nawaz had used these words for the country’s prime minister. Mani Shankar Aiyar, a senior Congress leader and close confidant of Gandhi family in a panel discussion on Pakistan’s Dunya TV said, “The first and the foremost thing is to remove Modi. Only then can the talks move forward. We have to wait for four more years. “Bring us (the Congress) back to power and remove them. There is no other way (to better the relations). We will remove them, but till then you (Pakistan) have to wait.” Indirectly, he was seeking Pakistan’s assistance to remove duly elected government of Modi to bring Congress back to power mid-course. The statement was not accidental but by design. Congress has always maintained a soft stand against Pak-sponsored terrorism. Digvijay Singh providing cover to Hafiz Saeed by blaming RSS for the 26/11 carnage or calling Osama bin Laden as "Osamaji", Congress Defence Minister A K Antony describing Pakistani terrorists as 'merely dressed in Pakistani Army uniforms', Saif ud Din Soz opposing killing of Burhan Wani and Sanjay Nirupam questioning the “surgical strikes” are a few examples. The entire nation is witness to Former Home Minister Sushil Shinde’s coining of the phrase of “saffron terror” and his successor Chidambaram advocating for removal of AFSPA from J&K and seconding the demand of “Greater Autonomy” as well as his pro-separatist statements. None of the Congress leaders have so far appreciated the NIA for its stupendous effort in exposing Hurriyat and the terror funding network. Even dreaded terrorist Hafiz Saeed praised the Congress party in an interview to Pak Zem TV and said, “Not everyone in Bharat is like this – there are good people there too in media and politics. But one segment is against me, my organisation (JuD) and Pakistan. They blame Pakistan for everything; to hide their mistakes, to hide their terrorist faces…they use my name. I talk of Kashmir, but they change the subject and to fool the world they blame me for terror activities. But there are people like Barkha Dutt too in Bharat, who talk well and make sense. Even Congress has recently made a statement asking BJP not to blame Pakistan but to look at how they (BJP) have oppressed the people of Kashmir and committed atrocities. Congress has said that by blaming Pakistan, you cannot solve the Kashmir issue. So I believe there are good people too in Bharat. Modi and the people around him have decided to defame me as a terrorist in front of the whole world, just to hide atrocities committed by them against their own people. This is their ploy.” An absconder as per the records of J&K police, youth Congress leader from Kashmir Suleman Nizami, who had supported the ‘Azadi’ of Kashmir and called the Indian Army ‘rapist’ is a star campaigner for Congress party in ongoing Gujarat elections. In a tweet, he went to the extent of questioning PM Modi’s origin and who his parents were. A known anti-national and pro-Pakistan, Suleman Nizami is a frequent tweeter in which he spits venom against India and Indian Army. A radical Kashmiri leader and hard core supporter of terrorist Afzal Guru, calls for Azad Kashmir & says 'har ghar se Afzal nikalega'. While the JKPCC disowns him, he is being patronised by the central leadership, what a hypocrisy? At the height of Doklam crisis, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi accompanied by his brother in law Robert Vadhra, who holds no official position, held a secret meeting with the Chinese ambassador in New Delhi. No Indian, least of all Congress can forget how China backstabbed India even after years of Nehruvian ‘Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai’. Till 2003, China refused to recognize Sikkim as a part of India. Even recently, China threatened to encourage separatist movements in Sikkim if India did not hand over Bhutanese Doklam Plateau to China. Chinese media even went to the extent of threatening of ‘Third party’ intervention in Kashmir at Pakistan’s request. Given the sensitivity of the situation and the well- known track record of the Chinese to foment internal trouble to gain ground by encouraging in-fighting, as they did in Nepal by supporting its Maoists, why did Rahul Gandhi meet the Chinese ambassador in secret and that too with his tainted brother in law? The secrecy in which the meeting was wrapped and the Congress Party’s initial denial of any such meeting gives rise to a ‘conspiracy theory’. A few days back at the peak of campaigning for Gujarat elections, the Congress leadership again decided to meet the Pakistan’s ambassador at the residence of Mani Shankar Aiyar in New Delhi. The meeting among others was also attended by the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. While the nation is aghast, the Congress party is trying to cover its back by saying that the meet was convened to discuss improvement in Indo-Pak relations. Did they seek permission from Ministry of External Affairs or it had any mandate to convene this meeting? Surprisingly or as a matter of coincidence, a retired Pakistani General tweeted at the same time recommending Gandhi family’s loyalist Ahmad Patel as next Chief Minister of Gujarat. Unable to digest the fact that the Congress party has been rejected out rightly by the nation and denied the opportunity to rule, its leadership is so desperate to regain power that it does not hesitate to even flirt with the nation’s known enemies. The Contra-Modi Plan of Congress is unfolding as per planned script and is likely to gain momentum with Rahul Gandhi elevated as Congress President as per the dynastic tradition of the Party.

Sh. Balbir Ram Rattan continues inspection of loaned units

Balbir continues inspection of loaned unitsJammu and Kashmir Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes & Backward Classes Development Corporation Limited, Vice-Chairperson, Sh. Balbir Ram Rattan, alongwith Jammu District Manager, Joginder Paul Atri, reached Gadigarh area on Jammu-R,S. Pura road and inspected a small unit of manufacturing of hand pumps and welding work. The unit has been established by an unemployed male belonging to Backward Class category by availing financial assistance in the form of loan from J&K Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes & Backward Classes Development Corporation Limited under “Direct Financing Scheme”. Vice-Chairperson, Balbir Ram Rattan, who is continuously inspecting the units set up by loan from the corporation, also interacted with Gar Singh, the loanee and sought details of his unit. He said that the male has started his ancestral work of earning livelihood instead of waiting for the job and becoming burden on parents. “It is indeed highly appreciable that more and more unemployed people of reserved categories are getting motivated to seek loans from the Corporation with an objective of becoming self dependent”, Balbir said and expressed hope that the financial assistance availed as loan by the beneficiaries will be utilized in proper way. He also appealed the people who have taken loan to deposit their monthly instalments regularly as the same money will be further provided to other unemployed males and females for starting their own earning units.

Sh. Shamsher Singh Manhas Inaugurates Community Hall

Community HallMember of Parliament Rajya Sabha Shamsher Singh Manhas inaugurated Multipurpose Community Hall at Mohalla Dhok, Paloura Jammu near Ravi Dass Temple along with Jammu Municipal Corporation Officials accompanied by the huge local gathering. The total cost of the hall is Rs 45 lac approximately which is constructed under MPLAD fund in phase manners. . Manhas while addressing the gathering said that the demand for community hall raised by the inhabitants was genuine as there was no Community Hall in the area. Moreover, the community hall can be used by all the communities of the area for all purposes, he added. . He further said that the development of rural areas should be done on priority basis & assured the people that the BJP Govt. is always ready to mitigate the problems of the people. . On this occasion X.en Municipality Ghulam Rasool, AEE JP Saraf, AE Vinay Arora, President Ravi Dass temple Committee Raj Paul Hans, President JMC Contractor Union Karamvir Singh, Vice-President Dharminder Singh, Varinder Singh, BJP leaders Joginder Singh, Bahadur Singh, Shesha and others were also present.

Sh. Sat Sharma holds open Public Darbar, donates Automobile for Cleanliness

Sat Sharma holds open Public DarbarIn persistence with the agenda of clean and transparent governance along with race for the growth and the development of the area, J&K BJP State President & local MLA from Jammu West Constituency, Sat Sharma toured the area of Krishna Nagar Mohalla, ward no 12 where a public meeting was organized by Navyug Yuva Sangthan (NYS) and simultaneously open public Darbar was organized by the MLA, in which various departmental officials also participated along with local BJP leaders. Health officer, Astt. Floriculture Officer, JMC officials, officials from Education Department, PWD and UEED were invited to sort out the issues of the local residents. While speaking to the general public in the interaction, Sat Sharma said that the prime focus of BJP is to work for the welfare of the masses while keeping in aim the upliftment of the last person standing in the final row of the most neglected section of the society following the principle of “Antodya”. He said that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has unleashed an era of development with plethora of beneficial schemes for the common masses along with the flagship schemes like “Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan” for taking the Nation to whole new level into the league of Developed Nations. During the open Darbar, members of NYS also highlighted their demands mainly pertaining to development and cleanliness of the area. Issue of pending works of development was also taken up. MLA was requested to remove the Dumpyard from the front which was soon attended by the MLA. A matter of road construction was also taken up by the locals for the provision of which, MLA inspected the adjoining school. MLA also donated an Automobile from Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to clear the area of the debris in a time bound manner thus adding a feather to ongoing Cleanliness drive in the Constituency. Local Residents thanked the MLA for Science College Nallah which was a long pending and genuine demand. There was also an open discussion felicitated by the MLA, between the local residents and the officials of all departments regarding various issues of both sides after which the MLA accompanied by the officials conducted door to door survey of the area.

We intend to reach masses, make them partners in development: Smt. Priya Sethi

'Development at Ramtalai, Dewan Mandir initiated-iIn order to restore the glory of Ramtalai Mandir and Dewan Mandir and also enhance facilities within the complexes to attract tourists, Minister of State for Education, Technical Education, Culture, Tourism, Department of Horticulture, Floriculture and Parks, Priya Sethi joined by Chairman Shri Sanatan Dharam Natak Samaj (SDNS), Dewan Mandir and State BJP Vice President Yudhvir Sethi started development projects today. BJP Jammu district President Baldev singh billawria and BJP distt.Gen.Secy Vinay Gupta was also present While declaring development projects at historic Radha Krishan Temple, Ramtalai at Jullaka Mohalla and at Dewan Mandir, Priya Sethi said that culturally and historically rich Jammu houses several such sites that once developed could attract tourists from all over the globe. Built during the tenure of erstwhile Dogra Rajas during 18th century, these Temples she said are iconic and need preservation. Both Priya Sethi and Yudhvir Sethi disclosed that on the demand of local population waterproofing will be done at Ramtalai Temple after which landscaping followed by construction of view points, toilet block, store room, pantry and lighting work for illumination will be carried out in phased manner. To increase footfall of tourists and local population in this historic Temples located on hillock near river Tawi tiled path will also be constructed. Priya Sethi said that completely damaged ancient Deodi (entrance) of this temple will also be constructed to its glory. She also directed agencies to construct a canopy on the pond so that dry leaves don't fall in it and aesthetics of the temple is also maintained. The landscapin, she added will include sitting benches, park, path, view points and plantation. At Dewan Mandir, Yudhvir Sethi said that raising of platform which is going to be taken up on priority will ensure proper outflow of water. Simultaneously entire drainage system will also be upgraded so that rain water and other household waste gets proper exit thereby leaving temple premises clean and beautiful. Earlier a park has been developed and Auditorium upgraded for the convenience of people. He said multiple temples situated in the lanes and by lanes of Old Jammu City contribute to our history. The prime aim of BJP, he said is to not let people alienate from corridors of powers and stay amongst them. BJP, he said is committed to take everyone along and make them equal partner in development of Jammu and Kashmir State. Earlier, local residents joined by party workers welcomed Priya Sethi and Yudhvir Sethi by garlanding them and also brought issues confronting them. Instructions were issued to the officials to address the same at earliest possible timeframe. The visiting dignitaries also went around the temple premises and interacted with local residents. Among others present includes Anil Masoom, Ramesh Gupta Sunny Sehgal, Satish Kumar Sanjeev Anand, Ashok Gupta, Gurdas sharma, Sat Sharma Billu Pahalwan, Rajinder Singh, Raj Kumar, Krishan Lal Arun Sethi, Omesh Soni Sharda Devi, Neeru Anand Kiran Aggarwal, Savita Anand Harbhajan Singh, Lalit Sharma, Jyoti Prakash, Sunny Sehgal, Tripata Devi, Ram Prasad, Ravi Singh, Vipin Shastri, Vishal Kohli, Amit kapoor, Vishu Jagmohan Neelam Sharma

BJP State Human Right Cell celebrates International Human Rights Day

BJP State Human Right Cell celebratesJ&K BJP State Human Rights Cell celebrated International Human Rights Day at party headquarter, Trikuta Nagar to cherish importance Human Rights for the Godly act. BJP State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Kaul, Speaker J&K Legislative Assembly, Kavinder Gupta, MLC Vikram Randhawa, Varinderjit Singh and other senior party leaders showered the words of wisdom during the programme. While speaking on the topic, Ashok Kaul elaborated on the genesis of human Rights and its propagation and promotion in the society and community. He hoped that the awareness of Human Rights will trickle down to reach the society for its betterment. He further added that let us sit and provide an education which propels the students and the organizations in the right direction. Kavinder Gupta in his address said that 21st Century is embarked upon the protection and dissemination of Human Rights so that every community can prosper and live with dignity. He added that he has now realized that the only force for true development lies in the message of brotherhood of our “Sanskriti” practiced in the Indian Subcontinent from the time immemorial Vikram Randhawa said that the task of protection of Human Rights is complex topic and needs cooperation on the part of all sections of the society, government and non-government agencies as well as educational institutions. While advocating its spread, he also appreciated the effort of Cell for its endeavour towards great cause. Varinderjit Singh said that the human Rights relate to basic augmentation of all sections of the society for the growth and development in the true sense. He further said that let the message and education of human Rights spread to everywhere to transform the society to a better place to live in. State Convenor of Cell, Prof. P. L. Kaul threw light on the purpose of Cell, which is to spread the cause of human Rights across length and breadth of region and said that the various issues concerning human Rights Violation needs a review and detailed study. Vote of thanks was presented by State Co-Convenor of Cell S. Vajinder Singh Dutta. Vinay Pandoo, Vikram Gupta, Rohit Gupta, Akarshak Mahajan and others were among the prominent persons who were present during the programme.

Zonal Level Social Media Workshop held in Two Zones

22222With the aim to gear up social media activities across the state, State BJYM under the direct supervision of State President Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra organized zonal level meetings of State Social Media. In 1st phase State Social Media team organized brainstorming session in Zone ‘B’ comprised of District Kishtwar, Doda, Ramban, Udhampur, Reasi and Zone ‘J’ comprised of District Kathua, Samba and Basholi. BJYM State General Secretary Tarun Sharma attended the workshop at BJP office Udhampur where the State social media team shares valuable information regarding the use of social media with the activists. Addressing the meeting, Tarun Sharma congratulated State Social Media team for doing excellent work and said that this is the most important platform which is used these days in each and every field. We should use this platform positively to deliver information regarding different schemes and opportunities for the Youth started by the Modi-led government. All the development work in any field which our government is doing should be shared on these platforms so that the common masses can be aware about each and every schemes. All the team members shares the technical and other information regarding social media with the activists. The session was a brain storming one in which different aspects of platform was also discussed with the activists. The various platforms discussed were Facebook, Wattsaap, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter. For Zone ‘J’ the meeting was held at BJP office Kathua. BJYM State Social Media Incharge Rohit Verma managed all these programmes. The State Social media team includes BJYM State vice-president and Prabhari Social Media Adv Anu Behnal Ghai, Ashish Kapoor, Sourabh Jain, Keshav Khajuria takes brain storming session during the workshop.

Sh. Ajay Nanda holds public, karyakarta darbar

Ajay Nanda sittingMinister of State for Finance and Planning and MLA from Reasi Assembly Constituency conducted open Public and karyakarta Darbar to address their problems at Party Headquarter, Trikuta Nagar. While sharing his views on Public Darbar, Minister said Modi Government at the centre as well BJP-PDP Government in the State is committed to the welfare of public in all spheres. BJP follows the principle of “Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas”. BJP is committed to address each and every problem faced by public, so it has chalked out a schedule to conduct these type of programs on a regular basis where anybody can approach for any type of social or political problem to take up with the MP or minister concerned, thus serving a convenient place to interact in other than the Civil Secretariat. Numerous deputations met the Minister for the redressal of their personal as well as public problems. Various important issues were highlighted during the deputations. People approached for their concerns regarding the issues of electricity supply and connections, water supply, road connectivity, CAPD issues, revenue related matters and other important issues. Deputations from all the areas around the Jammu region and Reasi approached the Minister. Minister sorted out many of their problems on the spot by telephonically interacting with the competent authority and forwarding the others to concerned departments with written instructions for their quick disposal. Whole programme was coordinated by State Secretary & State Incharge Election Related Matters Rajinder Sharma and State Additional Office Secretary Suresh Sharma. State Press Secretary Dr. Pardeep Mahotra, Kisssan Morcha State President Rajinder Singh Chib, Freedom Fighter & Martyr’s Cell State President Bharat Bhushan Sharma were among the other prominent persons present during the Darbar.

BJP holds state office bearers’ meeting

BJP meetingIn a move to scrutinize the ongoing party activities and simultaneously planning for forthcoming Panchayat Elections in the State, J&K BJP held a meeting of its State Office Bearers’, District Incharges and Morcha State Presidents at the party headquarter, Trikuta Nagar led by its State President & MLA Sh. Sat Sharma along with State General Secretary (Org.) Sh. Ashok Kaul, State General Secretaries Dr. Narinder Singh, Pawan Khajuria and Harinder Gupta. Sh. Sat Sharma while addressing the party leaders said that the meeting held after gap of 1 month, helps the organization to have an insight into the party affairs and the necessary steps to further boost the working of activists. He said that the Governor has also called for early elections of Panches, Sarpanches and Urban Local Bodies. Common masses can also convey their issues more easily at the lowest level through elected representatives, he added. Sh. Ashok Kaul sought the reporting of various organizational activities going on in different districts through their Incharges. He prompted them to discuss all the details threadbare concerning the forthcoming Panchayat elections in the State. He asked the party leaders to choose the candidates for coming elections wisely so that every candidate corresponding with the party ideology turns out to be a winning candidate. Dr. Narinder Singh while addressing the meeting said that the party leaders and activists must concentrate on the Booth Sammelans as planned by the party. Sh. Pawan Khajuria apprised party leaders about various aspects of Panchayat election which is different from other States owing to its difficult geography. Sh. Harinder Gupta called for collecting the party fund with cent percent transparency, so as to promote cleanliness in the financial system. State Vice-Presidents Karan Singh, Yudhvir Sethi, Parmod Kapahi, Rajni Sethi, Sunil Sethi, Arun Gupta, Brig. Anil Gupta, Prof. Varinder Gupta, S. S. Bijral, Er. Ghulam Ali Khatana, Aseem Gupta, Anuradha Charak, Sanjay Baru, Rajinder Sharma, Vikram Randhawa, Varinderjit Singh, Arvind Gupta, Rachpal Singh, Jaidev Rajwal, Suraj Singh, Naresh Dogra, Rajeev Charak, Dr. Devinder Manyal, Dr. Pardeep Mahotra, Purnima Sharma, Rajinder Singh Chib, Dr. Tahir Choudhary and other state office bearers were also present in the meeting.

Road accidents: Who will do if we don’t

24232823_1517169888364704_8171280151765848142_nMedia headlines ‘four Army soldiers killed, one injured in Ramban road mishap last week end remind one of expert comments ‘deaths in road accidents outnumber those by terrorists’ in Jammu Kashmir. S.S.Bijral former IGP calling for action observed road accidents take heavy toll leaving people accepting it as fait accompli, wondered: ‘who will do if we don’t’. Till September this year, 692 human lives were lost in 4,146 road accidents across state; 143 were killed and 903 injured in Doda, Kishtwar alone in last 3 years. Bijral state BJP spokesperson said having heard victim’s cries let’s not ignore their lifelong sobs and provide a safe road connectivity. Road connectivity ushers people in prosperity and to render them safe road engineering department and Motor Vehicle Act enforcers, are crucial two agencies. When developed countries minimise road accidents by corrective road engineering of accident spots, why can’t we, injecting expertise of Central Road Research Institute Okhla New Delhi. For combating over speeding contributing to road accidents, he said, instruments called ‘speed governors’ mandatorily should be installed in all commercial vehicles and stress to be on police effectiveness rather than numerical strength following Parkinson Law ‘Efficiency is inversely proportional to strength’. Traffic police, has to be deterrent and accountable to save people precious lives, the real Masters, Going by adage ‘well begun is half done’ BJP spokesperson said discipline at bus adda - critically guarantees a safe journey ahead determining drivers mindset. When terminus like Doda bus adda headlined in English daily ‘Doda Bus Adda or Well of Death’is that what would the journey ahead be. Truck Adda Doda with foundation laid in 2011 yet to come up, idle parking of buses, trucks, kiosks, hotels allowed by municipality, pot holes all over, trucks loading unloading there explains with what mind set driver start his journey and to what outcome.

Sh. Sat Sharma inaugurates “Apollo Bakers”

Sat inaugurates “Apollo Bakers”In a move to encourage the young and budding entrepreneurs of the state, J&K BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma inaugurated a new Bakery Shop near Lakshmi Narayan Mandir, Gandhi Nagar. BJP State General Secretary Harinder Gupta, State Secretary Sanjay Baru, State All Cell Incharge S. Varinderjit Singh, District Presidents Baldev Singh Billawaria and Ayodhya Gupta, other BJP leaders in the august gathering of the large number of local people along with the family members of entrepreneur Ankit Ghai were also present on the occasion. While speaking on the occasion, Sat Sharma congratulated the young entrepreneur for the new venture and said that it is really a very encouraging trend that the youth is coming forward to look for the new avenues for reaching the zenith of success along with self-satisfaction in life. He said that the youth must follow their dreams and explore the ever growing new opportunities in the business world, which still has a large scope in the unexplored state of Jammu & Kashmir. He said that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has led out a campaign for promoting the youth to develop their entrepreneurship skills, which will also lead India on the progressive path in the long run. He was informed by the entrepreneur that besides him he is giving employment to two other persons, which was appreciated by the MLA. Sharma asked the entrepreneur to not to compromise on the quality of raw material as well as the finished product and deal with utmost friendly dealing with the visitors. He was also informed by the owner that all the products in the bakery will be eggless thus providing a viable options for the veggies. Sharma was also told that the available bakery will provide a viable option in place of sweets as well while serving a large number of speciality products. State Press Secretary Dr. Pardeep Mahotra, Prem Gupta, Parveen Ghai, Ankush Gupta were among the other prominent persons present during the inauguration.

Trikuta Nagar Residents call upon Sh. Aseem Gupta

Deputation meets AseemLarge number of local residents of Trikuta Nagar along with Members of Trikuta Nagar Welfare Society led by President R. N. Padha and other associations called upon BJP State Secretary Aseem Gupta regarding their issues at the party headquarter, Trikuta Nagar. Residents presented their issues regarding allotment of their residential plots, which is their major concern for past many years. They said that residents of Trikuta Nagar are facing large number of hardships related to Building Permission, NOCs for Transfer/Mortgage of plots by the Jammu development Authority (JDA). Most affected are the ones who are having some extra land on their allotted plots most of which are constructed and are in their possession since time of allotment i.e. more than 4 decades. They said that the plots at present are on 99 years lease basis and therefore, it is requested that the plots may be declared free hold in favour of allotees as is invogue at Channi Himmat Housing Colony. Aseem Gupta listened to their issues patiently and assured them that he will take up their matters with concerned persons at the earliest for their prompt disposal. He added that BJP government is working only to address the public aspirations and claimed that BJP will solve all the long pending issues which have not been solved by previous governments. He said that he has already discussed the matter with Dy. CM Dr. Nirmal Singh and he has scheduled meeting with residents on 12th of December. Kuldeep Raj Magotra, O. P. Sharma, V. K. Chandan, S. K. Gupta, Bal Krishan Gupta, Vijay Deewan, Om Parkash, V. K. Razdan, S. K. Sawhney, Dalip Gupta, Surjeet singh, R. S. Soodan, Kuldeep Singh Arora, Ved Parkash Gupta and others were present on the occasion.

MLC Vibodh Gupta calls upon DGP Vaid

BJP senior leader and MLC Vibodh Gupta called on Director General of Police and discussed various important issues of Police personnel who sacrifices, their lives for the safety and security of public. Referring towards the Rajouri-Poonch region, Gupta said that inspection and supervision ensure proficiency and accountability in the working of Jammu and Kashmir Police. He said that dedication and conviction is also must to maintain tangible bonds with the people.Gupta discussed the Security scenario and suggested that improvements in professional efficiencies and accountability at grass root level would garner public cooperation in efforts in different areas of policing. Behavioural change in the investigation field needs to be focussed to harvest people’s cooperation, he added. Gupta said that, Rajouri Police is doing good Job in curbing the Drugs menace and said there should be no laxity in the fight against terrorism and drug abuse, which is our major concern for maintaining peace and Order.Gupta also stressed for enhancing the surveillance in the border areas and put in place efficient measures for the security of the people. Frequent visits by the senior officers to Thanas and police posts should be ensured to improve their functioning and standards of discipline. “Activities of unscrupulous elements should be monitored and dealt under law. Gupta also said that in order to keep the morale of Jawans high, their living and working facilities needs to be enhanced. In case difficulties of cops in the field are addressed properly, their conviction towards public service would be doubled, he added. Gupta said that all precautions should be taken to protect Police Personnel from militant attacks and stone throwing when they are out on duty. He said that Bullet proof vehicles and protective gears should be put to maximum use and also care should be taken of the weapons allotted to the people on guard, escort and other general duties. Gupta also hailed the decision of Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), regarding the announcement for providing Rs. 30 Lakhs special ex-gratia to the next of kin of Jammu and Kashmir Police martyrs as relief, thus meeting long pending demand projected by the State Government and endorsed recently by Centre Government’s Special Representative, Dineshwar Sharma. Gupta thanked the Director General of Police for regular follow up, regarding the matter. He said that, no doubt that the loss is irreparable but providing Ex-Gratia, to the family members of the Police martyrs can never let them down, in society. Wards of the Police Martyr shall get Best Educational facilities and shall be treated with dignity and respect. In Toto a Police martyr shall get, Rs. 70 Lakhs as ex-gratia with immediate effect, and making the J&K Police Martyrs at par with CAPFs. He said that the family members of Jammu and Kashmir Police personnel, martyred during the course of performing duties attributed to act of violence in the State, would get Rs 30 lakh including Rs 18 lakh from Government of Jammu Kashmir (State budget), Rs 7 lakh from Ministry of Home Affairs (Police Welfare Fund) and Rs 5 lakh from Ministry of Home Affairs (J&K, Security Related Expenditure, Relief and Rehabilitation) through Government of Jammu Kashmir. In addition to this, the MHA will also make payment of Rs 7 lakh in place of Rs 3 lakh to the next of kin of each Jammu and Kashmir Police personnel from the Police Welfare Fund. Rs 7 lakh from Police Welfare Fund and Rs 5 lakh in place of Rs 2 lakh to the next of kin of Jammu and Kashmir Police personnel/Special Police Officers by MHA on the pattern of Central Armed Police Forces/Army personnel posted in Jammu and Kashmir. Grant of ex-gratia relief from SRE (R&R) of Rs 5 lakh in place of Rs 2 lakh would also continue.Gupta thanked the Hon’ble Home minister Sh Rajnath Singhji for fulfilment of long pending demand, regarding the enhancement of ex-gratia relief and to make it at par with ex-gratia being paid to Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) personnel in case of death occurring in course of performing duties has been met with. The DGP Vaid, assured Mr. Gupta said that to wean away the youth from militancy, efforts will continue so that all those who wish to live an honourable life, would be saved from death and destruction. He, however, said ‘Operation All Out’ launched by the police and security forces against militants will continue. He also said that, necessary steps shall be taken to curb the drugs menace from the society . DGP also assured for extending required assistance to the people in remote areas in case of any adverse situation caused by the predicted inclement weather.

Nar Sewa Narayan Sewa: Rajesh Gupta

MLA East Rajesh Gupta Distribute Flood Relief CheckJammu East MLA and party chief whip Rajesh Gupta held a programme today to distribute financial relief to the cases of flash flood victims.On the occasion ration cards were also distributed among the people of the area. Rajesh Gupta was accompanied by the CDPO icds project social welfare Haqiqat Singh and the Mandal president Prof.Shyam Gupta. Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion said that ever since he came in public life he has considered nar sewa narayan sewa as his principle. Rajesh Gupta while distributing financial assistance and ration cards among the victims of the flash floods said that we will not let anybody suffer on account of any natural calamity.He said that whenever there is any tragedy happening in the constituency our team reaches out to them with relief and succor as was the case in the case of those who suffered on account of fire in the area. Rajesh Gupta said that in addition to the government help there are voluntary self-help groups who also contribute significantly. Rajesh Gupta was all praise for the culture of self-help and philanthropy that the people of the area have demonstrated from time to time.Rajesh Gupta said that the hallmark of a great nation is where people help each other in times of difficulty. He said that India is a great nation and an emerging super power. The prominents who accompanied the MLA included Naresh Pardhan,Raj Kumar, Parveen Arora,Ashwani Sharma, Parveen Kerni,Chandan Gupta, Vikram Bhasin,Gopal Gupta, Shiv Kumar,Dwarka Nath Gupta and Kamal Jain.

Sh. Kavinder Gupta inspects development works, takes stock of public grievances

IMG-20171207-WA0082Speaker J&K Assembly and MLA, Gandhi Nagar, Kavinder Gupta today undertook an extensive tour of various localities of his legislative constituency and interacted with people at these places. He visited areas of Bathinda, Channi Himmat, Deeli, GTB Nagar, Polli Hill and Sunjwan panchayat and interacted with the local residents. The Speaker was briefed by the people of Sunjwan and Narwal regarding the needs of the area like the issue of power supply to the tube well catering the requirement of the area and the up gradation of existing transformers, blacktopping of internal roads. Replying to the issues put forth by the people, the speaker said that additional transformers have been sanctioned for the area and the work for its installation will be completed very soon along with the ongoing blacktopping which will cover each and every corner. He also inspected the work for construction of roads and the blacktopping of roads at Polli Hill, Sunjwan, GTB Nagar, Chatta and adjoining areas. The work will be completed with an estimated cost of Rs 2.68 crore approx. and the same was executed by the Department of Public Works. The Speaker also held public Darbars at GTB Nagar and Chatta listened to the grievances of the people by visiting various areas of these localities. The residents demanded the construction of Culvert connecting their area with Ratti Srari, up gradation of lanes and drains, protection works for their house and lands, regular supply of ration, up gradation of primary school and implementation of state-sponsored and centrally sponsored Schemes. He assured full support to the locals and asked that all their genuine demands will be fulfilled on priority. SDM South Sonu Pargal, BDO Satwari Shahid Mughal, Xen PWD(R&B), Rajan Mengi, Ankush Gupta, Kulbir Charak, Harbajan Singh, Er. Ashwani Khosla, S.Balwant Singh, Ch. Mohd, Iqbal, Amit Gupta, Maan Singh, Liaqat Ali were prominent among others.

Prominent persons from Zanskar join BJP

Prominent persons from Zanskar join BJPExpressing their confidence in the strong and fair leadership put forth by the BJP led NDA government at Centre in the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the under the organizational skills of BJP National President Amit Shah, many prominent persons and socio-political activists joined ranks of J&K BJP in presence of BJP State leadership led by its State President & MLA Sat Sharma along with MP Lok Sabha Jugal Kishore Sharma, State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Kaul, MLC Vikram Randhawa and Chairperson Darakhshana Andrabi at party headquarter, Trikuta Nagar. Sat Sharma welcomed new BJP members and said that joining of hundreds of prominent persons including Ex. Sarpanches and Panches from Zanskar led by youth activist Syed Murtazqa Rizvi has established the fact that public welfare policies of PM Modi have impressed common masses in every segment. He asserted that Nation is witnessing emergence of completely “New India” under present dispensation. Jugal Kishore Sharma while congratulating new entrants said that BJP is committed to do all out effort to address the concerns of common masses. He said that such is the commitment altitude of BJP that the party has specified entire innovative dimension to political working arrangement of Nation where the youth is looking forward to the leadership with towering hopes after decades of negative vibes. Ashok Kaul hailed the resolution of prominent persons for the welfare of people, who have joined BJP and said that the BJP has the unique character of cadre based organization with complete internal democracy, where every ground level activist of the party can claim the top position citing the example of PM Modi and National President Amit Shah. Vikram Randhawa claimed that people from all regions are feeling affection for BJP owing to excellent works done by party for welfare of people. He claimed that BJP will be a reckoning force in coming times in Kargil and Zanskar areas of state by concentrated efforts of prominent persons who have joined hands with party. New entrants led by Syed Murtazqa Rizvi also assured the senior leaders that they will work whole heartedly for extending the party to every single household of the region while addressing the issues of common masses.

BJP organizes day long convention with workers at Dal lake

IMG_4153Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today organized a day long convention with the workers residing in Mirbehere Dal lake. Hundreds of workers thronged to attend the convention which was addressed BJP senior leader and Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Nirmal Singh. Dr Singh insisted the workers to play their role in preservation of Dal Lake. “You are the direct beneficiaries of Dal lake, so take active role in its preservation,” he told the massive gathering, adding, clean Dal would directly benefit to the Dal community. Dr Singh assured that those working as weed cutters in the Dal would be benefitted directly by the government and the wages would be directly deposited into their bank accounts. “We have ended the role of middleman, now you will get wages of your work directly into your account,” he told the huge gathering. Dr Singh also assured the community that any damage to Shikara during its use in de weeding activity would be provided financial assistance for repairing. Dr Narendra Singh, State General Secretary and Incharge Kashmir Affairs during the convention said that BJP’s core policy is to reach the poorest man and help them in their upliftment. “We are here not only to ensure preservation of Dal, but the welfare of its dwellers,” he told the gathering. Surinder Amberdar senior leader and MLC BJP said that he has his doors open for dialogue with all those youth who posse grudges. He said that there will be no condition for dialogue with our "own youth" as there is a sense of alienation prevalent due to poor reach out. "The reach out is poor and youths have not been heard yet properly. Our agenda is pro people and we will listen to them especially youth to address their grievances," he said. MLC while addressing the gathering of hundreds at Char Chinar in the dal lake said that they organized to reduce the trust deficit and promote harmony. "In future we will continue with such pro youth programmes in the nook and corner of valley," he said. He said Panchayat and local body elections are over due. People empowerment can’t be viewed without these election. So, government should announce election dates as early as possible. MLC Surinder Amberdar, Vice chairman Kisan Board Daljeet Singh Chib, Arif Raja, Molvi Tariq, MUshtaq Noorabadi, Asif MAsoudi, Hakeem Maoud and other senior members were present in the convention.

Sh. Sat Sharma convenes emergency meeting of ERA officials, shows concern on quality of works in some areas

20171206_103511BJP State President and MLA Jammu West Sat Sharma (CA) convened an emergency meeting of ERA(Economic Reconstruction Agency) officials, both water and sewerage wing and enquired about the restoration works of lanes and roads done in those areas which were left behind after connections of water pipes and sewerage were installed in these areas. Sharma took strict note over the pace of development works by ERA in some areas and directed them to take up these works at the earliest in order to avoid public distress. Speaking on the occasion, Sat Sharma said that a fruitful meeting took place with ERA officials and they have been immediately directed to take up the restoration works in the areas at the earliest which were left behind after new connections of water pipes and sewerage were installed in the area. He said there are certain areas which are left in terms of restoration but their works will be started at the earliest so that no inconvenience is caused to the masses. Sharma said that present coalition Government in the State, especially BJP is working on the agenda of “Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas” and it becomes our duty to work on the same in order to provide best infrastructure to our masses. Sharma also showed his major concern about some restoration works and directed the officials to maintain the sanctity of works by doing best quality of works in all areas of Jammu West Assembly segment. Ex En ERA (water) Manish Bhat, Ex En (sewerage) Rakesh Gupta, Karan Sharma, Prem Gupta, Sanjay Sawhney, Puneet Gupta, Dinesh Maini, Ashok Kumar and all other officials including AEE’s and JE’s were also present in the meeting.

Prof. Virender demanded enquiry into all sections

Prof. Virender GuptaBJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta welcomed the judgment of Jammu & Kashmir State Information Commission directing the public service commission to place answer keys in the public domain, soon after the decision of the results of examinations for strengthening transparency in its functioning and to remove nagging doubts in the minds of candidates. He added that the SIC observation that deletion of Rule 12 (B) of the PSCs (conduct of examination) rules, which had earlier provided for showing the answer key, runs counter to section 19 of the RTI Act and that the disclosure of OMR sheet and the answer key after the examination involves public interest and such cannot be considered as secret and confidential. Prof. Virender said that the judgment of SIC is of far-reaching consequences and is an attempt to make the State PSC transparent to some extent. However, the Spokesperson is of the views that there are many other anomalies in the working of PSC. The marks obtained in the academic degrees of the candidates from different Universities are not being standardized. The candidates from a university/department where there is tendency to rate the student liberally by providing higher marks, are benefitted in the selection. Further, it has been observed that there is a deliberate attempt on the part of the state PSC of ignoring the achievements of a candidate belonging to Jammu region and thus not providing any credit/marks of his/her achievement. While illustrating his point Prof. Virender cited the case of Mrs. Renu Bala who was not given the benefit of her publications and higher qualification in the PSC interviews, for the post of Assistant Professor in Physics in the Higher Education Department. The Spokesperson opined that after the selections it should also be made mandatory for the PSC to put complete Bio-Data of the candidates appeared in the interviews which include the marks secured in the qualifying examination, name of the University from which the examination passed, weightage given to the candidates for various degrees/achievements and the marks secured in the interview etc., apart from the marks obtained in the examination, if conducted by the PSC. Prof. Virender demanded that Jammu & Kashmir government should hold impartial enquiry into the selections made against various posts by Public Service Commission in the last 2 to 3 years to remove the grievances and suspicions of candidates belonging to Jammu region about the process of selections. He said that the candidates of Jammu region were neglected and only 10 to 20 percent find their names in the selection lists. Prof. Virender observed that in the last about forty years none of the persons of Jammu region could occupy the position of Chairman of PSC and this reflects the irony of the conditions prevailing in Jammu and Kashmir state. The Spokesperson also expressed his concern in the recent selections made against the state cadre posts of Junior Assistants which reflects blatant discrimination with Jammu region. He condemned the selection made by State Service Selection Board where out of 28 open category positions only one candidate from Jammu region is selected and 22 candidates selected from Budgam district of Kashmir Valley only; out of nine posts under Reserved Backward Area (RBA) category, one candidate pertains to Jammu region. He demanded an impartial enquiry into the whole of the selection. He also questioned the so-called policy of equitable treatment with all the region and asked “is it a fair treatment to Jammu region”.

BJP remembers Bharat Ratna Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar, pays floral tributes

bjp remembersJ&K BJP SC Morcha led by its State President & MLA Dr. D. K. Manyal in presence of BJP State Secretary Sanjay Baru paid floral tributes on the portrait of great social reformer of India, Bharat Ratna Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar on his 61st death anniversary at party headquarter, Trikuta Nagar. MLA Dr. Krishan Lal Bhagat, Vice-Chairperson Balbir Ram Rattan and senior leaders N.D. Rajwal and Chaman Lal Kanathia were also present during the programme. D. K. Manyal while paying floral tributes to the great personality said that, Bharat Ratna Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar popularly known as Baba Saheb was a great Economist, Politician, Jurist and Social Reformer who fought for the rights of neglected section of society. He also supported the rights of women and children, thus putting up fight against every social evil prevailing in society. He reiterated that Baba Saheb was not just the leader of a single community but his great deeds mark him as one of the global leader of the time. Sanjay Baru said that a leader like Baba Saheb comes to Earth only in centuries, so we must rejoice his acts on every single event, marking a significant change in our lifestyles and perception of the Universe. He also said that we must remember his advice that all communities must live in peace. He mentioned that BJP under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi has given representation to every community irrespective of caste, creed or region. Krishan Lal Bhagat, in his address, stressed on the fact that the most important point which binds any particular community to a lower strata is misinformation and less education, so he called upon all that they must educate their children to the highest level available for which their wards are capable. Balbir Ram Rattan called upon all the Morcha leaders to follow his ideology in order to pay true homage to him. He also claimed that only BJP gave him his due place in history, while the other parties earlier only played politics by using his name. N. D. Rajwal and Chaman Lal Kanathia also addressed the gathering. Whole programme was managed by Morcha General Secretary Dharminder Kumar who also conducted the stage proceedings and presented vote of thanks. Ashok Gandhi, M.L. Menia, Rakesh Sangral, Rajkumar, B. D. Naryal, Devraj, Suresh Manyal, Nek Sarmal and others were among the prominent persons who paid rich tributes to the great soul.

BJP asks party leaders to take its ideology to public

raj3BJP led by its state Vice-President & Parliamentary Incharge for celebrating 6 party festivals, Rajni Sethi held series of meetings with its District Incharges regarding celebrating the festivals at every single booth level in Districts Jammu and Jammu West along with District Presidents Baldev Singh Billawaria and Ayodhya Gupta. While speaking on the occasion, Rajni Sethi said that the various booths and Wards of the Districts have been allotted to the senior leaders of the party in order to make sure the celebrations of the party festivals among the common masses of the region. She said that this has been initiated keeping in view the emergence of the party as mass party furthering the need to take the ideology of the party to every single person. Rajni Sethi further said that BJP is working with the principle of selfless service and “Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas”, hence its policies must reach to the public in original form and the celebrations of these festivals will ensure the same. She specifically focussed on the celebration of birthday of former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee which falls on 25th of December among general public. Baldev Singh Billawaria and Ayodhya Gupta also addressed the present party’s leaders and said that BJP is the only cadre based organisation with time tested principles and values so it becomes the duty of every single leader or activist to take the party ideology to the general public and assured that Birthday of former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee will be celebrated at every single booth in their districts. Mohan Singh Rana, Harbans Choudhary, Kehar Singh, Prem Gupta, Vikas, Jeet Angral, Parshottam, Ravi Sharma, and other senior leaders of the party.

Prominent persons from Sunderbani-Nowshera join BJP

pic-iiPutting faith in good governance and era of development steered by BJP led NDA government at Centre and alliance government of BJP within the state, number of persons hailing from Sunderbani-Nowshera Constituency joined ranks of BJP in presence of BJP State leadership led by its State President & MLA Sat Sharma along with MP Lok Sabha Jugal Kishore Sharma and State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Kaul at party headquarter, Trikuta Nagar. While welcoming new entrants, Sat Sharma said that number of prominent persons including Ex. Sarpanch and Ex. Servicemen hailing from Block Bhawani in leadership of Mandal President, Ex. Sarpanch Bahadur Nath have joined BJP cementing the fact that public welfare policies of PM Modi have impressed common masses across the Nation. He said that today BJP boasts of 11 Crore primary membership and government in 18 states which will now turn to 19 states. He said that although Pakistan is hell bent to destabilize the region, but due to sustained effort of strong Central leadership of BJP, J&K is headed towards peace owing to the strong role played by various security agencies. Jugal Kishore Sharma while congratulating them said that BJP leadership is working with full zeal to carry state to zenith of development whilst bailing it out of crisis brought by previous inefficient governments. He said that today, for the first time, border victims are dispensed sum of 5 lakh Rupees with adequate compensation for livestock. He said that BJP has blossomed in every remotest division and people from all walks of life are coming forward to connect with the only Nationalistic party of India. He claimed that massive joining of people is testimony to the actuality that people are satisfied with down to Earth functioning of local MP and MLA of region. Ashok Kaul hailing the decision of people who have joined the BJP, said that the pro-poor policies of government, the principle of “Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas” and “Nation First, Party second and Self Last” and other similar traits of BJP have forced common masses to think that how the previous governments used to loot the treasure of Nation. He said that the cadre based structure of organization ensures the clean and clear policies of party for the benefit of the Nation. New entrants led by Bahadur Nath assured the senior leaders that they will work whole heartedly for taking the party to new heights while working selflessly for welfare of deprived.

Well governed state only guarantee against militancy: S.S.Bijral

24232823_1517169888364704_8171280151765848142_nChief Minister Mehbooba Mufti assertion that ‘militancy won’t end by killing militants, need human approach’ is virtual statement of truth but viewing globally established fact that ‘well governed state is the only guarantee against militancy’, it calls for a careful reading. Addressing police recruits attestation cum passing out parade at Police Training School Kathua, S.S.Bijral former IGP said CM’s message of ‘humane approach’ was meant for security forces boasting of killing 200 militants in 2017. Pointing out that militancy in Kashmir, less local and more of foreign mercenaries, is terrorism least bothered about life of locals, Bijral said they deserve response they are receiving. He said marked change in ground situation could not have been possible without locals helping security forces and pointed determination of forces at rendering state borders inviolable. Let there be no laxity in the resolve to end terrorism. Bijral BJP state spokesperson said humane approach is hall mark of well governed state. For having trusted elected representatives for their welfare, people resolve to extend unflinching support to govt. But their dreams of being in well governed state proved a mirage after 1975. In 41 years since 1975 state reeled under ‘governor’s rule’ seven times. Congress dethroned Farooq Abdullah govt and installed NC defected Ghulam Mohd Shah, Farooq’s brother in law and twelve other MLAs, sowed the destabilisation seed. Dismissed by Governor Jagmohan on March 19, 1986 for being corrupt, National Conference and Congress under Rajiv Gandhi PM rigged state elections to keep Muslim United Front out of power, installed NC Farooq Abdullah as CM, gave birth to ongoing militancy and corruption. Bijral lamenting terrorism raising head time and again in France, Belgium, Germany, UK, Spain and numerous other European countries and worst in America in Sept.11, 2001 has not taken roots there, why it is deepening in J&K. This he said is when CM Mehbooba Mufti admits Kashmir valley 95% population is peace loving. Those countries are well governed and incorrupt while J&K the most corrupt Indian state with governance leaving lot to be desired, Bijral said emphatically ‘rid of corruption and good governance assured, no reason for terrorism not to end in J&K’.

Deputation from Zanskar apprises BJP leaders of their issues

BJPDeputation from Zanskar led by youth activist Murtaza Aarzoo Rizvi visited BJP headquarter, Trikuta Nagar to meet BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma, State General Secretary (Org.) Sh. Ashok Kaul, MLC Ch. Vikram Randhawa and Vice-Chairperson Balbir Ram Rattan to present and discuss their various issues related to development of region including its road connectivity and other local issues. Sat Sharma, while interacting with deputation said that, PM Narendra Modi is committed to best road connectivity as it is must for development. As Leh, Kargil and Zanskar remained disconnected with rest of Nation for seven months, Zojila tunnel is being constructed to provide round the year connectivity. He also hailed the concern of visiting leaders and activists who raised issue of development in deputation. He said that since the time VIkram Randhawa has been allotted Zanskar for its development, he is doing appreciable job for the same. Constructive and concentrated efforts of PM in form of “Beti Bachao, Beti Padho”, “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan” and many other schemes have contributed a lot to uplift the ground scenario. Ashok Kaul, in his address, said that due to its people welfare policies and clean administration, today BJP has emerged as the biggest party of world in terms of primary membership which has the government in 18 states of India and the number will soon increase after the result. He said that the people from all the sections, regions have expressed their faith in the PM Modi’s leadership and they want to connect with the PM for strengthening his hands further so that the Nation be established as the superpower of the world. He maintained that cadre of BJP is working with the sole aim of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas”. Vikram Randhawa, in his address, said that he has disbursed 30 lakh Rupees for the development of Zanskar on request of MLA Zanskar, and also sanctioned 10 lakh rupees for the development of school at Abran (Zanskar) out of his Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to provide pace to the ongoing developmental works in the remote region. He also stressed that he will work hard and fast for the extension of party activities at Zanskar.

24130253_1515315738550119_7627685399894060255_oContinuing the mission of Prime Minister Narendra Modi of building “Swach Bharat” and with a motto to preserve environment using all possible and fair means, BJP State President and MLA Jammu West Sat Sharma (CA) started Biotherm Decomposting Unit at Doda Basti, Belicharana. An impressive program was organized by joint efforts of JMC (Jammu Municipal Coproration), Faith Charitable Trust in collaboration with DNP Infrastructure Pvt Ltd Gujrat who also conveyed a major message amongst the masses regarding the management of solid wastes. A large number of people including officials of JMC, Pollution Control Board, locals and political activists were also present. Speaking on the occasion, Sat Sharma lauded the efforts of JMC, Faith Charitable Trust and DNP infra who are working round the clock to conserve our precious environment which has become the victim of drastic pollutants these days. He said by using Solid Resource Management an interinking concept of to utilize abundant existing natural resources to tackle the immediate issue of garbage management will be done through channelized usage of high efficient man power thereby contributing to solving the twin issues of waste management and unemployment. He said that this initiative is first of its kind in Jammu and all working agencies have done a major job in decomposting solid waste in Jammu. He stated that such initiative has been taken up in Ward 36 of Jammu West Assembly segment which has proved to be very successful and soon this initiative will be launched in every Ward of Jammu West so as to achieve the target of full cleanliness soon in every sphere of Jammu West. Sharma also appreciated the efforts of Dr Zaffer Iqbal Expert Soilid Waste Managament and Scientist Pollution Control Board Anuradha for their support in establishing biotherm compost unit in Jammu which is first of its kind. District Presidents BJP Ayodhya Gupta and Baldev Singh Billawaria, Jeet Angral, Puneet Gupta, Deepak Kumar, Ravi Sharma, Keshav Chopra, Ashok Kumar, Varinder, Anil Sawhney, Sarabjeet Sharma, Shridhar Pandey, rakesh and several others were also present during the occasion

Dr. Magotra chaired BJYM Monthly State Office Bearers Meeting

Dr. Magotra chaired BJYM Monthly-iA meeting of BJYM State office bearers and Prabhari of various District of Jammu was held at Party Headquarter Trikuta Nagar Jammu. The meeting was chaired by BJYM State President Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra. The meeting was organization oriented and motto is to review and race up morcha activists in various Districts. Addressing office bearers, Dr. Magotra congratulated all the District Incharges for successfully organizing District working Committee meetings in their respective districts which was scheduled on 26th of November 2017. He said that it is the duty of each District Incharge to make sure that all the programmes in their respective districts should be done strictly on time as stated by the State office. All the District Presidents are doing good work in their districts with the coordination of district incharges but still a lot of needed to be done, so that our activists can reach to each and every youth of the state. He said that all the mandals of the State should complete their Working committee meetings till 10th of December 2017, so that without any much delay we can focus on other future programmes. Dr. Magotra also discusses about One Booth Ten Youth Programme and said that all the district incharges should make a blueprint so that, this can be completed as soon as possible. Our Party have a vision and those who have taken responsibilities as office bearers should know that if our PM is working so hard to make a New India where there is no place for Casteism, communalism, terrorism, poorness, dirtiness, we also have an equal opportunity to work with him voluntarily and give our services for the making of a prosperous, developed and New India. Prominent who were present were Vikas Choudhary general secretary, Vice-presidents Adv Ramneek Singh, Karan Sat Sharma, Ajay Vaid, Adv Annu Behnal and Munish Khajuria, Secretaries Sunny Sangotra, Rahul Vaid and Ajay Manhas, Abhishek Slathia, Sourab Jain, Narinder Partap Singh, Kapil Mahajan and Er. Lalit Raina.

Terror and talks cannot go together, Farooq should know: BJP

Brig. Anil GuptaDr Farooq Abdullah has time and again advocated talks with Pakistan as mandatory for return of peace in Valley knowing fully well that it is not India but Pakistan that is avoiding talks, stated Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party in response to Farooq’s utterances at a public meeting in Budgam District. Modi government has made it very clear that Pakistan must cease its support to cross-border terror and dismantle/destroy the terrorist infrastructure on its soil to create a conducive environment for commencement of bilateral talks to resolve all outstanding issues. However, Pakistan’s insistence of Kashmir being its jugular vein, unfinished agenda of partition and its Army’s urge to obtain parity with India is preventing the former from sitting on a negotiation table with India. Pakistan has to realise that both of its ambitions are impossible to acquire since India’s economy is 10 times larger than Pakistan’s as well as it is the fastest growing economy in the world and Indian Armed Forces are fourth most powerful in the world, explained Brig Gupta. Even the claim on Kashmir is bogus, if Kashmir is really the jugular vein of Pakistan, how it has survived for last seventy years, exclaimed the Spokesperson! J&K is the crown of India and her integral part. Even after acquiring nuclear weapons, Pakistan has chosen terrorism as an instrument of state policy which highlights Pakistan’s evil intentions. Dr Abdullah needs to know that a window exists even in a nuclear environment, Kargil War and surgical strikes in 2016 exemplify the same. But India wants peace which Pakistan doesn’t. Pakistan is using terror as a low-cost option to bleed India since it considers India as an existential threat and aims at India’s balkanisation to counter her growing might. There is no indication of any change in Pakistan’s intent despite India’s best efforts to normalise the relations according to Brig Gupta. It is surprising that a personality like Dr Abdullah is failing to recognise the realityor is feigning ignorance in order to play to the gallery since he is a master of theatrics. Pakistan has to give up terrorism as an ‘option’ against India and its mind-set has to change from “settlement first” to “peace first” for any engagement between the two neighbours. Ball is wholly and squarely in Pakistan’s court. Referring to his statement that “we have left our youth disillusioned and disenchanted,” Brig Gupta said that Abdullahs and National Conference are to be blamed for the same. The root causes of disenchantment are lust for power, politics of deceit and falsehood, communal, divisive and dynastic politics, financial mismanagement, self-promotion and poor governance, listed Brig Gupta while clarifying that none other than Kashmiri power brokers are responsible for these. Rather than batting for Pakistan and creating further confusion and dilemma in the mind of the youth, Kashmiri politicians have to accept the reality that their future is safe and secure only with democratic India and they have to learn to live with a hostile Pakistan as a neighbour. Bharatiya Janata Party firmly believes that the nation’s resolve and the might of Indian Army is capable enough of taking care of a hostile Pakistan but India would never succumb to the pressure of cross border terrorism or global Islamic terror, Farooq needs to know.

भारतीय जनता पार्टी के प्रदेश महासचिव पवन खजुरिया ने गड़ी में शिव मंदिर व कैलड़ै मोहल्ला में बैठकें की

20171201_165345शिव मंदिर गड़ी में फार्मर्स एक्शन कमेटी के प्रधान बोधराज जी के नेतृत्व में जिब ,रैम्बल , मगैनी , पलत्याड , मनमैला आदि गाँवों से आए हुए किसानों के साथ एक बैठक की। बैठक में राजिंदर शर्मा ,यश पॉल ,मोहन लाल , अजय , संजय फोजी ,संतोष कुमार ,नीरू कोंगड़ा , आदि किसान मौजूद थे । उन्होंने बताया कि उनकी मांग उनकी उन जमीनों को लेकर है जो वर्षों से सेना के पास हैं और जिनका उचित मुआवजा उन्हें नहीं मिला है । इसके अलावा उनसे कहा गया था कि उनके घर के एक सदस्य को नोकरी मुहैया कराएगी। लेकिन ना तो मुआवजा और ना ही नोकरी को लेकर कोई बात करते हैं। उन्होंने कहा कि कोई भी नेता उनसे बात करने को तैयार नहीं है क्योंकि उनकी बात को ऊपर तक पहुंचाने के लिए उनके पास भी साधन नहीं है उन्होंने पवन खजुरिया जी से कहा कि जब भी उनके पास आए उन्होंने बात सुनी भी और ऊपर तक पहुंचाई भी। और अब उन्हें सिर्फ उन्हीं से उम्मीद है की वह उनकी समस्या को हल कर सकते हैं। पवन खजुरिया जी ने उन्हें आश्वासन दिया कि वह जल्द ही दिल्ली जाकर मंत्री जी से बात करके उनकी समस्या का कोई न कोई समाधान निकलेंगे। इसके अलावा पवन खजुरिया जी ने गड़ी के कैलड़ै मोहल्ले में स्थानीय निवासियों के साथ भी बैठक की ,जिसमें लोगों ने मांग की की उनके मोहल्ले में एक गली और पुली को लेकर वह हर नेता से कह चुके हैं मगर किसी ने भी उनकी मांग को गम्भीरता से नहीं लिया, लोगों ने बताया कि वोटों के समय तो सभी नेता आते हैं और बड़े बड़े वादे करते हैं मगर जब जीत जाते हैं तो इस तरफ ध्यान ही नहीं देते जबकि यह समस्या लगभग 40 सालों से ज्यूँ की त्युं है। पवन खजुरिया जी ने सभी लोगों को आश्वासन दिया कि गली की समस्या बहुत जल्द हल की जाएगी और पुली का निर्माण भी उसके बाद किया जाएगा। इस अवसर पर शाम सलारिया ,जगन सलारिया ,मोहन लाल आदि स्थानीय निवासी वहां पर मौजूद थे।

Will power is stronger than physical power: Sh. Balbir Ram Rattan

‘Will’ power is stronger than physical powerOn the eve of ‘World Disability Day’, falling on December 3, Jammu & Kashmir Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes & Backward Classes Development Corporation Limited, provided financial assistance in the form of a loan to the unemployed males with physical disabilities. In a simple programme held at Corporation Head Office, Jammu, Vice-Chairperson, Balbir Ram Rattan, along with FA/CAO Vijay Kumar Tak, Divisional Managers G.Q.Khatana and Arshad Bhat, Projects Manager, Mohd.Iqbal Kataria, District Manager, Jammu, Joginder Paul Atri and Accountant, Kashmir, Babar Wani, handed over sanction letters to the beneficiaries, who had applied for a loan under the Handicapped category. A total of 13 cases amounting to rupees 31 lakh were cleared in favor of youth hailing from Kashmir and Jammu Divisions. While the sanction letters of Jammu were handed over directly to the loanees, those of Kashmir were handed over to Divisional Manager, Kashmir, for further distributing among the applicants of the valley. Vice-Chairperson, Balbir Ram Rattan, on this occasion, said that the Corporation had received applicants for loan from unemployed youth with physical disabilities and their cases were processed on priority and sanction letters are handed over to them ahead of ‘‘ World Disability Day ‘’ to convey a message that they are not alone but the SCs, STs, BCs Development Corporation is with them whenever any one of them needs financial support for setting up of their own earning units instead of looking toward others for help. He said that days are gone when physically challenged persons were considered as a burden on families. He said that these people are stronger than others because they have the will and determination to compete. Will’ power is stronger than physical power and the same has been witnessed in many cases, wherein the disabled persons have climbed new heights in this modern era of technology, the VC said.

BJP Mahila Morcha holds Mandal Working Committee Meeting

BJP Mahila Morcha holds Mandal Working Committee MeetingBJP Mahila Morcha East Mandal falling under District Jammu held its working committee meeting at its Purani Mandi office, in which the office bearers and working committee members of East Mandal Mahila Morcha along with other senior leaders of Mahila Morcha participated to seek the guidance of senior leaders of the party and discuss forthcoming party programmes as well present report on various organizational and developmental activities taken up by the leaders of Mahila Morha which was addressed by BJP State Vice-President & Prabhari District Jammu Rajni Sethi, Party Chief Whip & local MLA from Jammu East Rajesh Gupta and Mahila Morcha State President Purnima Sharma and other senior leaders. Rajni Sethi while addressing the meeting, said that ladies form 50% of total strength in any population or organization, so their role in the policy matters is eminent. She said the women folk has to increase their participation keeping in view the coming Panchayati elections by improving their work culture in party. Rajesh Gupta in his address focussed on the organizational set up of the party and said that the BJP holds the distinction of promoting women folk in every field be it political or any other. He prompted to further strengthen the organization by forming the booth level committees by involving minimum 5 women activists. Purnima Sharma, while focussing on the women centric welfare schemes initiated by the Central government, said that the PM Modi has worked hard to uplift the status of women on the ground, by citing the example of Izzat Ghar, Triple Talaq, Increase in pension, women hostels, Sukanya Samridhi yojna etc. Anita Gupta in her Presidential address, presented details of various organizational and developmental works done by Mahila Morcha in last 3 months while assuring the senior leaders of party that the Mahila Morcha will work sincerely and whole heartedly for extension of party activities in every household. Proceedings of the stage were conducted by Indu Gupta and vote of thanks was presented by Anita Sharma. Sangita Anand was nominated as Prabhari of Jammu East Mandal to strengthen the organizational structure of party. Parveen Arora, Sushma Gupta, Vidhya Gupta, Swarn Arora, all members of Mandal team, ward presidents and other prominent leaders also participated in the meeting.

Sh. Sunil Sharma conducts open Public, Karyakarta Darbar

Sunil Sharma conducts open Public, Karyakarta DarbarMinister of State and MLA from Kishtwar Assembly Constituency, Sunil Sharma conducted open Public and Karyakarta Darbar to listen and address their problems at BJP Headquarter, Trikuta Nagar. While sharing his views on Public and Karyakarta Darbar, Minister said Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Central Government as well BJP-PDP Government in the State is working with keeping in view the circumstances of last person standing in the row. He said that BJP works on the principle of “Nation First, Party Second and Self Last” and holds the distinction of only Nationalistic party in the Nation. He said that BJP, in order to mitigate the sufferings of masses, has chalked out a schedule of party MPs and Ministers, where they interact with party activists and public. Sunil Sharma said that the people have expressed faith in able leadership of PM Modi. He also appreciated the appointment of special representative of Government of India, Dineshwar Sharma to have specific inputs for the restoration of peace and prosperity in state, while lauding the role of security forces in checking militant and separatist’s activities. He maintained that while BJP is taking every step for development of the state, it is committed to its stand of Nationalism while not ignoring aspirations of Jammu region. Number of deputations met Minister for redressal of their personal as well as public problems. Various important issues were highlighted by the deputations regarding revenue related problems, youth related problems, transport related problems, public works, rural development, Panchayati Raj and agriculture production from across the region. Minister sorted out many of their problems telephonically as well as recommending to the appropriate authorities. Whole program was coordinated by State Secretary & State Incharge Election Related Matters Rajinder Sharma and State Additional Office Secretary Suresh Sharma. Vice-Chairman OBC Board Rashpaul Verma was also present in the darbar.

Dr Narinder Singh lambasts NC for demanding Autonomy Wants Jammu Leadership of NC to Clear its Stand

Dr. Narinder Singh copyDr. Narinder Singh State General Secretary BJP joined issues with the National Conference president Dr. Farooq Abdullah for blatantly misleading the masses and speaking half-truths and post truths in the name of autonomy for the Jammu and Kashmir State. He said that Dr. Farooq Abdullah is pretending to be ignorant about the accord reached between his father, Sheikh Abdullah, and then Prime Minister of India in 1975 wherein the State could review post-1953 legislation on the concurrent list which would be sympathetically considered by the President. After 1975 accord Sheikh Abdullah constituted a committee under the chairmanship of D.D. Thakur to review post-1953 legislation. The D.D Thakur Committee recommend that all the legislative entries made during that period are in the interest of the people of the State; hence they should not be touched. Sheikh Abdullah had accepted the findings of the Committee. Why is Farooq Abdullah silent on this historical fact, and why he did not think of autonomy after assuming the office of chief ministers in 1982? , asked Dr Narinder Singh. He lambasted NC leadership for narrating half-truths thereby misleading the people of the Kashmir Valley. It was under Dr. Abdullah, those elections were rigged in the state in 1983 and 1987, and rigging of elections became a harbinger of militancy in the state. Dr. Abdullah seems to forget that Union Cabinet, of which Omar Abdullah was a part, dismissed State autonomy report of 2000. Why did not Omar Abdullah resign from union cabinet then, if he was not in agreement with the collective responsibility of the Union Cabinet? Dr. Singh lambasted Jammu leadership of the NC and its provincial president, Devender Singh Rana for creating ambiguity among the people of Jammu by his regional autonomy rant. He asked Devender Rana to clear his stand on the demand of reverting to pre 1953 position by his leader Farooq Abdullah. If Rana does not clear his stand then it should be assumed that he is a ‘caged parrot' of Kashmir centric leadership of NC. NC has always played the dubious role in the State's politics right from 1953 and asked its leadership to come out this policy of divisiveness. Dr. Singh also suggested that NC should accept their mistakes while governing the state and rigging the elections, and ask for forgiveness from the people of the state for their omissions and commissions.

Investigation into multi-crore JKCA scam be handed over to NIA: Brig Gupta

Brig. Anil GuptaJammu & Kashmir last week has expressed annoyance at CBI for its failure to complete investigation into the alleged multi-crore scam in Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association that involves Dr Farooq Abdullah, MP and President of National Conference. A division bench of the Honourable High Court is quite justified in its observation since on March 9 last year the Court had handed over the probe to the CBI and had asked the agency to bring the investigation to a logical conclusion within six months, stated Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party in a press release issued today. The honourable High Court had handed over the probe to CBI, observing that police investigation lacked both speed and credibility and that lack of will to dig out the scamsters was writ large on the face of its performance. The Court had then observed, “Having regard for the quantum and magnitude of the scam involving huge loss of public money and failure of (police) to conduct the investigation with speed, fairness and objectivity and given the inordinate delay in concluding the investigation coupled with lack of credibility the (police) and also taking into consideration the serious allegations made against the, beneficiaries involved including the influential and mighty, we are of the considered opinion that it is a fit case where the investigation must be handed over to CBI for purposes of a fair and result oriented investigation,” the high court had said and order the court’s registry judicial to send a copy of the judgment to the Director CBI for taking the investigation. It directed the CBI to bring ingestion to a logical conclusion, as expeditiously as possible, “preferably within six months.” But the CBI has failed to meet the dead line set by the Court and instead CBI’s counsel Tahir Shamsi had moved an application before the court seeking more time to complete the investigation, stated Brig Gupta. Considering the fact that the accused are charged under Sections 406, 168 and 120-B of the Ranbir Penal Code (RPC) for allegedly making the sports body a lending agency and for operating many bogus accounts, a needle of suspicion arises if the misappropriated amount could have been used for terror funding, exclaimed Brig Gupta? Dr. Farooq Abdullah’s old links with Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) and his pro-Pakistan stance lends credence to this suspicion. Though the Court has granted three week time as last and final opportunity to Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to file the status report, in all fairness the investigation needs to be handed over to National Investigation Agency (NIA), which has successfully busted the terror funding network in the State demanded the Spokesperson.

Sh. Harinder Gupta counters Bhalla by enumerating BJP’s achievements

Harinder GuptaJ&K BJP State General Secretary Sh. Harinder Gupta took serious exception to the statement of Jammu based Congress leader & former Minister Raman Bhalla, as the latter has tried to shift the inefficiency of previous Congress led governments over the present popular dispensation. Harinder Gupta said that BJP under the dynamic leadership of charismatic leader PM Narendra Modi and BJP National President Amit Shah as well as State BJP under the active leader its State President & MLA Sat Sharma has scaled new heights in terms of rolling out public welfare schemes for the benefit of the poorest of poor and this fact is particularly evident from all the surveys of recent times. Improvement of Nation’s performance on International platform, increase in public satisfaction, revival of faith of youth on the political system of India, a new ever increasing search of avenues for self determination by resorting to entrepreneurship by the youth instead of looking for 9-5 jobs, provision of safety and security to women folk by giving them their due share and responsibilities and what not is achieved in the present dispensation, asked Harinder Gupta. Gupta said that, in our state for the first time, the valley is looking for the normalization of situation of despair and the youth is headed for a new start with bright future. The region of Jammu, from where the rejected Congress leader belongs, stands no exception to the unprecedented development, which was being ignored continuously for so many decades together, by the previous governments in which congress party and its leaders enjoyed all the powers and milked the system for making their own fortunes, and everybody knows this, he alleged. He said that the motto of BJP is “Nation first, Party second and Self last” and every single BJP volunteer is attached with the party to ensure the best services to the common masses. Gupta said that everywhere, never before quality roads are being laid, numerous new transformers are being sanctioned, new water pipes after decades have been laid, entrepreneurship is being promoted, new professional colleges are coming up, smart cities are being developed, public representatives are working like machines for the welfare of public, public accountability in government offices, move towards less cash economy for less corruption and uncountable achievements are there in the kitty of BJP partnered government. He further said that those who themselves live in glass houses, should not throw stones at others and that too foolishly, which will rebound with increased velocity to their houses.

Sh. Sat Sharma pays surprise visit to check macadamization works

BJPIn accordance with the promise of ensuring deliverance of quality public welfare services to the population of J&K and the residents of Jammu West Assembly constituency in particular, J&K BJP State President & local MLA from the constituency, Sh. Sat Sharma paid surprise visits to check the status of various ongoing developmental works in his constituency. He was also accompanied by departmental officials along with BJP District President Ayodhya Gupta, other BJP leaders and prominent citizens. Sat Sharma, while inspecting the work of black topping on the main road of Shiv Nagar Colony in Ward No. 33, closely inspected the quality of the material and the way of laying down of the road. He also interacted with the local leaders and residents of area and prompted them to discuss their various issues about the ongoing macadamization work in the area. Locals also appreciated the concern of the MLA and acquainted him with the various day to day problems they are facing. MLA also paid surprise visit to the Garden Avenue locality in Ward No. 31 near Guest house to check the progress of Macadamization work being done there and interacted with the local residents. He prompted the locals to report any type of loophole in the execution of the present work. While addressing the local people gathered during the inspection of the developmental works, said that the present time has witnessed an era of never before developmental in the Nation as well the state of J&K. He said that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi led NDA government has left no stone unturned to extend its reach to the most neglected person in the most deprived sections of society. He said that BJP-PDP government has too unleashed an era of utter development in the state of Jammu & Kashmir which was not witnessed in the previous successive governments, which has led to the feel of uneasiness in the opposition parties who are fearing total loss of mandate in the coming times. MLA was also accompanied by BJP State Press Secretary Dr. Pardeep Mahotra, Prem Gupta, Puneet Mahajan, Jeet Angral, Keshav Chopra, Atul Bakshi, Vinod Wazir, Yashpaul Shivgotra, Sat Paul Khajuria, Ravinder Gupta and prominent persons of the area.

Sh. Jugal Kishore Sharma paid his maiden visit to Maharaja Gulab Singh Qila in Kalakote

pic (2)Sh. Jugal Kishore Sharma Member of Parliament BJP (Lok Sabha) Jammu Poonch visited Village Simbal Gala, Taryath, Gulabgarh are rural parts of Kalakote Constituency and sanction Rupees Ten Lac for various Development works in Kalakote Constituency. Sh. Jugal Kishore Sharma Member of Parliament paid his maiden visit to Maharaja Gulab Singh Qila in Kalakote Constituency and interacted with the public residing in Hilly areas of Kalakote Constituency. He listened the problems faced by inhabitants and demands raised by them. Member of Parliament assured that their demands are genuine and Full fill on priority. He said that Gulabgarh area would be Electrified on the top priority as they are still deprived of electric facility. We provided necessary direction to the Power Development Department on spot to electrify Gulabgarh in the First Manner. Moreover He said that all the best efforts would be provided to mark up Gulabgarh Qila in Tourism Map. He appraised the great deeds of Maharaja Gulab Singh while visiting to Gulabgarh Qila. He sanction Rupees Two Lac from MPLAD Scheme to initiate the Development in Gulabgarh Qila. The people of the area feel very happy as the First ever MP visited Gulabgarh. Thereafter He also visited to the Village Taryath and held Public Meeting at Pyt. Taryath. He listen the demand of inhabitant and sanction Rupees Five Lac for the Development works in Village Taryath. Capt. Som Dutt District President Sunderbani also appreciated the good works done by the Member of Parliament and advised the masses to avail the facility of Centrally Sponsored Schemes. Senior Leader Lekh Raj,Anchal Singh, Mohan Lal, Satpal Sharma, Naresh Kumar, Rakesh, Subash, Vijay Sharma and others are also present at the occasion.

J&K is spiritually rich: Smt. Priya Sethi

J&K is spiritually richMinister of State for Education, Technical Education, Culture, Tourism, Department of Horticulture, Floriculture and Parks, Smt. Priya Sethi today said that Jammu and Kashmir is a culturally and spiritually rich state where several religious places including that of Sufi saints are thronged by people of all faiths. State BJP Vice President Yudhvir Sethi, Distt President BJP, Jammu Baldev Singh Baloria, Gen. Secy BJP Distt Jammu Vinay Gupta, Distt VP, Anil Masoom along with others were present on the occasion She was speaking while interacting with local residents of Talab Khatikan wherein Mufti Inaiyatullah ,Imam Markazi Jamia Masjid Jammu, Haji Gulam Hussain, President Jamia Masjid Committee Jammu,(JMC), Md. Yousuf Malik, Gen, Secy. Jamia Masjid Committee, Arshad Hamid,Vice President,Jamia Masjid Committee, Md.Yousuf Chandial, Cashier, Jamia Masjid Committee, President Muslim Youth Jammu (MYJ)Jahangir Ahmed Bhat,Cashier MYJ, Imran Malik, VP-MYJ, Nasir wani,Gen. Secy MYJ, Rahail Malik and others were present. Priya Sethi also visited Jama Masjid Talab Khatikan where construction work is going on and took stock of projects/blocks which were assured to be taken up by various agencies by Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti. Priya Sethi reiterating Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti’s commitment for construction of Bathroom and Wudu Khana in the premises of the Mosque and also instructed the concerned officers to include the prestigious project under Phase 2 of PMDP. The minister also asked officials to ensure availability of better facilities in and outside premises of Jama Masjid. Showing concern over the non availability of ramp for aged and disabled persons, the Minister directed to add the proposal of construction of ramp in DPR. This she said should have proper gradient and supported by railings so that people could ascend conveniently. Priya Sethi said that once contracted this Masjid Sharief will enable more than 12000 people to offer namaz in about 73966 sft area. One Minar, two number lifts, shopping complex and ample Parking space are also being constructed here. Tourism Department has also sanctioned Rs 30 lakh for the construction of Minar in the Masjid, she added. Government is determined to tap every aspect of tourism in State with special focus on developing the places of spiritual and religious importance to meet the aspirations of people, the Minister stated this during her visit to Jama Masjid Talab khatikan here today. Director Tourism Jammu, Smita Sethi, Health Officer JMC Dr Anita Salgotra, XEN Tourism Pradeep Sharma and concerned AEEs & JE's of Tourism & JMC were also present on the occasion.

Clear under process loan cases of Kashmir before Dec 31 : Sh. Balbir Ram Rattan

20171130_133047Stressing upon the Corporation officials to speed up the processing of under process loan cases of different districts of Kashmir, J&K SCs, STs & BCs Development Corporation Limited Vice Chairperson Balbir Ram Rattan, said that there should not be any further delay and as such all cases should be cleared by December 31st. The Vice Chairperson was chairing a meeting called at Corporation Head Office, Jammu, to review the status of the under process cases of Kashmir Division. It was attended by Financial Advisor/Chief Accounts Officer, Vijay Kumar Tak, Divisional Manager, Kashmir, Arshad Majid Bhat, Manager Projects, Iqbal Kataria, Manager Recovery K.L Bhagat and Accountant, Kashmir Division, Babar Wani. The meeting was briefed about the activities of the Corporation undertaken during the last one month after the shifting of Camp Office to Head Office, Jammu, with Darbar Move. It was told that a total of thirty-one cases related to Minorities, Safai Karamcharis, Handicapped, Backward Classes and Scheduled Tribes categories have been forwarded to Head Office by the Kashmir Division Office for further processing and approval. One case for Education Loan is also under process, which is to be availed by a Minority Community male student for pursuing his B.Tech course in Chandigarh. Balbir Ram Rattan, while speaking in the meeting, said that every case is important for the loan aspirant and no one should be made to suffer as it is directly concerned with the economic empowerment of the unemployed people belonging to Target Groups. He also asked to immediately clear the Education Loan case so that the student do not suffer loss of studies.

BJP condemns blazing of its leader’s house in Kashmir: Sh. Sat Sharma

Lotus Logo copyBJP State President & MLA, Sh. Sat Sharma denounced the appalling act in which a newly built house of a Kashmir based BJP leader was blaze down after being torched by miscreants in Sopore town of Jammu & Kashmir. BJP leader (Constituency Incharge) Farooq Ahmad Rather was not present at his house at the time, when shocking event of burning down of his house occurred in Dangarpora village, four kilometres away from main town, after which miscreants also came to threaten him at his other residence. Sat Sharma, while condemning the incident, said that this ongoing onslaught of miscreants over BJP leaders in Kashmir is disgusting owing to the fact that militants, separatists and opposition is terrified by the pace of true ground development of favourable conditions in Kashmir, decrease of radicalism and increased performance of valley students at various competitive platforms at the National level. Pertinent to mention here that few days have elapsed since the brutal killing of youth BJP leader, martyr Gowhar Ahmad Bhat. He said that BJP led NDA government at Centre under dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP-PDP government in the State is committed to the development of common masses in every sphere. He said that the BJP is working with sole aim of providing all public welfare schemes initiated by Modi government to the most deprived sections of society which were neglected by previous governments right from the day of Independence and this is not at all acceptable to perpetuators of hatred, violence and people who are loathed with blood of innocent for their petty gains at the stake of their fellow brethren. He said that the civil society of Kashmir has to take initiative as it has major role in returning valley to its pristine glory, increasing influx of tourists, growth of industrialization along with career opportunities for the youth of State. He said that youth of Kashmir is performing well at all competitive platforms, which is a positive sign for return of peace and prosperity and a major step towards the establishment of a self-sufficient and leader state among all states of Nation.

Sh. Jugal Kishore Sharma, Sh. Davinder Kumar Manyal inaugurated PMKVY Center at Sumb.

pic1Jugal Kishore Sharma Member of Parliament BJP (Lok Sabha) Jammu-Poonch along with MLA Samba Davinder Kumar Manyal visited Village Sumb in Samba Constituency and inaugurated Pradhan Mantri Koushal Vikas Kendra at Sumb. Jugal Kishore while addressing the gathering said that Pradhan Mantri Koushal Vikas Yojna is Serving to youth of India for their upliftment and the projects launched under PMKVY Scheme are providing best role to start their entrepreneurship and making themselves Skilled. The Schemes launched by Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi Ji is providing best services to the youth and the society. Member of Parliament added that the number of schemes launched by the Prime Minister for the betterment of each and every citizen of India and the people should take advantage of the Centrally Sponsored Schemes, also appraised by Member of Parliament among the masses. Davinder Manyal MLA Samba Constituency thanked Member of Parliament for visiting Samba Constituency and said that Pradhan Mantri Koushal Vikas Yojna will serve the Rural Part of Samba Constituency Village Sumb and adjoining areas and admired that every person eligible should take benefit of the Scheme. District President BJP Samba Jangbeer Singh, Omkar Padha, Narsingh Dayal, Mandal President Sanjeev and Kumar Singh, Co-ordinator Narinder Singh, Sadoor Singh, Chairman N V Dhatoh, Ex Sarpanch's and Panch's also present at the Occasion

Sh. Sat Sharma inspects ongoing Kamla Palace road widening work

Sat inspects ongoing Kamla Palace road widening work-iIn continuation of agenda of development and ensuring best infrastructure for public convenience with excellence, BJP State President & MLA Jammu West Sh. Sat Sharma inspected ongoing construction work of road widening with the construction of drain on congested Kamla Palace Road in ward no. 40 under Jammu West Constituency, which serves as a vital connecting link between Akhnoor Road and Talab Tillo Road inviting heavy flow of traffic which often leads to traffic jams during peak hours. He was also accompanied by departmental officials along with BJP State Secretary Sanjay Baru, District President Ayodhya Gupta, and other BJP leaders. While inspecting, Sat Sharma issued specific instructions for the quality check on the ongoing developmental work and said that this road serves as passage for public en route Talab Tillo, Kabir Colony, Hajuri Bagh, Bohri and for majority of persons going to Lale Da Bagh, Marh and other areas, so quality work on road is indispensable. He also solicited for the delay in completion of the project and asked for its completion in time-limited fashion. MLA said that under the dynamic leadership of PM Modi, India has progressed in every single field which is evident from swift pace of road constructions, less cash economy, decreased corruption, the rise of India as one of the superpowers in the world and much more. The state of Jammu & Kashmir has also received special attention in terms of major projects and liberal financial assistance from Central Government, he added. While giving details of the project, he said that this present work is undertaken under the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) scheme, with an estimated cost of around 2 Crore Rupees. He also mentioned that money is no restraint for development of the region and he is committed to mitigating sufferings of masses. He said that he has issued specific instructions to various public concern departments to address public issues at earliest. He also appealed to common masses to keep hawk’s eyes on ongoing work for ensuring its quality. Local residents led by Sanjay Baru and Ayodhya Gupta thanked MLA for his committed approach towards development of the area. BJP State Press Secretary Dr. Pardeep Mahotra, Prem Gupta, Keshav Chopra, Yashpaul Shivgotra, Neelam Nargotra, Rahul and other prominent persons also accompanied the MLA during the inspection.

‘BJP committed to serve masses’, Aadhar Camp brought to People’s doorsteps for convenience: Sh. Yudhvir Sethi

DSC_0049On persistence demand of people of Panjtirthi, Mubarak Mandi, Jain Bazar, Dhounthaly Bazar, Chowk Chabutra, Ward no 19 and adjoining areas, BJP Vice President Yudhvir Sethi insisted local administration to organize the special camp for the convenience of residents and arranged Three-day special Aadhar Camp at Panjtirthi and Commerce College. The Three-day special camp for registering biometric data for Aadhaar card for the residents of these areas began today with large number people throbbing three site office. Yudhvir Sethi during his visit to the campsite interacted with them and listened to their issues. Several people had gathered there to get name and addresses corrected which were got done on the spot. On the insistence of Yudhvir Sethi Party Karyakartas (workers) helped people in getting their issues resolved art camp officer of Aadhar Card. During house intersection with media at the site, Yudhvir Sethi said that BJP is committed to the welfare of people and such issues confronting people are of utmost importance for it that require special attention. He said that party workers will visit door to door and apprised people about special camp so that those desirous of getting their Aadhar Cards corrected can visit the camp office. Similar camps, he added will be held at other places as well. Earlier Yudhvir Sethi appealed to the members of the public to utilize the opportunity to register their biometric data for issuing the Aadhaar cards or making necessary correct changes in them. Yudhvir Sethi said People were facing teething inconvenience at the Aadhar Card camp which was addressed by active assistance of party workers who are camping there. The Karyakartas were categorically told to help senior citizens and ensure that they don't have to stand for hours waiting for their turn. Proper guidance regarding the filling of forms and other formalities was also rendered at the camp. The BJP Vice President thanked the local administration for its support and deploying trained officers took help people get their Aadhar Card prepared or corrected. Local residents were Jubilant and also thanked Yudhvir Sethi for getting this camp at their doorsteps. Other who were present on Ramesh Gupta, Bittu Dogra, Ravi Kumar, Rajesh Dogra,Brij lal ,Anil Gupta, Vinod Gupta,Ashwani Gupta,Ravi Singh Thakur,Sunny Sehgal,Vandana Tehran, Nipun Malhotra, Naresh Abrol,Ram Parshad,Shiv Kumar Sharma and Pardeep Baru.

BJP IT, Social Media Deptt. strengthening presence

BJP IT, Social Media Deptt-iiIT and Social Media Department of J&K BJP is out to further strengthen its presence in every nook and corner of the State. In this regard State Incharge IT and Social Media, Jai Dev Rajwal is visiting every Assembly constituency of the State and holding meetings there. Sh. Jaidev Rajwal held such meeting of Gandhi Nagar and Jammu East Assembly constituencies of District Jammu at Party Headquarters Trikuta Nagar, Jammu. Addressing in the meeting, Sh. Rajwal stressed upon promoting social media links of the party upto Booth level. He also talked about ethics to be followed in Social Media and stressed on Social Media literacy For latest updates on govt schemes and achievements, he asked to connect more and more people with Modi App. Speaking on the occasion Dist Jammu President Baldev Singh Billowria appreciated the initiative of Rajwal and assured full cooperation. He asked Mr. Rajwal to organize Social Media workshop in December at District Jammu. The meeting was attended by District Jammu President Baldev Singh Billawaria, Distt. Gen. Sec. Vinay Gupta, Distt Jammu Social Media Incharge Sandeep Singh Chib, Mandal Presidents Ankush Mahajan, Harbans Chowdhary, Sham Lal Gupta, Mandal Gen Secy Kulbir Charak. Mandal Social Media Incharge Rajesh Nishcal and Ankush Dogra.

Prof. Virender Gupta rebut Farooq’s statement

Prof. Virender GuptaBJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta while rebutting the statement of DR. Farooq Abdullah, asking the Centre to dare to hoist the national flag at Lal Chowk, Srinagar, said that had the process of complete integration of Jammu and Kashmir state with India started by Gulam Mohd. Sadiq continued and had Indira Gandhi not committed the historical and Himalayan blunder in 1975 to give the Chief Ministership of the state on the platter, with the Congress support in J&K Legislature, to Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah, who was loitering in street of Srinagar, Farooq Abdullah along with his son would have preferred to settle in London and would not have dared to say these words. He said that the reign of terror and injustice that Pakistan government has inflicted on the people made the masses of these areas to start the revolt against the present regime. He stated that sooner or later PoJK, Gilgit and Baltistan shall be the part of India and Balochistan is going to be an independent country like Bangladesh. Prof. Virender Gupta said that Farooq Abdullah is not “Bap” of Jammu & Kashmir. Had the Indian forces not landed in the valley and had not flushed out the invaders, where would have been “Bap” of Farooq Abdullah. He reminded Farooq Abdullah that Kashmir was part of Sikh kingdom and it was Dogra Maharaja Gulab Singh who got the Kashmir from the Sikh raj by paying rupees seventy-five lakh. He further added that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India and the person who challenges the integration would have to vanish or take refugee in Pakistan. He further cautioned Farooq to desist from making these types of anti-national and unrealistic statements. Otherwise, he may face the music and wrath of the people.

BJP carries out “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan” in park

swachBJP District Jammu West led by its President Ayodhya Gupta carried out a programme under “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan” along with BJP State Press Secretary Dr. Pardeep Mahotra and BJP leaders in presence of local public in which cleanliness drive was conducted in the park located opposite Shree Gurudwara Sahib in ward no. 31 falling under Jammu West Constituency. Speaking on the occasion, Ayodhya Gupta said that taking the dream of Mahatma Gandhi of clean India towards its true implementation on the ground, Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated the flagship scheme of “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan” to take the message of the importance of cleanliness in the surroundings. He stated that our worthy State President, Sat Sharma who is also the MLA of Jammu west Constituency is too passionate and working enthusiastically for ensuring that no loophole remains on the matter. MLA has ensured that all the public welfare departments must work professionally towards the fulfillment of their duties in letter and spirit, he added. Ayodhya Gupta further said that common mass must also embed the very feel of cleanliness in their spirit, so as to pass on the same virtuousness to their future generations. He said that the cleanliness is next to Godliness and it is our very little act of self-motivation that is enough to keep mother Earth free from all ill effects of every type of pollution whether it is air, ground, water, light or any else, which will go long way in ensuring the good health, sound mind and sustainable environment for future generations. Adv. Rajesh Gupta, Prem Gupta, Dr. Akshay Sharma, Puneet Mahajan, Keshav Chopra, Munish Gupta, Vinod Wazir, Yashpaul Shivgotra, Deepak Kumar S. Gurcharan Singh, Jyoti Sharma, Suresh Salgotra, Munish Rakwal, Asha Sethi and others were also present in the programme.

Sh. Sat Sharma interacts with locals at Ward 40 also solves their grievances

Working on his agenda of being in masses, BJP State President and MLA Jammu West Sat Sharma (CA) visited Vijay Nagar area of Ward 40 and interacted with hundreds of locals residing in the area. His main motto was to interact with the masses and know about the problems they are facing in their areas. Sharma was also accompanied by a large number of people including JMC (Jammu Municipal Corporation) officials, local residents and political activists of the area. Speaking on the occasion, Sat Sharma said that whole area was extensively toured with locals and a Nullah site was also checked on which there is a dire requirement of installing gratings so that the deep drain is covered properly and no mishap takes place in the area. He also directed the concerned officials of JMC to immediately take up the process of cleaning of Nullah so that a clean and conducive atmosphere could be built in the surroundings. Sharma also visited the adjoining lanes in the area and directed the engineering wing of JMC’s Central Division to prepare estimates for coping up with basic requirements including lanes and drains of the area so that a proper infra could be given to the masses at their doorsteps. Sharma also stressed upon conducting cleanliness drives in all 26 wards of Jammu West assembly segment and also appealed the masses to come forward in the noble cause so that the dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi of building a Clean and Green nation could be achieved. Ex En JMC Central Divison Ghulam Rasool Choudhary, District President BJP Ayodhya Gupta, Prem Gupta, Tilak Gupta, Keshav Chopra and several others accompanied the MLA during his visit in the area.

पंचायत लोकतंत्र की पहली सीढ़ी है: प्रदेश संगठन महामंत्री अशोक कौल जी

20171128_123807भारतीय जनता पार्टी के जिला कार्यालय उधमपुर में जिला उधमपुर और जिला रियासी के प्रमुख कार्यकर्ताओं की बैठक हुई।जिसकी अध्यक्षता प्रदेश संगठन महामंत्री अशोक कौल जी ने की। बैठक को सम्बोधित करते हुए उन्होंने कहा कि राज्य में पंचायत चुनाव होना हर हालात में तय है यह बात अलग है कि मौसम को देखते हुए इन्हें दो तीन महीनों के लिए आगे किया जाए, उन्होंने कहा कि पंचायत लोकतंत्र की पहली सीढ़ी है और इसमें सभी कार्यकर्ताओं से आग्रह किया जाता है कि इसमें अच्छे लोग चुन कर आएं ताकि हर पंचायत क्षेत्र का विकास हो सके । इसके अलावा संगठन को मजबूत करने के लिए उन्होंने बूथ स्तर पर कमेटियां बनाने पर जोर दिया और कहा कि बूथ समितियां मजबूत होने से पार्टी मजबूत होगी, जिसका लाभ पंचायत और आने बाले लोकसभा चुनावों में मिलेगा। इसके इलावा चिनैनी के विधायक दीना नाथ भगत व रामनगर के विधायक आर एस पठानिया ने भी अपने अपने क्षेत्रों में हो रहे विकास कार्यों का उल्लेख किया और कहा कि वह संगठन के साथ तालमेल करके पार्टी को मजबूत करने में लगे हुए हैं और उनके इलाके में संगठन के पदाधिकारियों से परामर्श करके ही विकास कार्यों को अंजाम दिया जाता है। प्रदेश महासचिव पवन खजुरिया ने भी पार्टी कार्यकर्ताओं से पार्टी को मजबूत करने पर बल दिया तथा कहा कि प्रदेश में होने बाले सभी कार्यकर्मो को उधमपुर में सफलता से किया जा रहा है। इसके अतिरिक्त सभी मण्डल पदाधिकारियों ने रियासी व उधमपुर जिला को लेकर संगठनात्मक दृष्टि से बात रखी और कहा कि उनकी टीमें बूथ स्तर पर कार्यकर्ताओं को संगठित करने में जुटी हुई है। वरिष्ठ नेता सोमराज खजुरिया ने कहा कि हर माह के अंतिम रविवार को प्रधानमंत्री द्वारा मन की बात को बूथ स्तर पर कार्यकर्ता लोगों के साथ सुनें ताकि वह प्रधानमंत्री जी का मार्गदर्शन हासिल कर सकें। इसके अलावा कारपोरेशन फंड्स को लेकर भी चर्चा हुई जिसमें पार्टी के लिए धन जुटाने की बात हुई। भाजपा के जिला प्रधान राकेश गुप्ता ,जिला महामंत्री एडवोकेट अमित महिला मोर्चा की नीलम नरगोत्रा , गीता देवी,मण्डल प्रधान करनैल सिंह, महेश शर्मा ,चुनी लाल डोगरा , संजय वर्मा ,विस्तारक जुगलकिशोर , देविंदर सिंह , अक्षय बंटी , अजय शर्मा आदि भी कार्यक्रम में उपस्थित थे।

Give right to displaced people to cast their vote in coming Panchayati elections: MLC Ajay Bharti

Lotus Logo copyBharatiya Jantata Party Kashmir Displaced District today under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble MLC Ajay Bharti protested at the office of Chief Electoral Office at Rail Head Jammu in which hundreds of BJP Supporters took part. The protesters demanded to give the right to displaced people to cast their vote in coming Panchayati elections and declare Panchayats in the Migrant Camps at Jagti,Nagrota,Purkhu and Muthi,so that the people residing in Camps choose their representatives for development of the respective areas. Further President BJP Kashmir Displaced District Chand Jee Bhat demanded the abolition of M-FORMS required in the Assembly and parliamentary elections so that displaced people vote without any unnecessary Formalities during the elections and incorporate names of all the Displaced persons in the Municipal Corporation voter list according to their Municipal Wards. The Mahila Wing of the BJP Kashmir Displaced District was led by Smt. Sweety Koul and its Gen. Secretary Neeru Zutshi and Dolly Raina. Yuva Morcha of the BJP Kashmir Displaced District was led by its Gen. Sectaries Kamal Warikoo and Sanjay Bhat. All the Mandal Presidents Sunil Bhat, Makhan Lal Bhat, Vijay Raina, Raja Ji Tikko also took part in Protest.Others who participated in the Protest are Bharat Bhushan Bhat, B.L Razdan, Maharaj Krishan, Sanjay Bhat, Satish Zutshi, Arvind Bhat and others.

J&K team brings laurels in 8th Sambo National C’ship

24131698_1509438649137828_652636730917543222_oDy CM Dr Nirmal Singh congrats J&K team, assures all possible help to promote sports talent.

BJP Kashmir with nation listens to ‘Mann Ki Baat’

DSC_9572Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Kashmir on Sunday morning gathered at party office to listen ‘Mann Ki Baat’ along with the nation, where PMs Program was heard at every polling booth. The Prime Minister in his monthly radio program highlighted many important issues in his 36th program. He saluted the makers of the constitution to safeguard the rights of every section of society. Baba Rao Ambedkar ensured the welfare of every section of society while drafting the Constitution. His contribution towards making the country prosperous and powerful is invaluable. The workers attended the radio program in presence of Ashok Kaul state general secretary (Org). The program was full of information; Modi Ji highlighted the importance of constitution, army, navy and flag day in his program. He also greeted Muslim community on the eve of Eid Milad un Nabi. “Modi ji also spoke about the terrorism by saying the world has realized that the sovereignty was under attack after 26/ 11 attack in Mumbai,” Kaul said. The time has come for the world to unite and defeat the menace of terrorism. “We salute all those brave women and men who lost their lives in the gruesome 26/11 attacks in Mumbai,” Modi said. India being the land of Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavira, Guru Nanak, Mahatma Gandhi, has always spread the message of peace and non-violence across the world. Ashok Kaul also addressed the Srinagar district Minority Morcha working committee. The program was attended by MLC Surinder Amberdar; State Media Secretary Altaf Thakur; Protocol Incharge Arif Raja; Ashok Bhat vice president Srinagar; Asif Masoudi vice president Srinagar; state minority morcha vice president Advocate Wajahat Hussain; Sheikh Bashir state general secretary minority morcha; in charge Pulwama Ashraf Azad; Vistarak in charge Malik Mushtaq Noorabadi; state social media incharge BJYM Tawheed Bazaz; ST Morcha district president Dr Hussain; district president BJYM Srinagar Raja Showkat; Harbinder Singh state secretary minority morcha; Shalinder Singh district president minority morcha Srinagar and others.

Sh. Baldev Singh Baloria patted police back on capture of 75 Crores heroine

IMG_2038Jammu District president BJP, Baldev Singh Baloria, a day before, 15.3 kg of heroin caught by the police from Gandhi Nagar area, which was valued at around Rs 75 Crores, along with a cash of Rs 24 Lakhs and a car, etc. Police Department patted on arrest talking to the reporters, Baloria said that the action taken by the police in the process of drug addiction is commendable, but it is making it clear that efforts are being made to make Jammu into the addiction like Punjab. Baloria said that the drug smuggler has joined JAMMU in an attempt to make Udta Jammu, which is a matter of serious concern. He said that the recovery of such a huge amount of narcotics, cash etc., is pointing to the fact that there is a large number of intoxicants in Jammu who are serving this poison to the younger generation. The police have arrested four people in this case, but the police will have to know that these four people are not only drug addicts but the big fish who are involved in doing the drug business is required to reach them. For this, the police will have to work harder and cautiously. Police should set up special teams for it to prevent Udta Jammu from becoming Udta Punjab to form Jammu. He said that the role of the police in which the action has taken place in the present time has been very commendable, but this recovery has snatched the parents of the youth of Jammu and now the police have a duty that a village in Jammu cannot survive intoxicants. So that parents can sleep for peacefully. He said that BJP has already passed the resolution in BJP District Working Committee meeting and the BJP has always opposed the intoxication and soon the district BJP team together with the police to make youth aware about drug addiction Campaign will run. In this, with awareness of drug addicts in the youth, efforts will be made to improve the children who are addicted to drugs and also to try to detect the drug smugglers through them. He said that BJP will give full support to the police in every

BJP Mahila Morcha holds District Working Committee Meeting

BJP Mahila Morcha conducts District Working Committee MeetingBJP Mahila Morcha District Jammu held its working committee meeting which was attended by its District Office Bearers and executive members, Morcha Mandal Presidents and other senior Morcha leaders which was inaugurated in the august presence of State Vice-President Rajni Sethi, Speaker J&K legislative assembly & MLA Kavinder Gupta, MoS Education Priya Sethi, State Secretary Anuradha Charak, Morcha State President Purnima Sharma, District Jammu President Baldev Singh Billawaria and District General Secretary Vinay Gupta. Kavinder Gupta, while addressing the meeting, focussed on the strengthening of the organization at the grass root level by taking various programmes at the community level. He prompted the Mahila Morcha activists to involve the various prominent ladies from the general public to make inroads into every single household of the region. He asked them to form the committees at every booth level to ensure the success of all organizational and developmental programmes. Priya Sethi, while appreciating various endeavors taken by Morcha for promoting the cause of women at every level said that it is not a very easy task for women to balance between home and organization at the same time, thus testing the strength of women at every level. She also embarked on the various achievements of State government for women like special buses for women, women hostels, increase in pension from 200 rupees to 1000 rupees. Purnima Sharma while focussing on the organizational structure said that working committee meetings are an essential tool in the implementation of party programmes from the top to bottom i.e. from National to State to District and Morcha levels and then to Mandal levels which result in the strengthening of the organizational fabric of the party cadre. Mahila Morcha District Jammu President, Rekha Mahajan in her Presidential address embarked upon organizational and developmental programmes undertaken by District Mahila Morcha during last three months and ensured senior party leaders that they will continue to work enthusiastically for implementation of party programmes. Rajni Sethi, Anuradha Charak, Baldev Singh Billawaria and Vinay Gupta also addressed the meeting. District General Secretary, Savita Anand conducted the stage proceedings.

Choudhary Lal Singh holds interaction with Party Activists, Public

Lal Singh holds interaction with Party Activists-IMinister for Forest, Ecology & Environment and Choudhary Lal Singh conducted open Public and Karyakarta interaction programme to listen and address their problems in Party Headquarter, Trikuta Nagar. Several officials from the department were also accompanying the Minister. Ch. Lal Singh, while taking note of public grievances, said that BJP both at Centre in NDA led by PM Narendra Modi and BJP-PDP coalition government in the State is working tirelessly for the development of Nation. He said that BJP follows the principle of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas” and is committed to mitigating the sufferings of the masses at all levels. He said that these type of regular interaction programmes scheduled by the party are enabling party Ministers and MPs to have a direct reach to party activists as well as general public. He also threw light on various drives undertaken at the Ministry level for the revival of numerous water bodies in the state as well as various plantation drives to promote greenery in the region. He also mentioned about the historic zoo which is upcoming on the outskirts of Jammu to promote the ecotourism in Jammu to attract the tourists and pilgrims to the winter capital of the state. A number of deputations met Minister for redressal of their personal as well as public problems. Various important issues were highlighted by the delegations which included construction of roads, development of Ponds and Parks in their areas. Deputations from Akhnoor, Kalidhar, Kathua, Samba and from across the region approached the Minister regarding their issues. Minister addressed many problems by telephonically talking to the authorities and issued written instructions for others. The whole program was coordinated by State Secretary & State Incharge Election Related Matters Rajinder Sharma and Suresh Sharma.

Convert your poverty into prosperity: Sh. Balbir Ram Rattan

VC-ITo reach the target groups at their doorsteps with the schemes meant for their economic empowerment, Jammu and Kashmir Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes Development Corporation Limited, in collaboration with the National Safai Karamchari Finance Development Corporation (NSKFDC), organized an awareness camps in Reasi and Katra towns for the benefit of the members of Safai Karamchari community. Vice Chairperson of the Corporation, Balbir Ram Rattan, along with NSKFDC Deputy General Manager, P.K. Bhandari Divisional Manager and Gulam Qadir Khatana, interacted with a large gathering of the Safai Karamcharis and highlighted various schemes exclusively launched for their betterment. Balbir Ram Rattan, while addressing the gathering, said that the six Aex Corporations at the national level are working towards the socio-economic upliftment of the unemployed people belonging to the SCs, STs, BCs, Handicapped, Minorities and Safai Karamchari categories and in J&K all the schemes are channelized by our Corporation. As far Safai Karamcharis, loans are provided on less interest to set up own income generating units, besides giving incentives to shift from the centuries-old practice of manual work. He asked them to keep pace with the modern era and convert their poverty into progress by taking benefits from the Corporation. P.K. Bhandari, on this occasion, provided the printed material containing details related to each scheme meant for the Safai Karamcharis. He said that the time has changed and hence they must adopt new means of earning the livelihood and live a dignified life. “You people walk two steps, the Apex Corporation will walk four steps towards you to extend benefits of various schemes”, the DGM assured. Gulam Qadir Khatana briefed the gathering about the procedure and related formalities to be completed while applying for the loan adding that each district has Corporation office and anyone can apply through their nearest branch of SCs, STs, BCs Development Corporation. Additional DC, Reasi, Babu Ram and Corporation District Manager Sat Pal also graced the occasion. At Katra, the VC, Divisional Manager, and DGM also met the Railway officials and prominent people from Safai Karamchari community and discussed these schemes with them.

Positivity in Our Thinking and Actions Will Lead Us Towards The Path of Growth and Development: MLC Vibodh Gupta

MLC Vibodh Listening to Maan Ki Baat with locals at RajouriIn order to listen to the Maan Ki Baat programme by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Narinder Modi, a special programme was organized at the polling booth No. 104 in Rajouri. On this occasion, a large number of the local residents together listened to the Maan Ki Baat over a cup of tea. The programme was chaired by BJP senior leader and MLC Vibodh Gupta. After the programme, a detailed discussion on various issues touch by Hon’ble PM was discussed and deliberated upon. Addressing the gathering MLC Vibodh Gupta said that since the major focus of today's Maan Ki Baat was on positivity so he called upon everyone to follow this very good advice by PM and try to create positivity in our thinking and in our actions. This he said will lead all of us towards the path of growth, development, and prosperity. He also touched upon the Sawidhan Divas which is being celebrated across the country today as a mark of respect to all those who made our constitution. He said that our constitution is one of the best in the world as it gives right to every citizen of the nation to live a respectful and dignified life. While throwing light on the PM’s remarks on connecting the Children with Nature Vibodh said that nature is the best teacher and we must use nature and wilderness to teach our kids. During this episode of Maan Ki Baat PM also discussed 26 / 11 attacks in Mumbai and on this Vibodh said that terrorism has no religion and we must stand united to oppose terrorism in all its forms. He Strongly supported the PM’s views on this when he said that earlier when India would raise voice against terrorism no one will take this seriously, now when the whole world is bearing the brunt of this, then only global community realized the seriousness which this issue deserves. During today Maan Ki Baat, PM highlighted the fact that every year thousands of people across the globe lose their lives due to terrorism. He saluted the brave soldiers who fight with the terrorists on daily basis. On this Vibodh said that since PM has given a call to everyone to be part of the Armed Forces Flag Day on 7 December, so everyone must use this opportunity to salute our brave soldiers. The other issues touched upon by the PM like the importance of soil, global warming, climate change and call to reduce the use of urea were also discussed by MLC Vibodh during this very special discussion on today's Maan Ki Baat. Latter Vibodh described this programme as one of the most powerful communication tools which history has ever seen between a Leader and common masses. Prominent among others who were present on the occasion included Atam Gupta, Mohd. Saber, Iftikhar Mirza, Master Mohd. Bashir, Mohd. Afzal, Naser Bhat. The programme was coordinated by Ravi Kumar who is in charge of polling booth no. 104.

BJP felicitates winners of “Run for Unity” programme

BJP felicitates winners of “Run for Unity” programmeJ&K BJP felicitated winners of “Run for Unity” marathon organized on the birth anniversary of Loh Purush Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel on 31st October, which was organized from the Satwari Chowk to the MAM Stadium in a programme organized at party headquarter, Trikuta Nagar in the Presidentship of BJP State President & MLA, Sat Sharma along with Dy. CM Dr. Nirmal Singh, Speaker J&K Legislative Assembly & MLA Kavinder Gupta, State General Secretaries Dr. Narinder Singh and Harinder Gupta, Vice-Chairperson Rashpaul Verma and senior leader & “Run for Unity” Incharge, Anil Gupta where the winners were given cash prizes, mementos in various categories along with certificates. Sat Sharma, while felicitating the winners said that on the initiatives of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, all the true heroes of Indian freedom struggle are today being recognized in the society through mass awareness programmes. He said that Sardar Patel played a leading role in the country’s struggle for Independence and guided its integration into a united, independent Nation which was total and uncompromising, earning him the sobriquet "Iron Man of India" so the government has decided to celebrate it every year as “Rashtriya Ekta diwas”(National Unity Day). Modern day generation must know and recognize the contribution of the great men of India in letter and spirit, for which the society needs to do such exercises time to time, he added. Dr. Nirmal Singh while addressing the gathering, said that Sardar Patel, who came from a very humble background, by integrating maximum states after the Independence of India, manifesting true statesmanship, contributed a lot to the India as Nation. He remembered the contribution of Sardar Patel in various Kissan agitations like Khera and his positive role up to the first Home Minister and Dy. Prime Minister of India. While remembering his commitment to the Nation, he prompted the students to take the pledge for serving the country and studying history to know about the great leaders. He also mentioned about grand statue of Sardar Patel which is being built by the contribution of Iron from every Indian Farmer starting ‘Statue of Unity movement’. Kavinder Gupta congratulated all the participants for the effort they demonstrated to participate in the ‘Run’ which confirms the strong sentiment of love for Nation. He expressed hope that all the participants will also perform up to mark in other fields while nurturing their love for Society and Nation. Anil Gupta thanked all the participants as well as various agencies for extending help in the smooth conduct of the programme. State Secretary Sanjay Baru conducted the proceedings of the programme.

BJP celebrates Samvidhan Diwas

BJP celebrates Samvidhan Diwas (1)J&K BJP SC Morcha led by its State President & MLA, D. K. Manyal held an impressive programme on the “Samvidhan Diwas (Constitution Day)” of India at the party headquarter, Trikuta Nagar in the presence of BJP State General Secretary Harinder Gupta as chief guest on the occasion along with State Secretary Sanjay Baru, Corporation Vice-Chairperson Balbir Ram Rattan and senior leader N. D. Rajwal, by paying floral tributes to the portrait of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and Bharat Mata. Harinder Gupta, while addressing the party leaders and activists, prompted all the party leaders to take a pledge in making the India a great Nation, a truly “Vishav Guru” while taking the Nation to its pristine glory. He said that as the dedicated cadre of the organization, it becomes our prime duty to work for the unification of society by working on principles of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. 26th November is chosen for the spread of great values embedded in our constitution, he added. D. K. Manyal, while congratulating the fellow Indians on a pious day, said that the Constitution Day of India is being celebrated for the 3rd impressive time in a row after its announcement by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi n 19th November 2015. He said that as the perfect tribute to the great leader, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, who had chaired the drafting committee of the Constituent Assembly and played a pivotal role in the drafting of the Constitution. Sanjay Baru targeted the opposition parties for always playing the politics over the names of great leaders and said that it is the BJP who has truly recognized the great efforts of Baba Saheb as he does not belong to a particular community, but to all Indians. Balbir Ram Rattan focussed on the importance of knowledge about Constitution for every citizen. He stressed that Dr. Ambedkar is still remembered today for his intelligence and contribution towards Nation, so we must concentrate towards educating our wards. N. D. Rajwal prompted all the leaders to follow the footsteps of Dr. Ambedkar and take the path of growth and prosperity. Similar programmes were held at district levels also by the party leaders. Morcha State General Secretary, Dharminder Kumar conducted the stage proceedings. Jagdev Toofani, Faqir Chand, Rakesh Sangral, Raj Kumar, Hardesh Khokhar, Manohar Lal Menia were among the prominent leaders present in the programme.

BJP distributes blankets among weaker sections, visits centre of Naryan Sewa Sansthan

BJP distributes blankets among weaker sectionsJ&K BJP State President & MLA Jammu West, Sat Sharma participated in a programme organized by “Narayan Sewa Sansthan” at Dewan Jana Ghar Mandir Morh, Jammu. Members of Sansthan highlighted the works and achievements of Trust as per which it cleared that Narayan Sewa Sansthan Trust, Udaipur has been doing a commendable job in service of humanity, which so far has successfully performed more than 3.10 lakh free of cost surgeries on Polio patients and those born with deformity successfully. It also included 310 patients referred by Jammu branch. Narayan Sewa Sansthan also conducted free diagnostic Medical Camps for Polio and those born with limb deformities wherein 10 screened patients got free treatment including operation plus rehabilitation. Sat Sharma while appreciating the role of Trust in this Noble cause said that they are giving service to the humanity. He lauded their special efforts to reach out to the needy population on their own and ensured every possible help to this gracious cause. MLA also sanctioned One lakh rupees from their Constituency Development Fund for the repair of Ladies Snaan Graha (Ladies wash Room) at ward no. 18. Upon request by sansthan, MLA said that he will work for provision for all possible helps to the students of Computer Centre. MLA was also informed that Jammu branch of Narayan Sewa Sansthan is also running a free computer training center for poor and handicapped children. Sat Sharma also visited the computer lab and interacted with the students who are availing education in the Institute. Blankets and clothes were also distributed to needy individuals in the programme. President of “Naryan Sewa Sansthan” Jagdish Raj Gupta, Senior Vice-President Col. R. P. Gupta, General Secretary Rakesh Kumar, Women Wing General Secretary Shakti Choudhary, BJP District General Secretary Sanjeev Sharma, Ex. Corporator Dinesh Gupta, Sangeeta Mahajan were present on the occasion.

Our Composite Culture and Mutual Respect for eachother’s Religion Makes Us Great: MLC Vibodh Gupta

MLC Vibodh at annual Urs at PullianAn annual Urs of renowned religious scholar Miyan Rakman Sab was held at the Ziarat Sharief of Miyan Rakman Sab at Pullian in Rajouri. In this Urs thousands of locals participated to seek the blessings and prayed for peace. Mian Rakman Sab on whose name this famous Ziarat is built was a great faqir and a religious scholar and he contributed a lot towards peace and spirituality in the region. On this occasion, BJP senior leader and MLC Vibodh Gupta also participated in the Urs and prayed for peace and development in the state. Addressing the gathering there, Vibodh said that one of the most important strengthens which our country has is our composite culture and mutual respect for each other's religion. This he said has always helped us in making our country a great country. While appreciating the people of Pir Panjal in upholding this unique culture and diversity, Vibodh said that in this area there are hundreds of shrines of different faiths and religions and people of different faiths togather attend different religious celebrations. He further added that it is the faith among various communities that they visit various shrines in search of peace and to seek the blessings. He called upon everyone to uphold this unique tradition and as the present era is an era of a fast-changing world and in the mad rush towards growth and development we must not forget our unique ethos and traditions. He cautioned the people about the evil designs of our enemies how never want us to develop and who never tolerate peace among various communities. Therefore he sought support from every section of the society for maintaining peace and harmony in the region. He laid stress on the fact that development is possible only when there will be peace and all the developmental works initiated by the Government can move forward with desired speed. For this appreciation of each others region and religious feelings will always guide us towards a path of growth and development MLC added. On this occasion, he greeted everyone and said that today he is feeling blessed by visiting the shrine and by being part of the annual Urs.  Prominent among others who were present on the occasion included Miyyan Mehfaoz, Miyyan Imran, Miyyan Zafoor, Mouli Khateeb, Moulvi Farooq, Maqbool Hussain and Haji reyaz. Latter the Urs management committee thanked MLC Vibodh for visiting the shrine and for being part of the Urs.

Govt. will help Youth to establish their own Business: Sh. Shamsher Singh Manhas

Final 2
Member of Parliament Rajya Sabha Shamsher Singh Manhas today inaugurated Multi Brand Car Workshop Nav Durga Motors at Ward-59, Near JK Bank, Paloura, Jammu. While inauguration workshop he said that Youth Should come forward to establish their business & Government will provide every opportunity to the Youth. He also said that Youth should become entrepreneur and provide jobs to others also. Central government has also started Skill Development Programmes under Pradhan Mantri Kushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) in which Youth are trained in various trades so that they can earn their livelihoods by using their skills. On this occasion Nav Durga Motors owner Vikram Singh Manhas, Mohan Singh Manhas, Zorawar Singh, Parshotam Singh, Ashok singh, Shesha & others were also present.

Sh. Sat Sharma kickstarts macdamization work in Shakti Nagar


Fulfilling the long pending demand of residents of Main Bazar, Shakti Nagar, Ward No. 29 falling under Jammu West Constituency, BJP State President & MLA Jammu West, Sh. Sat Sharma along with departmental officials and local BJP leaders in presence of august gathering of prominent locals, kick started the Macdamization work of main road of market keeping his promise of unbolting an era of development in accordance with the aspirations of the local residents and commuters.

Sat Sharma, while starting the work on the said road, addressed the locals gathered there and said that it was a genuine demand of the market and the local residents and keeping in view the needs and requirement of the masses, the macdamization work is taken in order to mitigate the sufferings of common public. He said that quality and durability will be the hall mark of this work and stressed upon the concerned contractor and department to not to compromise on quality of work. MLA also appealed to local people to ensure quality check of works going on in their areas and said that if any work is being done of spurious quality, they can approach him any time so that there is no compromise regarding quality or quantity of the works.

While giving the details of present developmental work, Sat Sharma said that the total stretch of 600 metres will be covered at an estimated cost of 50 lakh rupees. He said that maximum stretches of roads that needed attention in Jammu West Constituency along with almost all the internal roads and lanes have been covered with the quality of works which was not evident in the decades together in the region. He also said that majority of the left out works will also be completed till the year end.

ExEn Uttar Kumar Sharma, AEE Rajesh Sharma, JE Rakesh Khajuria, District President Ayodhya Gupta, Bawa Sharma, Naresh Sharma, Munish Khajuria, Surinder Choudhary, Keshav Chopra, Rakesh Mishra, Atul Bakshi, Ajay Gupta Kaka, Mantu, Sanjay Sawhney, Ravi Sharma, Suresh Gupta, Ashok Gupta, Ashok Tandon,Ravi Mehra and others were among the prominent persons present on the occasion.    

BJP State Gen. Secretary (org) Ashok Koul today solve the long pending issue of weed collectors of world famous Dal Lake

23847225_1507312082683818_2807793574321689849_oContinuing its mission to serve every citizen by providing all essential facilities on daily basis, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) State Gen. Secretary (org) Ashok Koul solve the long pending issue of weed collectors of world famous Dal Lake affiliated with Jafaria Foundation a famous organization of Shia Community in Srinagar. While expressing happiness, the weed collectors said solution of the long pending problem for the people residing in the area of around 8 sq.kms, after India’s Independence deserves special thanks to Deputy C.M of J&K Dr. Nirmal Singh, Ashok Koul , Surinder Ambarndar MLC, Molvi Tariq and Wajahat Hussain. Meanwhile, weed collectors association of Dal Lake headed by its president Mukhtar Ahmad today held a detailed meeting with Ashok Koul, BJP’s State General Secretary (Org.) and put before him the long pending demands of locality. Ashok Koul, BJP’s State General Secretary (Org.) said that BJP believes in “Sarva Dharam” which means treating people of different faiths equal and providing them equal opportunities. “BJP believes in serving all equally, which is the only reason that it has formed the government in Muslim dominated states including Kashmir,” Koul said. Meanwhile State General Secretary (Org) Ashok Koul today met a number of delegations from different parts of Kashmir Valley, and gave patient hearing to their grievances at party office, Jawahar Nagar Srinagar here.The delegations put the grievances and issues faced by people in their respective areas “Today since early in the morning i met scores of delegations from different walks of life and from different areas and listened the issues and problems faced by them in their areas ” Kaul said, adding, BJP is committed to address their grievances and genuine issues. The delegations informed that people are facing day to day issues in most of the places and appealed him to redress the same. "Koul said. He also said: “I have received the feedback from these delegations and will forward their problems to the concern ministers, so that the grievances are addressed on time,” he added. Ashok Koul also took the meeting of District Office Bearers Srinagar regarding upcoming panchayat elections and organisational matters.

Walk through Jammu, Srinagar streets is novelty, privilege: Smt. Priya Sethi

Minister of State for Education, Technical Education, Culture, Tourism, Horticulture, Floriculture and Parks, Smt. Priya Sethi today flagged off a Heritage Walk from Mubarak Mandi Heritage Complex as part of the World Heritage Week 2017 being observed from November 19th to 25th. The event was organised by Department of Tourism to celebrate the J&K’s shared cultural heritage. In Jammu the walk started from the Mubarak Mandi Heritage Complex and culminated at Gummat. The Minister was accompanied by MLC, Ch Vikram Randhawa, MLC Advocate Ramesh Arora, Senior state BJP VP, Yudhvir Sethi, Jammu BJP Distt President Baldev Baloria, Viney Gupta, Director Tourism, Smita Sethi, Director School Education Jammu, S. Ravinder Singh, members of Bazaar Associations, Travel Associations, students of various educational institutions and officers of Tourism Department. Speaking on the occasion, Priya Sethi said the future generations will get inspired by seeing these historical monuments and other heritage sites. “These monuments represent our tradition, history, art and design besides they are also the symbols of our architectural skills” the Minister said adding that the aim of the drive is to make students as well as the people aware about their heritage. The Minister said that historical monuments and other heritage sites is the identity of the society as one gets the glimpse of past through these monumental sites. With an aim to apprise and sensitize the people about the importance of heritage, the students were carrying banners and placards depicting messages to save and preserve the rich heritage of the state. Similar events were also organised in Srinagar to acquaint students and civil population with rich heritage, culture of Jammu and Kashmir.

Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh held a high level meeting of FCSCA officials

23754867_1506508976097462_2309828941573766898_nDy CM Dr Nirmal Singh Convened a high level meeting of FCSCA officials on the issue of Ration Distribution to the West Pakistan Refguees in presence of Minister for Food, Civil Supplies and consumer affairs Ch. Zulfikar and President West Pakistan Refguees Association President Sh. Labha Ram Gandhi.

Jammu East is the model constituency : Sh. Rajesh Gupta

MLA Jammu East and party chief Sh. Rajesh Gupta started the work of the black topping of roads at warehouse at an estimated cost of rupees twenty 1.10 crores. MLC Vikram Randhawa and Distt.President Baldev Singh Balloria were present on the occasion. The officials who accompanied the MLA included Xen PWD Rajan Mengi, AEE Rajesh Agastham, Jr.Engg Ram Lal Sharma and warehouse federation President Rajesh Gupta, Gen.Secretary Deepak Gupta, Ram Langar,Naresh Pradhan, Rahul Gupta. The social activists Sd. Charanjeet Singh Raina and Sushil Sharma were present on the ocassion. The BJP leaders who accompanied the MLA included Ashok Lambad ,Raj Kumar, Anil Gupta, Kuldeep Balgotra, Swaran Singh, Opinder Singh and Darshan Singh. The prominents who accompanied the MLA included Ashwani Sharma, Suraj Sharma, Kurnesh Gupta,Subhash Sanghra, Gokul Koul, Kuldeep Kandhari, Rajesh Nischal, Rajinder Gupta and Viney Gupta. Sh. Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion said that Modi Ji has transformed the developmental profile of the nation and we are also in the process of introducing all the schemes launched by the Modi government.MLC Vikram Randhawa said that the BJP government would look into developmental needs of all the constituencies and would ensure that all the services reach the people. Sh. Baldev Ballowria also assured the warehouse association of all the support and cooperation.

Jugal Kishore Sharma Member of Parliament BJP (Lok Sabha), MLA Nowshera Ravinder Raina kick started Devak-Hathal Road under CRF.


Sh. Jugal Kishore Sharma Member of Parliament BJP (Lok Sabha) Jammu-Poonch along with MLA Nowshera Ravinder Raina kick started the construction work of Laiter-Devak-Hathal Road under CRF Scheme at Village Laiter & Devak in Nowshera Constituency.

Jugal Kishore Sharma Member of Parliament while addressing the gathering present at the occasion said that the Village Laiter -Hathal Road is stretch over the Length of 24 Km and would get constructed by the cost of Rupees 15 Crore approx. The said road would start from the take up point at Village Laiter and will move through the Devak and get connected to the Village Hathal provide Connectivity to the large Rural area of Nowshera Constituency.

He said that the road would get Constructed under Central Road Fund Scheme involves the upgradation & improvement of the Road and this Road is the big achievement & burning demand of Inhabitants of the area. He also said that Bhartiya Janta Party is working on the agenda of "Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas" and Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji is working for the betterment of each and every Citizen of India. The ideology of BJP is appreciated by each & every Citizen of India and Everyone wants to join hand with BJP. Ravinder Raina MLA Nowshera Constituency thanked Member of Parliament and said that everyone should believe in National Integrity which leads to the wave of Development of every area in Nowshera Constituency. Executive Engineer PWD Parvez, AEE PWD Ashwani, District Presideent BJP Nowshera Som Dutt & Senior Leader Capt Ramesh, Tilak Raj, Bodh Raj, Sanjay Sharma,Ashok Sharma, Davinder, Rajinder and Others were also present at the occasion.

Himalayan Heritage Museum Observed World Heritage Week

On the eve of World Heritage Week Himalayan Heritage Museum Organized a colorful function in Jammu, Honorable MoS Education Tech Education, Tourism Culture, Horticulture, Floriculture Parks Smt Priya Sethi was Chief guest while M.S Zahid Director Archives, Archaeological & Museums was guest of Honor, The guests appreciated the exemplary work done by Sr. Inder Singh Chairman for collecting invaluable objects of different types single handedly.They said that these objects have glimpses of the golden era of our ancient art, Culture and civilization and preservation conservation thereof it is very expensive beyond the capacity of a person having modest means of income and such organizations are undoubtedly supplementing the efforts of the govt in preserving and conserving the objects of antique value which are lying with individuals living in far and wide of the state who may be unaware of the real value of these objects.
HHM Put several antique objects on display in the museum several people from all walks of life who visited the museum viewed the objects very keenly and were enthused to see all this as Inder Singh gave a narration of each object in depth. Assistant Director Dr Sangeeta Sharma also Attend the function.
BJP Leader Ayodhya Gupta, Keshav Chopra, Simran Singh, Pareneesh Mahajan, Tilak Gupta, Deepak Kumar Gopal Singh, Bhajan Singh were also accompanied the Minister.

Sh. Sat Sharma inaugurates Diagnostic Laboratory in Sarwal

Sat inaugurates Diagnostic Laboratory in Sarwal (3)

BJP State President & MLA Jammu West,  Sh. Sat Sharma along with prominent citizen & social activist, Bansi Lal inaugurated a diagnostic center by the name of Shivangi Health Care, which is an authorized collection center for Swastik Diagnostic Laboratory at Jalebi Morh, Sarwal, Jammu in order to cater out the health needs of the local population in the presence of local BJP leaders and august gathering of large number of prominent and elderly persons during the programme.

Sat Sharma, while addressing the gathering after the inauguration of the laboratory, said that the health is the primary concern of all individuals for every age right from the infantile stage to the old age and particularly in the present times owing to the sedentary life styles by the ever increasing number of use of gadgetry in every household or official works. He said due to the lack of the physical exercise and increase of stress in the day to day working marred by the hectic schedules, the bodily organs are unable to cope with new lifestyles especially adopted in the urban areas, which leads to the imbalances in the biochemistry of our human body system and to timely diagnose and to avoid the unwanted ailments, quality diagnostic services are needed in every nook and corner of the human rehabilitation.

Sat Sharma said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken many steps to promote the entrepreneurship in the Nation and congratulated the proprietor of the new enterprise for venturing out in the self sustaining mode of living. He hailed their decision of becoming entrepreneur and eventually a job giver in place of job seeker and said that there are plenty of growth opportunities in the self businesses and the youth of J&K must shift their focus towards entrepreneurship instead of wasting much time their precious years running from pillar to post in search of government jobs. He expressed hope that the laboratory will provide quality health services in reasonable rates to the needy population. Owner of laboratory, Ajay Kanotra apprised the MLA that free test reports for the particular age groups will be provided at their doorsteps and quality tests under hygienic conditions will be conducted.

Besides the owners Sanjeev Sharma, Keshav Chopra, Jatin Sethi, Neeraj Gupta, Atul Bakshi, Sanjay Sawhney and other prominent locals were also present on the occasion.

Sh. Kuldeep Raj Gupta enumerate achievements of Pahari speaking advisory Board


Vice-Chairman (MoS), State Advisory Board for Development of Pahari Speaking People of J&K,  Sh. Kuldeep Raj Gupta held a press conference at BJP headquarter, Trikuta Nagar on the various issues which he has taken during his joining of the office in order to  revive the esteemed Board.

While addressing the media persons, Kuldeep Raj Gupta said that he has conducted many camps to strengthen the people’s causes and the BJP at gross root level. He said that, as a matter of his commitment to the government and party he has managed the awareness programme regarding the “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao”, “Swach Bharat Mission” and other social assistance schemes or pension schemes launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in different schools of district Rajouri and Poonch, and every nook and corner of district Rajouri and Poonch.

Sh. Kuldeep Raj Gupta said that he did took meetings of BJP workers of Anantang and advised them to disseminate the information about the schemes launched by the Prime Minister of India. He tried his level best to inculcate the sense of patriotism and nationalism among all the people he addressed and approach. Every time he held the press conference and media interaction whenever it came to the concern of national and territorial sovereignty. He also told about various achievements and the works he has taken up with different departments.

9 Pahari hostels are running in the state with total intake capacity of 700 and most of the inmates are from the down trodden section. Disbursed scholarship to the deserving Pahari student’s studying in state as well as outside state to the tune of 19.36 cr for the year 2015-16 and 15.70 cr for the year of 2016-17. Took up the matter for grant of ST status for the Pahari speaking people with the PM and apprised him that Pahari speaking people are socially economically and politically backward. Laid foundation stone for construction of boy’s Pahari Hostel Jammu at Bantalab, the estimated cost is 5.46 cores with 33 rooms and intake capacity of 100 having 19 kanals of land on Pahari Advisory Board. Funds to the tune 21 lac have been released for construction of toilet complexes. Increase in diet charges form earlier 50 to 100. Disbursed 2.50 lac discretionary grants to the poor. He thanked BJP working committee for recommending grant of Pahari status to Pahari ethnicity. He took up the matter of grant of ST status to Pahari speaking people with the national security advisor. A book on demography of Pahari speaking people is under process.

Establish De-Radicalization, Rehabilitation Camps for Stone-Pelters and Surrendered Militants: Brig Gupta

Brig. Anil Gupta

While the decision to free 4500 young boys who have been categorized as first-time stone –pelters is welcome if it helps in carrying forward the peace process set in motion by the Central government, haste in releasing them must be avoided cautioned Brig Anil Gupta, veteran Security Analyst and State Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party. While the planned release of first-timers is needed for assuaging hurt feelings of the affected families and is seen as a positive healing touch, the past experience on this issue has not been very encouraging and healthy. A thorough screening to include past antecedents, police records including chances of a remote association with any terrorist outfit, intelligence inputs and family background (to rule out terror sympathizers) must be done before taking a decision to grant amnesty to any stone-pelter, suggested Brig Gupta.

On earlier occasions it has been experienced that after availing amnesty same persons were found recycled for stone-pelting during the large scale agitations that erupted in 2008, 2010 and after elimination of Burhan Wani. These stone pelters are housed in the jails with hard core terrorists who use this opportunity to further radicalize them and brainwash them with extremist ideology. The time spent in detention adds to their frustration and anger against the system which is exploited by the extremists, felt Brig Gupta. After thorough screening, the next logical step should be to De-radicalize them so that they can easily adjust themselves with the main stream and do not again fall prey to the extremist and anti-national elements recommended Brig Gupta.

Taking note of another welcome move wherein the misguided youth is shunning terrorism and returning home to lead a normal life, Brig Gupta felt that it was the responsibility of the government to ensure that these young men do not rue their decision to surrender/return to mainstream. In the absence of a comprehensive surrender policy large number of surrendered terrorists in the past have been recycled into the militancy accounting for increased number of local militants.Brig Gupta has recommended that the government should consider establishing De-radicalization and Rehabilitation Camps where all released stone pelters and surrendered militants should be housed for a definite period before they are allowed to merge with the society. The stay in these camps should be used for skill development /skill enhancement and De-radicalization. This will prepare the young men to face the vagaries of life and stand on their feet, act as ambassadors of peace and give boost to the peace process feels Brig Gupta.

BJP Giving Priority to Remotest Areas of the state: Sh. Ashok Koul

23916722_1506309702784056_8214469538137364632_oSh. Ashok Koul told that the workers of BJP Kargil have covered almost 80% of Kargil District including all the constituencies falling under LAHDC after reviewing the achievements of one-month BJP Vistarak Expansion Programme. This was stated by State Organizing General Secretary BJP Ashok Koul during a Press Conference at BJP Office Kargil while answering to media people. During the Press Conference, He said that BJP has given special attention to the remotest areas of the State including Kargil and is always working for the development of the people who were deprived since decades. He assured that after the results of the Vistarak various loopholes has come up to the surface such as irregularities in Ujwala Scheme, Special Food Scales under Food Security Act, etc., will be rectified on the priority basis, he added in-fact the scale of places like Kargil, Leh, Gurez etc has been increased. He also assured that the Government led by Narendra Modi is bound to open Kargil Skardu Road for the divided families of the region on both sides as well as to develop a hostile environment between the Neighbouring Countries but Pakistan is not a Trust Worthy Country. At the end BJP State General Secretary (Org) Sh. Ashok Koul also said that Pak Occupied Gilgit Baltistan is an integral part of India and the Prime Minister of India has expressed his support to the people of GB and we are concern about all their problems and difficulties. Answering the question related to the operation of Civil Air Service in Kargil, Ashok Koul told that Government of India has already started Helicopter Service in Kargil, Drass, and Zanskar and J&K BJP is always taking the issue of Civil Air Service for Kargil with the Government of India.

Youth must honor Martyrs, learn from their sacrifices: Dy. CM Dr. Nirmal Singh

23845693_1505730576175302_5377394839170312528_oDeputy Chief Minister, Dr. Nirmal Singh today emphasized upon the youth to develop great respect and honor for the martyrs and learn from their sacrifices. “It is imperative to honor our heroes especially the martyrs who have laid down their lives for safeguarding the nation as it imbibes a sense of patriotism and linkage to country”, the Dy CM maintained. The Deputy Chief Minister was speaking at a function organized by Bikram Singh Yadgar Committee in memory of late Lt General Bikram Singh on his Martyrdom day at Bikram Chowk here. MLA Jammu East Rajesh Gupta, MLCs Ashok Khajuria, Charanjeet Singh Khalsa, prominent politicians, intellectuals and people from different walks of life participated in the function. Dr. Singh said that it is essential that we should be regularly honoring our martyrs who have without caring for their precious lives rendering the ultimate sacrifice for the cause of the nation. He said that patriotism and love towards one's country is the most sacred feeling and now the onus lies on us to ensure that it is properly propagated among the younger generation and the posterity. Deputy Chief Minister, while recalling the contribution of late General, said that he was a people's general and the masses at the grass root level had great love and regard for him which is evident from the fact that he still held in great esteem of the people from Jammu and other parts of the country as well. He said we should learn from the contribution rendered by the icon and adopt principles of such legends in our daily lives to lead towards a better world to live in. While asking for holding such functions on regular basis, Deputy Chief Minister, said that these events are necessary to create awareness among the people. Several cultural items were also presented on the occasion. Later, the Deputy Chief Minister also released a CD on the life of late General.

Sh. Sat Sharma kick starts various developmental works at Rajpura Magotrian

20171122_100936Coping up with the basic needs of residents of Jammu West Assembly segment, BJP State President and MLA Sat Sharma (CA) kickstarted construction works for community hall at Shiv Mandir, Lane number 29 at Rajpura Magotrian. The area falls between two wards namely ward 24 and ward 29 and the hall which is going to be constructed will cope up with the needs of both wards and other adjoining areas. Also, the works for laying of new water pipes in the area were also started by the BJP President which will provide a major relief to the locals as earlier there was shortage of water supply in the area. A large number of people including officials of JMC, PHE, local residents and political activists were also present. The funds for works of community hall have been sanctioned by Sat Sharma through his CDF (Constituency Development Fund) scheme and an amount of rupees 8 lakhs have been sanctioned for the same and works will be done under the supervision of JMC(Jammu Municipal Corporation). Also the works of pipes will be done at an estimated cost of Rupees 6 lakhs which will be done under the supervision of PHE department. Speaking on the occasion, Sat Sharma said that construction of hall was a long pending demand in Shiv Mandir and a large number of female devotees from the area met him sometime back and apprised him of the need of a hall in temple which was a long pending demand for the locals as there was no proper place in the area where people could gather at one place at times of happiness and sadness so keeping in view their demand, the work had to be taken up. He stated that with the help of PHE department, new pipes will also be laid down in the area so that acute shortage of water supply could be overcome and residents could get interrupted water supply. He also visited the Nullah site in the area as well and directed the officials of UEED as well to prepare estimates for the covering of Nullah so that a major contribution could be given in promoting the vision of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi who always stresses of building a Clean and Green Nation. AEE JMC JP Saraf, AEE PHE Sapolia, District President BJP Ayodhya Gupta, State VP BJYM Karan Sharma, Surinder Choudhary, Munish Khajuira, JE JMC Asok Sharma, JE Sk Bhat, Jatin Sethi, Sanjay Sawhney, Kaka Sharma, Shakti Gupta, Atul Bakshi Veena Rani, Pushpa Devi, Madhu Sheetal, Rano Devi, Giano Devi, Prem Lata, Sheela Vijyal, Radha, Purnima, Sourav Gupta, Neeraj Gupta Tony and several others were also present.

Dr Narinder lauded the Central Government’s CBMs

Dr.-Narinder-Singh-copyDr. Narinder Singh State General Secretary BJP lauded the Union Ministry of Home Affairs headed by Rajnath Singh for likely announcement of a series of Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) for Jammu and Kashmir including complete reimbursement of compensation paid by the State Government on account of losses suffered during ceasefire violations by Pakistan army on Line of Control (LoC) and International Border (IB) and massive increase in relief paid to the kin of state policemen killed in action in militancy-related operations. He said this was long overdue. He also hailed the decision of Union Home Ministry in compensating the losses caused to movable and immovable properties of border area residents in shelling from across the border. The decision of the Union Home Ministry that the compensation amount should be given from the Security Related Expenditure (SRE) shows the empathy of the Central government. Dr. Singh opined that the residents of the international border need to be brought under the ambit of reservation, that is provided to 285 villages of Rajouri, Nowshera, Mendhar, Haveli, Kupwara and Akhnoor falling under the LoC as per the J&K Reservation Act 2004, as the people living on international border are similarly placed. For this, he urged the state government to bring necessary changes in J&K Reservation Act 2004.

More youth joins BJYM in Jammu

MORE YOUTH JOINS BJYM IN JAMMUMore than 20 youth of Greater Kailash including Prashant Gupta and his team on Wednesday joined Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha (BJYM) and pledged their unconditional support to work for BJP and BJYM. On this occasion, Prashant Gupta was made Incharge of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao BJYM Jammu. The programme was attended by Hari Om Sharma BJYM Dist. President Jammu and Rohit Verma State social & print media Incharge. Welcoming new entrants in the party, Hari Om Sharma said that the nation today is standing on various pillars of the society and the youth of this nation is one of those pillars which is necessary to take the country to the path of progress. He said that more and more youth today are joining BJYM and this shows the confidence which state and central leadership is building among youth with their successful & youth favoring policies. He said that the central leadership of the party is interested to promote the youth of Jammu and Kashmir in every sphere which has always been ignored by the previous governments in the State and the Centre. The team of BJYM Jammu & Mr. Vikram Charak President Greater Kailash Welfare Society was also present on the occasion.

BJP felicitates meritorious girl students under “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao”

BJP conducted an impressive programme in its state headquarter, Trikuta Nagar to felicitate meritorious girl students who have scored good percentage in the academics in the presence of its State President & MLA, Sh. Sat Sharma along with State General Secretary Sh. Harinder Gupta and State Spokesperson & “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” state convenor S. S. Bijral (Retd. IGP). Sat Sharma lauding the girl students for their excellent result and bringing laurels to their and their parent’s names, said that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi while pursuing agenda for the development of Nation and extending every possible help to ensure strengthening of weak and neglected sections of society, PM has exerted incessantly to promote opportunities for women. He asserted that “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” scheme is a major thrust along with “Ujjawala”, “Nari Shakti Puraskar”, “Maternity Benefit Programme”, “Swadhar Greh”, “Women Helpline Scheme” etc. for women empowerment, which are specifically focussed to give women their due respect, right and opportunity in society. Harinder Gupta said that the BJP which is a cadre-based organization has always tried to promote the women rights in every possible field. He said that the BJP has batted for the women in all the legal as well as public based struggles so that they could never be oppressed again. He focussed on the education of women saying that the education executes as a tool for the self-assertion and expression of the women folk in the fast-moving modern world and congratulated all the meritorious girl students for their hard work. S.S. Bijral said that women focussed development is crucial for the balanced wholesome progress of the country as they form 50% of country’s population. Mentioning that projection of women as weak is a fallacy, society needs to shun as they are strong competitors of men in all fields even out beating them at places. Move to honor students is to boost the spirit of young girls for Nation development. 13 girl students from 10thand 17 from 12th class were felicitated with merit certificates, medals, and mementos, he added. Scheme State Member Kamal Choudhary presented the vote of thanks whereas Mahila Morcha General Secretary & Scheme State Member Anju Dogra conducted the proceedings of the stage. State Secretary Sanjay Baru, Vice-Chairman Dr. Ali Mohammad Mir, Neeru Anand and other prominent political activists along with the parents of felicitated students were also present in the programme.

Sh. Shamsher Singh Manhas holds public, karyakarta darbar

Janata DarbarMP Rajya Sabha, Shamsher Singh Manhas held public, karyakarta darbar to attend to the aspirations of public and party activists in order to mitigate their problems at BJP headquarter, Trikuta Nagar. Shamsher Singh Manhas, while listening to the public grievances, said that Prime Minister Modi led Central Government is functioning with a new vigor and work culture for the development of Nation. He said that BJP following the principle of “Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas” is working with every new enthusiasm with a plethora of public-friendly schemes for the welfare of common masses both at the Centre and the State. He said that to give an easy access of Party MPs and Ministers to the party karyakartas and the general masses, the regular sittings are being arranged in party headquarters, so as to provide them various administrative and other help, regarding public issue. Numerous deputations led by prominent BJP leaders and the activists met the MP regarding their personal as well as public problems. Various important issues were highlighted by the deputations. Deputations asked for construction of roads in their respective areas. Some asked for the development works in their village. Several deputations met with the MP for their revenue and land-related matters. Other delegations met MP for constructions of Nallah and drain. Certain delegations met MP for PHE related matters. MP addressed many of the problems by telephonically talking to the authorities and issued written instructions for others. The whole programme was coordinated by State Additional Office Secretary Suresh Sharma. State Secretary Sanjay Baru and State Additional Publicity Secretary Arun Chhibber were also present on the occasion.

Dr. Farooq Abdullah a man with erratic behaviour: Prof. Virender Gupta

Prof. Virender GuptaBJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta strongly criticized the statement of Dr. Farooq Abdullah for his repeated anti-national statements while siding with Pakistan and separatists. He said that statements degrade his stature and do not behoove to a person who remained four times Chief Minister of the State, Cabinet Minister at the Centre and at present a Member of Parliament. He added that after opposing the 1994 unanimous resolution of Parliament which stated that POJK is an integral part of Indian Union and vowed to get it vacated from Pakistan occupation, he needs to resign from Indian Parliament on the moral grounds. The Spokesperson reminded Farooq Abdullah that whole of Jammu and Kashmir state, including POJK, Gilgit, and Baltistan, got acceded to India when Maharaja of the State signed the Instrument of Accession in favor of Indian Union. PoJK was forcibly occupied by Pakistan and had the Indian forces not landed in J&K whole of Jammu & Kashmir including Kashmir Valley would have become part of Pakistan and Farooq Abdullah could well imagine has to fate in that scenario. Prof. Virender asked Farooq Abdullah to go through the pages of the history of that time and also glance at the Jammu and Kashmir constitution, whole of Jammu and Kashmir existing before 1947 mentioned as part of J&K state that acceded to India and wherein it is stated that the state is and shall remain an integral part of India. He said that Farooq Abdullah number of times have taken the oath of the J&K constitution and also that of Indian Constitution and as such questioned him that how can he betray his own commitments those he made while taking that oath. The Spokesperson said that by not uttering a single word against Pakistan, not asking it to stop importing terrorism in the valley and stop violation of LOC and bombardment from across the borders, Farooq Abdullah has become a person of doubtful loyalty towards the state and towards the Indian Union. He asked Farooq not to confuse the masses of the state and yourself while making statements which are self-contradictory. He reminded Farooq Abdullah of his statements asking India to invade and finish Pakistan, deal terrorists with iron hands and recently supporting terrorists and stone pelters and expressing his desire to join them. He asked Farooq Abdullah which of his statements should be believed.

Dy CM Dr. Nirmal Singh chairs Coordination Committee meeting

23826065_1504819702933056_5223695151827345860_oThe coordination committee of the ruling alliance in the State today met under the chairmanship of Deputy Chief Minister, Dr. Nirmal Singh. The meeting was attended by the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Revenue, Relief, Mr. Abdul Rahman Veeri, Members of Parliament, Mr. Jugal Kishore and Mr. Shamsher Singh Manhas. Mr. Sartaj Madni, Mr. Dillawar Mir, Mr. Trilok Singh Bajwa and Dr. Narinder Singh also attended the meeting. The meeting disused several issues related to the functioning of the State Government and ensuring coordination at various levels.


23794898_1504831796265180_5606188074740849620_nLed by BJP State President and MLA Sh. Sat Sharma, Legislative Assembly Speaker Sh. Kavinder Gupta, MLA Sh. Rajesh Gupta, MLC Sh. Vikram Randhawa and BJP All Cells Incharge S. Varinderjeet Singh inspects ongoing work on Gondola project at Bahu Fort & Peer Kho.

BJP State General Secretary (Org) Sh. Ashok Koul meets Vistaraks from Leh at BJP Leh office and received report from them.


Exploitation of youth, nepotism by Dr. Farooq Abdullah dynasty destroyed peace in J&K: Sh. Yudhvir Sethi

Dinesh Bharti recites Ram Katha at UdhScared of rising popularity of BJP government at the Centre and coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir State, National Conference (NC) chief Dr. Farooq Abdullah is speaking ill against RSS only to mislead masses. To regain his party's lost ground he is now misleading people by his rhetorics and has even gone ahead to distort facts about RSS and the constructive role it plays in uniting India". This was stated by BJP Vice President Yudhvir Sethi while replying to queries of media persons after attending Saptah meeting organized by Dinesh Bharti at Udhampur today. He said RSS ever since its existence had been uniting countrymen with mainstream and trying to remember sacrifices of hundreds of unsung heroes of India's Independence war against Britishers. RSS, he added was never and can never be against anyone but is trying to unite the country. Now that a system of good governance has been established in J&K State, NC is feeling threatened. To keep their flock together, NC Chief and his son are trying to issue baseless statements, Yudhvir Sethi said. He said Farooq Abdullah is a failed leader who spoiled the state and its composite culture. It was because of his non-serious attitude that his government was dismissed twice that led to the imposition of Governor Rule in J&K putting democracy on the back burner. Politicians like him played with sentiments of people and only instigated youth when not in power to cross over to Pakistan and seek arms training. Those anti-nationals statements and gestures aggravated the deteriorating situation in J&K and even collapsed our economy which was quite unfortunate. It's this Abdullah Dynasty or its three generations who had always been speaking one thing in Delhi, another in Jammu and different in Srinagar just to exploit people's sentiments and grab power. Yudhvir Sethi said that Farooq Abdullah also raises autonomy issue and even appointed Dr Karan Singh as chairman of State Autonomy Committee. Unfortunately, even Dr. Karan Singh resigned from the post and that report never saw the light of the day. Instead of performing to the best satisfaction of people and percolating democracy to the grass root level by holding elections to Panchayats and Municipalities besides local bodies NC and its Chief Farooq Abdullah always confused people by raising unproductive issues like that of autonomy or Pre-53 statuses - moves that have lost all relevancies. Farooq Abdullah who is accusing RSS was once part of BJP government at the Centre. Back home he and his son encouraged corruption and pushed the state towards complete anarchy. Now that BJP and PDP are doing well NC Is not able to digest a transparent and accountable government which is sensitive to people's issues. Earlier Dinesh Bharti recited Ram Katha and asked devotees to work for the upliftment of downtrodden. He also asked people to unite India and work towards strengthening it without cast, creed, region or religion.

Speaker Sh. Kavinder Gupta holds public meeting, takes stock of grievances of residents of Aerobera Apartments, Channi Himat

Speaker Legislative Assembly and MLA Gandhi Nagar Kavinder Gupta held a Public Meeting at Aerobera Apartments, Ward 51, Channi Himat to address the grievances of the residents of the apartment and to take firsthand account of the problems being faced by them. The Speaker was accompanied by BJP Gandhi Nagar Mandal President Ankush Gupta, Mandal General Secretay Kulbir Charak, Office Secretary Nayan Gupta (Sunny), BJYM District Secretary Karan Chopra, Kamlesh Sharma (Amit), Surjit Singh Sonu, Manmeet Singh, Om Prakash and other party workers. The meeting was organized by team BJP Gandhi Nagar Mandal along with BJYM Distt Secretay Karan Chopra and was attended by a large number of residents of Aerobera Apartments and adjoining localities, who apprised the Speaker about their problems and developmental needs and sought redressal of their grievances. Taking serious note of the deteriorated condition of the approach road, Kavinder Gupta assured the residents to immediately take up the issue to get the road blacktopped at earliest. During the meeting a huge number of people was present and they put forth various other demands and grievances related to power and water supply to which Kavinder Gupta assured them of solving them on priority. Mandal President Ankush Gupta while speaking thanked the residents for their warm welcome, also introduced the residents with his team of local workers and assured them that his team would be available 24x7 to take up their genuine grievances with their MLA and concerned departments on priority. While welcoming the number of residents including females who joined the BJP, Ankush Gupta stated that the BJP is a party based on principles to work for the holistic approach towards all and requested them to make their life a mission to work for the welfare of the society. The entire proceedings of the meeting were done by the Mandal General Secretary Kulbir Charak and the welcome address and vote of thanks were delivered by the office bearers of Aerobera Apartments.

Dr. Farooq Abdullah giving inflammatory speeches to gain lost political ground: Sh. Avinash Rai Khanna

Lotus Logo copyBJP National Vice-President, National Vice Chairman, Indian Red Cross Society, former MP, Rajya Sabha & Prabhari J&K, Avinash Rai Khanna, has criticized former Chief Minister of J&K and President NC, Farooq Abdullah for his persistent, out of logic and senile statements time and again. Avinash Rai Khanna, while taking exception to the statement of a sitting Member of Parliament and four-time Chief Minister of the state, said that having miserably failed in continuing the dynastic rule and faced with humiliating rejection by the people, he is displaying frustration and anger. His repeated anti-national statements, apart from generating anger among the public, have also made him a butt of jokes. Farooq’s condition is like a football that is being kicked from one half to another but failing to reach the goal post. One day he becomes Pakistan’s spokesperson, sometimes he projects himself as a supporter of Hurriyat, next day he condemns “Azadi”. Known for making outlandish and weird statements, Farooq Abdullah has once again resorted to amusing his audience with theatrics, “jumlabaazi, bayanbaazi and jhooth”, said Khanna. Farooq seems to be more committed to Pakistan than Kashmiris and his utterances do not surprise anybody anymore. He may be a leader of NC, but there is a strong ‘separatist’ in him, claimed Avinash Rai Khanna. In view of Farooq’s wavering stand, letting down his people on more than one occasion for the lust of his chair, and pro-Pakistan utterances, there is more than one reason to distrust Farooq Abdullah’s words and ignore them as a mere attempt to remain in limelight, lamented Khanna. The NC President sees no political future for him and his party. His dream of Abdullah dynasty ruling the state forever has been shattered with PDP–BJP coalition firmly in place. He is being haunted by a dark future, his statements are essentially giving vent to his dejection and frustration, reiterated Avinash Rai Khanna. Khanna said that being a senior leader it was least expected from him to play vote bank politics on the issue of martyrs. His unnecessary sermons to the Chief of Army Staff are unwarranted and untimely. Just because he happened to visit one martyr’s family for a photo session, he has all of a sudden become champion of the ex-servicemen welfare! Dr. Farooq needs to explain as to why not even a single leader of his party was present to pay homage to inspector Tak of JK Police, who attained martyrdom at Zakoora, Srinagar.

BJP conducts review meeting in Leh

Lotus Logo copyBJP led by its State General Secretary (Org.) Sh. Ashok Kaul along with Chief Executive Councillor, (CEC) Dr. Sonam Dawa held a review meeting of the whole timers (Vistarak) of party, who are working for the extension of party works and ensuring that all the public welfare schemes of Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Central Government and BJP-PDP alliance government in the state reach to every single person who was still neglected even after the 70 years of Indian Independence from the British rule. Ashok Kaul, while addressing the meeting, sought detail of the organizational and developmental works being done by party cadre in the areas allotted to them by the party. He was apprised that out of 312 polling booths in the Leh and Lobra Constituencies, 268 polling booths have already been covered in the Pravas by the whole timers of the party. During the Pravas the Vistaraks communicated with the locals to know their problems and also the expectations of the general masses from the party and the government. During their stay, the committees at the booth level were also reviewed for their effective performance at the ground level. Activists from 112 polling booths out of 268 participated in the meeting which witnessed the exhaustive reporting of all the said booths. The meeting also witnessed the threadbare discussions about the approaching Panchayat elections in the state, in which Ashok Kaul prompted all the leaders and the activists to ensure their reach up to every single household of the region taking all the achievements of Modi Government to them in order to make sure that every candidate supported by the party turns out to be a winning candidate in the election. He stated that BJP is the only party who works with the sole aim of benefitting the poorest of the poor, working with the aim of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas” District President Leh Tsewang Gonboo Executive Councillors Mumtaz Hussain, Dorjey Motup and Tsering Sangdup, all Councillors, office bearers, Mandal President and other prominent leaders and activists also participated in the meeting.

Issue-less opposition wandering in dark: Sh. Sanjay Baru

23031394_1559401560807396_8286608352395344774_nOwing to the growing popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his plethora of public welfare schemes for the common masses and the prevalence of good governance in the Centre by BJP led NDA government, the opposition in Centre as well as the state of J&K, where BJP-PDP coalition is working successfully keeping aspiration of all the people from three regions fulfilled, is rendered issueless and now the leaders of these parties are wandering in dark in search of a life-saving remedy, this was stated by BJP State Secretary Sanjay Baru while taking to task the opposition parties for unleashing a false and misleading campaign against the Modi government at the Centre and the BJP coalition in Jammu & Kashmir. Sanjay Baru exclaimed that PM Modi has time and again showed a soft corner towards the state of J&K in the distraught times specifically proving that how much the Govt. of India is concerned for the return of peace and prosperity in the state. He mentioned about the special package of 80,000 crore to meet the aspiration of all the three regions of the state and due to this fact the opposition is feeling frustrated and trying to raise irrelevant specks. Sanjay Baru claimed that during the last over three years, Narendra Modi government has introduced work culture, checked corruption and taken numerous initiatives aimed at the welfare of poor, weaker sections, farmers, youth, women, Ex-servicemen etc. Similarly, the State Government too has launched various people-centric and development-oriented schemes in the state, with the sole motive of bringing progress and prosperity. Sanjay Baru advised the leaders of opposition parties to read the writing on the wall and support the Modi government for his untiring efforts in making India a prosperous and developed Nation. He said that in J&K, it has become a custom for the opposition parties to make a hue and cry on non-issues just for political survival, which exposes their leaders for being chair hungry instead of standing with the government in bringing peace, normalcy, and development at all levels and in all matters.

BJP District President Sh. Baldev Singh Baloria visited Malik Market Panchayat area and interacted with BJP activists

BBBBBharatiya Janata Party (BJP) District President Baldev Singh Baloria, while sharpening the organizational activities of the BJP, visited many areas of Malik Market Panchayat area and sat with BJP activists. Baloria visit to the areas of Umar Colony, Bilal Colony and Bathindi and met the BJP workers at the booth level and asked them to prepare for the upcoming Panchayat elections and contact the people at the booth level by going to people from home. Baloria told BJP workers that it is necessary to win a booth to win an election and the workers who won booth won the election. So winning the booth is the goal of every worker. On this tour, he apprised the activists about upcoming BJP programs and motivated them to work in this direction. Baloria met local people in these areas and also heard their problems. People informed Baloria about the problem of construction of local Nallaha and said that due to non-construction of the Nallaha, people have severe problems in the rainy season. At the same time, people also spoke about the problem of electricity and water including construction of drains, lanes, which Baloria said that keeping all their problems in front of Speaker Kavinder Gupta, they will be resolved as soon as possible. Baloria Said that BJP's only goal is to make people hassle-free at their doorstep developing the development and every leader of the BJP is working in that direction. Others who accompanied Amit Sharma, Harbhajan Singh, Anil Sharma, Narendra Singh, Mohammad Gulzar, Rashid Khan, Bashir, Joginder Singh and Surinder Singh.

Buds n Blossoms celebrated its 3rd Annual Day with great pomp and show

pic (2)The event was organized at police auditorium Gulshan Ground, Jammu. Sh.Kavinder Gupta Ji Hon’ble Speaker, J&K Legislative Assembly was the Chief Guest, Sh.Ajay Pargal Senior Leader - BJP and National General Secretary - Bharat Tibet Sahyog Manch was the Guest of Honour, and Arpan Baigra was the special invitee. The students of the school started the event with Colourful thematic Shiv Vandana, followed by various colorful foot tapping items by the little children. The playgroup presented a beautiful fashion show showing their ramp skills. The major attraction of the event was the emphasis on the Swach Bharat Abhiyan, the initiative taken by our Hon’ble Prime Minister Sh.Narender Modi Ji, and students through this function appealed people to keep the surroundings and city clean & green. Sh.Kavinder Gupta Ji in his address applauded the efforts of the children and the staff for giving such impressive performances. He also emphasized the use of Dogri language among our children to promote the rich culture of Jammu. He also presented the awards to the students and staff members of the school and hailed the efforts of the management and staff of the school. Sh.Ajay Pargal applauded and encouraged the children to give their best in life and congratulated the school management to recognize the support staff of the school on the stage. Director of the School Sh.Vinay Raina and Principal Smt.Renu Bhasin later presented the memento to the guests. The event featured the athletic skills and self-defense techniques taught to the children in the school by the Black Belted coach Sh.Dinesh. Director Sh.Vinay Raina thanked the parents, staff & support staff and also assured & re-committed parents that the school will provide the best academic, sports and co-curricular activities to their children’s as the school always remains the second home to the children. The whole event was choreographed by A+ Dance Academy headed Sh.Abhinandan and his team. The event was concluded by the patriotic song dedicated to the armed forces of the country and ended with the National Anthem.

जम्मू जिला के अध्यक्ष बलदेव सिंह बलोरिया ने मलिक मार्किट पंचायत क्षेत्र के कई क्षेत्रों का दौरा कर भाजपा कार्यकत्र्ताओं के साथ बैठके की

भारतीय जनता पार्टी जम्मू जिला के अध्यक्ष बलदेव सिंह बलोरिया ने भाजपा की संगठनात्मक गतिविधियों को तेज करते हुए मलिक मार्किट पंचायत क्षेत्र के कई क्षेत्रों का दौरा कर भाजपा कार्यकत्र्ताओं के साथ बैठके की। इस मौके पर बलोरिया ने उमर कालोनी, बिलाल कलोनी व बठिंडी आदि क्षेत्रों में जाकर बूथ स्तर पर भाजपा कार्यकर्ताओं से भेंट की और उन्हें आने वाले पंचायत चुनावों की तैयारी करने व बूथ स्तर पर लोगों के साथ घर-घर जाकर संपर्क करने के लिए कहा। बलोरिया ने भाजपा कार्यकर्ताओं को कहा कि कोई भी चुनाव जीतने के लिए बूथ को जीतना जरूरी होता है और जो कार्यकर्ता बूथ को जीत गए समझो वह चुनाव जीत गए। इसलिए बूथ को जीतना ही हर कार्यकर्ता का लक्ष्य हो। उन्होंने इस मौके पर भाजपा के आगामी कार्यक्रमों को लेकर कार्यकत्र्ताओं को अवगत करवाया और इस दिशा में काम करने के लिए प्रेरित किया। बलोरिया ने इन क्षेत्रों में स्थानीय लोगों से मुलाकात की और उनकी समस्याओं को भी सुना। लोगों ने बलोरिया को स्थानीय नाले के निर्माण की समस्या से अवगत करवाया और बताया कि नाले का निर्माण न होने से लोगों को बरसात में भारी दिक्कत होती है। इसके साथ ही लोगों ने नालियों, गलियों के निर्माण सहित बिजली व पानी की समस्या को भी मुखर किया जिस पर बलोरिया ने कहा कि उनकी सभी समस्याओं को स्थानीय विधायक और स्पीकर कविन्द्र गुप्ता के समक्ष रखकर इनका जल्द से जल्द समाधान करवाया जाएगा और जल्द ही स्पीकर स्वयं इन क्षेत्रों का दौरा कर लोगों की परेशानियों को दूर करेंगे क्योंकि भाजपा का एक ही लक्ष्य है लोगों को उनके द्वार पर परेशानी मुक्त विकास देना और उसी दिशा में भाजपा का हर नेता काम कर रहा है। इस मौके पर हरभजन सिंह, अनिल शर्मा, नरेंद्र सिंह, मोहम्मद गुलजार, रशीद खान, बशीर, जोगिन्द्र सिंह व सुरिन्द्र सिंह भी मौजूद थे।

भारतीय जनता पार्टी उधमपुर के जिला कार्यालय में उधमपुर विधानसभा की बैठक का आयोजन किया गया

IMG-20171121-WA0004भारतीय जनता पार्टी उधमपुर के जिला कार्यालय में उधमपुर विधानसभा की बैठक का आयोजन किया गया। बैठक में मण्डलों के अध्यक्ष , मोर्चा अध्यक्ष , महिला मोर्चा , युवा मोर्चा सहित भाजपा कार्यकर्ता व विभिन्न गांवों से आए हुए लोगों ने अपने अपने इलाके में आ रही समस्याओं के बारे में बताया। इनमें कई शिष्टमंडल रिटी मलाड, पटठी पंगारा, हरतयांन , डबरह ,रैम्बल व उधमपुर नगर की समस्याओं को लेकर प्रदेश भाजपा महासचिव पवन खजुरिया से मिले और उन्हें अपनी समस्या से अवगत कराया। कुछ लोगों ने शहर में बढ़ रही चोरी की वारदातों का भी जिक्र किया और कहा कि चोरी की वारदातें दिन व दिन बढ़ रही है लेकिन पुलिस चोरों को पकड़ने में नाकाम रही है। कई लोगों ने सड़कों की समस्याओं का भी जिक्र किया। पवन खजुरिया ने कहा कि वह जिला और विधानसभा की सड़कों के मसले पर केंद्रीय सड़क परिवहन मंत्री नितिन गडकरी से दो दिन पहले ही मिले थे। मंत्री महोदय ने जम्मू कश्मीर की सड़कों के लिए दिल खोलकर फंड्स देने का आश्वासन दिया और कहा कि ऊधमपुर की सड़कों के लिए भी वह फंड्स जारी करेंगे। पवन खजुरिया जी ने कहा कि भाजपा गठबंधन सरकार में जो सड़कें बनी हैं उनकी गुणवत्ता व पिछली सरकार के समय में बनी सड़कों की गुणवत्ता में स्पष्ट तौर पर अंतर दिखाई देता है, क्योंकि केंद्र और राज्य सरकारों ने इसके लिए विभागों को चेतावनी दी है कि इनके निर्माण में किसी भी किस्म का समझौता न हो करें। उन्होंने कहा कि गंडाला ,मानपा ,पखलाई ,जगानू आदि इलाकों की सड़कों के लिए केंद्रीय मंत्री से बात भी की । उन्होंने वर्तमान निर्दलीय विधायक पर आरोप लगाया कि केंद्र व राज्य सरकार की तमाम स्कीमें जो जनता के उत्थान के लिए बनाई गई हैं लेकिन वह यह कह कर उसका लाभ खुद लेने का प्रयास कर रहे हैं ,कि यह सब उनके प्रयासों द्वारा हो रहा है। लेकिन जनता सच्चाई को अच्छे से जानती है। इस अवसर पर जिला अध्यक्ष राकेश गुप्ता ,करनैल सिंह, महेश शर्मा ,चुनी लाल डोगरा , सुरिंदर मगोत्रा , सतीश जण्डयाल ,जगदीश चन्द्र ,संजय वर्मा ,संजय, विकास ,वीर सिंह ,भारत भूषण , नीलम नरगोत्रा , गीता देवी , संसारो देवी ,चंचला देवी व कई कार्यकर्ता मौजूद थे।

MLC Sh. Ashok Khajuria donates ambulance to Bhaderwah people

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-21 at 4.00.31 PMSenior Leader of BJP and MLC Sh. Ashok Khajuria today donated one ambulance to Primary Health Centre (PHC) Kahal Jugasar Tipri of Bhaderwah in Doda district out of his Constituency Development Fund (CDF). The ambulance was donated to a function held here today by Mr. Khajuria who was accompanied by senior BJP leaders and his supporters. The equipped with state of art health gadgets, the ambulance with an estimated cost of Rs13.50 lakh was donated by BJP leader as an initiative to bring better health care to help the poor and needy people living in the far remote area of Kahal Jugasar Tipri of Bhaderwah. Speaking on the occasion BJP MLC Khajuria said that it is his great pleasure to spare funds from his CDF for the benefit of the poor and needy patients. He reiterated that he will continue to contribute in future also for the welfare of people living in remote areas of the state. Locals leaders and residents besides health department have acknowledged the donation of the ambulances which will help locals to get sick and ailing people immediately to the SDH Bhaderwah, District Hospital Doda or GMC&H Jammu in case of emergencies.

Sh. Sat Sharma visits Surya Vihar, Anand Vihar and Patta Bohri areas of Jammu West

IMG-20171120-WA0028In order to check the pending works and with the main motive to interact with the locals of Jammu West Assembly segment, BJP State President and MLA Sat Sharma(CA) visited Anand Vihar, Surya Vihar and Patta Bohri areas of Jammu West. Sharma listened to the grievances of the masses and also received appreciation from the masses concerning the works which have completed in many spheres of Assembly segment. A large number of people including Government officials, local residents, and political activists were also present during MLA’s visit. Speaking on the occasion, Sat Sharma said that three areas have been visited and a major discussion was also held with the locals concerning the pending works which have also been jotted down and informed to the concerned officials of various departments as well and these works will also be done in a stipulated time frame so that no problem is caused to the masses regarding the infrastructural development in Jammu West. He stated that he has also inspected the ongoing works of Blacktopping at Patta Bohri to Paloura road and expected good quality of work from the department so that the masses do not get disappointed from the works done by the department. He also assured those remaining lanes in the area will also be covered soon with the best quality works possible. He also appealed to the masses to protect the sanctity of their areas and promote the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi of building a Swach Bharat. He also appealed them to spare some time to clean their surroundings which will give a good message nationwide of making India Clean and Green.

Motivate the unemployed youth to avail loan facilities: Sh. Balbir Ram Rattan

Motivate the unemployedThe Vice-Chairperson of Jammu & Kashmir Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes & Backward Classes Development Corporation Limited, Balbir Ram Rattan, while sharing the welfare schemes for different reserved categories with the leaders of BJP SC Morcha, stressed upon them to motivate the unemployed youth to not sit idle but set up their own earning units by availing loan benefits. The Vice-Chairperson told them that the SCs, STs & BCs Development Corporation Limited is working for the economic upliftment of the people belonging to reserved categories with the funds being made available by the government at the Centre and in the state. “The Corporation is the Channelizing Agency for the disbursement of funds allocated by the Apex Corporation and the state government”, Balbir said and added that the loan aspirants have the facility to apply for the financial assistance in their respective districts instead of running to capital cities of Jammu or Srinagar. Balbir further told them that although every educated youth dreams of government job but all cannot get employment as the population and number of unemployed males and females keep going up every year. In such a situation, it becomes imperative on parts of the elders in family, political and social activists to work towards motivating the unemployed people to avail loan from the Corporation or other financial institutions to set up own units to earn the livelihood. Led by BJP SC Morcha senior leader N.D. Rajwal, the team members included Rakesh Sangral, Jagdev Raj Toofani, Hardesh Khokhan and Manohar Lal Menia.

Don’t delink general’s statue from Bikram Chowk

Lotus Logo copyThe question haunting people alive with ‘Bikram Chowk’ history is: Can General Bikram Singh’s statue be delinked from Chowk that gave it its famed identity after the name of the General, apple of people eye? S.S. Bijral former IGP & BJP state spokesperson said it can’t be. Asserting, the iconic army general was cremated in center of road respecting public sentiments and creating history, he said ‘don’t delink General’s statue with Bikram Chowk. Noting that 54th death anniversary of Lt. General Bikram Singh, GOC 15 Corps shall be observed on 22nd November and formal function, an annual feature, shall be held there Bijral said shifting General’s statue temporarily to facilitate laying of Bikram Chowk flyover was understandable, but locating it permanently thereafter at southern end of Tawi Bridge nearly 70 meters away from the crossing is incomprehensible, unwarranted, a disrespect of public sentiments besides being inadvertent tempering history motivating for generations. Reminding authorities that he in public interest had in pleaded for restoration of pristine glory of Bikram Chowk by restoring back the statue in chowk and highlighted by media on August 20, 2017 Bijral resented that the very statue strangely is permanently installed now way off from its deserved original location depriving the chowk the very source that gave it the name ‘BIKRAM CHOWK’. Former IGP Bijral applauding the authorities of 1963 that respected general public sentiments, overlooked municipal and other restrictions in vogue, allowed cremation to be held at public crossing and built up a deserving memorial - source of great motivation for generations, expected the authorities now shall restore pristine glory of Bikram Chowk by shifting back the statue in the chowk to generate motivating nationalistic spirit in youth at a time when iconic public figures in society are rare to find.

Farooq Abdullah’s accusations false and baseless: Brig Gupta

Brig. Anil GuptaHaving faced criticism even in Kashmir for his irresponsible and anti-national statements, Dr. Farooq Abdullah has resorted to his time-tested technique of telling lies and spreading falsehood to malign his opponents in the hope of saving his sinking boat, stated Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party. Condemning Farooq’s statement that RSS top brass had supported the 1975 emergency, Brig Gupta said that nothing can be farther from the truth than this white lie and Farooq needs to study the JP Movement in detail before making such false statements. Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) was at the forefront of JP Movement and almost all the important functionaries of ABVP across the country were jailed by Indira Gandhi during the emergency. RSS cadre was deeply involved in production and distribution of literature during the said movement as well as the emergency. In one of the lathi charges on Jai Prakash Narain (JP), it was the intervention of Nanaji Deshmukh, whose hand was broken instead, saved the life of JP, informed Brig Gupta. It is an acknowledged fact that apart from theatrics Farooq has mastered the art of rhetoric, weird statements, and falsehood but how dare he refer to it as BJP’s hypocrisy, rued Brig Gupta? Hypocrisy and deceit are the hallmark of NC which was the ally of Indira Gandhi when the emergency was declared. NC colluded with the then central government and used the state’s machinery to arrest and harass the ABVP and Jan Sangh cadre in the state at that time, stated Brig Gupta. Referring to another accusation blaming BJP of communal politics, Brig Gupta said that such an accusation from the President of a Party (NC) that was born with a communal agenda tantamount to ‘pot calling the cattle black.’ NC’s core ideology is to promote, “Kashmiri speaking Muslim precedence” and it follows the concept of “exclusivity.” Can Farooq deny that he was the architect of dividing the electorate into communal lines in 1983 elections when he forged an alliance with all Kashmiri separatist and religious parties and sowed the seeds of divisive politics in the state? Did he not say that “Any Kashmiri who votes for Modi will be thrown into the sea?” Did he not use the mosques to appeal to Muslim voters in Muslim dominated districts of Jammu region to not to vote for BJP candidates during the last assembly elections? I leave it to the honorable people of J&K to decide as to which party resorts to communal and divisive politics, said Brig Gupta. It is a different thing that people do not take him or his party seriously anymore and the fear of becoming totally ‘irrelevant’ is haunting him. Unfortunately, Farooq does not spare his own party cadre by selling them false hopes of youth empowerment when NC is a dynastic party with no scope of growth for non-family members, lamented Brig Gupta. When Sheikh Abdullah gifted him the chair of Chief Minister, the vote share of NC was 46%, when Farooq installed Omar the vote share had fallen to 19% and he won the bye-election to Srinagar Parliamentary constituency in 2017 with approximately 2% vote share, the dwindling vote share is indicative of people’s rejection of Farooq and his style of politics and main cause of his frustrated behaviour, reiterated Brig Gupta.

BJP announces Incharges “Mann ki Baat”, Convenor local body cell

Lotus Logo copyIn order to ensure the reach of all party policies and schemes of party to every nook and corner of state and boost the working of BJP in J&K State, BJP announced District Incharges for 7 Districts of Kathua-Udhampur-Doda Parliamentary Constituency to ensure the reach of popular radio programme of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “Mann Ki Baat” and Urban Local Body Cell Convenor for Kashmir in consultation with the BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma in a handout released here today at BJP state headquarter, Trikuta Nagar. State General Secretary, Harinder Gupta said that the party is leaving no stone unturned to extend its reach up to the general masses and from time to time reviews its strategies to give responsibilities to the leaders of the organization to make sure that all the public welfare policies and the schemes along with the party ideology reaches every single household of the region especially in view of approaching elections in the state. “Mann Ki Baat” Parliamentary Constituency Incharge Som Raj Khajuria and Co-Incharge Gopal Mahajan said that in order to make sure that the message of our worthy PM reaches every single person up to the level of a booth, the District Incharges for the said programme has been announced as follows. Sansar Singh Jamwal will look after Udhampur District as its Incharge for “Mann Ki Baat”, Parshottam Parkash for Ramban, Jagdev Singh for Basohli, Manohar Lal for Doda, Sheel Magotra for Reasi, Chatter Singh for Kathua and Gulab Chand for Kishtwar. BJP All Cells State Incharge S. Varinderjit Singh along with State Convenor Urban Local Body Cell, Deepak Gupta and Cell State Co-convenor and Incharge for Kashmir & Leh, Sudhir Singh Jamwal announced Molvi Tariq, Ex. Corporator Srinagar as its Urban Local Body Cell Convenor for Kashmir and while congratulating him for the new responsibility within the party, threw light on the importance of working system of the cell and said that for ensuring the win of the party supported candidates in the approaching elections and also the ground implementation of all party policies and schemes the new responsibility has been given in view of his dedicated personality and experience in the local politics.

Denial of rations to West Pakistan refugees an administration faux pas: BJP

23795350_1503737819707911_2602600721109881588_nIn response to the reports appearing in a section of media regarding the denial of subsidized rations to about 60 refugees families residing in the outskirts of Jammu, Bharatiya Janata Party has assured the West Pakistan refugees that it was an administrative lapse and they will not be denied subsidized ration. “The issue providing subsidized rations to WP refugees by Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution (CAPD) Deptt. has already been raised in the cabinet meeting held earlier by Dr. Nirmal Singh. Dy. CM. Dr. Nirmal Singh has confined that the cabinet had decided unanimously to provide subsidized rations to them,” stated Dr. Narinder Singh, State General Secretary of Bharatiya Janata Party. Dr. Nirmal Singh has convened a meeting of concerned officials to inquire as to how this lapse has occurred and fix accountability for the same, informed Dr. Narinder Singh. BJP has always championed the cause of all refugees and is sincerely committed to their well being and welfare. The Settlement of long pending issue of WP refugees is the prime concern of the party and will continue to fight against any injustice done to them, reiterated Dr. Singh. The affected families are requested to approach DC, Jammu for re-inclusion of their names in ration card lists. They are advised to contact the Party’s Grievances Cell in case of any difficulty, asserted Dr. Narinder Singh.

जम्मू जिला अध्यक्ष बलदेव सिंह बलोरिया ने सतवारी व गांधीनगर जोन के स्कूलों की सुविधाओं पर की चर्चा

2बलोरिया ने सतवारी व गांधीनगर जोन के स्कूलों की सुविधाओं पर की चर्चा बंधूरख स्कूल में वी.ई.सी. की बैठक में की शिरकत भारतीय जनता पार्टी जम्मू जिला अध्यक्ष बलदेव सिंह बलोरिया ने बंधूरख सरकारी कन्या स्कूल में आयोजित की गई ग्रामीण शिक्षा समिति की बैठक में भाग लिया। उनके साथ जेड.डी.ओ सतवारी सहित चौधरी हरबंस लाल भी मौजूद थे। इस मौके पर बलोरिया ने समिति के साथ बंधूरख स्कूल में सुविधाओं को बढ़ाने को लेकर चर्चा की और कहा कि इस स्कूल में बच्चियों को किस प्रकार से बेहतर शिक्षा के साथ बेहतर सुविधाएं मिल सकें उसके लिए एक प्रपोजल बनाया जाएं ताकि जहां पर सुविधाओं का विस्तार किया जा सकें। उन्होंने इस मौके पर जेड.डी.ओ सतवारी जो कि जेड.ई.ओ. गांधीनगर भी है के साथ विस्तार से दोनों जोनों के सभी प्राइमरी स्तर के स्कूलों की सुविधाओं को लेकर चर्चा की और उनसे जानकारी ली िक सरकार की तरफ से मौजूदा समय में किस स्कूल को क्या सुविधा दी जा रही है। बलोरिया ने अधिकारी से कहा कि वह ऐसे सभी स्कूलों की एक सूची तैयार करें जिनमें सरकार की तरफ से दी जाने वाली सुविधाओं में कमी है वह इसे लेकर स्पीकर कविन्द्र गुप्ता और शिक्षा राज्यमंत्री प्रिया सेठी से बात कर इनमें सुविधाओं को बढ़ाने की दिशा में काम करेंगे ताकि बच्चों को सरकारी स्कूलों में बेहतर से बेहतर सुविधाएं मिल सकें।

Sh. Rajesh Gupta inaugurated the upgradation work of lane & drain at Raghunath mandir chowk

IMG-20171120-WA0003Jammu East MLA and party chief whip Rajesh Gupta inaugurated the upgradation work of lane & drain at Raghunath mandir chowk photostate gali in Ward No. 15.The estimated cost of the work is rupees 10 lakhs. The JMC officials who accompanied the MLA included AEE Anil Gupta and JE Mohd.Yaseen. The BJP leaders who accompanied the MLA included the Distt. President Baldev Singh Billowria, Viney Gupta, Prof Shyam, Pradeep Sharma, P.C.Gupta, Raj Kumar Gupta, Vageesh Bharti, Gulshan Mahajan, Girdhari Lal, Kuldeep Kandhari, Ramesh Sharma and Ajay Grover. Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion said that demonetization and GST implementation were landmark decisions that would have a positive long-term impact on the economy of our country. He said that the increased amount of taxes realized by the government would be used for the various developmental activities and social welfare measures for the general public. The implementation of these schemes would ultimately lead to poverty alleviation and overall prosperity for all.Rajesh Gupta said that only a visionary leader like Modi Ji can take such bold and big decisions because his only interest is the welfare of the people of this country. The social activists who accompanied the MLA included Raman Suri, Tinku and Rotary club President Rakesh Gupta. The members of the Kanak Mandi Traders Association Anoop Mittal, Ashish Mahajan, Nikhil Gupta, Rakesh Gupta and Vipan Gupta were present on the occasion. The prominent who accompanied the MLA included Viney Gupta, Rajinder Gupta, Suraj, Harjang Singh, Raju Sethi, Anita Gupta, Kiran Chouhan, Bobby and Kurneesh Gupta.

Speaker J&K Legislative Assembly, Sh. Kavinder Gupta convenes public meet at Nanak Nagar

PicsArt_11-20-03 12 37Speaker J&K Legislative Assembly and MLA Gandhi Nagar, Kavinder Gupta convened a public grievances redressal camp at Sector 14, Ward no 44 Nanak Nagar to listen and address people’s concerns and issues. Various local delegations met up the Speaker and put forth their demands including augmentation of water supply, improvement of power infrastructure, upgrading of roads, medicare facilities and among others. Responding to the demands, the Speaker directed the concerned officers to make all-out efforts to mitigate the sufferings of the people. He informed the people that various up gradation works are in pipeline and will be initiated soon. The Speaker also stressed for close coordination and synergy among various departments and the general public so that the genuine demands of the people can be addressed in a stipulated time frame. He also directed the concerned departments to furnish details of requirements for upgrading the public infrastructure, where ever need is felt. Describing public participation essential for better development, the Speaker asked the people to coordinate with the administration and personally monitor the development works being executed in their respective areas. The Speaker asked people to come forward and avail maximum benefits of various central as well as state welfare schemes and programmes. “The schemes offered by different departments have tremendous potential of changing the socio-economic profile of the people”, he added. Many locals including youth of Nanak Nagar area joined Bhartiya Janta Party in presence of Speaker Kavinder Gupta and BJP Gandhi Nagar Mandal President Ankush Gupta. The program was organized by team BJP Gandhi Nagar Mandal. The prominent present were Mandal General Secretary Kulbir Charak, S. Amreek Singh, Office Secretary Nayan Gupta & Pawan Goswami, Joginder Singh, Surjeet Singh Sonu, Manmeet Singh, Harbhajan Singh, Lekhraj Gupta and others.

Sh. Baldev Singh Baloria listened to the problems at Ekta Vihar

BALDEV JJJ (1)On the direction of Speaker Kavinder Gupta, the BJP Jammu District President Sh. Baldev Singh Baloria visited Ekta Vihar. On this tour, people brought Baloria to the water supply and the disruption of the lanes. After listened to the problems of people, Baloria said that some streets and drains of Ekta Vihar were done and some work was being done. He said that the government is working to provide better facilities to the people. State BJP alliance government is committed to solving every problem of the people. He said that the water and other alleys in the area are the problems of drains, it has already been said by Speaker Kavinder Gupta to solve the matter after discussions with high officials. Apart from this, there will be public and legitimate problems of the people. His solution will be by the government. Baloria said that Ekta Vihar is going to have a better development in the present time but the survey of the areas which are untouched by the development will also be done on the streets and the development of drains will be done under priority. Baloria said that the government is preparing for the Panchayat elections at the present time, while there has also been talking of getting the body elections done, which would be better for the pace of development in the urban areas. He said that they should make notes of those people who have remained necessary so that they can be made as early as possible by the intervention of Speaker Gupta. Baloria said that the BJP's aim is to make every facility to be done at the grassroots level of the people. BJP has instructed every activist to go to the booth level to solve the problems of the people, for which every worker of the BJP will contact the people. Others who accompanied with Ekta Vihar Gurudwara President Baldev Singh, Swarn Singh, Jagdev Singh, Kamaljeet Singh Sheru and Rakesh Sangral were also present.

Dy. CM Dr Nirmal Singh attended and addressed Working Committee Meeting of District Basohli

23593535_1501914186556941_5138500599828473763_oDy. CM Dr. Nirmal Singh attended and addressed Working Committee Meeting of District Basohli covering areas of Billawar, Basohli and Bani along with the District President & MLA Jeevan Lal. In BJP, the Working Committee Meetings are held at various levels periodically to review the ongoing developmental and party works and to have direct interaction with ground level party activists. While addressing the party leaders and activists, Dr. Nirmal Singh said that the dedicated activists of BJP form the backbone of party as this is a cadre-based party which unlike other parties has true internal democracy in which any person from the ground can work hard and reach up to the highest post and our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a live example that how a person with no political familial background or economic power can do wonders. Dy. CM also appreciated the role of whole timers of the party in extending the base of the party to the remotest of places. He prompted the activists to work for the strengthening of booth level structure of the party. Dr. Singh said that presently all the activists have to shift to Election Mode in view of approaching Panchayat and local body elections and thereafter the Parliamentary and then Assembly elections in the state and so every single party worker has to gear up for the same. He also asked all party leaders and activists to take the achievements of party and government to common masses. He also asked for increased role play of women in politics and every other field. Jeevan Lal delivered the Presidential address in which he detailed about political and organizational activities done by District during past three months. He also said that as an elected representative of people, he is serving people with all his might and appealed to party workers to work as a team at every single booth of the region. Senior Leader, Narain Dutt Tripathi and District Organization Secretary, Inderjit Sharma conducted proceedings of the stage. State Secretary & District Incharge Adv. Vijay Sharma, Som Raj Khajuria, Dinesh Basotra, Reva Khajuria, Kuldeep Abrol, Capt. Om Parkash, Surinder Billawaria, Ravinder Billawaria, Captain Tara Chand and others were the prominent leaders present at the meeting.

Public meetings held at Rajouri

23632519_1501954726552887_7710203834495187081_oMP Lok Sabha Sh. Jugal Kishore Sharma, BJP State Gen. Sec. (Org.) Sh. Ashok Koul, Minister for Animal, Sheep Husbandry & Fisheries Sh. Abdul Ghani Kohli and others addressed the gathering in public meetings at Argi, Dangri.

State Working Committee Meet of BJYM concludes in Bambla (Devak), Sunderbani

23658700_1502929406455419_5599503053898963819_n (1)Two days State Executive Meeting of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM), J&K, was started with State office bearers meeting at Dak Bungalow, Sunderbani, Rajouri, which was chaired by BJYM State President Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra along with BJP State Secretary and Prabhari BJYM Sanjay Baru followed by State Executive Meeting at Dharpur, Sunderbani, Mandal Devak, District Nowshera. BJYM State President Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra inaugurated the Session by enlightening the Traditional Lamp along with BJP State Secretary and Prabhari BJYM Sanjay Baru and BJYM District President Nowshera Sham Mehra. Sham Mehra welcomed Dr. Magotra by presenting traditional sword and welcome all the working committee members in Nowshera District, he also thanked Dr. Magotra for giving the opportunity to organize State working committee meeting first time in the far-flung area of District Nowshera which was itself a history. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Magotra appreciated the hard work done by the District Nowshera activist of BJYM to organize State Working committee meeting in the rural area of the District. He said that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a call to organize the organizational meeting in the rural areas so that we can easily get connected with the people living in far-flung areas. He said that this time we decided to organize it with our local tradition so that the activist can feel that, BJP is the only party which wants to promote its historic culture and tradition. On the occasion, Sanjay Baru appreciated BJYM for the historical events of BJYM at Srinagar and said that the rally was a historic one in which more than 2000 Youth of Kashmir including women have participated in Youth convention, in which MP and BJYM National President Smt. Poonam Mahajan was the Chief Guest. He said that BJYM under Dr. Magotra have touched new heights which can’t be ignored, and the new wave of BJYM in Kashmir is its live evidence. The Second session was about Resolution, Discussion, and Suggestion. BJP MLA Nowshera Ravinder Raina takes this session along with BJYM State President Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra and BJP State Secretary and Prabhari BJYM Sanjay Baru. The resolution was Presented by BJYM State General Secretary Vikas Choudhary, Dr. Magotra discussed Resolution and few amendments were made and after this, it was passed. BJP District President Nowshera Capt. Som Dutt was also present on the occasion. On the occasion, Ravinder Raina said that it is a great honor for him, that BJYM is organizing State Working Committee meeting in his constituency. He appreciated the step taken by BJYM State President to organize it in a rural area in open, as said by Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Raina also appreciated Yuva Morcha for the establishment of its roots in Kashmir and said that the same can be seen by the emergent Nationalist voice among Kashmiri Youth who wants to take Kashmir out from the era of militancy and terrorism by moving ahead with the ideology of BJP. The third session was about Reporting and upcoming events, BJYM State President Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra along with Prabhari BJYM Sanjay Baru takes the session. All the District Presidents presented their detailed Report of the organizational work done in last three months. In this session, Dr. Magotra discusses various upcoming events and said that Yuva Morcha will work with more pace and speed to fulfill all organizational responsibilities given by the high command. The proceedings on the dais were done by BJYM State General Secretaries Vikas Choudhary and Tarun Sharma and vote of thanks was done by Adv Gurdev Thakur. Around 75 BJYM activists including State office bearers, State executive members, District Presidents and their general secretaries were present at the meeting.

Shri Avinash Rai Khanna lauds return of Kashmiri boy into mainstream

23659391_1502934793121547_754929328021897214_nBJP National Vice-President, National Vice Chairman, Indian Red Cross Society, former MP, Rajya Sabha & Prabhari J&K unit, Sh. Avinash Rai Khanna, has welcomed the return of 20 years old Kashmiri youth, Majid Khan, to his home after a weeklong stay with a terror outfit operating in Kashmir. Avinash Rai Khanna, while hailing the decision of Majid, said this is indeed an inspiring development more for the fact that the youth of Kashmir have risen to this realization that unscrupulous elements who woo and persuade them to join ranks of militancy have their own vested interests. It is pertinent to mention here that Majid Khan had joined terrorist outfit under the influence of certain unwanted elements before he surrendered before security forces with his arms and ammunition. Khanna said that upon joining the militancy, he was called upon by his mother that he is doing no good for anybody by this decision. Call of his mother, love for motherland and concern for the betterment of the society he lives in, eventually made him leave anti-national elements and return towards a bright future, the BJP leader said. Khanna said that role of security forces and the administration also needs to be appreciated for his return. He said that in these troubled times the Civil Society has to make more efforts to save the glory of the Valley. He also stressed that the parents have a major role in providing their wards with the moral teachings while guiding them in the right direction. The youth have a greater role and duty for doing good towards their society and the Nation as well as towards their parents and themselves by concentrating on studies, excelling in sports, arts and other fields, the BJP leaders said. Moreover, the youth of Kashmir must follow those who have excelled in various fields in the mainstream rather than getting misled and strayed into traps of terrorist outfits, he added.

Meditation medium for understanding spirituality, ushering peace: Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh

23632113_1502941029787590_6039361717093732721_oDy CM Dr. Nirmal Singh, said that meditation is the medium for solving various health-related issues like stress, anxiety and the onus lies on the people to follow the path as it can also lead to contentment and understanding the real essence of life and spirituality. The Deputy Chief Minister was speaking on a function organized in connection with the celebration of 80th Anniversary of Praja Pita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalya held at the Convention Centre here today. Several eminent personalities like Smt. Nirmala Devi and other dignitaries were also present. Dr. Singh said the path of peace and mutual co-existence as taught by Sufis and seers is a path to be followed especially in today’s context when certain forces are trying to push us into an era of death, destruction, and chaos. “We should be following the path of meditation and yoga religiously as it leads to self-introspection and also gives us positive energy which in turn leads to a healthy society free from malice, hatred, and violence”, he said and maintained that the Prime Minister has already taken the initiative of introducing the Yoga at Global level which has been received overwhelmingly by people living in various countries across the globe. While referring to the inclusiveness of the Indian culture, the Deputy Chief Minister said it has the unique feature of accommodation which goes with the universal doctrine of Sarva Dharam Sambhav. He said the uniqueness of our culture was rightly highlighted some centuries back by our great philosopher Swami Vivekananda when he had said that India is the epicenter of spirituality and the related thought processes. The same is being recognized globally nowadays even by our adversaries, he added. Dr. Singh called upon the people to follow the path of meditation in order to live a healthy life free of anxiety, stress, and hatred. He said this will further help in living a life full of positive energy so that we can contribute our bit in helping our fellow human beings, besides, creating a healthy and powerful nation. Deputy Chief Minister later distributed awards among persons who had excelled in different fields of life.

BJP holds massive rally in Rajouri

23632831_1502944129787280_6716964722913714354_oBJP conducted massive rally in Rajouri at Fatehpur in which people from all walks of life in thousands especially large gathering from ST and Pahari Community participated to listen to the bigwigs of J&K State BJP like its State President & MLA Sat Sharma along with MP Lok Sabha from Jammu-Poonch, Jugal Kishore Sharma, State Vice-President Yudhvir Sethi, State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Kaul, Vice-Chairman Pahari Board, Kuldeep Raj Gupta, MLC Vibodh Gupta and other senior leaders, which was beautifully managed and organized by Ch. Talib Hussain. Sh. Sat Sharma, while addressing the gathering thanked them for their love and support for BJP by participating in the rally in such a big number. He said that the participation of all the sections and regions in this rally proves that the people have accepted the party by their hearts and are satisfied with the good governance of the government led by our worthy Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as the BJP-PDP coalition in the State. He added that the Government is working with the sole aim of extending its reach to the last downtrodden person in the society. Sh. Jugal Kishore Sharma, while delivering his address said that the people of India have approved the “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas” the famous quote of PM Modi. He boasted of various big projects brought in J&K and elaborated on various Centre-sponsored schemes. He called upon the leaders and the activists to be ready for the 2019 Parliament elections and boost their performance to ensure win of every single seat in the elections. Sh. Yudhvir Sethi, in his address, said that BJP is pursuing its agenda of development for all sections of the society. He enumerated various achievements of the government as improvements in road connectivity of all far-flung areas, four landing of roads, provision of chopper connectivity, development of tourist circuits to boost the tourism in the state. Ashok Kaul, prompting the leaders and the activists to work with morality while making inroads within the society, said that BJP is the unique party having Nationalistic character and cadre which is always dedicated to the works of society. He asked them to prepare for the Panchayat elections by working together on strong strategy. Ch. Talib Hussain said that the people have faith in PM Modi and they can proudly say today that their decision of supporting the BJP is right. He said that the gathering of people is a testimony to the development done by BJP in Rajouri. Kuldeep Raj Gupta enumerated various development works done in the Pahari district by the present government. Vibodh Gupta asked the party leaders and activists to work extensively for taking the party policies to every household of the region. Adv. Asif conducted the proceedings of the stage. Rajinder Gupta, Dinesh Sharma, Ch. Darbar Ahmad, Dr. Nisar Choudhary, Anup Gupta, Vishal Dutta and others were among the prominent leaders present at the rally.

Teachings of seers, saints more relevant today: Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh

23736194_1503507159730977_326171525538763544_oDy CM Dr. Nirmal Singh said that the teachings and the path shown by our religious seers and saints are more relevant today and these need to be propagated, promoted and imbibed in order to usher an era of peace, tranquility in the world. The Deputy Chief Minister was addressing a function organized in connection with the celebration of the 6th Annual function of Bharat Seva Ashram Sangha, at Panch Garian Nagrota here after laying the foundation of a School (Vidya Mandir) being constructed by the organization. Minister of State for Education and Tourism, Priya Sethi, prominent people from different walks of life, families in large numbers were present on the occasion. Dr. Singh while speaking on the occasion said that teachings of great saints and Gurus have great significance for promoting world peace and prosperity. While calling upon the people to infuse such spiritual teachings in their lives to fight the challenges of today’s modern living, the Deputy Chief Minister said teachings of seers have more relevance in present time for heralding peace, prosperity, and amity in the State. He said the present, society is being guided by the materialistic pursuits and spirituality is the only tool to liberate it from this unending web of self-destruction. He asked the people to follow the teachings of seers and Sufis which remind us of the importance of practicing of non-violence, compassion, harmony, and peace in our personal as well as social life. He said that we should also effectively propagate these teachings among the younger generation so that they are attracted towards the concept of Ahimsa, mutual co-existence, and tolerance towards each other. Priya Sethi while speaking on the occasion said that the teachings of non-violence, truth, and compassion enunciated by our seers and saints hold great significance in the present times and by following them we can promote world peace and amity. A colorful cultural programme was also presented on the occasion.

Minister for Health & Medical Education Sh. Bali Bhagat addressed public problems at BJP headquarters

23593801_1501823666565993_6689924855521333360_oMinister for Health & Medical Education Sh. Bali Bhagat today listened to public problems through BJP Karyakartas at Party Headquarters, Trikuta Nagar, Jammu. Sh. Bali Bhagat assured all the Karyakartas that the public issues raised by them will be redressed soon. BJP Karyakartas from across J&K participated in the meeting.

BJP State Addl. Media Secretary is on Vistarak tour in Nubra Assembly Constituency; visits various villages

Lotus Logo copyBJP State Addl. Media Secretary Jamyang Tsering Namgyal (Councilor, LAHDC Leh) started his Weeklong BJP Vistarak Tour in Nubra valley. During his second day he visits Charasa, Burma, Chamshen and Yulkham villages of Sumoor Councilor Constituency along with Rigzin Lundup Hon’ble Councilor of the area and Executive Members lead by Sh. Tsering Phuntsok Vice Presidents and Sh. Tshi Dorjay General Secretary of BJP Sumoor Mandal. During his third day tour, JTN visits to Trisha, Panamik Gokma & Yokma, Phukpochey, Moorgi and Koori villages along with Sh. Tsering Sandup Hon’ble (Councillor of the Area) EC Tourism, LAHDC Leh and Executive Members lead by Sh. Angchuk Chumboor Advisor of BJP Sumoor Mandal. Interacting the public of the various villages Jamyang Tsering Namgyal State BJP Executive Member extended congratulation to the people of Nubra valley for achieving the long pending cherished demands of the people like: Under Modi lead BJP Govt. at Center in last three years:. 1. Hike in Wages for Siachen Labours, 2. Hike in BADP to Rs. 25 Crores for Nubra valley, 3. Extension of Inner Line Permit from Panamik to Wasri village, 4. Sanctioning of Rs.120 Crore for Extension of Power Supply from Alchi Power Project to Nubra Valley under PMDP 5. Sanctioning of 4 Towers to Bogdang, Nine Post, Yarma Belt and Khalsar {to cover Digar-Tangyar Area} villages, 6. Completion Blacktopping of pending 13km Roads from Charasa to Yarma Gombo under NABARD Scheme, Under BJP-PDP Coalition Govt. at State in last three year: 7. Sanctioned by Nubra Development Authority. 8. Rs18 crore for Nubra valley under Sawdesh Scheme in development of wayside amenities. Under BJP Ruling at LAHDC Leh 9. Completion of Blacktopping of 32KMs Roads in various villages in Nubra valley, 10. Completion and handing over of Ration Cards in whole Leh District, BJP State Addl. Media Secretary applauds the sincere leadership of BJP and the extensive efforts made by BJP Councilors of Nubra lead by Hon’ble CE Tourism Sh. Tsering Sandup, Dr. Sonam Dawa Hon’ble Chairman/CEC, LAHDC Leh, Sh. Chering Dorjay Lakrook, Hon’ble Minister for Ladakh Affairs and Sh. Thupstan Chhewang Hon’ble MP Ladakh. During the public meeting in various villages, the village leaders extended thanks, BJP and its leaders for Considering Nubra valley in all kinds of developmental projects and also thanks to releasing sufficient Funds under MLC CDF and MP LADS.

Gujjar community a mark of hardship & patrioritism : Sh. Rajesh Gupta

MLA Rajesh Gupta (2)MLA Jammu east and party chief whip Sh. Rajesh Gupta visited Gujjar Bakerwal Hostel at Eidgah road. The MLA announced an amount of rupees 10 lakhs out of his CDF for the renovation of the Gujjar & Bakerwal Hostel. MLA Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion said that the Gujjar and Bakerwal community is truly nationalist and have always played a positive role in the development of the nation.He said that the community of Gujjar and Bakerwal are unpaid soldiers of the nation who are guarding the upper reaches and also the inhospitable border areas. Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion said that the Gujjar and Bakerwal community lead their lives in the inhospitable conditions and brave the vagaries of nature whether it is heat, rain or cold. Rajesh Gupta said that the government is conscious of the difficulties faced by the Gujjar and Bakerwal community and would like to bring their children at par with the other educationally advanced communities.Rajesh Gupta appealed to the community elders to take good care of the educational needs of the children so that they can stand on their own feet and become proud citizens of the country. In this function, he is accompanied by zahoor ahmed president Muslim welfare committee and also accompanied by Gujjar community warden Mushtaq, Mohd. Hussain, Shahzad Khan and Amirul khatana. The Prominents who accompanied theMLA included Surinder annand, Gobind sareen, Santosh, Ajit raj and Sanjay

BJP Karyakarini Meeting held at Bhaderwah

IMG_20171117_124340The BJP mandal's Karyakarini was held at Bhaderwah under the chairmanship of mandal president Shri Ramneek Singh Manhas. Shri Vipan Sharma Vibhag General Secretary Organization Doda and Ramban Districts was the Chief Guest and Shri Gajay Singh Rana state executive member and election in-charge for Bhaderwah assembly constituency was the guest of honor.The meeting began with the lighting of Deepak before photos of late S/Shri Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay ji, and Dr. Shyma Parshad Mukherjee. The rich homage was also paid to BJYM leader from Kashmir Sheed Gohar Ahamed Butt who layed his life for the unity of India. Several issues related to the organization were discussed in the meeting and a resolution prepared by mandal Bhaderwah was placed in the meeting by the mandal president for discussion which was unanimously passed and accepted after few additions. The meeting was concluded by singing rashtrya gaan. Among those who deliberated in the meeting include Shri Kaushal Kotwal state executive member, Shri Raj Singh Charak, President District Kissan Morch, Smt. Satya Manhas, Mahila Morcha President, Shri Ameen Mir, Minority Morcha President, Shri Sourav Gupta, BJYM president, Shri Devender Kotwal, S. Kartar Singh vice president, Shri Kujlal Parihar general secretary, Shri Sanjiv Sharma, Shri Ramesh Sharma secretary, executive members Shri Pawan Kumar, Shri Ganderb Singh, Shri Bhanu Partap, Shri Abdul Hafiz, Shri Mukesh Bharti, Pinki Devi, Pooja Devi, Shri Ghulam Mohamad and others.

Dy CM Dr. Nirmal Singh condemns killing of police officer at Zakura

23561698_1501703359911357_6537619774299048729_nDy CM Dr. Nirmal Singh today expressed grief over the killing of Sub Inspector Mr. Imran Tak, who was killed by the militants in Zakura area of Srinagar district. While condemning the killing of the police officer, the Deputy Chief Minister said the sacrifices rendered by valiant police officers would be remembered forever and the perpetrators of the violence would be dealt with sternly. Deputy Chief Minister while expressing sympathies with the bereaved family prayed for peace to the departed soul.

Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh directs for holistic development of Jammu, early completion of Tawi river front, MHS Park projects

23668891_1501088946639465_6136147561859377724_oDy CM Dr. Nirmal Singh directed the officers of Housing and Urban Development Department to ensure holistic development of Jammu city replete with all the basic facilities and modern amenities so that it comes up as one of the model cities of the country. “The Deputy Chief Minister said while speaking at the 79th meeting of the Board of Directors of Jammu Development Authority and 6th Governing Body Meeting of the State Urban Development Agency (SUDA) here today. Minister of State for Housing & Urban Development Ms. Asiea Naqash was also present at these meetings. The Deputy Chief Minister asked the Vice Chairman JDA to fast pace the development of prestigious projects like Tawi Ravi Front Project and Maharaja Hari Singh Memorial Park so that these are completed the stipulated time-frame. He said the officers working on these projects should hold regular meetings in order to ensure that these are completed within the shortest possible time. He also directed for early construction of Shelter for Urban Homeless (SUM) under NULM maintaining that it would go a long way in addressing the housing needs of urban homeless. He also called for fast pacing development of parks and pathways in various colonies of JDA, construction of flats being undertaken by the authority and also early completion of modernization/development of general bus stand cum multi-level car parking cum commercial complex maintaining that adequate rehabilitation measures should also be undertaken for the affected shopkeepers so that their means of livelihood do not get disturbed. While asking the officers to come up with a holistic policy to meet the housing and other basic needs of the large chunk of population living in the urban areas of the State, the Deputy Chief Minister asked the JDA to synergize its activities in order to take necessary steps for providing housing colonies and other related amenities to the people within the shortest possible time-frame. “Emphasis should be laid to come up with a viable housing policy with perspective planning to deal with the burgeoning population and their housing needs, besides also ensuring that the requisite parameters with regard to the permissions are also adhered to,” he maintained. He asked the officers to strictly deal with those trying to deviate from the already set patterns and also take strict action against the encroachers. The Deputy CM directed officers to ensure proper development of parks and other related facilities in the housing colonies already set up by the Board and also explore the possibility of including private partners in these ventures. While chairing the governing body meeting of the SUDA, the Deputy Chief Minister directed officers to ensure the speedy implementation of the various programmes being implemented by the agency. He said that these have an immense potential of ensuring the job creation and also providing the necessary skill training to the youth of the state. Deputy Chief Minister also directed for fast pacing the work on the projects being constructed under Shelter for Urban Homeless (SUH) maintain that these would ensure the housing facilities to the urban poor of the state. He said that the schemes being implemented by the agency should also be monitored on a regular basis so that the impact of these at ground level is got besides also obtaining the necessary feedback. Commissioner/Secretary, Housing and Urban Development, Mr. Hridesh Kumar, Divisional Commissioner, Jammu Dr. Mandeep Bhandari, VC JDA and other senior officers were also present at the meeting.

Even Congress supporters back PM in his policies: Sh. Harinder Gupta

23658685_1500961243318902_8285052452529643904_nBJP State General Secretary & Incharge Jammu region, Sh. Harinder Gupta hailed the outcome of findings from Washington based think tank-“Pew Research Centre Survey” conducted among 2464 respondents in India from February 21 to March 10, 2017 in which about 71% of people of India have supported Indian Premier Narendra Modi on his policies for handling of Kashmir, terrorism and other major issues. Sh. Harinder Gupta said that Indian population’s approval of PM Modi and their satisfaction with both their country’s direction and the state of its economy have grown in recent years. He said that despite the fruitless efforts of opposition by pushing false propaganda against the good governance of PM Modi led NDA government, the Indian population has established time and again, that they have full faith in the policies pursued by our worthy Prime Minister. Gupta claimed that the survey, especially after the passage of three years of Central Government, has proved that the NDA government is doing its job up to the mark, whether in terms of External Affairs, Home, Finance or any other sector. He also said that the popularity of PM Modi exists across the Indian states in every single district and also across every caste and creed. He also appreciated PM’s concern for the neglected sections of the society, especially for the women and formulating and implementing various beneficial schemes for the targeted population. Gupta specifically mentioned about the finding of the report that PM Modi’s popularity remains unchanged in the North, has risen in the West and the South. PM also remains the most popular National figure in the Indian politics. Sampled population favored PM on the issues like unemployment, terrorism, and corruption as well as the handling of domestic affairs. He said that even the Congress supporters have backed up the PM Modi led government in the handling of major issues as the report suggests. He also took the opportunity to mention about the various landmark decisions of the NDA government like rolling out of GST, taking hard decision of demonetization and subsequent remonetization, the taking up of “Swacchta Abhiyaan” to whole new level, a long forgotten dream of Mahatma Gandhi as well as “Ujjwala” and other major welfare schemes.

BJP State General Secretary (Org.) Sh. Ashok Koul on tour of Rajouri, Poonch Districts.

23593563_1499940396754320_5322192852567397124_oToday Sh. Ashok Koul convened meetings at Poonch to review preparations for upcoming Panchayat elections.

Farooq’s statements pushing Kashmiri youth towards separatism, terrorism: BJP

Brig. Anil GuptaIn a press statement issued by Bharatiya Janata Party, it has expressed fear that wavering stand and conflicting statements of Dr. Farooq Abdullah, MP and President of Jammu & Kashmir National Conference are pushing the Kashmiri youth towards extremism. Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of the party is of the view that, “The recent statements of Dr. Abdullah who is perceived as a pro-establishment politician by the Kashmiri youth have added to the confusion in the young minds who are already faced with a dilemma of politics versus religion. Let down by politicians like Sh. Farooq Abdullah and other members of his bandwagon, they are gravitating towards radicalization. Terrorists like Zakir Musa are emerging as new icons. The reality is that disillusioned Kashmiri youth is looking for direction. They want to join the national mainstream but when leaders like Farooq Abdullah parrot the Pakistani leaders and make pro-Pakistan statements, they are compelled to re-think.” Ridiculing his statement that POJK belongs to Pakistan, Brig Gupta questioned Dr. Farooq to clarify as to why his father Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah refused to allot evacuee properties in Jammu to POJK refugees on the plea that one-day POJK will be liberated and all these people will go back to their houses and vice-versa? Why have 24 seats been earmarked in J&K Assembly for POJK and remain officially vacant as per Section 48 of the Jammu and Kashmir constitution? Why are they not being allotted to POJK refugees or Kashmiri Pandits? The fact is that of late Dr. Farooq is acting as a ‘voice of Pakistan’ in the Valley. After the Prime Minister of Pakistan denounced the concept of “Azadi” for Kashmir, he also came out with a ditto statement unmindful of his earlier statements on the subject. He is repeatedly talking of Pakistan as a nuclear nation, giving credence to the statements of Pakistani political and military leadership resorting to ‘nuclear blackmail’ of India, conveniently forgetting Kargil operations and recent surgical strikes which were conducted in the backdrop of a nuclear Pakistan, reminded Brig Gupta. Nuclear weapons are weapons of deterrence and not war-fighting, Dr. Abdullah should stop creating a fear psychosis among the common masses, advised the spokesperson. The lingering fear of Kashmiri speaking Muslims becoming a minority and Sheikh Abdullah virtually losing the race to Premiership to some non-Kashmiri speaking leader made Sheikh to convince the then Prime Minister Nehru, to announce a unilateral ceasefire, when Indian Army was poised to liberate the remaining parts of the state, resulting in the creation of PoJK. With PoJK premier Raja Farooq Haider Khan demanding reunification with India, the same fear is haunting his son Farooq now and that is why he wants POJK to remain permanently with Pakistan, apprehended Brig Gupta. Rather than liberating POJK as promised by his father and the unanimous resolution passed by Indian Parliament, Dr. Abdullah has meekly submitted to the Pak narrative which has added to the confusion of Kashmiri youth, reiterated the spokesperson.

Sh. Jugal Kishore Sharma visited far flung villages Paneya,Palel in Chamb.

press2Sh. Jugal Kishore Sharma Member of Parliament BJP (Lok Sabha) Jammu Poonch along with MLA Chamb Krishan Lal Bhagat visited far flung villages Paneya, Palel in Chamb Constituency and Sanctioned Total amount of Rupees Ten Lac, Five Lac from MPLAD Scheme and Rupees Five Lac from MLA CDF in Chamb Constituency. Jugal Kishore Sharma Member of Parliament while addressing the gathering present at the occasion said that the Village Paneya and Palel is the Rural Part of Chamb Constituency and will get all the basic amenities. He said that both the villages will connected by construction of road under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna. Member of Parliament Sanctioned Rupees Five Lac from MPLAD Scheme for construction of Link Road to the interior part of the villages to provide the connectivity .Member of Parliament also visited Baba Maimal Ji Dev Sansthan at Village Palel and paid his worship to the Holly Place.Public present at the occasion welcomed Member of Parliament during his maiden visit to the far flung area and thanked him for readdressing their demands.Member of Parliament added that the number of schemes launched by the Prime Minister for the betterment of each and every citizen of India and the people should take advantage of the Centrally Sponsored Schemes,also appraised by Member of Parliament among the masses. Krishan Lal Bhagat MLA Chamb Constituency thanked the Member of Parliament and also sanctioned Rupees Five Lac from his CDF to provide equal share to the Development of the Rural Area.He said that BJP-PDP government is working on the agenda of "Sabka Sath Sabka Vikaas" and will ready to serve with all the level best to the citizens of India. Block President BJP Jagan Nath, Darshan Lal, Govind Ram, Kali Dass, Om Parkash, Bodh Raj, Tirath Ram, Ved Parkash, Bali, Madan Gopal and others were also present at the occasion.  

JK to celebrate World Heritage Week with festivity: Smt. Priya Sethi

image1Minister of State for Education and Tourism, Smt. Priya Sethi called for celebrating World Heritage Week throughout the State with festivity to raise awareness of State’s rich heritage besides encouraging its preservation and promotion. The Minister stated this while chairing a meeting held to review preparations for World Heritage Week celebration to be held from 19th – 25th November. Citing cultural Heritage as the legacy of physical artifacts and intangible attributes inherited from past generations, the Minister asked the concerned authorities to organize special programmes showcasing heritage wealth of the state and also encourage people especially the young generation to be a part of the initiative to preserve the state’s rich heritage for the posterity. Priya directed for generating mass awareness for preservation and protection of State’s ancient culture and environment during the week-long celebrations. Highlighting the treasure of heritage possessed by the state, Priya said that these heritages and monuments are the ancient property of the state which we must have to preserve and save to inherit the culture and tradition to the next generation. She said that the State is known for its heritage sites all over the world and various programs related to the historical structures, tourist places and cultural and traditional heritage of the State will be initiated in order to celebrate the World Heritage Week. To add the essence of festivity, Priya asked the concerned authorities to ensure the illumination of all heritage buildings in the State, including SPS Museum, Srinagar, Ranbir Library, Chamba Statue, Leh, Heritage Complex Dewana Mandir and Mubarak Mandi, Amar Singh College, Srinagar, GGM Science College, Jammu and all other heritage sites of great importance during the week. She said special cleanliness drives, heritage walks and illumination of heritage sites should be organized by involving Tourism, Culture, Education, Urban Development and other concerned departments. “World Heritage Week in the State will start on 19th November with the launch of cleanliness drive at Heritage Complexes in Jammu and similar celebrations would also be held at Srinagar and Leh with their culmination on 25th November with Natural Heritage Walk programme,” the Minister maintained. “A Valedictory function on 26th November shall be organised to felicitate the personalities and organizations contributed to the preservation and restoration of state’s heritage”, she added. Pertinently, on 20th Nov, Symposium and painting competition will be held along with photo exhibition followed by Food Ethnic Day on 22nd. On 22nd &23rd, Ethnic Cultural Programme promoting the local folk dances & music will be organized and Heritage Walk showing the composite culture of the state will take place on 24th of November. The Minister asked all the concerned departments along with the community groups, people from heritage organizations, museums, heritage centers and Cultural Services to come together to make it a memorable Heritage Week. She also called upon the organizers to involve local MLAs, public personalities, prominent members of civil society, leaders, educationists and other prominent public figures in the celebrations. She appealed all sections of the society to participate in the event and experience the rich cultural heritage of the state. Secretary School Education Department, Farooq Ahmed Shah ,Secretary Tourism, Sarmad Hafeez , Secretary Culture Dilshada Khan, Director, School Education Jammu, Ravinder Singh,Director Archives, Archeology and Museums Mohammad Shafi Zahid, SSP Jammu Vivek Gupta, Assistant Commissioner (R) JMC, Venakshi koul, Joint Director Tourism , Shokat Mahmood, Joint Director Information, Jammu, Manisha Sarin along with senior functionaries and representatives of JMC, Academy of Art, Culture and Languages, Floriculture Department, Central University of Jammu, G.G.M Science College ,Food Craft Institute, Police and other concerned departments attended the meeting. Senior officers from the office of Divisional Commissioner Kashmir also took part in the meeting through video conferencing.

BJP inaugurates lane work in Ward-40

BJP inaugurates lane work in Ward-40BJP led by its State Secretary Sh. Sanjay Baru along with other BJP leaders in the presence of an august gathering of a large number of local population inaugurated the tiling work in the Lane No. 17 of Kabir Colony in Talab Tillo area. Sh. Sanjay Baru, while inaugurating the work also addressed the gathering present on the spot and said that State BJP led by BJP State President & local MLA from Jammu West Sh. Sat Sharma has left no stone unturned for the development of the whole area. He boasted about the plethora of developmental works being done by the local MLA in the area for meeting out the aspirations of the local masses. He said that in view of the difficulties being faced by the residents of the said area due to the broken surface of the road, the local residents approached the concerned MLA for the mitigation of their problems. He said that the MLA promptly acting on the need of the local residents acted within a month and initiated the construction of the lane work thus giving out a major relief to the public and particularly at the time of certain social gatherings in the said lane. State Press Secretary Dr. Pardeep Mahotra specifically mentioned about various public friendly schemes initiated by the PM Narendra Modi led BJP government at the Centre and BJP-PDP coalition government in the State. BJP Mahila Morcha District General Secretary Neelam Nargotra also enumerated various achievements of the BJP at a local level and particularly about the women-oriented schemes started by present dispensation. Locals also appreciated the concern of local MLA Sat Sharma for quick disposal of their issue in a timely manner. BJYM Mandal President Atul Bakshi, Ward President Yashpaul Shivgotra, Asha Sethi, Sachin, Rahul, Sunita, Shubham, Tejinder Singh, Kamla, and others were among the prominent persons present on the occasion.

BJP conducts series of meetings in Nowshera, Poonch

BJP conducts series of meetings in Nowshera, PoonchBJP State General Secretary (Org.) Sh. Ashok Kaul conducted series of meetings in his ongoing schedule of ‘Pravas’ in all the regions of State at Sunderbani, Nowshera and Kalakote in the Nowshera and Poonch area in connection with the discussions on organizational matters and to discuss the strategy in view of the approaching Panchayat Elections in the State of Jammu & Kashmir. Sh. Ashok Kaul while interacting with the BJP leaders and the activists, discussed thoroughly the organizational matters and said that the BJP has the distinction of being a highly disciplined and Nationalistic party. He said that BJP is based upon a strong fabric of brotherhood with its cadre based character, where internal democracy is followed in letter and spirit. He prompted the party leaders to uphold the ethics of organization while working in the common masses and take the message and ideology of BJP into every household of the region. Kaul further said that in view of approaching Panchayat Elections in the State it is highly expected from all the flag bearers of the party to work for the welfare of the general masses while not caring whether it’s day or night. He prompted all to work extensively while ensuring the implementation of all public welfare schemes of PM Narendra Modi led Central Government to the last person standing in the row of the most neglected section of the society in order to ensure that every candidate supported by the party turns out to be a winning candidate. He stressed that the win of BJP is not only necessary for the party but for the general masses as it is the only party which works for the sole aim of providing good governance to the common masses while working on the principle of “Nation First, Party Second and Self Last” Minister Abdul Ghani Kohli, MLA Ravinder Raina, MLC Pardeep Sharma, State Secretary Sunil Gupta, District Co-Incharge Jugal Dogra, District President Captain Som Dutt, Ex. District President Ashok and other prominent BJP leaders also accompanied Ashok Kaul during the meetings.

Sh. Sat Sharma starts waste management scheme at Bhawani nagar, Janipur.

IMG_20171116_101414620With a view of promoting Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, BJP State President and MLA Sh. Sat Sharma (CA) inaugurated organic and inorganic waste treatment scheme at Bhawani Nagar, Janipur which will be done under the supervision of Faith Charitable Trust. Earlier the scheme was launched in Lakkar Mandi and Indra Vihar areas and now it has been extended to Bhawani Nagar. Floowing this success soon all areas of Jammu West constituency will be covered in this scheme for a cleaner and greener Jammu. Sat Sharma was accompanied by local residents, officials and local leaders. In a press statement issued, Sh. Sharma said that it is the duty of every human being to keep their surroundings clean and with that motto, this trust has launched such a project. Sharma said that this program will be initiate in other wards soon. He said that dustbins have already been distributed to households so that they can segregate the organic and inorganic waste. He urged the local residents to participate in this inititative and make Jammu clean. Praduman Singh, Vijay Sharma, Mantoo, Purshottam Khajuria, Subash Sharma, JD Singh, Pankaj Sawhney, Sahil Gupta, Atul Bakshi and many others were present on the occasion.

Sh. Yudhvir Sethi felicitates footballers, favours developing exclusive grounds

Yudhvir Sethi felicitates footballersBJP Vice President Sh. Yudhvir Sethi today said that matter pertaining to the development of exclusive playgrounds for football would be taken up with State Sports Council so that players could practice uninterruptedly. He said that existing grounds where footballers do practice will also be got maintained for enabling players to carry on with their routine matches ably. He was speaking after felicitating new team of Jammu District Football Association who had called on him today. Jenab Sheikh Mahmood (Persident), Yousuf (Secretary), Rajesh Sumbria (Treasurer), S.M. Gill (Director Member), Ramesh Chander (Director Member), David Masih (Director Member), Charampreet Singh(Senior Player), Peter(Senior Player) and Harish Don(Player) were in the delegation. Sh. Yudhvir Sethi said that this particular sport is gaining popularity in our state and more and more youth must be encouraged to take up football professionally. Congratulation new team, the BJP leader said even Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his radio programme "Mann Ki Baat" had mentioned about football and congratulated junior Indian footballers for having plate FIFA matches or the first time. He also wished good luck to the new team for their coming two tournaments which are going to be held in Jammu and hoped they bring laurels. Earlier, the association members apprised Yudhvir Sethi of some issues pertaining to sports council and sought their redressal. The Association members also demanded that ground of sports councils should be improved with facilities for players.

BJP holds Mahila Morcha State Working Committee Meeting

BJP holds Mahila Morcha State Working Committee Meeting (2)BJP State Mahila Morcha conducted its Working Committee meeting at BJP headquarter, Trikuta Nagar. Meeting was inaugurated by BJP State President & MLA Jammu West, Sh. Sat Sharma along with BJP State Vice-President Smt. Rajni Sethi, Minister Smt. Priya Sethi, Chairperson Dr. Nirmal Kamal, BJP State Secretary Sh. Sanjay Baru and Morcha State President Smt. Purnima Sharma. Morcha State Office Bearers and District Presidents from all three regions of State attended the meeting in which various women related issues and ongoing developmental and party works were discussed in the supervision and guidance of senior leaders. Sh. Sat Sharma, while congratulating everybody for the first ever successful working committee meeting in Kashmir said that to maintain cadre based structure of party these organizational meetings are held from National to very basic level of organization carrying message of top leadership to booth level workers and giving an excellent opportunity to have an interaction within ground level workers and top leadership of organization, to instill new enthusiasm in the activists. He focused on PM Modi’s vision for achieving “Clean India” by 2nd October 2019 and appealed to Morcha leaders to work for bringing the change from within every home by use of women power. Rajya Sabha MP, Sh. Shamsher Singh Manhas asked the women leaders and activists to increase their participation in all spheres of the competitive world, by working as an asset to every organization, by coming in the decision making roles as well as by adopting a strong working character, whether in politics, administrative or other fields. Smt. Priya Sethi prompted Morcha activists to take all public welfare schemes and achievements of Government to general women masses. She asked for the empowerment of women folk by working for more than 33% role in every field. She also applauded the role of Union Government on the decision of Triple Talaq by Supreme Court of India. Purnima Sharma delivered a Presidential address and presented detail of women related developmental and other works done along with achievements in last three months by the Mahila Morcha leaders and activists. She also boasted about successful implementation of women welfare schemes of Central and State Government by the Morcha team. State Secretary Sh. Rajinder Sharma and State Social Media & IT Incharge Sh. Jaidev Rajwal also addressed the meeting. Smt. Priya Sethi presented the resolution of State Mahila Morcha which was seconded by Dr. Nirmal Kamal. Morcha State General Secretary, Smt. Veenu Khanna conducted proceedings of stage. Morcha State General Secretary Smt. Sanjita Dogra presented vote of thanks. Morcha State General Secretary Smt. Anju Dogra, Senior leader Smt. Sheila Handoo and others were the prominent leaders present in the meeting.

Sh. Ashok Koul on tour of Rajouri

23592127_1498738346874525_1090443470157771873_oBJP State General Secretary (Org) Shri Ashok Koul on tour of Rajouri, Poonch Districts. Sh. Ashok Koul convened meetings at Nowshera,Sunderbani & Kalakote to review preprations for upcoming Panchayat elections.  

BJP holds plantation drive in revenue complex

BJP holds plantation drive in revenue complex-iSafe, Clean environment integral part of humanity: Sh. Sat Sharma In an example setting job of showing concern to public related issues being raked up by various stakeholders from time to time, BJP State President & MLA, Sh. Sat Sharma visited the revenue complex, Gole Gujral, Ward-32 falling under Jammu West Constituency to check cleanliness related issue in its premises. It is pertinent to mention here that the MLA had earlier visited the revenue complex last month and it was brought into his notice by media persons about the bad condition of sanitation in said premises, and so had issued the instructions to the concerned officials that he will revisit the complex in one month time to see the prompt action on ground. Sat Sharma paid a visit to the premises of Revenue Complex and found that after his instructions, the concerned Tehsildar led the cleanliness drive in the premises and got it thoroughly cleaned and applauded his role for the good work. MLA emphasizing on the role of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in initiating “Swacchta Abhiyaan”, said that PM has carried forward the message of Mahatma Gandhi in its true sense, rather than being rendered to the talks of paperwork. He focused on the vision of PM Modi of achieving “Clean India” by 2nd October 2019 as the best tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th birth anniversary. Sh. Sat Sharma also checked the register of Public Service Guarantee Act and lauded the performance of department in attending to the public concern works in stipulated time. The MLA also held the plantation drive in the premises to ensure that the clean and green environment is provided to the hundreds of visitors, who are paying the visit to the concerned office for their personal and official works. He commented that Safe and Clean environment is an integral part of humanity and appealed to the public to play their role in ensuring the same. Tehsildar Jammu West Ram Lal Sharma, Naib Tehsildar Mushtaq, Nazir Ajay Sharma, BJP State Secretary Sanjay Baru, District President Ayodhya Gupta, Parneesh Mahajan, Prem Gupta, Adv. Rajesh Gupta, Puneet Gupta, Satpal Karlupia, Keshav Chopra, Neelam Nargotra, Gurcharan Singh, Kiran Wali, Akshay Kumar and others also accompanied the MLA during the visit.

MLC Sh. Vibod Gupta calls upon Dy. Chief Minister Dr. Nirmal Singh

IMG-20171115-WA0012MLC Sh. Vibod Gupta along with Urban Mandal Pardan Rajouri Sh. Ranjeet Tara and Mandal Pardan Doongi Sh. Sanjay Sharma met Deputy Chief Minister, Dr. Nirmal Singh, and apprised him of issues concerning the development of Rajouri District in general and in respect of Power development Department & Urban Dev. Department in particular. Gupta who is working tirelessly and efficiently for the welfare of public of Rajouri District discussed no.of issues in hour-long discussion. Sh. Vibod Gupta while interacting with the Minister firstly thanked him for Up-gradation of Thudi Grid Station from 3x20MVA to 50+2x20MVA, having the project cost of Rs.five crore. Due to Which unscheduled power cuts to the feeding area of District Rajouri have been reduced and people of various areas, like Thanamandi, Darhal, Manajkote, Koteranka, buddha Dhangri and even Mendhar and Poonch district have been benefitted. Gupta also thanked for his keen initiative for the completion of 33/11 KV R/Stn at Doongi, Bhattian, Thanamandi etc. Sh. Vibod Gupta also apprised the Minister that in the past regime, RGGY scheme under PDD Sector, could not be implemented properly and transformers installed under RGGY need urgent restoration and Repair. He also demanded up-gradation of Transformer Bank at District Head Quarter Rajouri, besides creation of Transformer Banks in all the four Constituencies, to cater the needs of the Public in the light of District Development Board decision 2015-16 under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble Chief Minister. Sh. Vibod Gupta also requested for the Release of untied funds and placement at the disposal of District Development Commissioner, Rajouri, so that the immediate needs of the public may get fulfilled. Sh. Vibod Gupta also demanded the up-gradation of Rajouri Municipal Committee to the level of Municipal Council, since it fulfills eligibility criteria and having Population above 50000 Souls. He also demanded the release of additional funds under Urban Development Sector, as the ceiling under District Plan is very meager and there are no. of lanes/drains which are in dilapidated condition. Gupta in his concluding discussion also requested that a delegation of all Ministers must visit Rajouri District to address the grievances of the Public in an open Darbar and to get the first-hand status of the implementation of various Schemes. Dr. Nirmal Singh patiently listened to the issues of the MLC and assured him for early action. He appreciated MLC for his active and Pro-people approach. Dr. Singh also cherished Mr. Gupta for maintaining in Peace, Harmony, and brotherhood in Rajouri-Poonch and asked for promptness in the workers to reach to the last man of the area

Rainbow Public school celebrates Children’s day

pic (5)Rainbow Public School has celebrated & organized an impressive function on the auspicious occasion of children’s day at Rampura, Gandhi Nagar within school premises. Sh. Ajay Pargal Senior Leader BJP & National General Secretary Bharat Tibet Sahyog Manch, Smt. Rekha Mahajan District President Mahila Morcha BJP were the chief guests. Sh. M.K. Wadhera State Awardee, Sh. Bharat Bhushan Khajuria Member of Management Committee RPS were also present and grace the occasion. Students performed cultural activities in the school premises. A thought provoking act on “Save Girl Child” was also performed by the students. Speaking on the occasion, Sh. Ajay Pargal said as we all know that children are the power and future of the country, without them a country cannot survive. Pargal appreciated the multi-talents present among the students and said that children of today era are very bright and sharp and that is the India is developing very fast. He said Our Hon'ble PM Mr. Modi always look towards the youth for transforming the country. The principal of School Suman Sharma said that on this auspicious day the chief guest was invited to shower their blessings on the students. Sh. K.K. Khajuria Chairman of the school gave a special note of thanks to the honorable guest and audience present there.

Sh. Jugal Kishor conducts Darbar, interacts with Karyakartas, Public

Jugal conducts DarbarMP Jammu-Poonch Parliamentary Constituency, Sh. Jugal Kishore Sharma conducted Darbar to interact with party activists and the public to address their problems at Party Headquarter, Trikuta Nagar. While sharing his views on Public Darbar, MP Jugal Kishore Sharma said that BJP both at the Centre under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi as well as in the State is committed to the welfare of the public. The Mantra of BJP is “Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas” and the party is committed to mitigating the problems faced by the public. He said that aim of conducting this program is to address public grievances at grass root level and BJP conducts these type of programs on a regular basis where the public can come and approach for any type of problem. Unable to digest the “Out of Power” situation, Dr. Abdullah is resorting to all types of loose talks and while in power, he shifts to the mainstream Nationalism, he added, while reacting to the statement of former CM. Dozens of deputations from different areas of the regions visited Party office to discuss and present their problems. Deputations included the problems like Installation and repair of Handpumps, Tubewell, water scarcity, wells, upgradation of lanes, laying of roads at Sarote, Gahoda, Jandiyal Thathi, bridges, electricity, and others. Issues related to Cremation Ground at Shurta Dhansal, PHE Dabka, Samba were also raised. MP sorted out many of their problems on the spot by telephonically interacting with the competent authority and forwarded the others to concerned departments with written instructions for their quick disposal. MP interacted with the public from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. owing to the heavy rush of the public. People appreciated the sincere effort on behalf of BJP and MP Jugal Kishore for patiently attending to their problems. The whole programme was coordinated by State Secretary & State Incharge Election-related Matters Sh. Rajinder Sharma.

Screening done at GMC to mark World Diabetes Day

????????????????????????????????????Shun sedentary lifestyle, walk to stay healthy: Sh. Sat Sharma To create awareness amongst masses about diabetes, get them diagnosed and then explain preventive measures to stay healthy BJP Chief and MLA Jammu West Sh. Sat Sharma joined by BJP Vice-President Sh. Yudhvir Sethi today inaugurated a medical camp on the occasion of World Diabetes Day. The camp organized by SRL Ranbaxy through Patient Care Centre Bakshi Nagar, Jammu in OPD of medicine department of Government Medical College, Jammu screened hundreds of patients and made them aware of diabetes and its prevention. Speaking on the occasion, Sh. Sat Sharma said diabetes amongst children is an alarming sign of deterioration health. We must encourage children to play active sports and also take up outdoor activities to stay healthy. Small children taking medicines or insulins shirks worry schools and parents as they are the future generations who have to contribute to national development. Sh. Sat Sharma said the purpose of this camp is to screen as many patients as we can and at the same time make people aware of this disease which drops up silently. To those detected with diabetes, Sh. Sat Sharma said that there are medicines, care techniques and other ways to move on but changing lifestyle habits is a must. He hoped that such camps by creating awareness may encourage people to walk and stay healthy. Sh. Yudhvir Sethi along with Dr. S.K. Bali, Dr. Vijay Kundal, Dr. Rakesh Sharma, Dr. Sanjay Mahajan, Dr. Rajneesh Atri and Dr. Anil Salathia declared the camp open and said that one in eleven persons have diabetics and out of which half of them don't even know that they have caught the disease. This killer disease, he said kills one person every six seconds which should be a cause for worry. Raising awareness amongst women, Sh. Yudhvir Sethi said women with Type 1 diabetes are prone to miscarriage or malformed baby births while 1 in 7 births are affected by gestational diabetes. Despite that 70% of Tupe2 diabetes can be prevented through lifestyle changes, eating healthy by including fresh fruits and vegetables and decreasing sugar salt and saturated fats in Daily diets. Sh. Yudhvir Sethi asked people to stay physically active, stop smoking or chewing tobacco and also avoiding alcohol. He said that we have to build a strong nation where youth can take over its reigns. To do so we need healthy minds that rest in healthy bodies and for that, staying active is a prime option. He congratulated doctors and paramedical staff for their cooperation in making the medical awareness camp a grand success and hoped to take this camp out of GMC College hospital into the field to screen more and more people. Other who were present on the occasion Ajay Sharma, Rajesh Dogra, Vishal Kohli, Swarn Singh, Ramesh Gupta, Atul Bakshi, Sandeep Singh and Karun Aggarwal.

Sh. Balbir Ram Rattan pays surprise visit to small units in Jammu city

VC SC ST and BC Visit Loan Holders shops (10)Sh. Balbir Ram Rattan, Vice-Chairperson, Jammu & Kashmir SCs, STs, BCs, Development Corporation Limited, conducted surprise visit of the small income generating units running in Jammu city on loans availed from the Corporation. Accompanied by Corporation Divisional Manager, Sh. Gulam Qadir Khatana, District Manager Sh. Joginder Paul Atri and Field Supervisor Sh. Jitender Singh, the Vice-Chairperson paid a visit to the upper Gumat area of Jammu city, wherein the team inspected a Shoe Making Shop run by Dev Raj, an unemployed Scheduled Caste youth and another unit of Mobile Accessories set up by Ramesh Kumar, an unemployed youth belonging to Backward Class community. Expressing satisfaction over the successful running up of both the units, Sh. Balbir Ram Rattan, stressed upon these beneficiaries to be regular in depositing monthly installments of the financial assistance taken as loan from the SCs, STs, BCs Development Corporation Limited and also educate other unemployed youth around them about welfare schemes meant for their economic upliftment. Divisional Manager, Sh. Gulam Qadir Khatana, while interacting with the loanees, said that although they have set up earning units however more efforts need to be put in so that more and more is earned. District Manager, Joginder Paul Atri, on this occasion, briefed about the loan amount availed by these entrepreneurs and the schemes under which the Corporation has sanctioned financial assistance in their favor.

BJP holds meeting, chalks out strategy for Panchayat elections

BJP gears up for Panchayat elections-iBJP begins the drive to mobilize its cadre in order to effectively chalk out its poll strategy for upcoming Panchayat Polls. J&K BJP State President & MLA, Sh. Sat Sharma along with BJP State General Secretary (Org.) Sh. Ashok Kaul conducted meeting at party headquarter, Trikuta Nagar, with prominent BJP leaders to discuss the strategy for upcoming Panchayat elections so as to ensure its win in every single Poll battle in the state. Sh. Sat Sharma, while addressing the meeting, stressed on the organization of the party cadre up to every single Panch level, while focusing that effective teams of workers on every single Panch level will be a key to an emphatic win of the party. While defining Panchayat as a system of governance in which it is the basic unit of local administration having direct involvement with the basic needs of local population, he prompted the party leaders to ensure the reach of party to every single household of the region, so as to impress upon the local population that the BJP is the only Nationalistic party working with the sole aim of servicing the society to uplift the status of last man living in the most difficult terrain of the region. He asked all the party leaders present at the meeting to ensure the formula of 50 activists per Panch seat level to broaden the party base in the urban, sub-urban as well as rural level. SH. Ashok Kaul stressed on the working system of the party and said that the good governance can be achieved with the high workman spirit of the party cadre. He assured the party leaders of all possible organizational help from the senior leaders and focused on the formation of committees of active party workers to steer the party work in the area so as to ensure the party candidates as elected candidates in the elections. He said that the BJP has to win the elections not for the party, but for the welfare of people. Sh. Sanjay Baru, Sh. Suraj Singh, Sh. Pawan Sharma, Sh. Brijeshwar Singh Rana, Sh. Omi Khajuria, Sh. Jangbir Singh, Sh. Nand Kishore, Sh. Jugal Dogra, Sh. Vikas Choudhary, Sh. Naresh Sharma were among the prominent persons who attended the meeting.

POJK Belongs to India and India Belongs to The People of POJK: Sh. Vibodh Gupta

1Vibodh Terms Farooq a Player Who Always Plays With People's Sentiments

As part of his mission to remain connected with the ground , MLC Vibodh Gupta conducted series of meetings at Thandikasi followed by Irwan Khetar and Panjgrian in Rajouri. While addressing the gatherings in these villages Vibodh Gupta said that our collation government is committed to peace, progress, and prosperity in all the three regions of the state. In last three years, Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed tremendous development in every sphere of life. He added, “NC-Congress could not tolerate the smooth working of BJP-PDP collation in the state and out of frustration their leaders are making unnecessary statements to provoke and misguide public especially the youth of Jammu and Kashmir”. 

While referring to the recent statement of Dr. Farooq Abdullah wherein he said that POJK is the part of Pakistan. Vibodh said that this statement manifests Abdullah’s frustration of being out of the power and now he wants to grab power in whatever way he can. He termed Dr. Farooq a player who always plays with the sentiments of common man. Sheikh Abdullah was part of the Constituent Assembly which has kept the provision of 25 seats reserved for the representatives of POJK. With this vague statement, Dr. Farooq has not only hurt the sentiments of people of Jammu and Kashmir but also double-crossed his own father and party. However, it has been a trend in Abdullah family to take U-turns. Sheikh Abdullah and his colleagues also changed their stand on Jammu and Kashmir accession with India overnight. Farooq and Omar Abdulla are carrying on his legacy of taking u-turns forward. He added India’s position on this issue is very very clear like a writing on the stone wall. In 1994 Indian parliament passed a unanimous resolution, clearly mentioning that Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India's territory. This statement is disgraceful and goes against the resolution unanimously passed by the Indian parliament. He added that Farooq saheb is one of the most senior leaders of J&K and such amateur and reckless statements don't suit his personality and experience. The rate of human rights violation in POJK is very high and BJP is most concerned about it. In recent past, we have also witnessed protests in POJK against Pakistan. I humbly request Dr. Abdullah not to make this issue a political one and to stand in support of our brothers and sisters living on the other side. He very categorically made it clear that POJK belongs to India and India belongs to people of POJK. While speaking on the same lines BJP senior leader Rajinder Gupta added that such statements are provocative in nature and need to be checked. He also added that the twin border districts of Rajouri and Poonch also witnessed tremendous development in last three years. We are committed to fulfilling our promises made three years before. Speaking on the occasions Atam Gupta also condemned the statement of Dr. Farooq Abdullah and requested him not to play with the sentiments of the common man for the sake of power.

Sh. Rajesh Gupta started the work of the community hall at Pratap Garh Mohalla.

IMG-20171112-WA0002Jammu East MLA and party chief whip Rajesh Gupta started the work of the community hall near Jai Krishan Mandir at Pratap Garh Mohalla in Ward No. 15.The estimated cost of the work is rupees 6.50 lakhs. The JMC officials who accompanied the MLA included AEE Anil Gupta and JE Mohd. Yaseen. The BJP leaders who accompanied the MLA included the Distt. President Baldev Singh Billowria,Viney Gupta,Prof Shyam, Pardeep Sharma, P.C.Gupta, Raj Kumar Gupta,Vageesh Bharti, Gulshan Mahajan, Girdhari Lal, Kuldeep Kandhari, Ramesh Sharma and Ajay Grover. Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion said that demonetisation and GST implementation were lanmark decisions that would have a positive long term impact on the economy of our country. He said that the increased amount of taxes realised by the government would be used for the various developmental activities and social welfare measures for the general public. The implementation of these schemes would ultimately lead to poverty alleviation and overall prosperity for all.Rajesh Gupta said that only a visionary leader like Modi Ji can take such bold and big decisions because his only interest is the welfare of the people of this country. The social activists who accompanied the MLA included Raman Suri, Tinku and Rotary club President Rakesh Gupta. The prominents who accompanied the MLA included Viney Gupta, Rajinder Gupta, Suraj, Harjang Singh, Raju Sethi, Anita Gupta, Kiran Chouhan, Bobby and Kurneesh Gupta.

BJP intends to take 125 Cr people along to make a strong nation: Sh. Abdul Ghani Kohli

BJP intends to take 125 Cr peopleCoalition committed to develop border districts: Sh. Yudhvir Sethi Minister for Animal, Sheep Husbandry and Fisheries Department, Abdul Ghani Kohli and BJP Vice President Yudhvir Sethi said that coalition government in J&K State was committed to develop border districts and ensure that people get all necessary infrastructure include better road network and healthcare facilities. The senior BJP leaders assured this while addressing well attended public meetings at Badal and Gundi areas of district Rajouri here today. Ghani Kohli in his speech said several state and central sponsored schemes are going on in twin districts and people must take benefits of such schemes especially those aimed at helping women folk and girl children. He said every effort is also being put in to ensure better facilities for livestock of Gujjars and Bakerwals who are actually contributing in state's economy. He said BJP is a party having mass base and intends to take 125 Crore people along to develop a strong nation. Kohli said party's sucessive victories is testimony to the fact that it's working for people without any prejudice. Earlier, representatives of various departments were invited to interact with common people. The issue confronting people were dealt with at the spot and the Minister gave instructions to administrative heads to ensure justice is delivered to public. Yudhvir Sethi said revival of Travel and Trade between India and Pakistan is biggest CBM and this helps local people get business as well. Both Rajouri and Poonch districts he said are hagign immense tourism potential and govetnment is doing its best to ensure that places like Noorie Chamb, Peer Gali, Shahadra Sharief, Gurdwara Nagali Sahib and Budha Amarnath become popular destinations amongst tourists as well as pilgrims. Favouring development of Wayside areas, Yudhvir Sethi said that starting of helicopter services in Rajouri is good and can help patients in a big way. He also favoured establishing some good institutions in twin border districts like that of Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University to develop areas as educational hubs.

Smt. Priya Sethi terms entrepreneurship as reliable solution to youth unemployment

Priya Sethi terms entrepreneurshipTerming entrepreneurship as a reliable solution to youth unemployment, Minister of State for Education, Technical Education, Culture and Tourism, Priya Sethi, exhorted the young entrepreneurs to optimally utilize government incentive programs to build their businesses in the state. The Minister, while addressing the people during inauguration of a business Creation Sapnaa Creations Nannak Nagar,Jammu here today, said that the government ensures the young entrepreneurs with access to technical and financial incentives besides marketing facilities to support their business’s development and growth. “There are loans available under various state and centrally sponsored programmes and youth must avail this help to build their business ventures which will not only ensure their own employment but can raise opportunities for others as well”, she maintained. She said that it is important that entrepreneurs find and utilise such opportunities to take up entrepreneurial activities to become job providers . The Minister also asked the concerned for raising massive awareness among the people about the self employment schemes of the government so that maximum youth avail the support to earn their livelihood. She said that in view of mounting number of unemployed manpower it becomes imperative for all to adopt self employment ventures as their profession.

BJP holds Mandal Working Committee Meeting

BJP holds Mandal Working Committee Meeting-iiPakistan has to vacate the illegally occupied areas of J&K BJP State President & MLA Jammu West attended and addressed working committee meeting of Janipur Mandal which is held periodically to review the ongoing developmental and party works and to have direct interaction with ground level party activists. While addressing the party leaders and activists, Sat Sharma said that for the effective functioning of party and to maintain its cadre based structure these periodic meetings are held from the very Central level till the very basic level of the organization. He said that after National, State and District level, the Mandal level Working Committees are organized so that every public related issue of the activists including messages from the top leadership of organization can be transmitted to the target. Sat Sharma focused on strengthening of booths by forming effective booth committees while concentrating at every single booth keeping focus on each vote. He prompted all party activists to work extensively for the job to ensure that aim of good governance can be achieved, while maintaining that clean and healthy monetary and working practices will go a long way in ensuring same. He also prompted all party activists to extend their approach to every single household of region in view of approaching Panchayat and local body elections. While replying to a query on former CM Abdullah’s statement, he said that Indian Parliament has made it clear that whole of Jammu & Kashmir belongs to India and Pakistan has to vacate illegally occupied areas of J&K. District President, Ayodhya Gupta congratulated the Mandal team for conducting successful working committee meeting at Janipur and prompted party activists to take all public welfare schemes and achievements of Government to general masses. Mandal President, Vijay Sharma delivered Presidential address and presented three months report card of political and organizational activities done by District. State Additional Publicity Secretary Praduman Singh and senior leader Kuldeep Magotra also addressed the meeting. Mandal General Secretary, Balbir Singh conducted proceedings of stage. Dr. Pardeep Mahotra, Sanjeev Sharma, Parshottam Dogra, Ramesh Khajuria, Sahil Gupta, Raveesh Mengi, Rakesh Sethi, Sangeeta Verma, Asha Gupta, Sunita Gupta, Monika Gupta, Jyoti Sharma and others were the prominent leaders present in the meeting.

Sh. Sat Sharma starts macdamization works of Pacca Talab to New Plot road

23380345_10213342018319072_7151061432886815183_nGiving a push to infrastructural developmental in Jammu West Assembly segment, BJP State President and MLA Sat Sharma (CA) started macdamization works at Pacca Talab area of Ward 17. The works started will cover the main stretch of Pacca Talab road upto New Plot area and also includes internal roads as well. A large number of people including officials of PWD, local residents and political activists were also present on the occasion. The works will be done under the supervision of PWD(R&B) at an estimated cost of Rupees 40 lakhs and a stretch of around whole area will be covered under the same. Speaking on the occasion, Sh. Sat Sharma congratulated the residents and political activists of the area and stated that BJP is committed to provide best possible infra to the masses and the quality of the works done states that there is no compromise on the quality of the works done by various departments in Jammu West Assembly segment. He said the roads which are being macadamized under his tenure were never Black topped from decades and their condition became worst and ultimately caused miseries for the local residents and the people who commute through these roads. He said within a stipulated period of time these works will be completed so that no problems are faced by the locals. He stated that major projects including installation of sewerage system and water pipes are completed in almost areas and these areas are now kept on priority and the works for restoration of roads and lanes in these areas are already in progress and many areas have been restored as well. He also appealed to the masses to maintain the sanctity of the works done and he also appealed them to promote and contribute in the noble cause of “Swachhta Hi Seva” in which our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked everyone to spare some time for cleaning of their surroundings so that PM’s dream of Clean and Green Nation could be achieved.

Sh. Jugal Kishore Sharma sanctioned Rupees 5 Lac for Village Ambaran

ambara2Sh. Jugal Kishore Sharma Member of Parliament BJP (Lok Sabha) Jammu Poonch along with MLA Akhnoor Rajeev Sharma visited village Ambara in Akhnoor Constituency and sanctioned Rupees Five Lac from MPLAD Scheme for Development works at Village Ambaran. Jugal Kishore Sharma Member of Parliament while addressing the gathering present at the occasion said that the Village Ambaran is the nearest village to the Akhnoor City and the Temple of Bua Datti is primarily located in the center of the village. The Development of the village should not be neglected at any cost and the demand of the people would be readdressed as soon. Being the rural part the connectivity of the village is the first priority and the work of Road is already started under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna funded by Hon'ble Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi Ji. The number of schemes launched by the Prime Minister for the betterment of each and every citizen of India and the people should take advantage of the Centrally Sponsored Schemes,also appraised by Member of Parliament among the masses. The demands and issues regarding development works raised by the public during the public Meeting and Member of Parliament readdressed the demand.He sanctioned the amount of Rupees Five Lac from MPLAD Scheme for the Development works at village Ambaran in Akhnoor Constituency during the Public Meeting. Rajeev Sharma MLA Akhnoor Constituency thanked the Member of Parliament said that BJP-PDP government is working on the agenda of "Sabka Sath Sabka Vikaas" and will ready to serve with all the level best to the citizens of India.He further added that all the demands would be kept in consideration and sanctioned the amount of Rupees Two Lac from his Constituency Development Fund. Block Development Officer Akhnoor Bodh Raj,AEE PHE Sethi,AEE I&FC,Senior BJP Leader Chargar Singh, Sham Panch, Harish, Joginder and others were also present at the occasion.

Indian culture and civilization is the way of life through Bharat ko Jano quiz competition: Sh. Rajesh Gupta

IMG-20171111-WA0009Bharat Vikas Parishad Jammu East conducted Bharat ko Jano quiz competition in the premises of S.M Jain Higher Secondary School, Jammu. The program commenced with lightning of traditional lamp followed by enchanting of Vande Matram. On this occasion, Rajesh Gupta, Hon'ble MLA, Jammu East was the Chief guest. 12 reputed Educational Institutes of Jammu East participated in the competition. Amita Sharma, State President threw light on the objectives of Bharat Vikas Parishad. Jyotsna Sharma, President, Jammu East welcomed the audience. Gopal Sharma, State Organizing Secretary and convenor of competition, narrated the rules and regulations of the competition which was conducted in two categories i.e Senior and Junior. In junior category, students from 6 to 8 class participated whereas in Senior category, students from 9th to 12th class participated. *Rajesh Gupta lauded the role of Bharat Vikas Parishad which conducts this competition every year for the sole purpose of important knowledge of Indian culture civilization and moral values and Patriotism among youth. He laid thrust upon implementation of sanskars in the society Ramayana and Mahabharata give. Becoming emotional on the devotional relationship of Guru Parshuram and Vishampitama, he delivered a beautiful message that Hindu Sanskriti is a way of living life and if people adopt it, there will be love and peace in the society leading to least crime in the country and BVP is wonderfully doing it through out the country. He also desired to hold this completion in each and every school of Jammu East.* Suresh Gupta, Principal,S.M Jain Higher Secondary School thanked Bharat Vikas Parishad for selecting their school for holding this competition and also blessed the participants and asked them to work hard for preparing such type of competitions in future. Dr Santosh Gupta, Regional secretary, Sanskar narrated the importance of this quiz competition which is being conducted all over India in which more than 5 lakh children participate every year. In the neck to neck competition of junior category, Delhi Public School Jammu bagged first position where as Sanatan Dharam School Jullaka mohalla and Environment Educational Institute had to satisfy at 2nd and 3rd position respectively. In another competition of senior category, SM Jain Higher Secondary School bagged first position where as Oriental Academy Higher Secondary School and Luthra Academy Higher Secondary School shared the second and third position respectively. The whole competition was jointly conducted by Jyotsna Sharma and Gopal Sharma. All the participating teams and winning teams were given mementos and refreshment. Prominent among others who attended this function were S.N Sharma, State Patron,BVP, Ramneek Jain, Secretary, Jain Sabha, Vijay Sharma, Kushal Kumar, Rakesh Gupta, Sumit Mahajan, Usha Anand besides number of teachers from different schools and citizens from all walks of life the program concluded with national anthem Shri Rakesh Gupta resented vote of thanks. It was also informed that teams who have stood first will participate in the State Level Competition to be held on 18th November.

Tearful Homage to the Martyrs of 1947 Massacre in Rajouri

MLC Vibodh Gupta Paying Tributes to 1947 Martyrs of RajouriResidents of Rajouri Remember 1947 Bloodshed & Massacre A simple but very special programme was organized at Balidhan Bhawan Rajouri as a mark of respect to all those who were massacred by the Kabailis from Pakistan on 11 November 1947. On this very day in 1947 everywhere there was blood and innocent locals were killed in the most brutal way the history has ever witnessed. Local residents of Rajouri were joined by MOS Kuldeep Raj Gupta and MLC Vibodh Gupta. Many senior citizens of Rajouri who were eyewitnesses to this massacre also participated in the programme and shared their horrific stories of this very day in 1947. With numb eyes and heavy heart Sat Pal Gupta, a local of Rajouri somehow gathered the courage to recount the bloody massacre which he witnessed when he was just 12 years old. He quoted “My father was killed in front of my eyes, my mother preferred to die by poisoning herself rather then getting into the tainted hands of Pakistani raiders. Like my mother, thousands of women happily preferred to die over dishonour by invaders. Women gathered and consumed poison and jumped into the wells so as to save their dignity and honour”. Addressing the gathering BJP senior leader and MOS Kuldeep Raj Gupta said that on 11 November 1947 when whole of India was celebrating Diwali and Independence the patriotic citizens of Rajouri where defending their motherland at the cost of their own lives. He called upon every citizen of the country to remember this sacrifice made by the people of Rajouri. In his address, BJP senior leader and MLC Vibodh Gupta informed that on this very day the Kabailis and local miscreants killed more than 10,000 locals in a very brutal way. For this History will never spare such brutal acts wherein thousands of innocent woman and children were also killed. Giving details about the memorial of these martyrs, Vibodh said that Balidan Bhawan in Rajouri was constructed as a mark of respect to those martyrs. He further added that at that time when the locals residents were suddenly attacked by thousands of Kabailis, the young men and women bravely fought with them so as to save their motherland. While paying tearful tributes to those martyrs Vibodh said that as a result of the sacrifices of those people, Rajouri will always be remembered as a land of scarifies and unsung heroes. On this occasion, he stressed upon the need to properly document such brutal incidences of the Kabaulis of Pakistan so that rest of the world must know about such heinous crimes in the history. Those senior citizens in the today’s programme who were eye witness to this massacre included Krishan Kumar, Onkar Nath Chuga, Satpal Gupta, Rajnesh Saraf and Jyoti Parkash Gupta. Prominent among others who were present on the occasion included Chand Gupta, Rano Gupta, Vinod Gupta, Gita Gupta, Sumit Gupta, Sunil Gupta, Koushlaya Devi, Tripta Gupta and Sita Devi.

BJP holds State Minority Morcha Working Committee Meeting

BJPJ&K BJP State Minority Morcha organized its Working Committee Meeting at party headquarter, Trikuta Nagar, Jammu which was presided over by its State President Sadiq Khan. BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma (C.A) was the Chief Guest in the meeting which was also attended by BJP State Vice-President Rajni Sethi, BJP State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Kaul and State General Secretary Dr. Narinder Singh. Sat Sharma, while addressing the meeting, said that the working committee meetings form an essential step in working system of BJP as a grass root level organization, which provide a key link between the Centre and ground level worker. He said that after the conduction of National and State Working Committee Meetings, the message of the top leadership of Centre is taken to Morcha, District and Mandal level activists, so that the dream of good and clean governance of BJP can be fulfilled. He also stressed upon the party activists to strengthen the party to gear up for the approaching Panchayat and local body elections. Ashok Kaul took stock of the party works being done by Minority Morcha for the welfare of Minorities in the State and asked them to strengthen the Morcha up to booth level by forming committees on every booth in the State, so that every benefit of the Centre as well as the State Government schemes can be extended up to needy and deserving population. Sadiq Khan, in his Presidential address, highlighted the achievements of Minority Morcha and laid stress on the party cadres to expand the basic cadre and make general masses aware about welfare schemes launched by Government of India and State Government so that they reach the targeted population. BJP State Secretary Sanjay Baru prompted the Mocha leaders to strengthen the party. Vice-Chairperson Balbir Ram Rattan detailed about corporation schemes for Minorities. Political Resolution was presented by Morcha District President, Randhir Singh Bali, which was seconded by Haji Taj Khan. EDI Officials threw light on beneficial schemes for minorities. Tariq Keen conducted the proceedings of stage and vote of thanks was presented by Morcha State General Secretary Gurdyal Singh Bali. Avtar Singh, Muneera Begum, Sheikh basher, Harbinder Singh, Jasbir Singh, Muzaffar Kattu, Charan Singh Bali, Gurjeet Singh, Bhag Hussain, Foja Singh, Dara Singh, Salinder Singh, Gurmukh Singh, Charan Singh Khalsa, Bhopinder singh, ShahNawaz Hussain, Nanak Singh, Rajvinder Kour were among the prominent Morcha leaders who attended the meeting.

Bjp Kheer Bhawani Mandal conveyed a working committee meeting at Raghav Resort, Bohri.

IMG-20171110-WA0106Today Vijay Raina President Bjp Kheer Bhawani Mandal conveyed a working committee meeting at Raghav Resort, Bohri. The meeting was presided over by Honourable MLC Sh G L Raina. Honourable MLC Sh G L Raina also addressed the gathering laying stress on political activism of the community .He also promised to take up the matter of migrant votes with the electoral dept and developmental issues related to drainage and electricity with concerned department. Mandal President Sh Vijay Raina besides presenting his report card for last three months also highlighted the local issues like situation of Migrant School in Bohri and Ration issue with Relief Dept. Chand Jee Bhat President Bjp Kashmir Displaced District also addressed the gathering assuring them to solve the issues. He informed workers that matter of migrant school has been taken up with Education Minister Priya Sethi. Vice President and Mandal Prabhari Sh Ravinder Raina also addressed the workers laying stress on reaching the public with govt schemes and strengthening the party at Mandal and Booth level . Booth President Rajinder Tiku also gave his working of last three months. Two minute silence was observed to give homage to Shaheed Gowhar Ahmed Bhat who was recently martyred in Shopian. In meeting joining of new workers namely Mr Sahil Raina and Mr Kamal took place . The meeting was attended by AK Pandita, BL Razdan, Ashwani Mira khour, V k Shah, Sanjay Koul, Sahil, Sushil and others. Sh M k sopori paid vote of thanks and stage proceedings was carried by Subash Chander meeting was concluded by National Anthem .

Sh. Rajesh Gupta started and inaugurated various development works at Partap Garh Mohalla.

IMG-20171110-WA0009Development is the medium to unite the society- Sh. Rajesh Gupta Jammu East MLA and party chief whip Rajesh Gupta started and inaugurated various works at Partap Garh Mohalla in ward no. 15.The estimated cost of the work is rupees 60 lakhs. The JMC officials who accompanied the MLA included Joint Comissioner Kushal Chand,AEE Anil Gupta and JE Mohd. Yaseen. The BJP leaders who accompanied the MLA included Distt. President Baldev Singh Balloria, Gen.Secretary Viney Gupta, Prof.Shyam,Pradeep Sharma, P.C.Gupta, Raj Kumar Gupta, Vageesh Bharti, Gulshan Mahajan, Girdhari Lal, Kuldeep Kandhari, Ramesh Sharma and Ajay Grover. The members of the Kanak Mandi Traders Association Anoop Mittal, Ashish Mahajan, Nikhil Gupta, Rakesh Gupta and Vipan Gupta were present on the occasion to welcome the honourable MLA. Social Activist Raman Suri, Tinku and the President of the Rotary club Rakesh Gupta also accompanied the MLA. Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion said that it is only development that unites the society as it touches the lives of everybody. He said that we have to ensure that the fruits of development are equitably distributed among all sections of the society. Rajesh Gupta emphasised the need to connect to one or the other schemes launched by the Modi government to uplift the society. The prominents who accompanied the MLA included Viney Gupta, Rajinder Gupta, Suraj, Harjang Singh, Raju Sethi ,Anita Gupta,vv Kiran Chouhan and Bobby.

Sh. Vibodh Gupta Inaugurates Awareness Programme on Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

MLC Vibodh Addresses Beti Bachao Beto Padhao ProgrammeUse of Science and Scientific Tools to Kill the Girl Child Shameful: Sh. Vibodh Gupta District Social Welfare Office Rajouri in collaboration with Himalayan Education Mission Rajouri organized a massive awareness programme on the theme “ Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”. The programme was organized as part of the various programmes to promote this programme of the Government on saving girl child. BJP senior leader and MLC Vibodh Gupta was Chief Guest on this occasion who also addressed a gathering at the conference hall of the Himalayan Degree College Rajouri. Sh Muslim Wani was Guest of Honour on the occasion. Sh. Mohd Azam Shah presided over the function. The programme was coordinated by Dr Abdul Khabir District Social Welfare Officer who is also Nodal Officer of the scheme in the district. The song and drama division Ministry of Information, Government of India was also a collaborator for this programme. Various troupes took part in the programme including Nagani Cultural troupe, Saraswati Sammelan and Sangam sangeet Kala Kendra. Addressing the gathering MLC Vibodh Gupta stressed on the need for regular education and awareness programmes for saving the girl child and for proper education of the girl child. He expressed his regrets wherein progress in the field of the medical world is being misused by some businesses who use the scientific tools to kill the girl child even before she is born. He said that no one in our society has the right to kill the girl child even before she has opened her eyes to see the world. He came down heavily on all those parents who still give preference to boys over the girls. He further added that when in today's world women are excelling in all fields, considering girl child a burden is shameful. Vibodh made an emotional appeal to the people of Pir Panjal, saying that he comes as a bhikshu to beg for the lives of daughters, as he addressed a large gathering consisting predominantly of college girls. He also said that we have no right to call ourselves 21st century citizens as long as we have an 18th century mindset. On this occasion he called for an end to the discrimination between sons and daughters, saying this was the key to ending female foeticide. Mr. Mohd Muslim Wanui in his address expressed concern over declining sex ratio in the district since Rajouri district also falls in the list of 161 districts across the country having dismal sex ratio. In his address to the participants of the programme Sh. Azam Hussain Shah stressed that strict check is kept over enforcement of PCPNDT Act, misuse of technology, drop out of girls and other issues that creates hurdles in the development of girls. In the concluding session of the programme, a pledge was taken to provide equal opportunity to girls so that dream of egalitarian society can be achieved. Prominent among others who were present on the occasion included Sh Farooq Muztar founder patron Himalayan Education Mission Society Rajouri, Rajinder Gupta, Atam Gupta, Ashwani Kochar, Dr. Saleem Wani, PO ICDS Mohd Rashid, CDPO Manjakote. A large number of girl students of the college along with the staff members also participated in the programme.

Rana’s accusations far from truth and unsubstantiated: BJP

Brig. Anil GuptaDevoid of any substantial issues, the National Conference has now started a campaign of falsehood and accusations by deliberately ignoring facts to mislead the people of state according to Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party. Exposing the NC President Devender Singh Rana who accused BJP of betraying LOC, IB dwellers and POJK refugees, the spokesperson said that he should have verified the facts and checked with the Divisional Commissioner, Home Secretary and Chief Secretary who are fully aware of the measures being taken. Bharatiya Janata Party is totally committed towards fulfilment of the promises made to the residents of the border belt and the Modi government has already sanctioned construction of 4700 community bunkers and 19000 individual bunkers in addition to the bunkers to be constructed by state government. These bunkers are to be built in all the five districts of Jammu region which are located on the IB and LOC. District wise allotment of bunkers has been done based on the population of each district. The entire cost of the project including acquisition of the land is being borne by the central government. The bunkers will have cooking and toilet facilities, in other words these will be underground living units said Brig Anil Gupta. In addition, monetary compensation to the victims of cross-border firing is being paid at par with the LOC victims, adequate compensation is also being paid for the loss/injury of cattle and damage to the crop has also been included in the new Crop Insurance Policy. Brig Gupta challenged the NC president to list even a single measure taken by his party when NC was ruling. As regards 5 marla plots, the initial promise was made by Ghulam Nabi Azad and Omar Abdullah. Both, used it as an election plank and failed to deliver thereafter. It goes to the credit of BJP that it pursued the case and got even land earmarked for the purpose in Hiranagar tehsil, but had to abandon the same due to the proposal not finding favour with the Army and BSF as it would affect the security of border villages. Does the NC advocate to ignore the advice of security forces who are responsible for border management and its defence, questioned Brig Gupta? Referring to the one time settlement of POJK refugees, Brig Gupta said that Omar led NC-Congress government did send a proposal to the UPA government at Delhi amounting to Rs. 9025 crore but failed to get the same despite being a partner of UPA and his father being a central minister at that time. It is for the people to decide as to who cheated them and not Mr Rana, said the spokesperson. The BJP government has at least made the beginning by allotting Rs.2000 crore and each affected family has benefitted by 5.5 lakh bringing cheers to their faces. Rana needs to explain to the people as to why his leader failed to get them 25 lakh each rather than accusing the BJP for callousness and duplicity. It is the NC which has always played the vote bank politics and politics of deceit, opportunism, communalism and discrimination clarified Brig Gupta and the people will not easily forget the decades of their misrule and poor governance.

भारतीय जनता पार्टी उधमपुर जिला कार्यकारिणी की बैठक आज मजालता के देहमा गांव में सम्पन्न हुई।

udhampurभारतीय जनता पार्टी उधमपुर जिला कार्यकारिणी की बैठक आज मजालता के देहमा गांव में सम्पन्न हुई। जिसमें जिला उधमपुर के सभी 13 मण्डलों के प्रधान , किसान मोर्चा, युवा मोर्चा,महिला मोर्चा सहित सभी मोर्चों के अध्यक्ष शामिल हुए। जिला भाजपा प्रधान राकेश गुप्ता की अध्यक्षता में हुई बैठक में प्रदेश महासचिव पवन खजुरिया ,रामनगर से विधायक आरएस पठानिया चनैनी से विधायक दीना नाथ भगत भी विशेष रूप से उपस्थित थे। बैठक में कार्यप्रणाली के अनुसार पिछले तीन महीनों का लेखा जोखा मन्डल प्रधानों व मोर्चा अध्यक्षों द्वारा दिया गया और आगामी तीन महीनों में होने वाले कार्यकर्मो की चर्चा की गई। इसमें जिला संगठन मंत्री पूर्णचन्द द्वारा संगठन को लेकर कुछ सुझाव दिए गए। वरिष्ठ नेता सोमराज जी ने मन की बात को लेकर सभी मण्डल प्रधानों से आग्रह किया कि वह इस बात को सुनिश्चित करें कि प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी की महीने के आखिरी रविवार को मन की बात को बूथ स्तर पर सुना जाए। विधायक आरएस पठानिया ने केंद्र , राज्य सरकार व उनके विधानसभा क्षेत्र में चल रहे विकास कार्यों का ब्योरा दिया ,इसके लिए उन्होनें लोकसभा सदस्य और pmo में मंत्री श्री जितेंद्र सिंह द्वारा किए जा रहे सहयोग के लिए भी उनको धन्यवाद किया। विधायक दीना नाथ भगत ने भी अपने विधानसभा क्षेत्र के विकास कार्यों व भविष्य की योजनाओं पर चर्चा के साथ साथ देश से भ्र्ष्टाचार को जड़ से खत्म करने के लिए कार्यकर्ताओं को आह्वान किया। प्रदेश महासचिव पवन खजुरिया ने कहा कि भाजपा एक अनुशासित दल है और आज यह दुनिया में सबसे ज्यादा 11करोड़ की सदस्यता वाली पार्टी बन चुकी है और दिन व दिन इसकी संख्या बढ़ती जा रही है। उन्होंने कहा कि एक अनुशासित दल होने के साथ साथ भाजपा में हर वर्ग के लोग शामिल हैं । प्रधानमंत्री जब भी बात करते हैं तो 125 करोड़ जनता की ही बात करते हैं इसीलिए उनका समर्थन दिन प्रतिदिन बढ़ता जा रहा है।उन्होंने कहा कि केंद्र सरकार की योजनाओं को जन जन तक पहुंचाने की जिम्मेदारी कार्यकर्ताओं की है। बैठक में मण्डल प्रधान राजेंद्र शर्मा ,विशन दास, करनैल सिंह ,शिवचरण, मोर्चों के प्रधान संसार सिंह जंबाल ,मोहनलाल द्राही, गीता देवी ,शौकत अली , अखिल पराशर , एडवोकेट अमित शर्मा , सोम नाथ ठंडा सुरेंद्र मगोत्रा , आदि भी उपस्थित रहे। इसके अतिरिक्त प्रदेश कार्यकारिणी सदस्य कृष्ण लाल ,नीलम नरगोत्रा, राकेश अंथाल ,मिलखी राम ,शिवलाल गुप्ता ,दीपक वर्मा ,संजय वर्मा ,नरेश भगत आदि पदाधिकारी भी शामिल हुए।

Smt. Priya Sethi inaugurates three day ITM in Jammu

????????????????????????????????????Calls for more initiatives to promote state’s tourism Minister of State for Education, Technical Education, Culture, Tourism, Horticulture, Floriculture and Parks, Priya Sethi  inaugurated Jammu's Biggest Travel & Tourism Exhibition -ITM Jammu India Travel Mart, at Hotel Ramada. The three day exhibition is supported by Jammu & Kashmir Tourism. Taking ahead the vision of former Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed of promoting J&K tourism , the Minister said that the purpose of ITM Jammu is to promote tourism by undertaking promotional and publicity activities, facilitate the exchange of market information, encourage partnerships between the public and private sectors and facilitate the easing of barriers to travel. She said that the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti was very keen to encourage such initiatives of bringing best of "Travel & Tourism Brands" together in this golden platform for a cross cultural exchange which shall create a new chapter in Tourism sector. Priya said that state of Jammu and Kashmir has a vast potential to be a prime tourist destination as it show cases the perfect bouquet of diverse tradition and culture. “Everytime, tourists came to the state,they witness a new attraction here,” she asserted. The scenic beauty of the state is no less from others and the concentrated efforts of the tourism department has also given a boost to the pilgrimage and adventurous tourism, the Minister said. Citing various steps undertook by the government, she said that in times to come many new initiatives such as heritage walk, developing of border tourism, ropeway projects, golf courses, light and sound show at Dal lake will see the light to attract tourists in the state. Priya said that with such exhibitions, J&K tourism department is reaching out to the tourists with destination information, travel, tour and hotel packages, family vacations, groups and business trip and Weekend Getaways. She further said that with various new tourism projects being initiated in Jammu, efforts were being made to develop Jammu as an independent tourism destination. Speaking on the occasion, Vice Chairman, JKTDC Rafi Mir said that the State possesses immense potential for growth in tourism sector and best efforts are being made to give new dimensions to tourism industry in the state. From adventure to Pilgrimage tourism, exhibitions like ITM Jammu caters to the needs of everyone in terms of a desirable tourist destination, he added. Priya also applauded the artists for showcasing diverse culture of the state through their performances. Secretary Tourism Sarmad Hafeez, Director Tourism Kashmir, Mahmood Ahmad Shah, Director Tourism Jammu Smita Sethi, Chairman ITM, Ajay Gupta besides senior functionaries of concerned departments were present on the occasion. In a-3 day long exhibition, Jammu & Kashmir Tourism, Gujarat Tourism, Jharkhand Tourism, Rajasthan Tourism, Chandigarh Industrial & TourismDevelopment Corporation Limited, Hotel Ramada- Jammu, Hotel Kaisar-Kashmir, Oyo Rooms, Country Inn Group of Hotels & Resorts, East Bourne Resorts, Suryavillas Luxury Resort & Spa, Travel Mail and other participants will showcase their products. Members of National Travel Associations like ADT01, IATO, TAAI, OTOAI, JKTDC and other travel trade associations from Jammu & Kashmir are supporting this mega event.

BJP holds District working Committee Meeting in Akhnoor

BJP holds District working Committee Meeting in AkhnoorBJP State Secretary Sanjay Baru along with MLA Akhnoor Rajeev Sharma and MLA Chambb Dr. Krishan Lal, State Media Secretary Suraj Singh, Seh-Prabhari Praduman Singh, State Addl. Office Secretary Suresh Sharma and District President Manmohan Singh inaugurated and addressed Working Committee Meeting of Akhnoor District at Kameshwar Mandir, Akhnoor. Sanjay Baru greeted everyone on the conduction of working committee meeting in Akhnoor and said that these meetings form an integral part of analysis of developmental and organizational works being done by the leaders and the activists of the party. He also congratulated everyone for conduction of first State Working Committee Meeting in Kashmir and said that BJP has extended its reach and goodwill message to all the regions of the state. During his address he mentioned various achievements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Government for the welfare of the general masses. He also condemned the gruesome killing of BJP youth District President Gowhar Ahmed Bhat and termed it as frustration of separatists and militant. He also asked the leaders to take the popular programme of “Mann ki Baat” to every booth of the region and prompted activists to contribute more time and focused on celebration of 6 party programmes on every single booth. Rajeev Sharma embarked upon reach of BJP to every region of State and discussed forthcoming party programmes and said that as the humble public representative he is pursuing his agenda of development in his constituency, no matter what time of the day or the year it is. Dr. Krishan Lal provided insight on internal working of organization and asked the party leaders and the activists to focus on the upcoming Panchayat elections, while extending their reach to every single household of the region. Manmohan Singh, delivered the Presidential address and presented three months report card of political and organizational activities done by District and assured the senior leaders that all the District, Mandal, Ward and Booth level leaders and activists will leave no stone unturned to carry the message of BJP to every home. Proceedings of stage were conducted by District General Secretary Pawan Gupta. Jugal Dogra, Bharat Bhushan Gupta, Kuldeep Balgotra, Jagdish Bhagat, Anju Dogra, Balwan Singh, Pritam Sharma, G.S Chib, Capt. Sobha Ram, Jagan Nath Sharma, Ramesh Khajuria, Ram Lal, B.D. Sharma, Vikram Singh and others were attended the working committee meet.

Sh. Sat Sharma meets Sh. Dineshwar Sharma, Interlocutor appointed by Central Government

23316454_1493604060721287_6461397208612704265_nBJP delegation led by its State President Sh. Sat Sharma Meets Sh. Dineshwar Sharma, Interlocutor appointed by Central Government and discussed various issues.

BJP MLA Ravinder Raina visited the house of Shaheed Gowhar Ahmed Bhat

PIC (6)BJP MLA Ravinder Raina visited Shopian in South Kashmir at the house of Shaheed Gowhar Ahmad Bhat (BJP YOUTH LEADER) who was brutally killed by the Pakistani Terrorist few days back. He was accompanied by the Civil & Police administrator officers. Raina spent around two hours in native village of Shaheed Gowhar Ahmad Bhat and express his condolences and solidarity with the family members over the brutality of the Pakistani Terrorist. Large number of locals were also present and expressed grief over the brutal incident. Expressing the condolence and solidarity with the family, Raina said that Shaheed Gowhar Ahmad Bhat is a role model for the youth of Kashmir as he was following the path of peace and brotherhood but the enemies of humanity and enemies of kashmiriyat killed the real son of the soil. Raina furthure said that Martydm of Shaheed Gowhar Ahmad Bhat will not go invain and it will be a turning point in the history of Kashmir. He said that the Pakistani terrorist and separatists are trying to destroy the Kashmir, they just want to grab the land of Kashmir and for that they are killing the innocent people. Raina furthure said that it is an eye opener for the people of Kashmir to see what Pakistan and its supporters did in Kashmir for last 30 years, except murders, Killings & Blood Shed nothing is done by these anti national elements, he added. Raina assured all sort of assistance to the family and asks the authorities to look after the security concerns of the family.

Prof. Virender lambasts Surjewala’s statement

Prof. Virender GuptaBJP State Spokesperson in response to the statement of National Communication Incharge of Congress Party, Mr. Randeep Surjewala said that Congress party instead of behaving as responsible largest opposition party has been acting like a party with destructive politics. It criticizes every action of the Modi’s government, whether it pertains to development works or other various projects of social welfare initiated by the Govt. or it concerns country’s foreign policy including relationship with Pakistan or the policy to deal with terrorism. The negative policy of the Congress would not pay it in log run, Prof. Virender said. He condemned the statement of Surjewala that Centre has no policy on J&K and questioned him about the policy pursued by Congress party since the Jammu and Kashmir acceded to India. He held Congress party responsible for the present state of affairs. By patronizing the separatists and the communal elements of Kashmir valley Congress has committed a great blunder and worked against the interests of the country, the Spokesperson said. He stated that it was Congress leadership that backed Sheikh Abdullah’s desire to have an autonomous state within Indian Union while restricting Union powers to only three subjects, i.e. foreign affairs, defence and communication, by incorporating Article 370 in Indian constitution and by its unconstitutional act of imposing Article 35A by presidential order. He further said that it was another blunder act of Congress leadership to stop the advancement of Indian Army which was engaged in vacation of the parts of Jammu & Kashmir from Pakistan as invader and took the matter to the security council. The Spokesperson reminded Congress party of its wrong adventure to install Sheikh back on power in Jammu and Kashmir, it in 1975 stopped the process of complete integration of State with India, started by Gulam Mohd. Sadiq and Bakshi Gulam Mohd., that reversed the clock. He asked Congress party that “was it not responsible for the upsurge of separatists movement in 1990 and 2010 when it was sharing power with the National Conference in the state”. He said that Congress was on the saddle power both at the Centre and in the state when number of mosques and centres came up to spread Wahabism and Salafism, the pan Islamic movements that resulted into present turmoil with an objective to create independent Islamic State. Prof. Virender advised Congress party to realize than Jammu & Kashmir is a national issue and all the well meaning people, groups and parties should jointly work to bring the people of Kashmir in the national main stream and support the efforts of the party that is in power, instead of indulging in its criticism. He said that efforts of the government depends on its judgement of the situation being at the helm of the affairs, both hard and soft policy are in the direction to achieve the target of bringing situation to normalcy,

Dr Nirmal Singh discussed the various issues related to Jammu and Kashmir.

23405661_1493267300754963_2440405232810390563_oInterlocutor Sh Dineshwar Sharma called on Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh BJP at Srinagar today and discussed the various issues related to Jammu and Kashmir.

Masters of politics of deceit try to shift the blame on Centre: BJP

Brig. Anil Gupta“National Conference and its leadership has mastered the art of ‘politics of deceit’ and ironically is now trying to shift the blame on Central government to mislead the people of the state and to cover up their own follies and acts of deceit done by the party ever since its inception,” stated Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party in a press release issued by the party. Contradicting the contention of NC President Dr Farooq Abdullah that the continuous indifferent & rigidity of the successive central governments is responsible for the feeling of estrangement among the people of the state, Brig Gupta questioned Dr. Abdullah to explain to the people if it was possible for the central government to remain indifferent towards the state without the willing cooperation and connivance of the local power brokers? For all the years NC was in power it either enjoyed the blessings of the central government or was in alliance with it. Wasn’t NC responsible for the acts of omission and commission of the central government being fully associated with it? At that time for the lust of power the Abdullahs kept singing praise of the Central government and now when they are out of power they are shifting the entire blame on the Centre is not only misleading but self-contradictory said Brig Gupta. Listing their acts of deceit, Brig Gupta stated that it all began with the launching of ‘Quit Kashmir’ movement in May 1946, followed by forced exodus of Maharaja Hari Singh in June 1949 by Sheikh Abdullah leading to him becoming the virtual ruler of the state. A master stroke of deceit because the Sheikh had sought royal pardon in 1946 and promised to be never disloyal to the Maharaja. Then followed 1953 when he stabbed the government of India in its back and was arrested for acts of treason and secession. The return to power in 1975 as Chief Minister with the support of Congress was another masterstroke of ‘politics of deceit’ played with the Kashmiris. Farooq Abdullah, the heir of Sheikh had further honed this art and used it repeatedly to deceive the innocent Kashmiris. In the 1983 assembly elections Farooq Abdullah and his party sought support of all anti-national and secessionist organisations operating in the Valley at that time. NC sought the support of these organisations on the plea that the ensuing elections were to be treated as a fight between all Kashmiris on the one hand and India as a sovereign country on the other represented by Congress (I). The result of the election for the first time resulted in the political polarization of votes on communal lines. NC won all the 46 seats from Kashmir. In the subsequent election to the state assembly same Farooq and his party aligned with the same very Congress, is this not politics of deceit, Farooq should explain to the Kashmiris demanded the spokesperson. Who can forget his sudden resignation in 1990 leaving the state rudderless for 48 hrs leading to massacre and mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandits? “When Kashmir was Burning, Farooq was Londoning”, lamented Brig Gupta.

Sh. Yudhvir Sethi seeks authorized taxi stand for private operators

????????????????????????????????????'Move to ease congestion, help drivers' Seeing the difficulties being faced by over 1000 taxi operators of J&K State with regards to parking and public utilities, BJP Vice President Yudhvir Sethi led a deputation of J&K Owners and Drivers Taxi Union to Divisional Commissioner and apprised him of their issues seeking the redressal. He sought authorized taxi stand, public conveniences, dormitories, water and electricity facilities so that private taxis are not parked in haphazard manner on city roads. Rajinder Singh, President of president J&K Owners and Drivers Taxi Union, Sunny Sehgal was also present. Yudhvir Sethi while apprising Divisional Commissioner of taxi operators problems said that in absence of proper and authorized shelter taxis are parked on roads and even open spaces thereby causing inconvenience to public. Even the truck operators for most of the time sleep in their vehicles during nights facing great hardships. Seeking proper shelter and workshops for these operators, Yudhvir Sethi said there's are about 1000 registered taxi operators having valid permits to ply their taxis in J&K State. In absence of their stand or shelter they are forced to park their vehicles in premises of travel agents who charge them and even passengers indirectly. Once the shed is constructed this issue will be resolved and passengers will also be hiring their taxis from an authorised stand. The taxi operators, Yudhvir Sethi said are also willing to pay parking charges for their vehicles and also using other utilities in that shelter. He apprised the Divisional Commissioner that this move will help city roads get cleared off haphardous parking and also help taxi operators. He added that many a times it has also been observed that these operators park their vehicles on Tawi bridge posing serious threat to commuters and other road users. Once an identified parking space is by built for these taxi operators, traffic will also ease and city will get relieved of choking roads. The Divisional Commissioner gave a patient hearing and assured that the matter would be taken up in right quarters so that this problem is addressed for the convenience of both road users as well as private taxi operators.

Dr. Nirmal Singh meet Sanskrit scholars at Srinagar demanded to connect Sanskrit language.

20171109_091458Sanskrit Scholars meet Dy CM Dr. Nirmal Singh at Srinagar demanded to connect Sanskrit language to digital and Skill India mission of hon'ble Prime minister of India. Shri kailakh jyotish Avim Vedic sansthan trust president Mahant Rohit Shastri meet to Sh.Dy.chief minister Dr. Nirmal Singh at Srinagar presented memorandum and book appeal to connect sanskrit language to digital and skill india mission and they also requested increase intake capacity of the seat at Mata Vaishno devi sanskrit guru kul katra by hundred so that more number of young scholars come out and contribute in development of Sanskrit language Sanskrit scholars also demanded setting up of a separate sanskrit department in Shri mata vaishno devi (SMVD) university and center university to provide a platform facilitating education and research in the field of this ancient and culturally rich language and and opening of sanskrit university in J&K. Shastri also appealed to separate minister for sanskrit language, which provide scholarship to young scholars and to provide reservations quota in university lectureship and teaching assistantship and demanded 16 new post of assistant professor in higher education for Sanskrit scholars Mahant Rohit shastri requested to Dy.chief minister Dr.Nirmal Singh to raise the issue of deteriorating condition of Sanskrit language in Lok sabha & j&k assembly and make it compulsory from 6th standard in schools so that the more number of scholars get appointed in schools and new carrier opportunities get opened up for them. He also request him for up gradation of shri Raghunath Sanskrit Maha Vidhalaya Birpur to college level institute so that young scholars seeks their further studies and establish various milestone in sanskrit field. " As Jammu is know as the city of temples but the students pursuing studies in sanskrit language have to suffer on account of dearth of facilities and opportunities. Dy.chief Dr.Nirmal singh assured the Rohit shastri that the will put their demands before state and central government and will take this issue before HRD. Minister

BJP observed ‘Anti-Black Money Day’ in Bhaderwah by organizing public rally.

FB_IMG_1510149764159BJP observed 'Anti Black Money Day' in Bhaderwah. BJP appreciated the revolutionary step like note Bandi taken by BJP government led by Shri Narendra Modi ji at the center. Castigating Congress for launching anti "Note Bandi" campaign in the country the BJP observed that soon people of this country will teach them a lesson for misleading public on this issue. The local unit said that by doing this the opposition is loosing credibility among the people of this country because primer financial institutions of the world like IMF and World Bank as also world leaders have appreciated this revolutionary step. Those who spoke on this occasion include District President Manjeet Razdan, Mandal President Ramneek Singh Manhas, State executive member Koshal Kotwal, District Vice President Raj Singh Kotwal, District Kissan Morcha President Raj Singh Charak . Balkrishan Kotwal, Raju Charak, Ramesh Sharma, Sagar Padha, Rakesh Manhas, Amarchand, Puneet Mehta, Sansraj Bhagat, Sourav Gupta, Lucky Pandit, Satya Manhas, Pinki Devi, Suman Latta, Mohammad Amin Mir, Abdul Hafiz, Firdous Bagwan, Munish Gadi and others also participated.

BJP holds Intellectual meet on “Anti-black money day” at BJP state headquarter, Trikuta Nagar.

23270220_1492492364165790_6566265269878817465_oJ&K BJP observed “Anti-black money day” on the very anniversary of demonetization step taken by PM Modi led Central Government to curb the menace of black money and corruption unleashed by the previous Congress led Governments. BJP State President & MLA, Sat Sharma chaired the intellectual meet held in this regard along with Rajya Sabha MP, Shamsher Singh Manhas, MLC Ashok Khajuria, State General Secretary Harinder Gupta and MLA Rajesh Gupta at BJP State headquarter, Trikuta Nagar, attended by large number of BJP leaders and intellectuals from society. Sat Sharma, while addressing the gathering, said that before demonetization, a parallel economy used to be run in the Nation, which also involved large amount of counterfeit currency being circulated in the country from across the border which was nearly totally destroyed by the smart move of demonetization. He said that in place of large amount of black money in market now the maximum transactions have come to the white. Sat Sharma said that the demonetization move has led to the multifaceted benefits to the Indian economy and the society and few of them can be listed as the clearly evident downfall in the incidents of stone pelting in Kashmir from last year, decreased operation of Naxalite movement. Earlier corruption money was moving through all doubtful accounts which have now ceased to exist. He also mentioned the crackdown on shell companies. He said that the main hue and cry on the demonetization is being made by the corrupt politicians who were involved from 2-G to coal Gate involving all type of corrupt practices looting money from innocent, poor population. Shamsher Singh Manhas appreciated the bold decision of demonetization taken by the Central Government and said that it will go a long way in leading the Nation to the path of its pristine glory. Shiban Khaibari, senior journalist and columnist, while enumerating the benefits of demonetization, also gave the examples of Amartya Sen a Noble laureate for economy and others, who appreciated the steps of “Swacch Bharat”, “Demonetization” and “Cashless Economy” for making up of a great Nation. Arun Gupta, State Spokesperson, provided the gathering the insight and overview of the benefits and the merits of demonetization. Advocate Onkar Seth spoke on the ways of going digital for the monetary transactions and its merits. CA Deepak Kapahi told about the benefits of less cash economy and said that it discourages corruption and black money. A presentation in this regard was also presented by the BJP State Incharge IT & Social Media Jaidev Rajwal. Harinder Gupta conducted the proceedings of the stage. Similar programmes were held in Seri Bazar, Bhaderwah in presence of District President Manjeet Razdan, Dak Banglow Rajouri in presence of Pahari Board VC Kuldeep Raj Gupta, Senior leaders Bharat Bhushan Vaid, Dev Raj Sharma and District President Dinesh Sharma, Sunderbani-Nowshera in presence of District President Som Dutt Sharma, Udhampur in presence of district President Rakesh Mahajan, Kishtwar in presence of Organization Secretary Harbans Singh, Kashmir Displaced District in presence of District President Chandji Bhat. Parmod Kapahi, Karan Singh, Bharat Bhushan, Rajni Sethi, Yudhvir Sethi, Aseem Gupta, Rajinder Sharma, Sanjay Baru, Anuradha Charak, Minister Abdul Ghani Kohli, Rashpaul Verma, Subhash Jandyal, Balbir Ram Rattan, Arvind Gupta, Brig. Anil Gupta, Arun Gupta, SS Bijral, Rachpal Singh, Jugal Kishore Gupta, Tilak Raj Gupta, Arun Chhibber, Suraj Singh, Dr. Pardeep Mahotra, S. Varinderjit Singh, ND Rajwal, Rajeev Charak, Purnima Sharma, Rajinder Singh Chib, Kulbhushan Mohtra, Darshan Singh, VK Sethi, Veenu Khanna, Sanjita Dogra, Rekha Mahajan, Hari Om Sharma, Sheela Handoo, Shailja Gupta, Surinder Bhagat, Shilpi Verma, Ayodhya Gupta, Vinay Gupta, Prem Gupta werdre among the main leaders present in the programme held at party office, Trikuta Nagar.

BJP observe 8th November as “Anti-black money day”

BJP observe 8th NovemberBJP Kashmir observed 8th November as Anti-black money day on the very anniversary of demonetization move held by Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Central Government to curb the menace of black money and corruption in the Nation unleashed by previous Congress led Governments. BJP State Gen. Secretary and Incharge Kashmir Dr. Narinder Singh along with State Media Secretary Altaf Thakur and Arif Raja Protocol Incharge Kashmir addressed the press at party office Jawahar Nagar Srinagar. Dr. Singh, while addressing the Press, said that before demonetization, a parallel economy used to be run in the Nation, which also involved large amount of counterfeit currency being circulated in the country from across the border which was nearly totally destroyed by the smart move of demonetization. He said that in place of large amount of black money in market now the maximum transactions have come to the white.

Sports teach discipline, endurance: Sh. Yudhvir Sethi

Taekwando Champions honoured for winning silverTaekwando Champions honoured for winning silver BJP Vice President Yudhvir Sethi said that sports teach discipline and endurance which is why everyone must take to any game of his or her choice and pursue it passionately. He was speaking after honouring young players who bagged silver in Common Wealth Taekwando championship 2017 held at Canada Montreal and returned to Jammu . Yudhvir Sethi honoured three players who represented J&K under 30 years category and one who represented J&K above 30 years category. Those who bagged silver and were honoured include champions Narainder Singh, Anil Khajuria, Anchal Kumar and Atul Pangotra. These players had earlier also bagged medals for India in Taekwando Championships held in other places. Speaking on the occasion Yudhvir Sethi said, “unlike many other youth activities, sports can provide instant feedback about how effective a choice was. A student athlete who practices instead of playing video games will improve faster than one who makes the opposite decision. Although this is also true of studying and academic performance, the gap between decision and report card time is often too long for a child to make a meaningful connection”. Asking students to play sports instead of spending more time indoors, the BJP leader said discipline is one of the most effective tools people can use to reach their goals. Sports provide a vivid demonstration of how applying will and discipline during practice can help an athlete reach his/her goals in competition. Students who see discipline's roles in achieving their athletic goals are more likely to apply discipline to other goals, he asserted.


23231340_1491663150915378_6510164906476901433_nBJP State President & MLA Sh. Sat Sharma with Union Home Minister Sh. Rajnath Singh Ji at a Public Rally in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh. Polling on Nov. 9

Jammu ropeway project to offer state of art facilities to tourists: Smt. Priya Sethi

DSC_0688Reviews progress on ongoing works, asks to ensure developing allied facilities The Jammu ropeway project has in offing world class facilities and supplementary tourist attractions at the halt point that shall include food courts, ampi theatre, viewing decks and other allied facilities such as battery operated cart wheels. This was informed in a meeting chaired by Minister of State for Education, Technical Education, Culture, Tourism, Department of Horticulture, Floriculture and Parks, Priya Sethi. She took stock of works at all three sites including Mahamaya, Bahu Fort and Peek-Kho, and exhorted upon the concerned departments to gear up their men and machinery to expedite the ambitious Jammu Ropeway Project. MD JKCC Shamim Ahmed Wani apprised the chair about the physical and financial progress on ambitious Cable Car project costing Rs 75cr, including land compensation and developmental infrastructure allied works. It was given out that the project involves food courts, washrooms, parking facilities, parks, souvenir shops & handicap friendly pathways. The length of Section is 1.18 Kms and distances from Mahamaya to Peerkho & section two is 0.47kms ( Mahamaya -Bahu ). Parking at Bahu fort to be developed at an estimated cost of 14 cr. It was also given out that the boundary walls at Peer Kho shall be developed with embossed paintings depicting the rich Dogra culture and shall enhance the esthetic beauty of the place. The Minister held a detailed discussion with the stakeholders and various bottlenecks impeding the project implementation were removed to ensure that all allied logistic works are completed in time and can be made functional simultaneously for providing a world class experience to the tourists . It was also given out in the meeting that the project shall envision putting in place an eco friendly mechanism for waste disposal and using the battery operated carts for ferrying the tourists at the halt points. It was further informed that system shall be put in place to offer facilities for booking of the tickets on line and linking of the same to various airlines and online travel agencies. The Minister stressed upon the concerned to work in tandem and ensure that the project meets its timeline in March next year. Focusing on other tourism initiatives, the Minister asked the concerned agencies to expedite other ongoing projects to connect the five temples adjoining Peer-Kho by a common pathway to enhance the rich religious tourism in the region. She also instructed to prepare a project report for the widening of road for the tourist buses. She said that the state has vast pilgrim tourism potential which needs to tapped optimally and efforts should be made to give best of facilities to the tourists coming to the state. Priya also stressed the need to adequately promote the tourists destinations in and around Jammu so that these can be popularized among the tourist giving a fillip to the sector. Priya Sethi asked the concerned departments for speeding up the process with coordination among the stakeholders to remove unnecessary hurdles. The Minister stressed on making concentrated efforts to develop Jammu as a prime tourist destination and said that completion of these projects will give a major boost to the tourism industry. Divisional Commissioner Jammu Mandeep K Bhandari, Commissioner JMC Ramesh Kumar, Secretary Tourism, Sarmad Hafeez, Deputy Commissioner Jammu Kumar Rajeev Ranjan, Director Tourism Smita Sethi besides other senior officers of the concerned departments were present in the meeting

BJP MLA Ravinder Raina along with party workers paid rich tribute to Mohd Maqbool Sheerwani at Baramulla town in Kashmir Valley.

Amid Jan Gan Man & Hindustan ZindabadAmid Jan Gan Man & Hindustan Zindabad, rich tribute paid to Maqbool Sheerwani in Kashmir. BJP MLA Ravinder Raina along with party workers paid rich tribute to Mohd Maqbool Sheerwani at Baramulla town in Kashmir Valley. Mohd Maqbool Sheerwani was the one who fought bravely against the Pakistani invaders in 1947 and on 7th of November 1947 he made supreme sacrifice and attained the Martyrdom at Baramulla in Kashmir. On the 72nd death anniversary of Shaheed Maqbool Sheerwani BJP paid tribute to the great martyr of Motherland. BJP MLA Ravinder Raina, BJP district President Desh Kumar Nehru, Vice Chairman Dr.Ali Mohd Mir, GM Confer BJYM National vice President Ejaz Hussain, Mahilla Morcha Vice President Haleema along with large number of party workers paid floral tribute to Shaheed Maqbool Sheerwani. Addressing the gathering BJP MLA Ravinder Raina said Shaheed Mohd Maqbool Sheerwani was a great warrior and brave son of Mother India who made supreme Sacrifice for Bharat Mata and laid down his life for India. Raina said Shaheed Maqbool Sheerwani was a freedom fighter like Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru who fought bravely against Pakistani invaders and saved Kashmir from Pakistan. Raina said it was Maqbool Sheerwani who stood like a mountain and thrawt all the attempts of Pakistan to grab Baramulla and Srinagar. He said it was Maqbool Sheerwani and his colleagues those stopped Pakistanies at Baramulla and did not allowed Pakistani invader to Capture Srinagar airport otherwise it would have been difficult for our Army to land at Srinagar in 1947. Raina said Mohd Maqbool Sheerwani is our hero and Kashmiri youth should follow his footprints. He also said that Maqbool Sheerwani deserves " Bharat Rattna Award" and he will try his level beat to Confer highest Civil award to be given to Shaheed Maqbool Sheerwani. BJP leaders Desh Kumar Nehru, Dr. Ali Mir, GM Mir and BJP National Vice president Ejaz Hussain also highlighted the sacrifice of Mohd Maqbool Sheerwani and thanked MLA Ravinder Raina for attending this function in Kashmir Valley.

Sh. Rajesh Gupta inaugurated the work of the community hall of Sain Samaj in ward no.10.

IMG_1887My aim is to reach the last man of the society for development : Sh. Rajesh Gupta Jammu East MLA and party chief whip Rajesh Gupta inaugurated the work of the community hall of Sain Samaj in ward no.10.The estimated cost of the work is 15 lakhs. In this campaign he was accompanied by JMC officials AEE Anil Gupta and JE Yaseen Ahmad. The members of the Sain Samaj led by its President Kasturi Lal and other members including Manohar Lal,Rajinder Sikka,Manohar Lal,Madan Gopal,Tony,Nitin,Rocky,Prabhu Dayal,Nek Ram,Sham Lal, Jagdish Raj Pandey,Om Prakash Jagotra, Bansi Lal Chowdhry were present on the occasion. Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion said that it is his mottoo to reach out to the last man in the rough.He said that Sain Samaj has played an excellent role in the social development of Jammu and they have continued to enrich our society with their contribution in every sphere.Rajesh Gupta said that sab ka saath sab ka vikas is the mahamantra of development and we would be always guided by this.He said that we would like to bring more and more people into the ambit of the various schemes for their upliftment. The BJP leaders who accompanied the MLA included included Ramesh Sharma, Subhash Sanghra, Gokul Koul, Sunny Sehgal, Subhash Anand, Shashi Sapolia, Ramesh, Chandan Gupta, Kannav Abrol, Vijay Mehra,Kuldeep Kandhari, Balkrishan, Romesh Gupta Neetu, Daya Ram and Ganesh Kumar gesha.

Sh. Vibodh Gupta said that authorities have reserved 80 % of seats in Doongi Block

IMG-20171107-WA000680% Panchayat halqas can’t be reserved Demand re-looking of reservation criteria of Panchayat election in Doongi block Demanding re-look on reservation of Panchayat halqas, Member Legislative Council & Senior BJP leader Advocate Vibodh Gupta said that authorities have reserved 80 % of seats in Doongi Block which is injustice to the people of the area. Deputation led by Ex-Sarpanchs and Ex-Naib Sarpanchs of Doongi block of Rajouri district called upon MLC and apprised him about the reservation criteria adopted by the authorities in the area where authorities have reserved 15 seats out of 18 Panchayat Halqas. The locals demanded MLC to take up the matter with higher authorities and demanded de-reserving of seats in the area. Expressing serious concern over the issue, Advocate Vibodh Gupta said that the matter is genuinely a serious as 80% reservation is no justice to majority people of the area. He said that the reservation should be according to the criteria fixed. He said that women, SC or ST must deserved for reservation in Panchayat elections but it should not violate the criteria. Demanding re-looking the reserved seats, Vibodh said that since the locals have shown serious concern over this reservation, it must be re-looked by de-reserving some seats in the area. He said that 15 seats cannot be reserved among 18 seats as the same is against the rules. He added that he will take up the matter with Government and sort out the problem. The MLC said that Government want to hold free and fair Panchayat elections in the state to establish local panchayat government by devolution of powers in the hands of village representatives and Government is committed for overall development of all the communities. He said that any error can be rectified and they will look into it and rectify the error if any while reserving any seat in Doongi block. Members of the deputation included Ex-Sarpanch Raj kumar,Ex-Sarpanch Vinod kumar,Ex-Sarpanch Susheel kumar,Ex-Sarpanch Sarfaraz khan,Ex-Sarpamch Yashpal sharma,Ex-Naib Sarpanch Rayasat khan,Ex-Naib Sarpanch Fareed Ahmed,Ex-Chairman Doongi panchayat Pt.Suresh Kumar,Ex-Naib Sarpanch Ashok Bamba

BJP District Jammu holds review meeting for “Anti-Black Money Day”

BJP-iBJP District Jammu held a meeting in the party office, Trikuta Nagar chaired by BJP State General Secretary, Harinder Gupta along with State Additional Treasurer Arvind Gupta and District Jammu General Secretary Vinay Gupta which was attended by District, Morcha and Mandal leaders to review the preparations regarding celebration of “Anti-Black Money Day” on November 8th, 2017. Harinder Gupta, while addressing the meeting, said that the Central Government being headed by PM Narendra Modi has dealt a hard blow to the black money hoarders in the country by introducing a number of reformatory measures in the Nation. He said that in order to benefit the poor with a vision of heading India into the role of a world leader, PM Modi took an extreme measure of “Demonetization” last year which led to the unearthing of black money which has given the Nation a multifaceted growth factor resulting into a number of benefits like breaking of backbone of anti-social and anti-national elements which is particularly evident in the decreased incidents of stone pelting incidents in Kashmir post demonetization, cleaned system of Indian financial system, increase system of formalization leading to increased job opportunities for the poor, hike in the tax compliance, significant increase in digital payments, availability of cheaper loans to the needy, increased revenue to the government agencies and a host of other benefits for the Nation. Harinder Gupta further said that State BJP has decided to celebrate the day as “Anti-Black Money Day” in every district to further the cause of fighting the menace of deep corruption by sending a strong message to everybody that the fight for the right cause is still not over and BJP will leave no stone unturned to achieve the aim in accordance with the aim of “Nation first, Party second and Self last”. Vinay Gupta while talking to the leaders and activists presents said that the District Jammu is celebrating the day in the party headquarter on the 8th of November where presentation will be shown on the merits and benefits of the “demonetization” introduced by the Government of India on this very date last year. He prompted all the leaders to celebrate the day as the resolve to give good governance to the citizens of the Nation. Ashwani Sharma, S. Kulwant Singh Bhatti, Rekha Mahajan, Tarun Sharma, Hari Om Sharma, Anil Masoom, Ankush Gupta and others were also present in the meeting.

Utilize loans for socio-economic upliftment: Sh. Balbir Ram Rattan

Utilize loans for economic empowerment (2)Making a fervent appeal to the loan beneficiaries to make the proper use of the financial assistance availed by them from the Corporation, the Vice-Chairperson of Jammu & Kashmir Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes & Backward Classes Development Corporation Limited, Balbir Ram Rattan, said that the money should be utilized for socio-economic upliftment. Interacting with the fresh loanees alongwith Divisional Manager, Ghulam Qadir Khatana and District Manager, Shakeel Ahmed, at Rajouri, after handing over Payment Authority Letters and key of a vehicle to the unemployed males and females belonging to SC, Safai Karamchari and Handicapped categories, the VC said that each one of them has to keep in mind that the money taken by them as loan is to be repaid in monthly installments, for which they have to earn by setting up of income generating units. Balbir expressed hope that the loanees will educate others to make up mind to start own units to earn livelihood by availing loans. Divisional Manager, Gulam Qadir Khatana, on this occasion, shared the required formalities to be provided by the loan aspirants for getting financial assistance from SC, ST, BC Development Corporation Limited. He also briefed about the Corporation’s future plans to reach maximum population. Those who were delivered Payment Authority Letters and vehicle key included Jamshaid Begum, Tilak Raj, Suleiman Khan, Mohd. Jan, Champa Devi, Rakesh Kumar, Nirmal Devi, Ashok Devi and Champa Devi.


23215401_1490913814323645_412237327578878015_oBJP Leaders & Activists Led By Party's State General Secretary (Org) Ashok Koul during a Road Show at Chamba, HP While Campaigning for the Party Candidates Polling on Nov 9


23231532_1490766864338340_8879685692513891879_nBJP State President & MLA Sh. Sat Sharma along with Party leaders from Jammu campaigning vigorously for Party Candidates of Chamba District. Polling on Nov 9.


23132114_1490104451071248_1040401576921749623_nDy Cm Dr Nirmal Singh Visited Nurpur assembly segment today and addressed series of public meetings in favour of BJP Candidate Sh. Rakesh Pathania.

BJYM Leh organized ‘Candle Light Tribute’ programme to pay respect to Martyr BJYM Gowhar Ahmed Bhat .

23154992_1490028551078838_2107974612145930507_oBJYM Leh organized 'Candle Light Tribute' programme to pay respect to Martyr BJYM District President Shopian Gowhar Ahmed Bhat . Bhat was martyred by terrorists for maintaining the National Flag High in terrorism affected Kashmir.


23316647_1490021784412848_1886077863196863631_nJ&K BJP leaders campaigning for the Party candidates Polling on Nov 9

BJYM Kashmir organized ‘Candle Light Tribute’ programme to pay respect to Martyr Gowhar Ahmed Bhat

23244375_1489698494445177_979641095231003903_nBJYM Kashmir organized 'Candle Light Tribute' programme to pay respect to Martyr BJYM Shopian President Gowhar Ahmed Bhat at Srinagar's Zero Bridge. Bhat was martyred by terrorists for maintaining the National Flag High in terrorism affected Kashmir.

Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh reviews physical and financial progress of various development projects

23275720_1489697651111928_8341281782144613379_oDy CM Dr. Nirmal Singh reviewed the progress of various mega development projects being implemented in Billawar at a high level meeting convened here. Threadbare discussions were held to pace up man and machinery to meet the set targets on stipulated time. The Deputy Chief Minister, while taking stock of the status of several development projects in the region, had a detailed review on the progress on Juthana Bridge and Indoor Stadium besides several other ambitious projects of the region. DyCM stressed on negating bottlenecks if any which are causing hindrance in the execution of the projects and exhorted on the officers to resolve it immediately and report to the concerned authorities. XEN, PHE Mech. Div., Billawar apprised the meeting that works amounting to Rs. 48.43 Lakhs have been executed by the Deptt. for which the sanction was given by the DyCM earlier. Taking overview of PHE sector DyCM directed the concerned authorities to replace the worn out machinery at Bhaddu and announced Rs. 11 Lakhs for this purpose whereas Rs. 5 Lakhs have been announced for strengthening PHE infra at Ramkote. He further directed to complete the work of 5 new Tube Wells at the earliest to mitigate the problem of drinking water. In PWD(R&B) sector emphasis was laid on road expansion besides completing the pending roads. The minister informed the meeting that tender for expansion of Billawar – Sukrala road will be floated soon whereas the work on Chadwal - Mangloor road was tendered under CRF. He also directed the concerned authorities to submit the proposal of widening of Phinter-Billawar road which is to be executed under CRF. He further added that all the blacktopping works should get completed on or before December 2017 to give major fillip to road connectivity of this area. While discussing PDD sector, the minister said that 9 new sub-stations will be created in Billawar for consolidating PDD infra and 500 electric poles besides electric wire and transformers were also purchased worth Rs. 50 Lakhs for this purpose. He also passed instructions to take strict action against those contractors who are not working after getting approval for execution of work. Dr Singh also exhorted upon the officers to double the man days in the next financial year under MGNREGA to generate employment and assured them of clearing the liability of MGNREGA as soon as possible. ADC Kathua Rashpal Singh, ADC Billawar Joginder Singh Rai, SSP Kathua Suleman Choudhary,ACD, SDPO, CEO, SE PDD Sandeep Seth, Engineers of PHE, PDD, PWD, PMGSY, JKPCC; BDOs, Tehsildars, SWO and other Sub Divivionl level officers were present

BJPHRC strongly condemn Gowhar’s Killing

Lotus Logo copyAt party’s state headquarters, BJP Human Rights Cell State Convenor Prof. P.L. Kaul alongwith its Co-Convenor Vijender Singh Dutta and Executive Members Vinay Pandoh and Rohit Gupta expressed grave anguish and condemned the brutal killing of young and dynamic leader Gowhar Hussain Bhat District President of BJYM Shopian who was killed y terrorists in Shopian district of South Kashmir. This heinous crime perpetrated by those elements trying to disturb the peace in the valley will not be tolerated and they would be dealt with sternly. The martyrdom of Gowhar will not go waste, as he was working with a missionary zeal to restore place in Kashmir valley and was an inspiration for other youths of Kashmir in revolting against terror. Prof. Kaul said that BJP Human Rights activists resolve to carry forward the mission of putting a last nail in the coffin of the militancy sponsored by the Pakistan in Kashmir. This speaks that terrorists and their sympathisers are is great desperation after seeing BJP’s increasing activities for bringing peace and normalcy in the valley. By such attacks BJP activists will not be cowed down and rather it would give further impetus to resolve to work hard to bring Kashmir out of the present crisis and take it to the path of development. Prof. Kaul urged the government to ensure proper security of all its BJP leaders working in valley. Frustrated militants and their sympathisers with their cowardly acts have lost all the sense of humanity murdering both “Kashmiryat and Insaniyat” and are averse to the peace and development in valley. These people want unrest to continue in valley, but they will never succeed in their mission and it is not going to happen now, said Prof. Kaul and his team. Entire nation is with the bereaved family who have lost their brave son who has given his life in restoring peace of Kashmir valley. Party stands firmly with the family of martyr Gowhar Bhat in this hour of immense grief and shock.

Prof. Virender Gupta welcomed the forthcoming visit of new interlocutor

Prof. Virender GuptaState BJP Spokesperson, Prof. Virender Gupta welcomed the forthcoming visit of new interlocutor, Dineshwar Sharma to hold sustainable dialogue in Jammu and Kashmir at Srinagar. Though the separatists, state as well as Centre Congress leaders and National Conference have raised doubts about the outcome of the present exercise but Sharma has expressed his optimism and confidence to break the ice. Prof. Virender appreciated Mr. Sharma’s statement that he would put his serious efforts to bring the peace in the Valley and told that one should refrain from fishing in the desert. The Spokesperson said that present efforts by the Government of India are aimed to reach to a permanent solution of the Jammu & Kashmir issue and it cannot be equated to the previous efforts during Congress government at the Centre which lacked the courage and conviction to implement the recommendations of the interlocutors appointed by it or those of working groups constituted by it and the words of Mr. Dineshwar Sharma “his efforts have to be judged with sincerity and not through the prism of the past”. Prof. Virender refuted the statement that the present dialogue process by Modi government is to hoodwink the international community and their pessimism about the outcome. He added that present dialogue would surely stand to the expectations of Prime Minister’s speech on August 15, on Independence Day, “Na gaali se, nag goli se, parivartan hoga gale logaane se”, i.e. “neither the abuses nor the bullets can bring change in Kashmir, but it shall only by embracing the people.” The State Spokesperson said that it is hoped that the interlocutor, Mr. Dineshwar Sharma would take comprehensive view of the situation prevailing in Jammu and Kashmir and would address the grievances of the people of Jammu region and those of Ladakh region who have always been discriminated in the last 70 years because of the Kashmiri domination and have been feeling neglected in political, administrative and financial sectors. He added that the solution to the Jammu and Kashmir should be such that it can address the aspirations of all the three regions of the state and address the issues pertaining to Kashmiri Pandits who faced large scale exodus from the valley.

It is NC’s loyalty to people of state that swings like pendulum and not Modi’s K-policy: Brig Gupta

Brig. Anil GuptaResponding to the statement of NC President Dr Farooq Abdullah that Modi’s Kashmir policy has been swinging like a pendulum, Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of BJP stated, “The Modi Government’s K-policy is as steadfast as a rock. In fact, prior to this during the UPA regime, which included NC, there was no policy to deal with Kashmir except the “policy of appeasement” which only helped in filling the pockets of the power brokers. Money was used to buy peace without addressing the genuine grievances of the people.” The appointment of Dineshwar Sharma as Special Representative of the Government of India to carry forward the sustained dialogue process by granting him the status of a Cabinet Secretary shows the sincerity of the Modi Government in finding a long term and lasting solution for return of peace and normalcy to trouble torn J&K, said Brig Gupta. Exposing the inherent contradiction within the NC, Brig Gupta highlighted the tweet of Omar Abdullah made immediately after the appointment of Special Representative wherein he welcomed the aspect of mandate given to him, “One can’t get everything. So far now we’ll take what we can get. More imp than the person is the mandate and absence of pre-conditions.” But Farooq stated yesterday in Tangdhar, “So essentially when the mandate given to Sharma is not clearly specified, then what the fun in having deliberations with him is?” It obviously is an afterthought and exposes the nexus between the Hurriyat and NC. There was little choice left with NC but to backtrack after the Hurriyat declined to join the talks and also clearly highlights as to from where do they get their orders like the Hurriyat, blamed Brig Gupta. The fact is that the NC leaders have no genuine sympathies for the Kashmiris and shed crocodile tears to mislead them through falsehood for the sake of their political survival. Their promises and falsehood keep vacillating depending on whether they are in power or out of it, rued the spokesperson. “It is your loyalty to the people of the state that keeps swinging like a pendulum and not Modi’s K-policy,” retorted Brig Gupta. The appointment of Dineshwar Sharma is not mired in any controversy but is a fig of imagination of those leaders who want to derail the peace process even before it has begun. Clarifying that MOS (PMO) is being misquoted, Brig Gupta said, “what the MOS had said was that like a political party appoints a spokesperson by name and thereafter whatever the spokesperson states is treated as party line, similarly the Central Government has now appointed by name a Special Representative with the rank of Cabinet Secretary to carry forward the sustained dialogue process initiated by the Home Minister. He never said that Dineshwar Sharma has been appointed as a spokesperson,” stated Brig Gupta. As far as discussing the report of Padgaonkar in Parliament is concerned, the spokesperson said that the behaviour of father-son duo at that crucial juncture and their lust for power at the cost of the Kashmiris was thoroughly exposed when they did not utter a single word against the inaction of UPA government and continued to cling to their chairs for thirty months after the Report was submitted. The people of Kashmir had since become wise of the political gimmicks of Abdullah dynasty to remain in power and dismissed them by voting against them, said Brig Gupta. The need of the hour is that all those who are genuinely interested in the welfare of the people of the state and want the peace to return must give up blame game and interact with the Special Representative of the government with open mind, suggested Brig Gupta.

BJP to observe 8th November as Anti-black money day.

23215658_1490910444323982_4799865028921492358_oJ&K BJP has decided to observe 8th November as anti-black money day on the very anniversary of demonetization decision taken by PM Modi led Centre government to curb black money menace in Nation. BJP State General Secretary, Harinder Gupta, while appreciating bold decision of demonetization, said that it has led to multi dimensional success in curbing menace of corruption, India’s highest ever unearthing of black money, blow to terrorism, clean financial system, better jobs, increased tax compliance, boost in digital payments, cheaper loans, increased revenues. He said that people were fed up of deep rooted corruption and large scams and Modi government took unprecedented steps in fighting corruption at every level. He said that presently cash deposits under suspicion stand at Rs 3.68 lakh crore in 23.22 lakh bank accounts and in addition to this, banks and financial institutions reported more than 4.7 lakh suspicious transactions. Harinder said that Stone-pelting incidents in Kashmir were reduced to 1/4th of the previous year from 2683 (Nov 15-Oct 16) to 639 (Nov 16 to July 2017) as demonetization struck a severe blow to terrorists by clamping down on their funds and militants in Kashmir lost access to all their cash reserves and their desperation was evident in bank robbery attempts. He said that in a surgical strike on shell companies, 2.24 lakh companies were struck off. Harinder further said that demonetization led to a huge increase in tax compliance, which will not only ensure equitable taxation, but also help Government devote more resources to poverty alleviation and creation of infrastructure like roads, railways, houses, etc., he added. He said this is leading India to a less cash society which will make lives easier and will lead to affordable goods, services, housing, education, medical treatment, etc. Lending rates declined by around 100 basis points reducing interest on repayment of loans and decrease amount of EMIs and real estate prices. State Secretary Sanjay Baru said that the informative presentations in this regard will be shown along with the observance of the day in every district. Purnima Sharma, Arvind Gupta, S. Varinderjit Singh, Jaidev Rajwal, Kulbhushan Mohtra, Deepak Kapahi, Jugal Kishore Gupta, Ayodhya Gupta, Adv. Hunar Gupta, Vinay Gupta, Prem Gupta, Vikas Sharma were also present in the meeting.

Sh. Vibodh Gupta Inaugurates Readymade Clothing House at Thudi

MLC Vibodh Inaugurates Showroom at ThudiAsks Youth to Take Benefit of Various Government Schemes Member Legislative Council, Vibodh Gupta asked youth to take full benefit of different self-employment schemes of Government of India so as to generate their own employment sources. He was addressing during inaugural ceremony of a readymade clothing showroom: Brother’s Readymade at Thudi area of lower Jawahar Nagar in Rajouri town. In his address, Vibodh said that unemployment is a major problem of today's era and it has to tackled with a multidimensional approach. Schemes like 'MUDRA', Skill India are aimed to provide opportunities to the youth to open their own business for employment and a well flourishing business not only provides employment to its owner but to dozens of its workers " he said. MLC also reiterated the commitment of Government of India and state government for minimising the problem of unemployment and motivated youth to come forward to take benefit of the schemes of self-employment. Mentioning opening of this new readymade clothing showroom, MLC Vibodh Gupta said that Rajouri market is getting rich day by day with opening of more business houses which is a positive sign of development. Even after facing tough challenges like that of militancy, Rajouri people maintained richness of market which is a positive attitude example of people here " He added. Earlier, accompanied by other senior citizens and leaders including BJP District President, Dinesh Sharma, Atam Parkash Gupta, Raja Rattan, Amresh Gupta, and Ramesh Singh. Latter Mr. Jasveer Singh the owner of the showroom thanked MLC Vibodh Gupta for taking time out of his busy schedule and for his encouragement to this new business unit.

Sh. Avinash Rai Khanna condoled the sad and untimely demise of Gowhar Hussain Bhat.

Avinash Rai KhannaBJP National Vice-President, National Vice Chairman, Indian Red Cross Society, former MP, Rajya Sabha & Prabhari J&K unit, Avinash Rai Khanna, condoled the sad and untimely demise of Gowhar Hussain Bhat the youth leader of BJP and the District President of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha from District Shopian, who was killed by militants in a cold blooded murder, when he was abducted from his home and his body was found in pool of blood in nearby forest. Avinash Rai Khanna condemned this cowardly act of militants, where they have cut down a young tree which could blossom to bail out Kashmir from the present crisis being leashed out by the restless neighbor from across the border. He said that the peace loving people of Kashmir have to openly oppose these perpetuators of violence and lead Kashmir on the path shown by the Sufis and Saints, so that Kashmir be developed as the example of brotherhood, love and progress once again. Avinash Rai Khanna said that the blood of the noble soul of the martyr will not go in vain and if the perpetuators of violence think that they could silence the voice of the nationalist forces by the use of gun, they are wrong and the youth of Kashmir has started to realize that the true development lies in the maintenance of peace and today the Kashmiri youth is doing commendable job in almost every field, which will open up new era of growth, development and peace for them and once again the Kashmir will be viewed as the heaven on earth. Khanna expressed sympathies with the bereaved family and assured that the entire party and the nation is with them in this hour of grief and sorrow.

BJYM J&K organised a “Shradhanjli” programme to pay tribute to BJYM marytyr Gowhar Ahmed Bhat.

BJYM Jammu & Kashmir organisedBJYM Jammu & Kashmir organised a “Shradhanjli” programme to pay tribute to BJYM District President Shopian, Gowhar Ahmed Bhat who was brutally killed by terrorists at Killora Shopian in South Kashmir three days ago. All the leaders of State BJP & BJYM gathered at party headquarters Trikuta Nagar Jammu to pay prayer to the departured soul. BJP State President and MLA Jammu West Sat Sharma CA while paying tribute said that it is very unfortunate that we lost a very dedicated and young activist of BJYM who was working with zeal to make a strong foundation of organisation at gross root level in South Kashmir. He said that I have already talked with Hon’ble Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Hon’ble CM Mehbooba Mufti and they have assured me that the security will be provided to each and every activist of BJYM who really have its need. He further said that all the miscreants of this incident have been identified and search to nab them have been already initiated. He also informed that State BJP have announced a sum of Rs. 5 Lakh to the family of Gowhar Ahmed. BJP State General secretary and Incharge Jammu province Harinder Gupta have condemned the incident and said that, the sacrifice of our Youth leader will not go in vain and the struggle to free Kashmir from the militancy will take a new pace. His supreme sacrifice for the party will be remembered always and his dream of making a New Kashmir will take a new start. BJYM State President Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra, narrated the whole unfortunate incident with the gathering and said that BJYM will work with more zeal and is ready to give these type of sacrifices for our motherland in future also. Dr. Magotra also requested party high command to provide the much needed security to each activist who is working to hold national flag high in Kashmir. BJP State Vice-President Yudhvir Sethi, BJP State incharge for Beti Bachao Beti Padhao S S Bijral and MLC S.Charanjeet Singh Khalsa also spoke on the occasion. Prominient who were present, MOS Priya Sethi, State Vice-President Parmood Kapahi, State President Mahilla Morcha Poornima Sharma, State Secretary BJP Aseem Gupta, Sanjay Baru, BJP State Social Media Incharge Jai Dev Rajwal, Arvind Gupta, BJP District President Jammu West Ayodhya Gupta, BJYM State General Secretaries Vikas Choudhary and Tarun Sharma, BJYM District President Hari Om Sharma, Ashish Sharma, Rohit Verma and many others.

Sh. Vibodh Gupta visited far off areas of Kalakote in Rajouri.

MLC Vibodh Visits the Residence of Cancer Patient at Saranoo.Accessible, Efficient and Cheap Healthcare a Priority for Government: Sh. Vibodh Gupta Civil Society Should Come Forward to Help the Poor & Needy Patients: Sh. Vibodh Gupta BJP senior leader and MLC Vibodh Gupta visited far off areas of Kalakote in Rajouri and enquired about the health of some cancer patients at their homes. During this visit, he visited the home of Jagdish Raj at village Saranoo and Ravi Kumar at village Potha. Both these patients are suffering from cancer and are seriously ill. While interacting with the patients and their families Vibodh assured his full support to them for the proper treatment of both the patients. For some immediate medical care and attention, Vibodh announced an amount of Rs. 50,000 out of his CDF for each of these patients. While addressing the locals at Potha Vibodh said that despite the overburdened healthcare services, India is still one of the top three destinations for medical tourism in Asia. He said that the reason for this is the availability of highly skilled doctors, quality healthcare infrastructure and low cost of the treatment. While appreciating the efforts of Prime Minister Narindera Modi Vibodh said that the present government has promised healthcare assistance to every citizen and reduction in the healthcare expenses with the help of state governments. It also aimed to focus on many healthcare issues in India including the incidences of water-borne diseases in the country, poor hygiene and drinking water. He urged everyone in the society to help the poor and needy especially when someone is in need of help for curing a serious disease. While referring to the recently launched new National Health Programme, Vibodh said that as a result of the Modi Government's efforts, this programme has been launched after 15 years the last health policy was approved. The plan aims to strengthen India’s healthcare system. The new health policy of the Government proposes to increase the public health expenditure by 2.5 percent of the GDP from the current 2 percent GDP spending on healthcare. While referring to the role of the internet and digital media in Health Sector Vibodh said that the big Digital India Campaign by the Government also showed the efforts to make digital healthcare and e-health for much better efficiency. This he said has brought healthcare at the doorsteps of the poor, needy and marginalised sections of the society. He also highlighted various programmes of the Government in the health sector which have made healthcare accessible, efficient and cheap for all. He informed that within next two years Rajouri will have its own medical college and this will help in providing world-class healthcare facilities to the locals of this area. Later the families of the cancer patients expressed their gratitude to MLC Vibodh for his visit and for boosting the morale of the families by providing immediate and much need financial assistance. Prominent among others who were present on the occasion included Rakesh Raina, Purshotam Singh, Suresh Kumar, Manhit Singh, Pawan Kumar and Mukesh Kumar.

BJP holds District level Working Committee meets

23215798_1490100601071633_4967173678985040110_oBJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma inaugurated & addressed Working Committee Meeting of Jammu West District, along with State General Secretary Harinder Gupta, State Vice-Presidents Parmod Kapahi and Rajni Sethi, Vice-Chairperson Balbir Ram Rattan, State Secretary Sanjay Baru, District Prabhari Jugal Gupta and District President Ayodhya Gupta at Late Hans Raj Dogra Sabhagaar, PR Hotel, Bakshi Nagar. Sat Sharma congratulated everyone for conduction of first State Working Committee Meeting in Kashmir and said that it is an important event in organizational set up of BJP and asserted that people of Kashmir have let down messengers of hatred, welcoming BJP with open arms. He also mentioned achievements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Government like continuous improvements in revolutionary tax regime GST on suggestions of various stake holders and gave slogan of "Booth Jeeto, Chunaav Jeeto" and prompted every party leader to work extensively on every single booth in coming Panchayat and Local Body elections. Condemning barbaric killing of BJP youth district President Gowhar Ahmed Bhat, Sat Sharma termed it as desperate try to vitiate normalcy bound atmosphere of Kashmir and said that although nothing can fill up void of a member of family, but still BJP is committed to support family in any hour and party has announced Rupees 5 lakhs to family of heaven bound soul and said that BJP will press upon State Government to provide other benefits to the bereaved family as he laid his life for betterment of heaven on Earth. Harinder Gupta while giving concluding address, embarked upon reach of BJP to every region of State and discussed forthcoming party programmes and prompted activists to contribute more time. Earlier, Parmod Kapahi provided insight on internal working of organization. Rajni Sethi focused on celebration of 6 party programmes on every single booth. Sanjay Baru asked party activists to help people in their problems. Balbir Ram Rattan shared Corporation’s schemes in detail for benefit of weaker sections of society. Jugal Gupta, gave account of organizational activities and asked activists to work with in homes of common masses. Ayodhya Gupta, delivered the Presidential address and presented three months report card of political and organizational activities done by District. Reporting of organizational and political activities done by BJP Janipur Mandal and Mahila Morcha was presented by Vijay Sharma and Veena Gupta. Dr. Pardeep Mahotra and Tilak Raj Gupta were facilitated for being given responsibilities of State Press Secretary and State Additional Office Secretary respectively in J&K BJP. Political resolution was read by District Publicity Secretary Dr. Akshay Sharma and was seconded by District Vice-President Adv. Rajesh Gupta. Proceedings of stage were conducted by District General Secretary Sanjeev Sharma. District General Secretary Prem Gupta presented vote of thanks. Similarly, Working committee meeting of R S Pura was held at Saini Resorts, Arnia, where State General Secretary Dr. Narinder Singh, PHE Minister Sham Choudhary and District President Brijesh Rana were present. Working Committee Meeting of Nowshera District was conducted in Devak Mandal, Taarpur, where Minister Abdul Ghani Kohli, MLA Ravinder Raina along with District President Captain Som Dutt were present. Working Committee Meeting of Kashmir Displaced District was held at Geeta Bhawan, Muthi Village, where Harinder Gupta, MLC Girdhari Lal Raina, Moti Kaul and District President Chand ji Bhat were present. Working Committee Meeting of Ramban was held in Committee Hall Ramban, where Rajiv Charak, Som Raj Khajuria, Arun Chibber and District President Ramesh Sharma were present.

BJP pays tributes to Gowhar Hussain Bhat in Chamba, announces 5 lakhs for family

BJP pays tributes to Gowhar Hussain (2)Remembering great sacrifice of Gowhar Hussain Bhat, J&K State BJP President & MLA along with Vice-Chairperson Munish Sharma, MLC Ch. Vikram Randhawa and other party leaders from the State as well as Himachal Pradesh paid floral tributes to the martyred son of soil from the State of Jammu & Kashmir, a strong activist of BJP and District President Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha in Dalhousie Mandal of Banikhet in Chamba District of Himachal Pradesh. Sat Sharma, while speaking on the occasion, said that the State and the Central governments give full honours and benefits to the person who has martyred for the cause of the society and the Nation, and although Martyr Gowhar Hussain Bhat was not a soldier in uniform but he was still a soldier in his heart, who fought the ill will of separatists, militants and all other anti-social and anti-National forces for the welfare of the common masses of Kashmir region. He had a vision to provide the youth of Kashmir a future not of bullets and blood but of peace and development, which was absolute unpalatable by the demonified elements, who did not even thought for a second, while spilling the blood of their own brother of region. Sat said that, BJP stands with its cadre in all odds and evens and although the void appeared due to the untimely and sad demise of the noble soul cannot be fulfilled by any worldly thing, but still the party stands with the bereaved family every hour, every second, and the party has decided to provide the family of Gowhar Hussain Bhat with the monetary aid of Rupees 5 Lakh and asserted that the party will support the family in every possible manner. Munish Sharma reconfirmed the stand of BJP that it will fight for the justice to departed great soul and his family and will also press upon the government to provide every possible assistance to the bereaved family and also provide adequate security cover to the Nationalists. Vikram Randhawa said that this cowardly act is a deliberate attempt to suppress the peace initiative of government by the militants and their supporters, but the BJP activists will not be underdogged and many more will take his place to fight for the society, he asserted. Gopal Mahajan, Ravinder Billawaria, Vinod Mahajan and others were among the prominent persons present on the occasion. Meanwhile BJP State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Kaul along with Minister Sham Choudhary and other senior leaders from Kashmir, visited the home of Gowhar Hussain Bhat in Kashmir to meet the bereaved family and assured them all help form the BJP to the family and also assured them that the culprits will soon be brought to justice.

Sh. Rajesh Gupta Inaugurated a community hall Near Singh Gurudwara Vikram Chowk.

RAJESH MLA (1)Jammu East MLA and party chief whip Rajesh Gupta Inaugurated a community hall Near Singh Gurudwara Vikram Chowk in ward no.19.The estimated cost of the work is 5.50 lakhs. The JMC officials who accompanied the MLA included AEE Anil Gupta and JE Yaseen. The BJP leaders who accompanied the MLA Subedar Gurcharan Singh, Kuldeep Balgotra, Ashok Lambad, Opinder Singh, Sd.Darshan Singh and Nitti. Rajesh Gupta congratulated the people of Jammu on the occasion of birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and especially felicitated the members of the Sikh community. Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion congratulated the people of Jammu on the ocassion of Jhiri Mela and said that Jhiri Meal is a wonderful example of sacrifice in order to uphold the values of justice and human dignity.He said that the Mela is a wonderful mosaic of cultural unity in diversity where people from many states converge to pay obeseiance to Baba Jittoo and Bua Kauri. Rajesh Gupta also congratulated all the biradaris who celebrated their Mail and prayed for the peace and prosperity of the state and the country. The Prominents who accompanied the MLA included S. Narinder Singh Raina, S.jasmeet singh, S.tarlok singh, Jagdev Singh, Jaswinder singh, Harinder Singh, Ved Raj Bali, Daljeet Singh Billowria and Daleep Singh Bandral.

State Bharatiya Janata Party has taken strong note of statement of state Advocate General in interview with The Hindu

Sunil SethiState Bharatiya Janata Party has taken strong note of statement of state Advocate General in interview with The Hindu which was published and in which distorted and misleading information has been passed about Art 35 A of the constitution of India. Instead of arguing in the Supreme Court the first Law Officer of the state has chosen to address press and that too by projecting falsehood. It's reflect very poorly on the merit of legal advice being available with the state government on important constitutional matters. Finding fault with statement of Advocate General that Art 35 A is not part of Constitutional of India and it applies only to Jammu and Kashmir and as such it could have been introduced even without being passed by Parliament, State Bharatiya Janata Party Chief Spokesperson Sunil Sethi said that Art 35 A is undoubtedly part of Constitution of India and extends to while territory of India. It affects rights of Indian living outside Jammu and Kashmir more than so called permanent residents as right of equality guaranteed to Citizens of India has been violated by Art 35 A. It is without doubt that Art 35 A hits the basic structure of Constitution and dilutes the supremacy of Parliament as well as Judiciary when it denies even judicial review in matters affected by state subject laws. Sunil Sethi further noted that having been introduced in Constitution in a manner which is illegal and unconstitutional, Art 35 A can't stand the scrutiny by the Supreme Court of India and will surely meet its death at the heating of petitions by Supreme Court. The nervousness of Separatists and their supporters on the court litigation clearly reflects that truth is known to them as also anticipated outcome of litigation on merit and that is reason for making such reckless and misleading statements and also threats of agitation if Art 35 A is declares unconstitutional . He further said that despite having services of Advocate General himself appearing in Supreme Court the state government is spending millions of rupees of tax payers in engaging number of Advocates to defend it. It reflects that state has no faith on Advocate General or his competence to deal with high stake constitutional matters.

BJYM Shopian President Gowhar Ahmed Offers Supreme Sacrifice

23167539_1488941094520917_5593501781063966333_nBJYM Shopian President Gowhar Ahmed Offers Supreme Sacrifice Condemnations, Protests Erupt Across J&K BJYM In Streets Protesting Peacefully Against Cold Blooded Killing

Shri Ashok Koul and other BJP Leaders visited residence of Martyr BJYM District President Shopian

23116669_1488796877868672_9170802707526613652_oBJP State General Secretary (Org.) Shri Ashok Koul, Cabinet Minister Shri Sham Choudhary and other BJP Leaders visited residence of Martyr BJYM District President Shopian Gowhar Ahmed Bhat and expressed condolences with the bereaved family. These BJP leaders assured all help to the bereaved family.

State BJP remembers Major Som Nath Sharma Rich Tributes Paid To First Param Vir Chakra Awardee


BJP condemn brutal killing of youth leader Gowhar Ahmad

23157090_1488288417919518_3297802871023091255_o‘Party pays floral tribute to slain youth, stands firmly with his family in grief’ Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) condemned the brutal murder of youth leader Gowhar Ahmad Bhat, who was found dead with his throat slit in Shopian district on Thursday evening. The party leaders paid floral tribute to slain youth leader at Jawahar Nagar office here on Friday in which dozens of senior party leaders including Sham Chaudhury, minister for PHE Irrigation and Flood Control, Ashok Kaul General Secretary (Org), Dr Narendra Singh State General Secretary and Incharge Kashmir participated. The party stands with the slain leader’s family at the time of grief and extended all possible support to the family. Terming the slain leader dedicated, sincere and honest with integrity, Sham Chaudhury, Minister for PHE, Irrigation and Flood Control, said Gowhar Ahmad was a true nationalist, who sacrificed his life for party. “His (Gowhar Ahmad’s) contribution to the party will be remembered for a long,” Chaudhury said. Ashok Kaul, State General Secretary (Org) while paying his tribute to the slain leader said, Gowhar was a torch bearer for peace and prosperity, who played a vital role in peace building initiatives in Kashmir. Kaul termed his murder a big loss to the party. “Tragedy struck at BJP. He paid the price of being hardcore nationalist. These sacrifices make our determination stronger,” Kaul said. Kaul also said: “Terrorists must realise that they cannot stop the youth of the Valley from choosing a better future for themselves.” Dr Narendra Singh State General Secretary and Incharge Kashmir said he was shocked to learn about the brutal murder of BJYM district president Gowhar Ahmad in Shopian. My deepest condolences to his family,” Singh said, adding, BJP stands firmly with the family of Gowhar Ahmad in this moment of immense grief. The BJP Kashmir also offered Fateh and prayed for the departed soul at party office. Present of the occasion were- state vice president Dr Darakshan Andrabi, Vice chairman SICOP Dr Ali Mohammad, Media Incharge Kashmir, Altaf Thakur, Mushtaq Noorabadi, Arif Raja, Asif Masoudi, Ashok Bhat, Bilal Parry, Ghulam Hassan Khan, Bashir Ahmad Bhat, MM War, Ashraf Azad, Manzoor Kulgami, Wasim Raja, Showkat Raja and others.

Bharatiya Janta Yuva Morcha Jammu held a demonstration at Bahu Fort Chowk

BJYM PROTESTBharatiya Janta Yuva Morcha Jammu held a demonstration at Bahu Fort Chowk near Police Station to show their protest against the brutal killing of BJYM Dist. President Shopian Gowher Bhat by terrorists. The protesters also Burned the eggify of Pakistan and Terrorists backed by Pakistan. The protestors raised their slogans against the cowardly act of terrorists in Shopian. Speaking on the occasion Hari Om Sharma ( Dist. President BJYM Jammu) told the media that this cowardly act of terrorism won't dishearten the youth from joining the BJYM in future and that only youth can defeat these armed terrorists with their courage and determination. He further added that every Indian is standing with the family of Gowher Bhat and he will always be remembered as the martyr who has given the supreme sacrifice to hold the national flag high in kashmir. Prominent who were present on the occasion were District Vice-Presidents Raghav Gupta, Akshay Gandotra, Madan Singh, Lovedeep Pathania, Tarun Kumar and Amrish Sharma, General Secretaries Shodhya and Vikas Sharma, Secretaries: Gaurav Balgotra, Jatinder Singh, Karanveer Chopra, Kamaljeet Singh Raj Hans, Inderjeet Malhotra, Yogesh Magotra, Jaspal Singh and Akash Sharma, Mandal President Jammu East Prajwal Gupta.

Sh. Balbir Ram Rattan reviews recovery status of Jammu District

Balbir reviews recovery status of Jammu District (2)In order to review the recovery status of Jammu District of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes & Backward Classes Development Corporation Limited, its Vice-Chairperson Balbir Ram Rattan, held a meeting with Divisional Manager, Ghulam Qadir Khatana, District Manager Joginder Paul Atri and other officials at his official Chamber at Jammu on Friday. Divisional Manager, Ghulam Qadir Khatana, told that the offices in all the districts of Jammu Province are functioning properly and the staff posted there has been directed to focus more on recovery. He said that the number of loan cases under different categories are going up and hence it is imperative on part of the Corporation to ensure that the monthly instalments are received from the beneficiaries on time. The Vice Chairperson was told that the District Jammu has recovered rupees27.26 lakh as repayment amount from the loanees during the last three months, who have availed the financial assistance from the Corporation under various target groups and are running small units in different areas of Jammu District. Its District Manager Joginder Paul Atri further brought into the notice of the Vice-Chairperson that extra manpower is required to accelerate the recovery. He also briefed that 72 fresh applications have been received from different categories of people for loan and same are under process. Balbir Ram Rattan, while assuring the Divisional and District Managers to take up the issue of deputing more staff for making recoveries, said that the money given to the poor and needy unemployed people of SCs, STs, BCs, handicapped, Minorities and safai Karamchari categories need to be recovered on regular basis as the same would be further utilized for the benefit of other poor and needy unemployed people. Corporation District Office Assistants Anil Harkar and Mulkh Raj also attended the meeting.

Desperate Terrorists, Separatists opted Coward act To Counter bold Act of Nationalism: Sh. Vibodh Gupta

IMG-20171103-WA0031"Pakistan fulfills criteria for declaring it terrorist nation" Sh. Vibodh Gupta visits Mendher, pays tribute to family of Shaheed Zahir Abhas Khan, condemns killing of BJP youth leader Shopian Castigating Pakistan over supporting terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir, Member Legislative Council and Senior BJP leader Advocate Vibodh Gupta has called for adopting united approach to declare Pakistan a terrorist nation. While paying tribute to martyr Constable Zahir Abbas khan who attained martyrdom during gunbattle with terrorists in Mir Mohalla village of north Kashmir’s Bandipora district.He said that the family is feeling proud that their son has contributed his life for nation. The MLC visited the village and met family members of martyr and expressed sympathy with the family.He prayed to almighty for peace to the departed soul.He also provided finical assistance to family as a token of love. Advocate Vibodh Gupta said that whole world knows that Pakistan is supporting terrorists in Jammu & Kashmir and there is need to adopt united approach by like minded nations to declare Pakistan a terrorist state in globe. He said that this action will put curb on Pakistan to avoid terrorist activities. He added that a criminal nation must be treated criminally and there is need of tough action against Pakistan unitedely by like minded nations. Terming Pakistan a failed nation, MLC said that all hardcore international level terrorists are hiding in Pakistan but Pakistan is not taking any action against them. He said that either it is Dawood Ibrahim, Azahar Masood, Syed Salahudin , Hafiz Syed or Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi, all branded terrorists are hiding in Pakistan who are openly supporting terrorism in Jammu Kashmir but international community is mute on the issue who must break the silence and get united to teach Pakistan a lesson by isolating it in the globe. Advocate Gupta said that Pakistan has not received any lesson from air strike of America in Abatabad where Osama Bin Laden was eliminated. He said that Pakistan was safe den for world most wanted terrorist like Omasa Bi Laden but America killed him in the den. He said that if Pakistan will not take any action against top terrorists operating on her land, India will think on the pattern of America to eliminate these terrorists. “We should not be forced to come and teach you lesson on your land”, Vibodh gave this message to Pakistan from border area of Mendher bordering Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Appealing international community to put curb on Pakistan to close down terrorist camps operating in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, Vibodh Gupta said that Pakistan is frustrated over forces all out operations in Kashmir where terrorists are being gun down on daily basis. He said that on the direction of Pakistan, terrorists are attacking forces in Kashmir during which we are also loosing our Jawans. MLC appreciated the role of border residents of Poonch and Rajouri for defeating terrorism and supporting security forces. He said that these people have even lost their lives but never compromised on the national interest. He saluted the people of Poonch and Rajouri for showing courage and supporting pro-national elements by adopting positive approach towards nation. He said that people from every community Hindu, Muslim and Sikh are united in Poonch and Rajouri for safeguarding their nation. Meanwhile MLC has paid rich tribute to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) youth leader who was killed by terrorist by slitting his throat slit in Kiloora area of Shpoian. He said that Gowhar Ahmad Bhat was was hailing from Bongam Shopian who joined BJP in 2014 and later in January 2016 he was made district president of the party. He said that Pakistan is directly or indirectly involved in such killings and there is need to put curb on Pakistan. Senior BJP leader Rajinder Gupta also expressed solidarity with the bereaved familie and prayed for the eternal peace of departed souls who gave supreme sacrifice of their lives while fighting the militants. Other who accompined MLC included Ranjeet Tara,Nita kocchar,Kewal Sharma,Sanjay Sharma,Bodh Raj,Talib Mir,Balbir Sharma,Raj,Sonu Sharma,Pashori lal and others

Funeral procession of BJYM District Shopian (Kashmir) President Martyr Gowhar Ahmed Bhat.

23120290_1487995231282170_718938230313628372_oFuneral procession of BJYM District Shopian (Kashmir) President Martyr Gowhar Ahmed Bhat. He was martyred by terrorists last night.

And yet the humanity dies again

Lotus Logo copyCondemning the ghastly killing of BJP youth leader from Kashmir, District President of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, Shopian, Gowhar Hussain Bhat, BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma, said that he has martyred on the path of bringing Kashmir to the glory of heaven. Sat Sharma, said that frustrated and devastated, militants and their sympathizers have lost all the sense of humanity. Who they are killing and what they want to prove, by these cowardly acts, he questioned in pain and agony! Sat said it is highly unfortunate, how he was abducted from his home, and killed in cold blood by so called "saviours of Kashmiriyat" and said that they are actually murdering the "Kashmiriyat" and "Insaniyat" by killing the young blood of Kashmir, who has chosen the path of peace and development for "Kashmir". Sat, while praying to Almighty for the soul, asked that his family has suffered an irreparable loss, but the whole Nation is standing by their side in this difficult hour, and asserted that culprits will not be spared. He also pressed upon the Government agencies to act swiftly to nab the killers to give justice to the departed noble soul and ensure the safety of all goodwill ambassadors of peace and development for Kashmir.

BJYM District President Shopian Gowhar Ahmed dead at Killora Shopian.

23130563_1532355433486775_557566093605721093_nBJYM District President Shopian Gowhar Ahmed found dead at Killora Shopian in South Kashmir. State BJYM condemned this inhuman and cowardly killing by those culprits who for the sake of their personal interest and fake pride have killed their own son with their hands. This is not less than owner killing when you for the false propaganda are killing your own kids with your own hands. BJYM State President Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra in a hand out press note condemn this fateful incident and said that the government should take stern action against those who are indulge in this shameful and regretful incident and all the culprits from top to bottom should be punished under strict law within a time frame and without any delay. He said that this is the high time to think that if some Youth of Kashmir wants to take a step forward towards a peaceful and developed environment, some wicked and antisocial elements are doing this type of coward attacks on their own kids. He said that the whole unit of BJYM condemned this incident and is ready to rouse in any manner to give justice to the noble soul and the deceased family. BJYM State Secretary Bilal Parray condemned this incident and expressed his anguish and worrying about the incident. He said that those who are behind this fateful incident should feel ashamed that when we the Youth of Kashmir wants to take this heaven from the black clouds of terrorism to development and peace, you people for the sake of your fake hypocrisy are killing your own blood mates.

Dr. Gagan Bhagat kick started the macadamization works at R S Pura.

IMG-20171102-WA0299Member Legislative Assembly, Dr. Gagan Bhagat kick started the macadamization works at R S Pura. The macadamization will cover main stretch and internal roads along main bus stand Ranbir Singh Pura with an estimated cost of Rs. 1.25 Crore. Speaking on the occasion, the MLA said that roads are the vital means of connectivity and upgradation of roads lead to the growth and development in the area. He directed the concerned officers to ensure time bound completion of ongoing works and asked them to put in place a mechanism for development of roads in R S Pura constituency. He also directed concerned officers for restoration of damaged roads in the area at the earliest. While interacting with the people on the occasion, the said MLA that it was election commitment to make the roads fully macadamized of R S Pura Conatituency . Calling for active participation of public in development works, Dr.Gagan Bhagat appealed to the people to ensure quality check of the ongoing works in their areas and said that if any work is being done of spurious quality, they can approach him anytime. The MLA also took stock of various development works being executed in the area. He asked the concerned authorities to gear up their men and machinery to complete all ongoing roads and other developmental projects in stipulated time frame and directed the concerned executing agencies for adhering to the quality norms. On this occasion SDM R S Pura Naresh Sharma, SDPO R S PuraSurinder Choudhary ,E O R S Pura , SHO R S Pura Bishnesh Kumar , AEE PWD Arvind Langeh, Principal GDC R S Pura Kalpana Kesar. Sr. BJP leaders Om Prakash Chachu ,Inder Soodan , Ranjeet Singh Balak Ram Mandal Pradhan Natha Ram Gurdeep Saini , Manmohan Choudhary, Ashok Salaria, Narinder Singh Kolo, and other prominent citizens along with the members of various Bazar Association were also present.

Sh. Vibodh Gupta visited Pahari Hostel in Rajouri

MLC Vibodh Gupta with students of Pahari Hostel RajouriST Status to Paharis Will Soon be a Reality Present Time a High Time for Granting ST Paharis  BJP Fully Committed for Grant of ST Status to Paharis  BJP senior leader and MLC Vibodh Gupta, visited Pahari Hostel in Rajouri and took stock of the various problems being faced by the students. On this occasion, hostel residents who are from various remote corners of Pir Panjal put forth various day to day issues of the hostel before the visiting dignitary. They demanded adequate clothing and sports materials which are vital for their overall growth and development. Many students also attracted the attention of MLC and visiting officials towards poor condition of bedding of the hostel. While addressing a gathering at the lawns of the hostel Vibodh said that the present Government in the state as well as in the centre is fully committed for the upliftment of the poor and marginalized Paharis of the state. Giving details about the last week BJP state working committee meeting held at Srinager, Vibodh said that for supporting this genuine demand of Paharis a political resolution has also been passed. This he said will ensure that all the Paharis of the state will get their due very soon. While referring to the efforts of the state Government towards this Vibodh said that the State Government has already cleared all the hurdles for this and has recommended ST status for Paharis to the central Government. He further added that at the moment Central Government is working on various procedures and modalities for early grant of ST Status to the Pahari Community. Hoping that the ST Status will soon become a reality, Vibodh said that once the ST status is granted to the Paharis the State Government will fulfil its commitment as this issue is also part of the agenda of Alliance of the present Government. While reacting to the demands of the students Vibodh immediately granted an amount of Rs. 2 Lakh to the hostel from his CDF. He said that this amount will be kept at the disposal of the Warden Pahari hostel who will purchase tracksuits, bed sheets and sports materials for the students on priority by following all the necessary procedures. Vibodh advised the students to concentrate on their studies as they have come to the hostel from the far-off areas and their parents have made a lot of sacrifices to ensure good and quality education for them. He concluded his address by saying that besides the grant of ST Status many more measures need to be initiated for the inclusive development of the Pahari community and areas where they live. Latter Warden of the Pahari Hostel Rajouri Mohd. Bashir Khan thanked MLC Vibodh Gupta for his visit and for granting of Rs. 2 Lakh out of his CDF for the purchase of various items which were urgently needed. Prominent among others who were present on the occasion included Atam Gupta, Shabaz Khan, Vinod Gupta, Kamal Bakshi, Nitta Kochar, Ranjeet Tara, Balbir Sharma, Raj Sarpanch and Sanjay Sharma.

BJP leaders from Jammu campaign for Himachal elections

BJP leaders from Jammu campaignJ&K BJP led by its State President & MLA, Sat Sharma along with MP Lok Sabha, Jugal Kishore Sharma, State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Kaul, MLC Ch. Vikram Randhawa, Vice-Chairperson Munish Sharma, Gopal Mahajan and Panches and Sarpanches of the area campaigned for BJP candidate, D.S. Thakur, who is contesting Assembly election from Dalhousie constituency in politically significant Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh. BJP leaders from Jammu, while leading booth level campaign along with the local leaders in Panchayat Bathri, conducted public meetings to interact with the local public in favour of D.S. Thakur with the slogan of “Booth Jeeto, Chunav Jeeto” and stressed on the good governance promise of BJP led governments in Centre and various states. Sat Sharma, said that BJP is committed to total transparency in the political and administrative fields in Himachal Pradesh and every leader of the party will see to it that no issue of public welfare remains unattended to. He congratulated the residents of Himachal Pradesh for the declaration of Prem Kumar Dhumal as the Chief Ministerial Candidate and emphasized that he will lead the State from the forefront on every developmental issue and usher the state on tourist and industrial zenith. Jugal Kishore Sharma, asked all BJP activists to cover every single household of the region making them aware of all the public welfare schemes initiated by the PM Modi led Centre Government. While talking to the common masses, he said that BJP will bail out the “Dev Bhoomi” (land of Gods) from the wicked traditions of Congress and lead the state on the path of economic and social development. Ashok Kaul, prompted the party activists to work with more zeal, enthusiasm and dedication, while stressing on the significance of covering each booth and Panchayat, while emphasizing that win of booth is the major step in winning any election. Vikram Randhawa asked for the involvement of youth in the present political system and stressed that it is the power of youth that is going to change the face of any Nation or Society. Munish Sharma said that BJP, following the principle of “Nation First, Party Second, self Last” has vowed for relentless working till the upliftment of last soul of Nation.

Sh. Rajesh Gupta inaugurated the Aadhar card camp at Purani Mandi

IMG_1519Jammu East MLA and party chief whip Rajesh Gupta organised and inaugurated the Aadhar card camp at Purani Mandi today. The Aadhar camp has been organised for two days and people of the area have been asked to avail the facility. Rajesh Gupta was accompanied by revenue officials ACG Sachin Jamwal and Tehsildar Shabbir Ahmad Malik. Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion said that this special camp has been organised for all those who have not been able to make their Aadhar cards till date.He appealed to the people of the area to come forward and get their Aadhar cards made.Rajesh Gupta also appealed to the people to avail the benefits under the various schemes launched by the Modi government. Rajesh Gupta said that the activists of the Jammu East constituency periodically go from ward to ward to create awareness amongst the people regarding the various people friendly schemes launched by govt.for the benefit of the poor and needy. Rajesh Gupta said that the results of the nation building policies pursued by the BJP government have begun to yield results as the business scenario in 5he country is looking very encouraging. The BJP leaders who accompanied the MLA included Prof.Shyam Gupta, Naresh Pradhan, Rajinder Gupta, Sunil Dogra,Gulshan Mahajan, P.C.Gupta, Kuldeep Kandhari, Ramesh Sharma, Girdhari Lal, Gokul Koul, Subhash Sanghra, Hari Om Sharma, Rajesh Nischal, Suresh Bharti, Rajinder Sikka, Shashi Sapolia, Raj Kumar,Surinder Anand, Parveen Kerni,v Dwarkanath Gupta, Raj Kumar Gupta and Anita Gupta.

BJP team vigorously campaigning for the Party candidates in District Chamba

23130691_1487106488037711_3141225185277848035_nLed by BJP State President & MLA Sh. Sat Sharma, BJP State Gen. Sec. (Org.) Sh. Ashok Koul, BJP State Gen. Sec. Sh. Pawan Khajuria,BJP Senior Leader & VC Sh. Munish Sharma and other leaders of the party, BJP team vigorously campaigning for the Party candidates in District Chamba, Polling on Nov 9.

Govt’s endeavor to give new dimensions to tourism industry in the State: Priya Sethi

PRIYA-1Inspects progress on Cable Car Project, Suchetgarh Border Tourism In its endeavor to give new dimensions to tourism industry in the State, government is committed to complete several tourism related projects in a time bound manner. The Minister of State for Education, Technical Education, Culture, Tourism, Department of Horticulture, Floriculture and Parks said this during her visit to Peerkho to inspect the progress of work on ambitious cable car project spanning from Peerkho to Mahamaya Temple to Bahu Fort. Director Tourism Jammu, Smita Sethi, Managing Director JKCCC, Shamim Ahmad Wani, Joint Commissioner JMC, Khushal Chand, XEN Tourism besides officials of JKCCC and other allied agencies were present on the occasion. The Minister was also accompanied by senior political leaders Yudhvir Sethi and Baldev Singh Baloria besides Viney Gupta, Arun Sethi, Kaka Ji, Ramesh Mahajan and Mahant Ravi Nath. The Minister was informed that the project would be completed by early 2018 and is expected to cost Rs. 72 crore. Priya Sethi took stock of works at Peerkho sites and enquired about completion timelines for various stages of the project. The Minister asked the engineers and officers to expedite the work so that the project is thrown open to public within the promised timeframe. Priya Sethi said that completion of this project will give a major boost to the State tourism economy by creating varied avenues for the people associated with the tourism industry. She further said that Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti is personally monitoring the progress on these special tourism projects for Jammu and efforts are being made to develop Jammu as a prime tourism destination in the state. Elaborating on other tourism initiatives in pipeline, the Minister said that along with diverting the tourist traffic towards ancient Shiv Caves at Peek Kho, a 5 crore project is also underway to connect the five temples adjoining Peer-Kho by a common pathway so that tourists can fully experience and appreciate the rich religious tourism avenues in the region. Later, Priya Sethi also inspected the progress on construction work of Suchetgarh Border Tourism Project to be completed at an estimated cost of Rs. 4.92 crore. She was informed about development on various components of the project including construction of multipurpose hall with souvenir shops and cafeteria, restoration of pre independence railway platform in frontier express theme cum museum and gallantry gallary, tourist vehicle parking lot, internal pathways and landscaping and plantation with solar irrigation systems, rain water harvesting and filtration provisions, overhead water reservoir, solid waste management and eco awareness information signage. While giving instructions for ensuring quality work, Priya Sethi asked the officers and executing agencies to complete the project within the time schedule and avoid the overrun of cost and time. Priya Sethi also took stock of ongoing construction work of development of Tourism facilities at Bhagwati Nagar Jammu to be completed at an estimated cost of Rs. 15 crore. The work is being executed by Tourism Department. The Minister took rounous sites of the project including Tourism Information Center, tourist cafeteria, tourist vehicle parking, resting shelter besides others and inspected the ongoing construction works.

Sh. Sat Sharma inaugurates Solid waste management program at Lakkar Mandi, Janipur.

20171101_094325In first of its kind initiative in the city of temples, the residents of Lakkar Mandi in collaboration with Faith Charitable Trust has introduced collection of household waste from the door steps of residents. The collection of waste is to be done by an auto with two separate chambers for segregation of organic and inorganic waste from houses. The concept is to recycle the waste and reuse it in various ways for disposal of household waste so that it should not become a pollutant. Hon'ble MLA Jammu West and State President BJP Sat Sharma (CA) inaugurated the service and congratulated the residents for this kind of initiative. The service will initially run in Lakkar Mandi, Indra Colony, Haiderpura area. He applauded the efforts put in by the locals especially Dr. Zaffer Ibal, Varinder (Sonu), Asif Iqbal, Tanveer Manhas. The residents of the area supported the initiative and volunteered to pay Rs. 100 per month for the service. The students of Spring Blossom Public School participated in the event and practically learned the concept of waste management which they read in books. Praduman Singh, Vijay Sharma, Purshottam Khajuria, Subash Sharma, Pankaj Sawhney, Sahil Gupta, Atul Bakshi and many others were present on the occasion.

BJYM District Jammu led by its President Hari Om Sharma welcomed the newly appointed

BJYMBJYM District Jammu led by its President Hari Om Sharma welcomed the newly appointed SHO at city police station. All the activists of BJYM District Jammu welcomed Inspector Vishal Sharma by presenting him flower bouquet. Speaking on the occasion Hari Om Sharma said that it is an culture of our country to welcome any newly appointed in the area, these type of ethical activities form a strong bond between the newly appointed officer and Youth of the area which is very important to maintain good environment of the area. Hari Om Sharma further said that BJYM Jammu is ready for any type of help to the police department which will help to curb any anti social activities from the society and also expect a good relation from the police department with the Youth of the area. SHO Vishal Sharma thanked BJYM Jammu for the welcome and assured any genuine support from him and department which will be beneficial for the common masses of the society. Prominent who were present on the occasion were District Vice-presidents Tarun Kumar and Amrish Sharma, General Secretaries Shodhya and Vikas Sharma, Secretaries Jatinder Singh, Karanveer Chopra, Inderjeet Malhotra, Yogesh Magotra, Jagjeet Bali and Akash Sharma, Mandal President Jammu East Prajwal Gupta.

Sh. Rajesh Gupta started work of upgradation of drain at Mastgarh Peermitha in ward no.3.

IMG-20171101-WA0004Gondola Project to be gifted to people soon Jammu East MLA and party chief whip Rajesh Gupta started work of upgradation of drain at Mastgarh Peermitha in ward no.3. The estimated cost of the work is 5 lakh rupees and in this campaign he was accompanied by JMC official Jr.Engg.R.K.Koul. The BJP leaders who accompanied the MLA included Prof.Shyam, Rajinder Gupta, Amit Khanna, Kuldeep Sharma, Rajesh Nischal, Sushant, Parveen Gupta, Naveen Gupta, Parjwal Gupta, P.C.Gupta,Shankey, Sunny, Inderjeet Malhotra, Manpreet,Vijay Gondhi,Rattan Lal Gondhi,Rasheed and Ganesh Kumar. Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion said that he is not only addressing the day today problems of the people but working on big people friendly projects also as very soon a dream project in the form of Gondola at Peer Kho would be gifted to people.He said that this mega project would be a big attraction for the city of Jammu and would also enhance its tourism potential. Rajesh Gupta said that one by one all the projects promised would be launched for the benefit of the people.Rajesh Gupta informed the people on the ocassion about a world bank report where India has taken a massive jump in the index regarding ease of doing business. This shows that India has become one of the most attractive destinations for investments and doing business. Rajesh Gupta appealed to the enterpreneurs of the state to take advantage of the growing favourable conditions for setting up their own businesses and industries in the state. The prominents who accompanied the MLA included Vidya Devi,Pardeep Sharma, Ramesh Sharma, Hari Om Sharma ,Girdhari Lal, Kuldeep Kandhari, Rajesh Gupta, Raj Kumar, Rajesh Gokul Koul and Manav Mahajan.

A meeting of BJP Kheer Bhawani Mandal at BJP Office, Kachi Chawni, Jammu.

IMG-20171031-WA0000A meeting of BJP Kheer Bhawani Mandal executive body was called by its Mandal President Vijay Raina at BJP Office, Kachi Chawni, Jammu. In consultation with District President ChandJi Bhat and Mandal Prabhari Ravinder Raina, Mandal President Vijay Raina promoted and reshuffled the Mandal team to strengthen the party at Mandal and Booth level. AK Pandita and Capt. Subash Chander were promoted as Mandal Vice Presidents, Ashwani Mirakhour, V.K. Shah and Sanjay Kaul were assigned the posts of Mandal Secretaries and Ramneek Koul as Treasurer. Different issues of displaced community were discussed alongwith day today problems. In this regard it was decided that every 2nd Sunday of the Month core group meeting of Mandal will be held and District Prabhari, District President and Mandal Prabhari will be requested to participate in the meeting to mitigate day to day problems of the community. The main motto of these meetings will be to strengthen the party at ground level. Those who participated in addition to office bearers were Booth Presidents Rajinder Tiku and Anil Tiku, Booth Secretary Vinod Kumar, Mandal Yuva Morcha team Susheel Dhar and Sahil Bhat and others.

Jammu based NC leaders threaten to wage “Jihad”, Jago Jammu Jago

Brig. Anil GuptaThe threat to launch “Jihad” against BJP clearly shows the radicalized communal mind set of the concerned leaders as well as utter disregard of the people of Jammu who had given an unprecedented and historic mandate to BJP which no party ever got so far. Frustrated with their failure to arouse public support the NC leaders are now resorting to threats of terrorizing the karyakartas of Bharatiya Janata Party. “What else can be expected from a party which is responsible for ethnic cleansing of Valley, exodus of Kashmiri Pandits and promotion of radical Wahhabi Islam and introduction of terrorism,” lamented Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of BJP? Very recently the President of NC had described terrorist Burhan Wani as a martyr, referred to ‘stone-pelters’ as “freedom fighters” and urged Hurriyat to continue its secessionist movement. He appealed to the Hurriyat leadership to unite and assured them, “We are not your enemy. We are with you.” Is the NC now planning to carry forward the Hurriyat’s agenda to peaceful Jammu region by threatening to wage “Jihad” against the elected representatives of the people? Are they threatening the people of Jammu to toe the line of NC or else be prepared for the similar situation as in Valley? It is a matter of shame that power hungry leaders of NC have stooped to such a low level of politics, stated Brig Gupta. The irony is that same leaders are also trying to project themselves as “voice of Jammu”. How can they claim to be voice of Jammu when the ideology of their party is based on “ethnic exclusion and promoting Kashmiri speaking Muslim precedence,” questioned Brig Gupta. “The party which has encouraged separatism, carries a ‘tunnel vision’ limited to Valley, is the architect of regional discrimination and divisive politics, humiliated Dogra rulers, obliterated all signs of Dogra heritage, distorted history and supressed Dogras will never be acceptable to the people of Jammu let alone being their voice”, asserted Brig Gupta. The leader who claims to be “voice of Jammu” was very recently reprimanded by his valley based political mastersin such stern words,"When Sher-e-Kashmir was against the Dogra rule how can our ranks be in favour of the Maharaja, the logic is simple. We won't mind parting ways with any leader from our party who wants to be a Dogra fan." The local Jammu leader who is a master of opportunistic politics was trying to win the favour of Jammuites by invoking Dogra heritage and Duggar Pradesh. With what face can he now claim to be “voice of Jammu”, asked Brig Gupta? Is he willing to part ways with NC? The people of Jammu are intelligent enough to understand as to who their well-wisher is and who is trying to exploit their sentiments for narrow political gainsbecause they are fully aware of the ideology of the party to which these leaders belong. Their party has gone to the extent of creating imaginary religion based sub-regions disregarding natural geography with the sole purpose of isolating the Hindu majority districts of the Jammu region, accused the spokesperson. Brig Gupta demanded that the NC leaders must explain to the people of Jammu as to where their loyalties lie, do they support the Hurriyat like their President and are they also in favour of ‘azadi’ in the garb of Greater Autonomy rather than misleading them through political clichés. Brig Gupta also condemned their demand for a commission of enquiry based on perceived irregularities. He reminded them that their party is facing so many acknowledged scams and must worry about resolving them. Brig Gupta demanded that scams like Jammu Kashmir Cricket Association, Land Scam and NRHM Scam need to be handed over to CBI so that their leaders involved in these scams are exposed and dealt with according to law.

Sh. Balbir Ram Rattan hands over subsidy letters to BCs in Srinagar

Balbir hands over subsidy letters to BCs in Srinagar (2)Vice Chairperson of Jammu & Kashmir Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes Development Corporation Limited, Balbir Ram Rattan, handed over the subsidy component release letters among the loan beneficiaries under Bank Tie Up Scheme for the upliftment of weaker sections of society belonging to Backward Class Community. In a simple programme at Srinagar on Tuesday, Balbir Ram Rattan, along with Divisional Manager Arshad Majid, District Manager, Srinagar, Arif Haleem Khan and Divisional Accountant, Kashmir, Babar Bashir Wani, handed over these letters to unemployed youth for the establishment of employment cum income generating units in Nowhatta, Batmaloo and Naikpora areas of Srinagar District. The SCs, STs & BCs Development Corporation Limited has sponsored these beneficiaries to their Service Area Banks for providing financial assistance with loan subsidy being released by the Corporation in favour of the loanees, who will be setting up of units of Aari Work, Cutting & Tailoring, Copper Designing and Karyana Shop. Balbir Ram Rattan, while interacting with these unemployed youth, advised them to make proper use of the loan availed by them and also educate others to not sit idle but apply for financial assistance from the Corporation and become self earning by setting up of small business units as per their ability and comfort. He said that the doors of the Corporation are always open for the poor and needy unemployed males and females belonging to the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Classes, Minorities, Safai Karamchari and Handicapped categories and who are above 18 years of age. He also stressed upon the loanees to be regular in paying back monthly installments of the money taken in the form of financial assistance by them from Banks or Corporation.

‘Kashmir runs for Unity’

'Kashmir runs for Unity' (1)We will carry forward spirit of unification shown by Sardar Patel: Shri Ashok Koul, Shri Yudhvir Sethi Srinagar unit of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) organised 'Run for Unity' to mark the birth anniversary of Country’s first Home minister and first Deputy Prime Minister (Iron man of India)Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Party leaders led by state Vice President Yudhvir Sethi and Ashok Koul, General Secretary of BJP besides people drawn from different sections of society ran from Nehru Park to Hotel Santoor on Boulverd Road sending a message of Peace and National Integration. Speaking on the occasion, Ashok Koul said BJP government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is working for 125 Crore people of this largest democracy in the world and ensuring that all states from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and North East to Gujarat are developed on same pattern and its people get equal opportunities of development and prosperity. He said those who had been dividing country on communal lines always tried to isolate one state of the other but that's not going to happen in this regime. He said this National Unity Day to mark birth anniversary of Iron Man of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in Srinagar wherein large number of people participated is a message that people irrespective of cast, creed, region or religion are one and want to take nation to new heights. This is PM's resolve that peace will be restored in Kashmir and people especially youth made to live a dignified life. Yudhvir Sethi said Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was an unmatched craftsman of national integration who had exceptional leadership capabilities. He played a great role in uniting the country. Due to his persistence and efficiency, he is known as the iron man of India. "On his birth anniversary let us pledge to follow the path of unity and integrity shown by him" he asserted. Later the participants ran the track and showed their solidarity towards peace and prosperity. Paying tributes to Iron man of India, the BJP Vice president said Rashtriya Ekta Diwas Pledge is to dedicate oneself to preserve Unity, integrity and security of the nation and also strive hard to spread this message along his/her fellow countrymen. He urged youth to take this pledge in the spirit of unification of country which was made possible by the vision and actions of Sardaar Vallabhbhail Patel. He asked the participants to resolve to make their individual contributions to ensure internal security of India. Yudhvir Sethi in his address said Sardar Patel had led the task of forging a united India. He was also responsible for uniting those provinces that had been under direct British rule and approximately 565 self-governing princely states released from British rule. Employing frank diplomacy with the expressed option to deploy military force, Patel had also persuaded almost every princely state to accede to India. His commitment to national integration in the newly independent country was total and uncompromising, earning him the sobriquet "Iron Man of India", He said. Those who also participate Run for Unity were State Vice President Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi,Vice Chairman SICOP Dr. Ali Mohammad Mir,State Secretary; Anuradha Charak, State Media Secretary; Altaf Thakur, Incharge State Training Cell; Raju Charak, Protocol Incharge Kashmir Arif Raja, Office Incharge Kashmir Mohammad Tahir Mir, Incharge Kisan Mircha Kashmir; M.M War, Ashok Bhat, Asif Masoodi, Malik Mushtaq Noorabadi, State Secretary youth; Bilal Parry, Manzoor Kulgami, Ashraf Azad Adv. Syed. Wajahat Hussain, Wajahat Hussain, Secretary Hilal Ahmad Jan and others.

BJP organizes “Run for Unity” on birthday of Sardar Vallabh Patel

23032555_1485587951522898_941225715153789309_nRemembering great sacrifices of 1st Deputy Prime Minister & Home Minister of Independent India, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel popularly known as “Loh Purush”, State BJP organized “Run for Unity” programme which started right from the Satwari Chowk and culminated at MAM Stadium, Jammu. Massive rally of common masses ran to participate in the run organized to pay tributes to the great man, who contributed whole hearted to unite all the princely states to form a great Nation in the form of Dominion of India. The run was led by BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma, along with Deputy Chief Minister Dr. Nirmal Singh, MP Rajya Sabha Shamsher Singh Manhas, Speaker J&K Legislative Assembly Kavinder Gupta, State General Secretary Harinder Gupta, MLA & Party Chief Whip Rajesh Gupta, MoS Priya Sethi, MLCs Ramesh Arora, Vikram Randhawa and Girdhari Lal Raina, Shiv Kumar Gupta and other senior leaders of the party flagged off the run, which was marked by the presence of massive strength of school children, party activists and common public. Former Union Minister & senior leader Chaman Lal Gupta was the special guest in the event. Sat Sharma, while addressing the gathering of runners, said that after the Independence of India, the unification of all the 560 princely states was successfully managed by the efforts of Sardar Patel, which is visible in the form of the greatest democracy of the world. He prompted all to work with special initiatives, compassion and mission for the golden era of Nation till it reaches 75 years of its Independence in 2022. Dr. Nirmal Singh, while addressing said that Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel was a true patriot who believed in the complete unification of all the states into the mighty Nation, which has today become a symbol of greatness and power. He said that the BJP has decided to celebrate the birthday of Sardar Patel as “Rashtriya Ekta Diwas” (Natinal Unity Day) every year. Sahmsher Singh Manhas said that the involvement of the younger generation in this event is first step in making them aware of their supreme sacrifices for mother Nation. Kavinder Gupta asked all the students, activists and common masses to follow the footsteps of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel to pay him tribute and incorporate Nationalism in all. Run was also marked by cultural items and refreshment at its culmination and whole event was managed by BJP State Working Committee Member Anil Gupta as Incharge and supervised by Harinder Gupta. Anil Gupta thanked all the participants and organizing committee for successful event. Sanjay Baru, S.S. Bijral, Dr. Pardeep Mahotra, Arvind Gupta, Baldev Singh Billawaria, Ayodhya Gupta, Ambedkar Gupta, Vinay Gupta, Prem Gupta, Sanjeev Sharma, Narotam Sharma, Munish Khajuria, Kulbhushan Vohra, Indu Bhushan, Kuldeep Magotra, Dr. Dineshwar Sharma, Harbans Choudhary, Ankush Gupta, Shanty, Jeet Angral, Vijay Sharma, Ashok Gandhi and others were important leaders present in the event.

Sh. Vibodh Gupta Flags off the Run for Unity at Keri Border in Rajouri

2 MLC Vibodh Gupta Flaging off Run for Unity at Keri Border SectorUnity in Diversity is our Identity: Vibodh On the eve of Rashtriya Ekta Diwas, BJP senior leader and MLC Vibodh Gupta flagged off an Ekta Rally at Keri Sector a border area in Rajouri. He was joined by hundreds of local youth and students and paid floral tributes to Sardar Patel the Iron Man of India. Addressing the rally Vibodh informed that 31st October 2017 is the 142nd birth anniversary of Iron Man: Sardar Vallabhai Patel and this day is celebrated throughout the country as Rashtriya Ekta Diwas. Giving details about the works of Iron Man Vibodh said that he will always be known for his contributions for protecting the unity of the country post-independence. While appreciating the local youth and students of Keri Sector in organising the Run for Unity, Vibodh said that throughout the country the Ekta Diwas is celebrated to spread the message of unity and brotherhood. On this occasion, he termed the people of the border areas of Rajouri and Poonch as the bravest people who always sacrificed their lives for maintaining peace and harmony in the region. He termed the border people as the real heroes and said that the sacrifices made by the border people have always strengthened the nations unity. While appreciating the students of Government Higher Secondary School Sasalkote Vibodh said that coming out of a large number of students for such programmes is a clear indication that our future leaders always put the nation first and do all efforts to strengthen the unity of the country. Such programmes across the country will further unite the country and will strengthen the bond of unity among various sections of society. Kamal Bakshi, BJP senior leader from Rajouri also addressed the rally in his address he stressed on the need to unite all the three regions of the state so that the state can become a model state of our area. In his address ZEO Suraj Parkash said that one can see the tricolour from Kashmir to Kanyakumari; from Attock to Cuttack; from the Himalayas to the ocean. We see the tricolour across the length and breadth of the nation, and the credit for this goes to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Suraj added. Besides a large number of students and teachers, many local also participated in this run for unity which started from the Government Higher Secondary School Sasalkote and culminated at BDO office, Keri. Prominent among others who were present on the occasion included Anoop Kotwal, Kewal Sarpanch, Yashpal Sharma, Madan Pardhan, Sanjay Sharma and Koushal Kumar.

 Sh. Sat Sharma starts macdamization works of Resham Ghar roads

20171031_104758Giving a major push to infrastructural developmental in Jammu West Assembly segment, BJP State President and MLA Sat Sharma (CA) started macdamization works at Resham Ghar area of Ward 13. The works are divided into various segments under the same and the works started today will cover the main stretch of Resham Ghar Colony roads and internal roads as well. A large number of people including officials of PWD, local residents and political activists were also present on the occasion. The works will be done under the supervision of PWD(R&B) at an estimated cost of Rupees 80 lakhs and a stretch of around 3.5 kms will be covered under the same. Speaking on the occasion, Sat Sharma congratulated the residents and political activists of the area and stated that BJP is committed to provide best possible infra to the masses and the quality of the works done states that there is no compromise on the quality of the works done by various departments in Jammu West Assembly segment. He said the roads which are being macadamized under his tenure were never Black topped from decades and their condition became worst and ultimately caused miseries for the local residents and the people who commute through these roads. He said within a stipulated period of time these works will be completed so that no problems are faced by the locals. He stated that major projects including installation of sewrage system and water pipes are completed in almost areas and these areas are now kept on priority and the works for restoration of roads and lanes in these areas are already in progress and many areas have been restored as well. He also appealed to the masses to maintain the sanctity of the works done and he also appealed them to promote and contribute in the noble cause of “Swachhta Hi Seva” in which our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked everyone to spare some time for cleaning of their surroundings so that PM’s dream of Clean and Green Nation could be achieved. PWD Ex En Uttar Kumar Sharma, AEE Yasir Kichloo, District President Ayodhya Gupta, Mandal President Jeet Angral, Prem Gupta, Puneet Gupta, Ashok Gandhi, Keshav Chopra, Sanjay Sawhney, Raman Vaid, Hardev Singh, Sunil Singh, Hardev Singh, Sunny Singh, Pushpa Sharma, Lalit Sharma, Dalbir, Amit Kumar, Meenakshi and several others were also present on the occasion.

Focus on composite culture of Srinagar to boost tourism: Smt. Priya Sethi

????????????????????????????????????Meets TASK delegation, assures to redress demands Minister of State for Tourism, Education, Technical Education, Culture, Horticulture, Floriculture and Parks, Priya Sethi met a deputation of Travel Agents Society of Kashmir (TASK), who called on her here today. The Minister, while interacting with the delegation, said that tourism-related infrastructure is being upgraded and new locations are being added to the tourist map of Kashmir to attract more and tourists to the State. He said road shows, travel marts and other related activities are being carried out to promote Kashmir as a prime tourist destination. She said that in this regard TASK should work towards creating better ties with the tourism players outside the State to uplift the tourism industry in Kashmir. The Minister impressed that to boost the domestic tourism the focus should be centred around the composite culture of Srinagar. She further said that Srinagar darshan should be made a part of the travel packages. Priya asked the delegation members to sit with the officials of Cultural Academy to identify the areas which can be further developed in tone with their cultural and aesthetic taste for wooing tourists to the capital city. On the occasion, the deputations projected various demands including upgradation of the public infrastructure such as tourism resorts, heritage sites, launch of laser show on Dal Lake, restarting sound and light show at Shalimar garden, waiving off GST on the tourism industry, among other issues. The delegation urged the Minister that efforts should be made to revoke travel advisories issued by certain countries to attract the foreign tourists to Kashmir. They said that capacity of the trains plying to and from Jammu should be increased in order to minimize the pressure during the peak seasons. They further said that more bogies should be added to the existing trains and new ones should also be added. The deputation later apprised the Minister that soft loans should be provided to all the registered tourism stakeholders for the work of promotions. The Minister gave them a patient hearing and assured them that all of their projected demands would be taken up with the Chief Minister and other relevant quarters for their prioritized redressal.

BJP leaders promises to resolve the issues confronting the people on priority basis

23004512_1484783378270022_2081789757069754617_oBJP National Vice president & J&K State Prabhari Avinash Rai Khanna, State President & MLA Sat Sharma, Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh, MP Jugal Kishore Sharma, State General Secretary & Incharge Kashmir, Dr Narinder Singh and Yashpal Verma addressed OBC convention in Srinagar and promised to resolve the issues confronting the people falling in this category on priority basis. Speaking on the occasion Khanna said that the OBC category people in J&K are facing series of problems and the BJP leadership is well aware of their problems and is committed to resolve them on war footing. “Let us assure you that in all three regions of J&K, BJP wants to address the issues of OBC category. We have already explained the BJPs vision for OBC category people,” Khanna said. Khanna said that on the directions of Prime Minister Narendera Modi is keen to form a constitutional body who would listen to the problems faced by OBC category people so that their timely rederessal takes place. In his speech, State president BJP Sat Sharma said that reservation issue of OBC category people in various government jobs is under active consideration of the government and a comprehensive mechanism will be formed to address all issues within a stipulated time frame. Sharma said that there is no doubt that OBC category people are facing tough time on various fronts and especially jobs in various government departments. “We have already shortlisted a series of issue which OBC category people are confronted with since past 70 years and will sort out time within a stipulated time frame,” he said. Addressing the gathering, deputy chief minister Dr Nirmal Singh also assured the OBC category people BJP government will not play politics over the issues and that the government is duty bound to address them to satisfy the lot which has been ignored so far. “We are concerned and have been working since the day we took over power in J&K that the issues OBC category people are facing have to addressed. Prime Minister Narendera Modi is also concerned over the plight of OBC and downtrodden category people of India including those living in J&K. There needs to be policy for OBC category people and we are committed to ensure all their demands are met without any further delay,” Dr Singh said. In his address, MP Jugal Kishore said that the OBC category people are ideologically connected with the BJP as we are the only party who have taken care of their emotions, issues and aspirations while as they were ignored by all previous regimes. “We are committed to safeguard your interests and are fully aware of your issues,” he said. Dr Narinder Singh while speaking on the occasion said that all the issues faced by OBC category people are genuine in nature including their reservation in Jobs. “We will continue to rake them up with the government at every level so that they are resolved on war footing,” he said. In his address, Yashpal Verma, the chairman of OBC Board J&K, said that he was thankful to BJP leadership, who have shown keen interest in resolving the problems of OBC category people, who have been ignored at all levels. “We hope that the government will now act faster to resolve our genuine demands,” he said. Those who were present on the occasion include State General Secretary Organisation Ashok Koul, State Vice President Yudhvir Sethi, State Vice President Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi, State general secretary Pawan Khujuria, State Secretary Sanjay Baru, State Media Secretary Altaf Thakur, protocol Incharge Arif Raja, district vice president Ashok Bhat, district president Asif Masood and others.

BJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta took Chidambaram to task

Prof. Virender GuptaBJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta strongly criticized the statement of Ex-Home Minister and Senior Congress leader P. Chidambaram for supporting the demand of Greater Autonomy, thereby providing fuel to the separatists who have waged a war against India at the behest of Pakistan and are threatening the unity and integrity of the country. He said that his statement particularly at this juncture when the security forces are well in control of the situation in the valley, the separatist and terrorists are demoralized and the conditions are fast returning to normal and Pakistan has been isolated and its cry on the Kashmir issue is being given little attention in the world fora, amount to doing disservice to the national interests. Prof. Virender further added that P. Chidambaram attempt also amounts to sabotaging the efforts of Govt. of India to restore the confidence of the Kashmiri people by appointing Mr. Dineshwar Sharma as representative of the Central Government. The Spokesperson stated that some of the Congress leaders are still following Nehurian mindset that created the Kashmir problem and that is still proving to be a thorn for the Indian union. The two of such leaders are Mani Shankar Aiyar and P. Chidambaram who always favoured and suggested the proposition of returning to accession and considered it as mother of all Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) P. Chidambaram as a Union Home Minister recommended this approach in 2010 to the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS). Prof. Virender Gupta opined that confiding with Sheikh Abdullah and other National Conference leaders to decide the future of Jammu and Kashmir state by Pt. Nehru, while side lining Maharaja of the State and ignoring the interests of the people of Jammu and Ladakh regions, is one of the greatest blunders in the Modern History of India. He added that treating the J&K State differently as compared to the other princely states and allowing it to have its own constitution and not completely merging the state in the Indian union, by incorporating Article 370 in the Indian constitution, is the basic cause of the present Jammu and Kashmir problem. It speaks of the mindset of Congress party from the very beginning, the spokesperson said. Prof. Virender stated that removal of Article 370 and bringing Jammu and Kashmir state at par with other states is the only viable solution to Jammu and Kashmir issue. This shall be a befitting reply to the separatists and Pakistan who are supporting and nourishing terrorism in the state. He said this shall pave way to bring the people of Jammu and Kashmir, particularly, those of the valley, in the national mainstream.

Video Conference Organised at Party Headquarters

22791928_1482033378545022_2760849004593765569_oVideo Conference Organised at Party Headquarters, New Delhi to Aware About More Features of Modi App All State BJP Gen Secretaries (Org), IT & Social Media State Heads participated along with BJYM & Mahila Morcha State Presidents. In J&K BJP State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Koul and IT & Social Media State Head Jaidev Rajwal participated along with BJYM President Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra and Mahila Morcha President Purnima Sharma.

Chidambaram’s statement once again exposes dual face of Congress: BJP

Brig. Anil GuptaTerming Congress as the architect of the present mess in J&K, Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party criticised the statement of ex Home Minister and senior Congress leader P Chidambaram advocating “Greater Autonomy” for Jammu & Kashmir as opportunistic, contradictory, misleading and motivated. By advocating Greater Autonomy Chidambaram is contradicting the stand taken by his own party on the floor of the house when the autonomy resolution was passed by a voice vote by the J&K Legislative Assembly on 26 June 2000. Mr Chidambaram needs to be reminded that the resolution moved by the then Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Mr. P. L. Handoo, was passed amid opposition from members of the Congress(I), the BJP and the Panthers Party. The entire opposition had staged a walk-out from the assembly clearly indicating that it was not the demand of the entire state of Jammu & Kashmir but of a particular political party. Chidambaram’s party had opposed the Greater Autonomy resolution on the floor of the house and today he is advocating the same. It has once again exposed the dual face of Congress on matters relating to J&K. During six decades of its rule at the centre and four decades in the state, the party has made no move to resolve the Kashmir imbroglio created by it due to its flawed policies except making false promises and loud statements leading to the current mess creating a wide rift between the Valley and rest of the nation, accused Brig Gupta. Congress needs to clarify before the nation its stand on the issue of Greater Autonomy. It is to the credit of the then NDA government led by Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee (NC was part of this government) which unanimously rejected the demand for autonomy stating that“acceptance of the resolution would set the clock back and reverse the natural process of harmonising the aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir with the integrity of the nation”, stated Brig Gupta. He further clarified that the issue of restoring the constitutional situation in Jammu and Kashmir to its pre-1953 position had been discussed in detail by the former Chief Minister, late Sheikh Abdullah, with the former Prime Minister, Mrs Indira Gandhi in 1974-75.It is noteworthy that the agreement signed after these negotiations had affirmed that “provisions of the Constitution of India already applied to the state of Jammu and Kashmir without adaptation or modification are unalterable.” If this has been the stand of the Congress and NC in 1975, why is it that the issue is being raised time and again by the successors of Sheikh Abdullah and the Congress is maintaining a dual policy on the same, questioned Brig Gupta? The fact is that both NC and Congress has nothing concrete to offer to the people of Kashmir except false promises and dubious political machinations to ensure that pot continues to boil in Kashmir. It also appears to be part of a sinister design to derail the sustained dialogue process initiated by the government to find a final and lasting solution to the imbroglio since demand of autonomy is against national interest, said Brig Gupta.

BJP State working Committee Meeting at Kashmir

16Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) organized state working committee meeting for the first time in Kashmir, which was attended by its State Office Bearers and Working Committee Members, Ministers, MPs, MLAs, MLCs, Vice- Chairpersons, Morcha presidents and District Presidents to discuss various organizational and developmental programmes conducted by them during last three months and to discuss forth coming party programs. BJP National vice- president and JK State Incharge Avinash Rai Khanna, National General Secretary (Org.) Ram Madhav, MoS PMO Dr. Jitendra Singh, State President Sat Sharma, Deputy CM Dr. Nirmal Singh, MP Lok Sabha Jugal Kishore Sharma, MP Rajya Sabha Shamsher Singh Manhas, MLC Ashok Khajuria and state Vice-President Dr. Darakshan Andrabi were present on stage. Ram Madav while addressing the meeting said that this welcoming step should have been done earlier in Kashmir to integrate Kashmiri population to last corner of country and prompted BJP leaders to conduct such meetings frequently in valley. He lauded coalition government where two big forces have joined ranks for development and progress of J&K. He said present vibrant state government is working for development and welfare of people in J&K, but our party’s focus should be beyond the governance. Madav also asked party leadership to spend more time in Kashmir and live with the common population. Praising the Kashmiri mass, Madhav said that the people residing here have rich cultural heritage, counting for thousands of years, but some elements have misled them for their vested interests. Avinash Rai Khanna while lauding the efforts of Kashmir unit of BJP to conduct first ever successful and vibrant working committee meeting in Valley, said now the effort of party workers must be focused towards extending their reach to hearts of locals population on every single booth. He said that only BJP boasts for having dedicated and non selfish activists, who work with the sole aim of doing good for the society and nation. He emphasized that whereas the one time target of Congress was to grab the power, BJP is now applying soothing ointment to the burns given by them on the hearts of innocent population. Sat Sharma in his presidential address termed Kashmir as the land of saints and sufiism. He also lauded the role of centre and state alliance government in leading the corrective and developmental agenda in the region, while eliminating the sponsors of terrorism and at the same time giving a healing touch to local population. Dr Jitendra Singh, said after long 37 years, the dream of former PM and senior leader Atul Behari Vajpayees came true today for blossoming of Lotus (Kamal) in Kashmir. He lauded the positive efforts of aspirational Kashmiri youth scaling new heights at national and international platforms and they will prove to be an asset to the nation, while initiating a positive change in the Kashmiri society itself. The AIR program “Man ki baat” was also listened in meeting in which PM Narendra Modi shares his thoughts on various social topics directly with public. Dr Nirmal Singh termed today’s event as a big leap for the BJP in the society of Kashmir. He said that few organizations worked hard to create a negative image of BJP in the minds common masses but the sincere and positive approach of BJP has led to the building of high hopes of development for BJP in the hearts of Kashmiri population. A political resolution was also read by Shamsher Singh Manhas which was seconded by Jugal KIshore Sharma and summed by Dr Jitendra Singh. State general secretary (Org) Ashok Kaul sought the details of organizational and developmental programs done by party leaders and also discussed forth coming party programs. State General Secretary Pawan Khajuria conducted proceedings of stage. Minutes of last meeting were read by State Secretary Sanjay Baru.

भाजपा कार्यकर्ताओं द्वारा बूथ स्तर पर कार्यक्रम आयोजित कर स्थानीय लोगों के साथ रेडियो पर “मन की बात” कार्यक्रम सुना गया।

Screenshot_20171029-141953प्रधानमंत्री नरेन्द्र मोदी जी महीने के आखरी रविवार को रेडियो पर "मन की बात" करते हैं, इस अवसर पर भाजपा कार्यकर्ताओं द्वारा बूथ स्तर पर कार्यक्रम आयोजित कर स्थानीय लोगों के साथ रेडियो पर यह कार्यक्रम सुना जाता है।ऊधमपुर भाजपा जिला उपाध्यक्ष रमणीक शर्मा ने जानकारी देते हुए कहा कि यह कार्यक्रम जिला के लगभग 115 पोलिंग बूथों पर सुना गया। "मन की बात" सुनने के बाद रमणीक शर्मा का कहना था कि भारतीय जनता पार्टी के राष्ट्रीय अध्यक्ष अमित शाह द्वारा सभी कार्यकर्ताओं को आह्वान किया गया है कि वह अधिक से अधिक पोलिंग बूथों पर यह कार्यक्रम सुनने के लिए जनता को प्रेरित करें। इसी संदर्भ में यह कार्यक्रम बूथ स्तर पर आयोजित किए जाते हैं। उन्होंने आगे बताया कि आज के कार्यक्रम में प्रधानमंत्री जी ने स्वच्छ भारत अभियान को लेकर जन साधारण की तारीफ की और कहा कि लोगों ने इसे आंदोलन के रूप में अपनाया और इस अभियान से करोड़ों लोग जुड़े,और यह एक सुखद अनुभव रहा। प्रधानमंत्री मोदी जी ने महाराष्ट्र के चंद्रपुर किले में एक एनजीओ द्वारा 200 दिनों तक चलाए गए स्वच्छता अभियान की भरपूर तारीफ की । इसके अलावा उन्होंने भारतीय हॉकी टीम को एशिया कप जीतने व श्रीकांत को बैडमिंटन में डेनमार्क ओपन टूर्नामेंट जीतने पर बधाई दी। इसी तरह मन की बात को बनसाल, गढ़ी , फ्लाटा , गरनयी ,मांड जगानू, रठियांन व अन्य पोलिंग बूथों पर सुना गया। इस अवसर पर भाजपा कार्यकर्ताओं, जगदीश , करनैल सिंह ,जुगलकिशोर , कर्ण सिंह , बोधराज, भारत भूषण ,जीवन कुमार ,सुदेश वर्मा,नेक मोहम्मद ,अबी मोहम्मद, राजिंदर कुमार, रमेश , ओमप्रकाश सिंह , विजय थापा आदि ने अलग अलग बूथों में इस कार्यक्रम को जनता के बीच जाकर सुना।

A meeting of State Office Bearers of BJP commenced at Srinagar

IMG_7245With the lighting of traditional lamp by State President Sat Sharma, alongwith National Vice President & J&K Prabhari Avinash Rai Khanna, Deputy Chief Minister Dr. Nirmal Singh, Lok Sabha MP Jugal Kishore Sharma, Rajya Sabha MP Shamsher Singh Manhas and MLC Ashok Khajuria, meeting of State Office Bearers of BJP commenced at Srinagar ahead of its historic Working Committee Meeting scheduled for October 29. Later, BJP National General Secretary Ram Madhav also reached the venue to join the party leaders. Avinash Rai Khanna, while addressing the meeting, greeted the BJP family, particularly the Kashmir unit for coming forward to organize the Meeting for first time in the history of Jammu & Kashmir and termed it as the beginning of golden era for the fair politics in the state. He specifically said that it is the foundation on which the vibrant Lotus will blossom and spread positive vibes in the State. He said that the dedicated activists of BJP will work with enthusiasm for taking all the public welfare schemes and humanitarian ideology to the common masses of Kashmir. He emphasized that the BJP is set to form 24 Carat pure and fair Government in the next elections in the State. Sat Sharma, while delivering Presidential address, expressed his regards to the land of Saints, which is going to be a historic event in the golden pages of J&K State. He said although the neighbouring country has been fomenting troubles in this border state since 1947, but the negative role of certain mainstream political parties in vitiating atmosphere of this heaven is really troublesome as they have resorted to misinformation and baseless campaign. He focused on the achievements of Narendra Modi Government and those of the state’s coalition government. Jugal Kishore Sharma, in the meeting, asked the party leaders to be prepared for the elections to the Panchayats, which may be held in near future. Shamsher Singh Manhas, said this Panchayat elections will be fought on “Panch” instead of “Sarpanch”, so more minute work is to be done to connect to the people. State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Kaul, discussed the forthcoming programmes of the party to be undertaken at different levels. State General Secretary Pawan Khajuria conducted the proceedings of the meeting, while the minutes of last meeting were read out by state secretary Sanjay Baru.

ST Morcha of BJP holds meeting at Srinagar

ST Morcha of BJP holds meeting at SrinagarBJP Schedule Tribe Morcha State President Dr. Tahir Choudhary alongwith J&K SCs, STs & BCs Development Corporation Limited Vice-Chairperson, Balbir Ram Rattan, chaired a meeting of the Morcha State Office Bearers and District Presidents at Jawahar Nagar office of the party in Srinagar. While, Dr. Tahir Choudhary reviewed the ongoing activities of the Morcha in Kashmir valley, Balbir Ram Rattan shared various schemes of the corporation meant for the socio-economic upliftment of the people belonging to the ST community. Abdul Rehman Thikri, State Vice-President of the Morcha, introduced the District Presidents of Shopian, Pulwama, Baramulla, Budgam, Kulgam, Kupwara districts to the Morcha State President. Addressing the meeting, Dr. Tahir Choudhary said that with each passing day, the BJP is getting further strengthened and the party is now a broadly base in the valley and the contribution of the scheduled Tribe community has been very appreciable. He stressed upon the Morcha activists to devote more time and energy to take the programmes and policies of the BJP to the grass root level among the STs. Balbir Ram Rattan informed about the procedure and formalities for getting financial assistance in the form of loans from the Corporation. The meeting was attended by Manzoor Ahmed, Riaz Ahmed, Showkat Shabir, Tanvir Gorsi, Bilal Ahmed Wani, Mohd. Shafi Mir, Javed Ahmed, Nazir Ahmed Khan, Mumtaz Ahmed Lone, Fayaz Ahmed Baba and Mudassir Ahmed.

Sh. Ayodhya Gupta inaugurates the Nallah work at Bakshi Nagar, Jammu.

BJP District Jammu West pays tributes (2)On the direction of BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma, BJP District President Ayodhya Gupta in presence of District Gen Sec. Prem Gupta and a large number of local inhabitants, party activists and the official of PWD Department kick started the work of construction of Nallah at Ward No 27 Bakshi Nagar, Jammu. Ayodhya said that every ward falling in Jammu West Constituency is passing through a phase when large scale works related to development have been undertaken as the local MLA is very keen to reach every nook and corner and ensure that whatever is possible within limited resources is done for the convenience. Mr Gupta also said that the local MLA has clearly told the departments like PHE, PDD, JMC, UEED and ERA that whatever work is being started by their respective department in Jammu West assembly constituency, there should be no compromise on quality and the work be completed in time, he also said the local residents thanks to MLA Sat Sharma for fulfilled the long pending demand. Naresh Sharma Krishan Singh Rahul Gupta Surinder Singh Akash Gupta Vinay Sharma are also present.

BJP District Jammu West pays tributes to Brig. Rajinder Singh

BJP District Jammu West pays tributes (2)BJP District Jammu West President Ayodhya Gupta along with other party activists visited Brigadier Rajinder Singh Chowk to garland the Stambh of the brave warrior and pay tributes to him. BJP leaders lighted the candles and observed silence for the peace of departed soul of brave son of land. While addressing the gathering Ayodhya said, that on this date, as a mark of honour, respect and pride for his gallantry and supreme sacrifice during the 1947 Pakistan abetted tribal invasion of J&K, late Brigadier Rajinder Singh was posthumously awarded the first post-independence Maha Vir Chakra He also said Jammu is a land of brave Dogras which has the pride of being serving the nation by its great soldiers. He said that Brigadier Rajinder Singh has set example of sacrificing life for the security of the motherland. He expressed hope that his sacrifice will inspire the young generations for centuries to come. He also recalled the famous quote told by Maharaja Hari singh to Brigadier Singh “Save the state till the last man and the last bullet”. Ayodhya also said that Martyr Brigadier Rajinder Singh of the erstwhile J&K State Forces, is popularly known as the ‘saviour of Kashmir’. Brigadier Rajinder Singh's with little man power at his disposal at the time of Tribal raid in Kashmir, fought valiantly to stop further advancement of Pakistani Tribesmen and regular army beyond Baramulla towards Srinagar City and attained Martyrdom on 27th October 1947 and changed the course of History of Jammu and Kashmir. Prem Gupta, Jeet Angral, Puneet Mahajan, Dr. Akshay Sharma, Rajesh Gupta, Raveesh Mengi, Ravi Sharma, Naresh Sharma, Meenakshi, Sharda, Kuldeep Gupta, Atul Bakshi, Tarsem Gupta were also paid tributes to the great soul.

BJP prepares for first ever Working Committee Meeting in Kashmir

BJP prepares for first ever Working CommitteeTo take stock of the preparations being made for the smooth conduct of the first ever State Working Committee Meeting in Kashmir Valley, BJP State General Secretary (organisation) Ashok Koul, along with State Vice President Yudhvir Sethi, State General Secretaries Dr. Narinder Singh and Pawan Khajuria, chaired a mammoth review meeting at Srinagar for giving final touch to the arrangements for October 28, 29 historic event as it is going to be the first time that the entire top leadership of the party will be here in summer capital for two days with the delegates from all the districts of three regions of the State. The meeting discussed various arrangements, including provision of accommodation, reception of the visiting delegates, decoration of meeting venue in SKICC, food, transport etc. Ashok Koul, on this occasion, said that there is enthusiasm among the party activists of Kashmir as they are being involved in the entire exercise for two days and most of them have been assigned a particular task so that everything is conducted in very cooperative and friendly atmosphere. He said that about three hundred delegates attending the Working Committee Meeting will also get an opportunity to meet their party colleagues of Kashmir and share their political and organisational experience and ideas with them. BJP State Secretary Sanjay Baru, Vice Chairpersons Balbir Ram Rattan and Dr. Ali Mohd. Mir, BJP Kashmir Media Incharge Altaf Thakur, Protocal Incharge Arif Raja, South Kashmir General Secretary Veerji Saraf, Ashok Bhat, M.M. War, Nazir Gilkar, Asif Masoodi, Bilal Parray, Zubair Nazir, Sheikh Rashid and others attended this meeting.

BJP celebrates “Vilay Diwas” as 2nd Deepawali, lights fireworks, earthen lamps

BJP celebrates “Vilay Diwas”BJP J&K celebrated “Vilay Diwas” Accession Day of Jammu & Kashmir with full pomp and show simulating the night of Deepawali in the evening of “Vilay Diwas” led by BJP National Vice-President and Prabhari Jammu & Kashmir, Avinash Rai Khanna along with state President & MLA, Sat Sharma, MP Lok Sabha, Jugal Kishore Sharma, MP Rajya Sabha, Shamsher Singh Manhas, State Vice-President Yudhvir Sethi, State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Koul, State General Secretary Dr. Narinder Singh and Harinder Gupta, MLC Ramesh Arora, VC Rashpaul Verma and other senior leaders amidst slogans and joyous commemoration at party headquarter, Trikuta Nagar. BJP celebrated the “Vilay Diwas” with the bursting of crackers and lightening of 71 earthen lamps before the portraits of Bharat Mata and last Dogra ruler of erstwhile state of Jammu & Kashmir, Maharaja Hari Singh giving the impression of 2nd Deepawali with in the days of traditional Deepawali. Avinash Rai Khanna, while speaking on the occasion lauded the efforts from leaders of J&K BJP to remember and pay respect to the great sons of soil. He said that no community could survive the wrath of time, if it fails to give due respect to its heroes, culture and history. He congratulated everyone on the great day of J&K history and said that nobody will be spared, whoever will try to challenge the integrity of the Nation and will be dealt with stern measures, in reference to the Pakistan and its sponsored terrorism and separatism in the state. Sat Sharma, while congratulating the residents of Jammu & Kashmir state, prompted all the leaders and activists of BJP to celebrate this event in every nook and corner of the state and asked the elderly population of the state to pass on relevant information of the history to their generations within the boundary walls of their homes as well so as to make them aware of the fact that this freedom of today has come with great sacrifices. Jugal Kishore Sharma said that Congress and NC have ruled enough in darkness of lies but now their deeds have been exposed by clean and developmental governance of BJP. Shamsher Singh Manhas said that the Maharaja Hari Singh signed for the complete accession of J&K with the dominion of India and this is the right time to clear the clouds. Sanjay Baru, Chander Mohan Gupta, Rajeev Charak, Dr. Pardeep Mahotra, Kulbhushan Mohtra, Arvind Gupta, Parduman Singh, Tilak Raj Gupta, Bharat Sharma, Vinay Gupta and others were among the important leaders and activists present in the celebration.

CUJ Organises National Youth Parliament Competition

SHV_9706The National Service Scheme (NSS) of Central University of Jammu organised 14th National Youth Parliament Competition in collaboration with the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs (MoPA) at its campus in Sainik Colony. Prof. Deepak Pathania, Dean Students Welfare welcomed the guests and dignitaries. Prof. S.K.Sharma enlightened the audience about the youth parliament and said that this is the first time that CUJ is organising the youth parliament. Jugal Kishore Sharma, Member of Parliament BJP Lok Sabha Jammu-Poonch constituency inaugurated the competition and delivered the keynote address.Jugal Kishore appreciating the participants and the organizers from Central University he emphasized the significance of imparting the knowledge about how parliamentary proceedings are conducted among the students. He said, the Youth Parliament plays a major role in developing leadership quality among the youths on the functioning of the parliament. Prof. Ashok Aima, Vice chancellor of CUJ said that this youth parliament completion provided an opportunity for the students to learn about the practical aspects of parliamentary procedures which make the Indian democracy vibrant. He congratulated the participants and the best speakers of the youth parliament, who showed that how an ideal parliamentary works. Prof. Pawan Kumar Sharma from Gurukshetra University and Prof. Arvind Jasrotia, Head Department of Law, Jammu University were the evaluators and provided valuable comments to the participants while appreciating their debate skills. Ms. Muqtaeen Khan, Ms. Garima Sharma, Ms. Akansha Sharma, Ms. Aisha Shabir and Mr. Shubham Kumar were awarded the best speakers of the event. The formal vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. J. Jaganathan, coordinator of the event and presented that CUJ is one among the 70 other institutes/colleges/universities were selected to conduct the youth parliament by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs for the year 2017-18.

New Colleges & up gradation of Schools shall bring Educational reforms in the state : Sh. Vibodh Gupta

IMG-20171027-WA0006Two Colleges of Architecture in the state is historic decision : Vibodh "Takes stock of developmental activities in Muradpur" MLC Rajouri Advocate Vibodh Gupta, along with Officers of the Power Development Department and his party activists, visited the Muradpur area, continuing with a mission to reach to every common man of the area, to address the grievances of the public. Gupta along with the Executive Engineer PWD (R&B) Er. Sadiq Wani along with concerned AEEs & JEs held series of meetings, besides meeting deputations in Muradpur, Dharwali Bowli & Bathuni area and listened the grievances and problems being faced by the Public. Gupta was told by the public that road connectivity in the hilly region, is still lacking in the interior of the Villages, causing inconvenience to the general public. Gupta said that 40 nos of roads under District plan against an estimated cost of 46 crores is under progress in Rajouri Constituency, whereas 3 no. of Bridges under CRF against Estimated cost of Rs. 28.00 crores, have been sanctioned in Rajouri Constituency, besides no. of Culverts, which shall enhance the Connectivity in the Region. Under Macadamization most of the roads are being blacktopped. Public of the area also raised the issue of the exaggerated Bills, from PDD Department. Gupta assured them for constitution of committee, which shall verify the Bills. Gupta assured the public for redressal of their problems shortly and intimated that Rs.1.00 crores shall be provided for the Augmentation and up-gradation of Power Sector in the District. Gupta while interacting with the Media and Public regarding New colleges and Up-gradation of Schools, he said that the present coalition Government is committed for imparting quality education and development of educational infrastructure with provision of latest technical expertise to teaching community, for which steps have already been taken at ground level. Gupta welcomed the decision of the Cabinet and State Coalition Government, for creation of 17 new colleges in the state, Up-gradation of 400 government schools— 200 middle schools and 200 high schools— to their next level with the Creation of 8200 teachers’ posts for these colleges and schools. Gupta said that shortly identification of Schools shall be started for up-gradation as per the feasibility and the selections of the schools shall be on merit. Gupta said that this decision shall also serve the opportunity of employment to the youth of the state, as 2800 posts for teaching and non-teaching staff have been approved for middle schools that will be upgraded to the level of high schools, 5400 posts have been approved for high schools that will be upgraded to higher secondary level, he said. He informed that the up gradation of schools will cost the government Rs 383 crore in the new budget, whereas an amount of Rs 15 crore has been approved for construction of each college besides the approval of annual recurring grants to the tune of Rs 1 crore as salary component for each college. Gupta also said that the Establishment of Two Colleges of Architecture is a historic decision of the coalition Government and the best opportunity for the young talent. Gupta said that he has adopted one School HSS Boys Rajouri and feels happy while interacting with students and enquiring about their needs and aspiration with regard to available facilities, syllabus and formulation of new Educational Policy, so that they could stand with the Students of Private Institutions of the State. He said that contribution in education sector is the major contribution and all stakeholders should join their hands to improve the Educational System. Gupta said that the teachers should take students outside the traditional classrooms to help them, for acquiring knowledge practically. He urged the teaching community to come forward and share the social responsibility of transforming the society by giving their best by working with dedication and co-operation so that a new educational system is evolved, only then the creation of Colleges and up-gradation of Schools can be beneficial to the society. He said that steps are being taken by the District administration for making Government schools attractive for the children, so that the education sector can became an engine for growth and development of entire society. At last Public of the area thanked Gupta, for his efforts in sanctioning and installation of 50 MVA Transformer, which shall further reduce the Curtailment in power. They also thanked for sanction of Bridge, which shall connect the Batalamang and Thudi area and a way to Medical College, giving a short passage to kalakote area as well. Prominent citizens present among others, Sr. Leader and social Activist Kamal bakshi, Ranjeet Tara, Ex-Sarpanch Muradpur Bhau Ram Sharma, Rakesh Pandit,Rakesh Sharma and others.

BJP to organize “Run for Unity” on birthday of Sardar Patel

22829270_1481967391884954_7733369881379687769_oJ&K BJP organized a press conference at state headquarter, Trikuta Nagar in which BJP State General Secretary Harinder Gupta along with Senior Leader Anil Gupta provided the details about the “Run for Unity” programme to be organized in the memory of great public leader and 1st Deputy Prime minister of India, the Iron Man of India, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. Addressing the press conference, Harinder Gupta said that BJP is committed to give all the great leaders of the Nation their due place in the history which were being ignored due to the vested interests of certain organizations. He said that one of the great leaders, who was one of the founding father of the Independent India, played a leading role in the freedom struggle, guided integration of all the princely states and worked extensively for building up of modern India is Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel who is popularly known as the “Iron Man of India” and popularly called as “Sardar”. He said that BJP has decided to celebrate the birthday of Sardar Patel on 31st October every year as “Rashtriya Ekta diwas”(National Unity Day) as a mark of tribute to eh efforts of country’s first home minister to unite India. On the directions of BJP State President & MLA, Sat Sharma, State BJP has also decided to commemorate the event on mass basis by organizing a “Run for Unity” programme from Satwari Chowk to MAM stadium, affairs of which will be looked after by Anil Gupta as Incharge for the smooth and successful conduct of the programme. Anil Gupta, while further elaborating details, said that on appeal of BJP and PM Modi, in order to involve the younger generation to make them aware of sacrifices of Sardar Patel, many schools and colleges have also been invited to participate in the run, which will start at 7:00 a.m. from Satwari Chowk. he said that stalls of water and other essentials will be there enroute and Certificates will be given to participants besides cash prize to those who come 1st 2nd and 3rd. He also said that BJP will work whole heartedly for turning event into a grand success. He appealed general public to participate as this is programme of common mass to pay respect to the great soul. Ayodhya Gupta, Baldev Singh Billawaria, Vinay Gupta, Prem Gupta, Sanjeev Sharma were also present in the press conference.

Ware House Federation organised Eye camp and Sh. Rajesh Gupta were the chief guests on the occasion.

IMG-20171027-WA0003Ware House Federation organised a two day free Medical Eye Camp at Ware House . Honourable MLC Ashok Khajuria and MLA Rajesh Gupta were the chief guests on the occasion .The eye camp is being organised with the collaboration of Centre for eye sight Rehari Chungi. The team of doctors was led by Dr. Sudesh Raina and Dr. Farah Deeba. The ware house federation leaders who helped organised the medical camp included President Rajesh Gupta, Gen.Secretary Deepak Gupta, Munish Mahajan,Ashok Kumar Gupta,Dharampal Gupta,Rahul Gupta and Naresh Pradhan . MLC Ashok Khajuria while speaking on the occasion congratulated the ware house traders federation for organising the medical eye camp.Sh. Khajuria said that the business men of Jammu are very conscious of their social responsibility. He appealed the businessmen and traders present on the occasion to be always in the forefront in helping the needy and poor segments of the population. MLA Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion said that the prevalence of eye diseases like cataract and glaucoma need to be detected in the early stages in order to prevent the onset of complications and sometimes even blindness.Rajesh Gupta complimented the doctors and requested them to hold more such camps in other wards of his constituency .Rajesh Gupta said that every possible help would be made available to the doctors for conducting such free eye camps. The BJP leaders who accompanied the MLAs included Naresh Pradhan, ashwani sharma,Gurcharan Singh, Anil Gupta, Brijj Lal, Raj Kumar Gupta,Opinder Singh and Ashok Lambad. The vote of thanks was presented by Deepak Gupta Gen.Secretary.

Celebrations of “Accession Day” at Party Headquarters, Trikuta Nagar Jammu.


BJP Mandal Bhadarwah celebrates Vilay Diwas.

Screenshot_20171026-153749BJP Unit Bhadarwah celebrated Vilay Diwas (Accession Day) at Sub District Headquarters under the leadership of Mandal President Ramneek Singh Manhas. On this occasion tricolour was hoisted by Senior party leaders including former mandal president Satish Chander Kotwal, State executive member Dhananter Singh Kotwal, District Kissan Morcha President Raj Singh Charak, District advisory committee member Balkrishan Kotwal, City President Raju Charak, Mandal Cashier Puneet Mehta. After hoisting the national flag nation anthem was sung by all the participants enthusiastically and crackers were also burst. The senior leaders while speaking on the occasion put light on the importance of this day when late maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir state Hari Singh ji whose great grandfather Maharaja Gulab Singh had bought Kashmir from Maharaja Ranjeet Singh of Punjab to complete his state in the form of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh. Later on he consolidated his state by wining Girgit Baltistan now called as PoK. However Kashmiri leader Sheikh Abdullah wanted this state to remain independent, but due to struggle launched by Praja Parishad headed by late Pandit Premnath Dogra and sacrifice of Shyama Prashad Mukherjee had compelled the Indian government to scrap the permit system that gave the state a status of an Independent Nation.They said that it is because of the far sight of late Maharaja and sacrifices of Praja Parishad and Jan Sangh that we are living in a democratic and a secular country called India. They also exhorted that all peace loving and Nation loving people must act to strengthen the Accession against which certain anti national forces are still working day in and day out. V.P S. Kartar Singh, General secretary Master Kujlal, Secretaris Umesh Sharma, Sanjiv Sharma, W/C members Anil Charak, Mahatama Ram Katal, Shiv Kumar, Sans Raj, Mahila Morcha President Satya Manhas, Youva Morcha President Sourav Gupta, (all from Bhadarwah Mandal) besides other senior leaders Ramesh Gupta, Narinder Kotwal and others also participated.

BJP organizes mammoth rally on “Vilay Diwas”

22780581_1480992968649063_4837403180490453873_nBJP J&K celebrated “Vilay Diwas” the Accession Day of Jammu & Kashmir to the Union of India with full pomp and show in the middle of city, where tens of thousands of BJP activists and general public gathered to participate in the grand celebration of most important day in the recent history of the State of Jammu & Kashmir. BJP National President and J&K Prabhari Avinash Rai Khanna was the chief guest on occasion which was also marked by the presence of Union MoS Dr. Jitendra Singh, State President & MLA Sat Sharma, Deputy CM Dr. Nirmal Singh, Lok Sabha MP Jugal Kishore Sharma, Rajya Sabha MP Shamsher Singh Manhas, MLC Ashok Khajuria, Party Chief Whip & MLA Rajesh Gupta and other senior leaders of party. Avinash Rai Khanna, while addressing mammoth rally congratulated residents of Jammu & Kashmir for the vital day and said that every person must bear in mind the history, historical facts, leaders and important sacrifices made to nurture and protect the community. He said that BJP believes in fulfilling the commitments made to the public so all the activists have to work extensively utilizing full energy. He said that in this struggle people have to face many difficulties like those BJP and RSS activists, who are living in Kerala are being killed in front of their family members. He also exhorted all to take Centre government schemes to the public. Dr. Jitendra Singh said that although this generation didn’t get a chance to take part in the freedom struggle, but still this generation has a chance to live and make sacrifices for the Nation. He said that Pt. Nehru deliberately didn’t give enough space to Sardar Patel to look after affairs of J&K which led to present confusion created by certain unscrupulous elements. He said that “J&K is an integral part of India” itself is written in golden words and there is undoubtedly no issue on it, except how to take back PoJK and Gilgit-Baltistan. He also challenged opposition for a debate on various issues related to Accession and State Subject and asked that these corrupt politicians have befooled public for 3 generations, while discussing 4 categories of State subject laws introduced by Maharaja, which had provisions for granting relaxations under existing rules. He said that once Maharaja Hari singh was an emblem of “Vikas Purush” and now that role has been adopted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Sat Sharma congratulated the activists for the historic day and said that although the previous generations are aware of the facts of the historic merger of the state with the dominion of India but at the same time they have the greater responsibility of passing on this legacy to the future generations so that they are also made aware of the supreme sacrifices made by their earlier generations for the brighter future ahead. He called upon all to celebrate this day as the Deepawali in their vicinity so as to send a loud and clear message to all. He also charged Congress with the betrayal to common man, when it supported holiday for Sheikh but not for Maharaja. Jugal Kishore Sharma charged congress with the tag of corrupt and selfish party, which used to tie the hands of Indian Army, whenever there was a need, but now the army is at liberty to bounce back with full force. He said that Centre Government has given liberal funding for the development of state and is very keen to address all pending issues. Shamsher Singh Manhas voiced the commitment of BJP to fight for whole of J&K, what was once under the reign of Maharaja and charged Congress for looting and exploiting the Nation for continuously 70 years and said that they have no moral grounds for asking questions. State General Secretary Harinder Gupta carried the proceedings of the stage, while State Vice-President Yudhvir Sethi, who looked after the affairs of rally, presented vote of thanks. State Vice-Presidents Bharat Bhushan and Karan Singh, State General Secretary Dr. Narinder Singh, Ministers Sham Choudhary, Bali Bhagat and Priya Sethi, MLC Ramesh Arora, Vikram Randhawa, Surinder Ambardar and Girdhari Lal Raina, MLAs Rajiv Sharma and Dr. Gagan Bhagat, State Secretary Sanjay Baru, District Presidents Jangbir Singh, Baldev Singh Billawaria, Ayodhya Gupta, Omi Khajuria, Manmohan Singh and Chandji Bhat and all the senior leaders, activists and general public graced the occasion.

Sh. Balbir Ram Rattan reaches Sopore to inspect loaned units

Balbir reaches Sopore to inspect loaned units-iiJammu & Kashmir Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes & Backward Classes Development Corporation Limited, Vice Chairperson, Balbir Ram Rattan, during his visit to Baramulla District of Kashmir Valley, reached Sopore town to personally inspect the units financed by the Corporation under Direct Financing scheme for the benefit of the poor and needy people of the reserved categories. Accompanied by District Manager, Baramulla, Mehmood-ul-Haq Gundroo and Field Supervisor, Manzoor Ahmed Bhat, the Vice Chairperson, inspected a shoe making unit, Royal Siraj Shoe Makers, in Shahabad area of Sopore financed by SC, ST, BC Development Corporation in favour of an unemployed male from Safai Karamchari category and another unit of a cloth shop, Poshak Palace, in main market of the town under minority category. Balbir Ram Rattan, while interacting with these loanees, said that the successful running of their units is itself testimony that the money availed by them has been utilized in a proper way. He said that the Corporation too feels pride when the units financed by it are flourishing. Balbir said that in these days when there are very less opportunities of government jobs, even the small units set up by the unemployed people with the financial assistance from the Corporation are providing employment to others, which is highly appreciable. He asked the unemployed youth to make their minds of setting up of own income generating units, for which the SC, ST, BC Development Corporation is always ready to guide them and grant loan in their favour so that they do not remain dependents on parents but prove to be boon for the family.

J&K’s Accession with India was Full, Final & without any conditions: Sh. Vibodh Gupta

Accession Day ProgrammeAny Discussion Challenging Accession is a Dream in the Air: Vibodh In order to celebrate the accession day, today a massive programme was organised at Dangri in Rajouri. A large number of local residents from different walks of life attended the programme as a mark of respect to the Maharaja’s decision for accession. The programme was chaired by BJP senior leader and MLC Vibodh Gupta and many prominent citizens along with senior party leaders were also present on the occasion. Addressing the gathering Vibodh informed the gathering that the accession was legally full and final and it is a historical fact that at that time Maharaja Hari Singh signed the instrument of accession without any condition as he himself wanted J&K to be an integral part of India. This he said ensured a very strong bonding of J&K with the rest of country when this historic instrument of accession was signed on 26 October 1947. He made it clear with all the historical facts that no renegotiation can be done and any effort to discuss this is like building castles in the air. Gupta urged the participants of the event specially the prominent citizens and local youth to educate the common masses about the historic importance of this day and also said that every citizen of Jammu & Kashmir should feel proud that we are marching ahead in the path of development along with other fellow Indians. He further added that today under the able leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister Sh. Narinder Bhai Modi, development efforts in all three regions of the state are going on a war footing and people are having a sense of security and prosperity. Terming this day as most important historic day for J&K, Vibodh said that the day should be celebrated as a festival and each one of us must take pledge to fight all such forces which want to take this state away from India. BJP district President Dinesh Sharma also addressed the gathering and congratulated everyone in Rajouri for coming out in such large number to celebrate this day. He said that October 26 is the day to renew the pledge that binds J&K with India. Former President of Rajouri Municipality Rajinder Gupta also participated in the function, in his address he termed the accession day as a great tool for the overall growth and prosperity of the state. BJP senior leader Bharat Bhushan Vaid said that accession of J&K with rest of India was the most historic confidence-building measure for all the residents of J&K. Prominent among others who are present on the occasion included Rakesh Raina, Talib Hussain, Zahid Ahmed, Ranjeet Tara, Bodh Raj, Sanjay Sharma, Ashok Kumar, Azam Ahmed, Harjeet Singh, Yashpal, Suresh Sharma and Balbir Kumar.

Sh. Rajesh Gupta organised a rally of the Accession Day from Purani Mandi

IMG-20171026-WA0004In commemoration of the Accession Day, MLA Rajesh Gupta organised a rally from Purani Mandi.The well attended rally after passing through various bazaars of the city culminated at Brahman Sabha Parade. The rally led by MLA Jammu East Rajesh Gupta was attended by a large number of people including the various office bearers of Jammu East mandal including the Jammu East Mandal Pradhan P.C.Gupta. 26th October is commemorated as the Accession Day, the day on which the state of Jammu & Kashmir acceded with the union of India.It is on this day that the aspirations of the millions of the people of J&K were fulfilled by their eventual merger with the mother civilization of India. Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion said that the response of the people in celebrating this day shows the amount of love and affection that they have for mother India. Rajesh Gupta hailed the historic decision of the Majaraja Hari Singh Ji in signing the instrument of accession and merging the state of J&K with the Union of India thereby saving the people of the state from the marauding Kabailis. Rajesh Gupta while talking to the press on the occasion said that the state of Jammu & Kashmir has made tremendous progress in all the spheres of human development whereas the areas under the illegal occupation of Pakistan have remained under developed and enjoy little freedom and are constantly under the boots of the army.He said that the state is witnessing increased progress in all the spheres and the various national level institutions of Health that Education are coming up at a rapid pace.The various schemes launched by the Modi government have the potential to change the socio-economic milieu of the state and bring it at par with the other developed states of the country. Rajesh Gupta appealed to the people to associate themselves with the process of nation building launched by our PM Narindera Bhai Modi in an atmosphere of peace and brotherhood that Jammu is so very proud of.

Sh. Kavinder Gupta visited various areas of his constituency

20171026_141643Sh. Kavinder Gupta visits sites of ongoing development works, takes stock of status Speaker J&K legislative Assembly and MLA, Gandhi Nagar, Kavinder Gupta visited various areas of his constituency and physically verified the status of the works. He inspected the ongoing works at Nanak Nagar, Sanjay Nagar, Trikuta Nagar, Preet Nagar and interacted with the locals at these places. The locals demanded the black topping of Preet Nagar-Digiana road besides improvement of drainage system, increasing the duration of water supply. Speaking on the occasion, he said that development works of PWD(R&B), JMC, PDD and PHE have been expedited with number of new projects coming up in the constituency for the benefit of the people. The Speaker informed that tenders worth Rs 11 Cr. have been floated for the left over roads of Gandhi Nagar by the PWD(R&B) department and the work for the same will be executed by the end of November-2017. He further informed that time to time monitoring and meetings with the line departments are held to ensure the timely completion of development programmes. He also directed the officers to get the works in hand completed with in stipulated time and strictly ensure the quality. Informing the people, the speaker said that coordinated efforts are being made for making Gandhi Nagar a model constituency and special stress have been laid on traffic decongestion and development of green spaces. Underlining the development of Jammu region and the Gandhi Nagar constituency in particular, he said an unprecedented growth have been witnessed in the area. SDM South, Sonu Pargal, XEN PWD(R&B), Rajan Mengi, AEE PWD(R&B), Arvind Gupta, Er. Ashwani Khosla, Ramesh Kumar were prominent among others who accompanied him.

Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh chairs 5th BoD meeting of Building Centres

22713583_1480725582009135_4768213357973652681_oDy CM for adopting cost-effective technologies, innovations in building techniques Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh today called for making use of modern and cost-effective technology in constructions to ensure putting in place speedy and economical infrastructure. The Deputy Chief Minister was speaking at the 5th Board of Directors meeting of the Building Centers of Srinagar and Jammu. Minister of State for Housing & Urban Development Ms Asiea Naqash was also present. Dr. Singh called for using the innovative and cost-effective techniques in constructions to make housing facilities affordable for all. He said the technological interventions in building constructions would also address various other issues of the State since it comes under the high seismic zone area. The Deputy Chief Minister also directed the officers of the Municipal Corporations and those of Urban Local Bodies to get material and expertise from the building centres while undertaking construction of various developmental works and related infra. He said it will ensure the self-sustainability of these centres besides actively involving them in various developmental activities. The Deputy CM asked the officers to also involve the building centres while implementing various government schemes like Housing for All (HAL), Construction of Individual Household Latrines and also in Swach Bharat Abhiyan. He said there should be formal directions for both the Municipal Corporations as well as Urban Local Bodies to procure the material prepared by the Building Centers for construction of lanes, drains and other related activities. Dr. Singh also asked the Directors of the Building Centres to undertake the training of the prospective architects and the persons related with the construction works so that they can be taught the new techniques which would result in making the buildings cost effective and save speedy. Commissioner Secretary Housing & Urban Development Department, Hirdesh Kumar, VC JDA, MD Housing Board, Director Urban Local Bodes, Jammu, Commissioner JMC, Directors of Building Centers, and other senior officers were present in the meeting.

Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh asks German diplomat for doing away with travel advisories on JK

22769611_1480724332009260_3114624489580920068_oDy CM Dr. Nirmal Singh  asked the visiting German diplomat to take up the matter of doing away with a travel advisories issues for German tourists not to undertake the visit to this State. The Deputy Chief Minister was interacting with the German Political Minister, Arno Holger Kirchof, who called on him today. While discussing the overall scenario with the German diplomat, the Deputy Chief Minister said that the situation in the State has improved a lot and the Government is continuing with its developmental agenda. He said major headways have been achieved in catalyzing the developmental scenario in the State. Dr. Singh, while referring to the tremendous hydro-electric potential of the State asked the German diplomat to devise certain means by which Germany can also contribute its bit in uplifting this by way of providing technological interventions and also the requisite investments.

BJP Kashmir celebrates 26 Oct Accession Day as Festival.

22835471_1232347923538329_385744307_n26 Oct day should be declared as a State Government holiday in Jammu and Kashmir. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Kashmir on Wednesday celebrated October 26, as Accession Day and in this regard a function was held at party office, Jawahar Nagar here. Terming the Kashmir as an integral part of India, State Media Secretary; Altaf Thakur, on this occasion said that October 26, 1947, the then ruler of the state, Maharaja Hari Singh, had signed the Instrument of Accession to make Jammu and Kashmir part of India. "The Jammu and Kashmir issue was settled permentally in 1947, after its ruler signed the Instrument of Accession to make Jammu and Kashmir part of India," Thakur Said. Thakur also said The fate of people of J&K was linked with the Indian democracy. Today we celebrate this auspicious accession throughout the country in general and state of J&K in particular. We the people of the J&K has firm belief over the Indian democracy and secular nation and we shall continue to enjoy this in the future too. We believe the accession as final. On this occasion senior leader M.M War said, while emphasising on the importance of this historical day, this day the people of J&K through its Prince Maharaja Hari Singh signed the instrument of Accession of J&K with union of India keeping in view of the highest values of secularism and democracy. War said accession was ratified by the then popular leader of J&K Late Sheri- Kashmir Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah thereby rejecting the two nation theory. Office Incharge Kashmir Mohammad Tahir Mir demanded that the day should be declared as a State Government holiday in Jammu and Kashmir. "We want to celebrate it as Accession Day every year. The day should be commemorated like other national holidays. The date bears great significance for all nationalist people," Mir , adding, BJP celebrates the day as a festival. "We are proud to be the part of the world's largest democracy," Mir said Present on this occasion were Senior leader Malik Mushtaq Noorabadi, Ashraf Azad, District Vice President Srinagar Asif Masoodi, Distt. Secretary Srinagar; Hilala Ahmad Jan, Distt. President Baramulla; D.K Nehru, State Secretary BJYM; Bilal Parray, Gen. Secretary Kulgam; Manzoor Ahmad kulgami, Abid Khan, State Minority Morcha Vice President; Adv. Syed Wajahat, National Executive Member OBC; Ab. Rehman Tikri and Others.

BJP reviews preparations for “Vilay Diwas” celebration

IMG_20171025_184104"Vilay Diwas" is most important event in history of J&K BJP State unit conducted a review meeting to check various preparations for the celebration of the “Vilay Diwas” Accession Day of the State of Jammu & Kashmir with the dominion of India. BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma along with State Vice-President Yudhvir Sethi, State General Secretary Harinder Gupta, MLC Vikram Randhawa and State Secretary Sanjay Baru carried threadbare discussions to check every minute detail of the programme. While chairing the meeting, Sat Sharma sought every minute detail related to the organization of a huge programme in front of Brahaman Sabha, Parade on the very day of the full and final accession of the State of Jammu & Kashmir with the republic of India, thus becoming its integral part from that very day. He said that it is very unfortunate that some unscrupulous elements are hand and glove with the foreign elements particularly the neighbouring hostile country Pakistan to disturb the peace of the region and particularly the border state of Jammu & Kashmir. So in order to check the nefarious design of such antisocial elements and to progress the State on the very path of success and development, we have to celebrate this event like nothing before, he said. He said that we have to send a stern warning to those bosses of terror sitting across the border, that the state of J&K is the proud crown of India, and the very person or organization or state, whichever tries to challenge this truth will be taught a lesson like never before. Sat Sharma appealed to all the residents of the state of Jammu & Kashmir to take part in the celebrations of "Vilay Diwas" and celebrate it with full pomp and show as it is the most important event in modern history of Jammu & Kashmir. Yudhvir Sethi, while discussing the duties alloyed to the leaders of the party, asked them to target each individual aspect of preparations and arrangements in view of the expected great rush for the celebrations and also made appeal to the common masses to join the programme being organized in front of Brahaman Sabha, Parade on the 26th of October, at 10:30 in the morning.

MLA Rajesh Gupta was the chief guest on the occasion of the Yatra

IMG-20171025-WA0002A simple but impressive Rath Yatra was taken out under the auspices of Dharam Jagran Samiti in Prem Nath Dogra Nagar in old city.People from different walks of life participated in the Rath Yatra including women and children. All along the route of the Yatra market associations showered flower petals and accorded warm welcome to the participants.Refreshment s were also provided to the participants all along the route of the Yatra. MLA Rajesh Gupta was the chief guest on the occasion of the Yatra. The purpose in organising the Yatra is to make people aware about the noble teachings of the religious scripts and Kul Devtas. Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion said that Pt.Prem Nath Dogra Ji was a great leader of Jammu who not only created political consciousness but also instilled love and respect for the Dogra culture in the people of Jammu. Rajesh Gupta exhorted the people to remain rooted to their cultural traditions and derive strength from the teachings of our Kul Devtas and create social cohesion. The prominents who accompanied the MLA included Mahant Rameshwar Dass,Narayan Singh,Romesh Dogra,Karan Singh,Dr. Hari Krishan Bargotra,Vijay Sharma, Dev Anand Gill,Sunny Sehgal,Subhash Anand,Balkrishan, Ramesh,Darshan Singh,Prem,Shuna, Harish Gupta, Roshan Gupta, Rohit Gupta, No hot Gupta, Vinod Kumar and Vishal Sharma.

Generate love for national anthem rather than forcing: S.S Bijral

SS BijralPatriotism rests in heart and cannot be forced down the throat. Respect for national flag and national anthem, the symbols of patriotism, has to flow out of love generated and not forced under fear of law. While petitions for recall of Apex Court November 30, 2016 order which justified playing of National Anthem in cinema halls on the ground that it would “instil a feeling of committed patriotism and nationalism” are being disposed off, S.S.Bijral former IGP and state BJP spokesperson welcomed observations of Justice DY Chandrachud: “should we wear patriotism on our sleeves. Next thing will….…where do we stop this moral policing?” Bijral noting further the observation of Justice Chandrachud : “There is no mandate that people should stand up when National Anthem is sung in a cinema hall. This is obviously because a cinema hall is a place of entertainment….” said in pursuance of The Prevention of Insults To National Honour Act 1951, singing of National Anthem in cinema halls at the end of the movie remained in vogue for sometime around sixties, but was discontinued being unenforceable with cinegoers crowding at the exit gate ignoring their national responsibility. Former senior cop Bijral noting Apex Court Bench indicated it was open to modifying its 2016 order replacing the word “shall” with ‘may” making playing of the National Anthem optional, said this would create violent ‘Anthem vigilantism’ in cinema halls and cause reprehensible situations like ‘cow vigilantism’ created in country hitting low its global image. Referring to country’s ‘soft state’ image with enforcement leaving lot to be achieved, Bijral who himself stands up at home even in honour when National Anthem is played on TV, pleaded that petitions calling for recall of Apex Court 2016 order be favourably disposed off considering past experience and its unenforceability. Instead he urged that the authorities who matter should devote themselves to issues like mass political and public corruption, rising prices, unemployment, pollution and filth all around that fail to generate their expected love for the most honourable National Flag and National Anthem. Let those in governance respect their moral responsibility, people, Bijral said, would never lag behind in patriotism.

BJP Pays Tribute to Pt Prem Nath Dogra at Booth Level

20171025_085342 1On the Occasion of Birth Anniversary of Sher E Duggar Pt Prem Nath Dogra, BJP Booth President Keshav Chopra organised Function at 76 Booth, Ward 30 of Talab Tillo Mandal District President Ayodhya Gupta, State Working Committee Member Parneesh Mahajan, Mandal President Jeet Angral also attend the function. Speaking on the Ocassion Ayodhya Gupta said that Pt Prem nath dogra in his whole life worked to uplift the poor people of society. Jeet Angral while remembering Pt Prem Nath Dogra said that He has done a lot to work for the downtrodden peoplee Speaking on the ocassion Keshav Chopra said that motive of the celebration of Sher E Duggar Pt Prem Nath Dogra anniversary on booth level is to make new generation aware about the life and working of Pandit ji so that youth can also follow the path which Pt prem nath dogra has shown us. Puneet Mahajan, Munish Gupta,Dr R.K Gupta,Sourav Gupta, Manoj Tandan, Rahul Gupta, Anshu Gupta, Sushant Gupta, Vicky Angurana, Dharminder singh and several others were also present.

BJP pays floral tribute to Goa freedom fighter Om Parkash Wazir

BJP pays floral tribute to Goa freedom -iBJP State Freedom Fighters and Martyrs’ Cell Jammu & Kashmir condoled the sad demise of veteran leader of Praja Parishad, Goa Freedom fighter and Ex-Councillor of Kathua Om Parkash Wazir, who inhaled his last breath on Monday, the 23rd of October at his residence in Kathua after prolonged illness. The condolence meet was led by BJP State BJP President & MLA, Sat Sharma along with BJP State Vice-President Parmod Kapahi and State General Secretary Dr. Narinder Singh and State Convenor of Cell Bharat Bhushan Sharma, in which floral tributes were paid to his portrait at party office, Trikuta Nagar. Sat Sharma, while paying floral tributes to the noble soul, said that the departed soul was a hardworking and dedicated leader, who went to the jail while fighting for the public causes. He said the Nation is indebted to the great sacrifices made by the dignified soul who worked with the sole aim of fighting for righteous cause. Remembering his selfless contribution to the society and Nation, he said that the entire society stands with the aggrieved family in this difficult hour and prayed to God almighty that the noble soul be granted place in the heavens. History of our society has witnessed countless sacrifices, which are remembered even today with warm hearts and wet eyes and Om Parkash Wazir has earned a clear distinction among them, he added. Bharat Bhushan Sharma, while expressing his shock over the incident, said that the people of Jammu have lost a great soul, who just lived for the cause of society during his entire life. He said that society will never forget the contribution of noble soul. He also called for the due recognition of the immense sacrifices made by him along with all the other great personalities. BJP State Secretaries Aseem Gupta and Sanjay Baru, State Spokesperson Prof. Varinder Gupta, Dr. Pardeep Mahotra, Arvind Gupta, Kulbhushan Mohtra, Tilak Raj Gupta, Pt. Ashok Kumar Khajuria, Parneesh Mahajan, Vinay Gupta, Darshan Singh and others also paid floral tributes to the virtuous soul.

Sh. Sat Sharma felicitates young fencer Shreya Gupta

Sat felicitates young fencer Shreya Gupta-iIn continuation with the drive to promote the youth talent of the State, State BJP President & MLA Jammu West, Sat Sharma felicitated young budding fencer of the State, Shreya Gupta, daughter of Sanjay Gupta resident of Nitco Lane, Talab Tillo, Jammu. Shreya has won 1 gold medal in under 17 and 1 gold medal in under 14 category in individual events and 1 gold medal in under 14 category and 1 bronze in under 17 category in team events. She was also awarded best fencer in the state recently and selected to represent India at Abu Dhabi in the next fencing event. While felicitating the young sports enthusiast, Sat Sharma lauded her efforts for excelling in the field and said that it is really a good omen that the children especially girls are taking a foot forward to contribute in the field. He said that the due recognition and importance is needed to be given to the co-curricular activities in the schools and elsewhere and quoted the saying that sound mind lives in a sound body. He said that as an elected representative of the Constituency, he is doing his all out efforts to develop the infrastructure for indoor and outdoor sports in the area and soon the public will be gifted with state of the art stadium at their disposal for grooming sports related talents of their wards. The craze towards the sports also helps to check the menace of drug addiction, he added. While lauding Shreya’s efforts, Sat Sharma also linked her achievements to the empowerment of women in society and asked to promote the girl child for various competetive activities, so that they can do extremely well in their respective fields and bring laurels to their parents as well as the Nation. He also took the opportunity to discuss the women centric schemes initiated by the government of India under the leadership of Prime minister Narendra Modi like “Beti Bachao, Beti Padho”, “Ladli Beti” and others. Ayodhya Gupta, Prem Gupta, Jeet Angral, Parneesh Mahajan, Lovekesh Gondi, Munish Rakwal, Deepak Kumar were also present during the programme.

Lawyers are guardians of civil society &  perfectors of democracy : Sh. Vibodh Gupta

IMG-20171025-WA0032Vibodh took stock of developmental activities in thanamandi region MLC Vibodh Gupta, along with Mandal President Thanamandi and a team of social activists visited Munsiff Court Thanamandi on the invitation of members of BAR Association. Gupta was welcomed at Court complex, being a renowned Advocate of the area. BAR association members, briefed MLC regarding their day to day problems mainly in connection with Construction of Chambers/ repair and Renovation of Court Complex. He was told by BAR members, that the Court Complex need immediate Repair/ renovation and Construction of individual Chambers is the basic requirement. The BAR president vehemently demanded for the overall development of infrastructure for the court including sheds for litigants, library, sanitary complex etc. Gupta listened the demands and released funds from his CDS for construction of Chambers. He asked the RDD authorities, for the preparation of DPR for the Construction of Chambers under Convergence. Gupta said that it is a truism that the legal profession is considered the first among all professions. Men and women who find themselves in this profession are regarded as people of sound reasoning powers and judgement. Lawyers are the cream and conscience of human society. That is why when lawyers speak, people think twice. Gupta said that, it is the duty of Advocates to perfect and safeguard not only the interests of their clients but to also ensure that Democracy prevail in our society. He said that Lawyers must be actively involved in the day-to-day activities of civil society and government and they should take the front seat instead of the back seat. rule of law, which is the salient pillar of sustainable democracy and a guarantor of peace, harmony and tranquility, as well as unity in every human society is maintained by Lawyers. Gupta said that Lawyers involvement in the Legislature will ensure that the doctrine of separation of powers as enshrined in our Constitution is well respected and practicality to the fullest. Gupta reiterated that presence of lawyers in the Legislature, always lead to an effective democratic process that will provide checks and balances and thereby limit the excessive abuse of power, corruption, dictatorial and authoritarian tendencies. BAR President thanked the MLC for sparing valuable time and for redressal of their grievances. Gupta also took stock of developmental activities and visited the Community Health Centre Thanamandi, where Gupta took a complete round of Hospital including Emergency Section/ Ward/ SNCU etc. During his visit the locals of the area apprised him that, the CHC is having short of Man power and accommodation too. Gupta informed the public that, for the Construction of Additional Accommodation at CHC Thanamandi, State Govt. has already released around 1.50 crores and scheme stands approved under National Health Mission (NHM). Due to non-availability of Land, work was not started, but he assured for the start of work within one month. Besides this Gupta also told the public that he shall take up the matter of restoration of Posts of Specialists, which have been kept in abeyance since 2002, with the Chief Minister, so that Specialists could be made available to provide better health care Services to the public. He asked all the Employees to work with Zeal and dedication, as they are the pillars of the noble profession. Gupta also inspected other developmental projects like road connectivity, ongoing construction and directed the officials to expedite the work so that it can be completed before the closing of financial year. Gupta informed that around 6 Nos of Bridges under State Sector against estimated cost of Rs. 3.20 Crores are being constructed, besides construction of 20 roads in Thamanadi sector. Gupta also interacted with general public and discussed several matters regarding availability of different facilities. He assured the public that all the areas of the state would be provided all basic facilities at their door steps. Several deputations and individuals from various parts of Thanamandi area met the MLC and brought their problems into his notice. Responding to the demands raised by deputations, Gupta assured them that he would take up the issues with the concerned Departments for their early redressal.Gupta appealed the public to stand against the divisive forces and keep faith on Government and assured his full support and cooperation. Speaking on the occasion senior BJP leader Bharat Bhushan vaid said that our Government is committed to development of rural and far flung areas.He also said that People should come forward to avail the benefits of various schemes being launched by the Narender Bhai Modi, who has a unique mindset for making the nation a developed one. Ghani Shawl, Mandal Pardhan said that the Thanamandi area was deprived from the Developmental aspects, but now under the rule of Coalition Government, various departments are seen working on ground like, Education, PDD, RDD & PHE. He said that Mr. Gupta, is doing at its best and doing works irrespective of region, religion & caste and is a tall leader. The BJP activists/Social Workers who accompanied him were Ashwani Kochar, Ranjeet tara, Lali Baba, Qazi Khalil, Mohd Ashraf etc.

Dr. Gagan Bhagat Inaugurates blacktopping of Kothey Kalyana road.

Mail 25 7Hon’ble M.L.A from Ranbir Singh Pura Constituency Dr.Gagan Bhagat inaugurated several developmental works at Ranbir Singh Pura Pura,starting from Village Kothey Kalyana he inaugurated the macadamization of Kothey Kalyana to Mullachak road ,which was the most dilapidated road in the whole constituency having a total Length-1.5 Kms , an estimated Rs. 1.00 Crores have been spent on this road under the city town road project of the State Govt. While addressing the gathering after starting the macadamization Dr.Gagan Bhagat said that the said road has never been macadamized for the last forty years, and during his election campaign he promised the people that this road will be taken on priority. Along with this road several other roads including Badyal Morh-Banota-Basti Village Link road, Kotli Shah Doula to SKUAST Link road, New Plot Salehar to Kool Kalan via Gandli main road, Chohala village Link road ,Dravtey village Link road, Malikpur-Taali Morh-Sujjadpur to Nandpur Link road, PVC Bana Singh Stadium to BSF Campus main road, Daljeet Chowk-BDO Office-ZEO Office-Agriculture Office-Ward No.10&11- Nari Niketan-Bal Ashram and Gurudwara Link road costing worth several crores will be started within one week and huge funding has been witnessed during the past two and half years, which is the most biggest achievement of the Ranbir Singh Pura Constituency While talking with the media regarding the Road Dr. Gagan Bhagat said that this project will be completed in three working days with an estimated cost of Rs 1 Crore approx, in this phase, which will be spent on this 75 mm Macadamization , people from all walks of life who were present on the occasion thanked Dr. Gagan Bhagat for his sincere and tireless efforts for this road, and other roads of Ranbir Singh Pura Constituency as this was among the most important border link road of Ranbir Singh Pura Constituency and with the start of the work thousands of local people who are mainly poor farmers and residents of border villagers would be benefitted from it. Dr. Gagan Bhagat informed the media persons that this border road is used by several border dwelling inhabitants who go to Jammu for their routine daily jobs starting from a village milkman, vegetables to various officials, on completion of macadamization, this road it would benefit them all and was a big joy for them who reside by the side of this road, He added that the government is serious about the Village roads as the said roads were in dilapidated condition due to pot holes and ditches, and the previous government added to the fury and miseries of the common masses, except hollow promises nothing were given to them after they casted votes in their favour, now. The Bharatiya Janta Party has got a huge mandate in the Centre, and we are running a coalition government in the state we will fulfill those promises which we have made with them but due to some political benefits some people who are coalition partners of Bharatiya Janta Party along with Congress and National Conference people created hurdles in the developmental works like they tried in case of Nashri-Chenani tunnel project ,they even several times held fake protest to mislead the common masses, But the truth always prevails , said Dr. Gagan Bhagat, while taking on the opposition parties he said that they ruled for more than sixty years and what they have done everyone knows and now what they are doing this also people know, for this road he had promised during assembly elections rally in 2014 that he will surely do it if he gets the support of people, and today as he fulfilled yet another election promise , it really feels great and a sense of satisfaction is there “ he added.He also appreciated the team of RNB Engineers, contractors and laborers who are working with full dedication day and night because we have a limited spell between September and December available for this job as this is only time when the temperature remains feasible for macadamization,” included X.E.N R.N.B Rajan Mengi A.E.E P.W.D Arvind Langeh ,S.H.O Arnia Satish Kumar, J.E. Satish Sargotra , BJP Mandal Pradhan R.S Pura Natharam, Abhishek Jamwal, Gurdeep Saini, Surat Singh Charak, Rampyara, B.R Choudhary , Kapil Sharma, Manjeet Singh, Pratap Kumar, Omkar Singh, Bunty Charak, and other prominent persons were present.

Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh  hailed the efforts of the armed forces towards conservation of ecology and environment

22791975_1479465418801818_7076752594125226493_oRole of forces in eco-conservation laudable: Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh The Deputy Chief Minister was speaking at a function organized by Zilla Sainik Welfare Officers here at Batamaloo. Speaking on the occasion, the Deputy Chief Minister said that the role of the security forces is laudable as they contribute in every sphere of Country's welfare and development. He said the security forces have been contributing their bit in the preservation of our ecology and environment. He said "Eco-Army" has been setup in States like Uttarakhand and the need is to replicate the similar mechanism in the J&K as well. Appreciating the role of security forces, the Deputy Chief Minister said the services of security forces are utilized not only to maintain the peace and security in the country, but they have always extended their helping hand in rescue missions in times of natural calamities. Dr Singh said the sacrifices and the role played by the security forces need to be acknowledged and remembered. Additional Director Zilla Sainik Welfare Officers, Mr Aziz Lone, Commissioner Srinagar Municipal Corporation Dr Shafaqat Khan and other senior officers were present on the occasion. Later the Deputy Chief Minister also interacted with various deputations of ex-servicemen who apprised him of the issues confronting them. Giving them a patient hearing, the Deputy Chief Minister assured them of all possible support and said that all their genuine grievances would be addressed at an earliest.

State President & MLA Sh. Sat Sharma addressing a press conference extending invitation to all to participate in Accession Day celebrations.

BJP gears up for “Vilay Diwas” celebrationsBJP gears up for “Vilay Diwas” celebrations Celebrate “Vilay Diwas” like Deepawali: Sh. Sat Sharma BJP State unit conducted a marathon meeting to threadbare discuss the preparations for the grand celebration for the “Vilay Diwas” Accession Day of the State of Jammu & Kashmir with the dominion of India in the chairmanship of its State President & MLA Sat Sharma along with State Vice-Presidents Yudhvir Sethi and Pramod Kapahi, State General Secretaries Dr. Narinder Singh and Harinder Gupta. While chairing the meeting, Sat Sharma took the review of each point in detail with the BJP leaders present in the meeting and said that this celebration of “Vilay Diwas” must be celebrated as the Deepawali in every region of the state. He allotted the responsibility of various essential duties to the leaders present, so that nobody who is coming to participate in the celebration faces any type of inconvenience. Discussions were made regarding to the water facility, seating arrangements, vehicle parking, convenience of gathering from far off places and other essential issues which were raised during the meeting by the participants. While inviting the common masses to the celebrations of “Vilay Diwas” in Parade, Sat Sharma also appealed to them to participate in the programme, as this is not the programme of one political party but linked to every single resident of the state and thus must be celebrated with full vigour and enthusiasm in every home of the region. He said that although the older generation is fully aware of these facts and the sacrifices made, but it is our duty to pass on this legacy and history to younger generations, so that they also become aware of our proud history and culture. He also appealed enmass to show the strength of Nationalistic population, so that the nefarious designs of few separatists are also destroyed. Sat said that although the India as a Nation gained Independence from the British rule on 15th of August’ 1947, but in the case of the state of J&K, it was delayed due to some unavoidable circumstances, but later on 26th of October, Maharaja Hari Singh ji signed the “Instrument of Accession” and send it the Government of India thus becoming a part of the dominion of India for the full and final just like any other state of India. He said that thus this day forms an essential part of our lives and every resident of this state must celebrate it with full pomp and show. Sanjay Baru, Naresh Dogra, Dr. Pardeep Mahotra, Arvind Gupta, Baldev Singh Billawaria, Ayodhya Gupta and Hari Om Sharma were among the prominent persons present in the meeting.

BJP celebrates “Khel Diwas” on birth anniversary of Pt. Prem Nath Dogra

Lotus Logo copyBJP Yuva Morcha Talab Tillo Mandal falling under Jammu West District, organized cricket tournament on the birth anniversary of Sher-e-Duggar Pt. Prem Dogra to celebrate it as “Khel Diwas”, in which 25 teams participated to prove their skills in the games. BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma was the chief Guest on the occasion and District President Ayodhya Gupta and SHO Bakshi Nagar Ashwani Sharma were the guest of honour. Sat Sharma while addressing the huge gathering, said that sports forms an essential component in overall development of young generation. While remembering, Pt. Prem Nath Dogra on the occasion of his birth anniversary, he said that, along with a great social personality, Pt. Ji was a great sports loving person as well, so BJP has decided to promote sports activities as a tribute to his good deeds. Sports not only keeps a person physically fit, but also helps in the growth of mental well being of a person, he said while patting the back of the players who participated in the final match played between the teams of Khalsa group and Josh group, which was won by the former in the cricket match played between the teams in the ground of Girls school, Bakshi Nagar. Sat Sharma said that he will see to it that the ground is taken care of and developed, so as to promote the sports activities in the area. He attributed the lack of outdoor game facilities for the locals as the one of the reasons for lack of skill development in the sportspersons and firmed his commitment that he will leave no stone unturned for the development of the sports activities in the area. He said that he is trying out his best to provide highly specialized sports stadium in the Jammu West Constituency, so that the youth could further develop their skills in the physical activities and provide the Nation with the star players from this very area. Cash prize of Rupees 15,000 were given to the winner team and the runner up team was given Rupees 8,000. Mobile was given as the prize to the Man of the series. Highest run getter was was given the prize of Rupees 1,000 and the prize of Rupees 500 was given for a straight six. Prem Gupta, Karan Sharma, Puneet Mahajan, Tripta Jamwal, Rajeshwar Sharma, Samir Vohra Ravinder Singh Jamwal and others along with a large gathering were also present.

BJP Unit Bhadarwah celebrated 134th birth anivarsery of Sher-e-Dugar Pandit Pram Nath Dogra.

IMG_20171024_124943BJP Mandal Bhaderwah celebrated the 134th birth anniversary of Sher-e-Dugar Pandit Pram Nath Dogra at Bhaderwah. The meeting which which was chaired by Balkrishna Kotwal was attended by a large number of BJP activists drawn from across the Mandal. In the meeting rich tributes were paid to the late Dogra leader for his sacrifices that he gave for the ultimate merger of Jammu and Kashmir with independent India, consequently he was put behind the bars for his nationalism by than emergency government headed by than Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah in connoyance with his friend and Indian Prime Minister Pandit Jawhar Lal Nehru who nurtured a personal grudge against Maharaja Hari Singh and people of Jammu, both. In his address the Mandal President Ramneek Singh Manhas said that to fight out the nefarious design of Sheikh and Nehru Pandit Prem Nath Dogra with the active support of All India Janasngh president Balraj Madhok formed Praja parishad which led the famous agitation of 1953 compelling the Indian government to arrest Sheikh Abdullah on the charges of sedation. District vice president Raj Singh Kotwal and District advisory committee member Balkrishan Kotwal also spoke on the occasion. Prominent among others who attended the meeting include District Kissan Morcha President Raj Singh Charak, Puneet Mehta treasurer, Mandal's secretaries Umesh Sharma, Sanjiv Sharma, W/C members Mahatma Ram Katal, Ashok Padha, and Ab. Hafiz , Mahila Morcha president Satya Manhas, Minority Morcha president Ameen Mir, Yuva Morcha General secretary Vinit Manhas and others.

Younger Generation from J&K Must Aim For Olympic Medals: Sh. Vibodh Gupta

Vibodh Pays Floral Tibutes to Pt. Premnath DograSports Best Way To Gain Leadership Skills: Vibodh Local Games Part of Our Vibrant Cultural Diversity: Vibodh On the eve of 134th Birth Anniversary of Pt. Premnath Dogra popularly known as Shere-e-Duggar BJP senior leader and MLC Vibodh Gupta along with others paid floral tributes to the visionary leader. On this occasion, a large number of sports events were organised in different areas of Rajouri specially at Doongi, Swani, Kallar and Chingus. At Chingus an impressive Kabadi match was organised which was inaugurated by MLC Vibodh Gupta. Addressing a gathering there MLC Vibodh Gupta threw light on the historic contributions made by Pt. Prem Nath Dogra in various fields specially in the field of sports. He informed that Pt. Premnath was a great leader and he was also the founder of Praja Parishad movement in Jammu & Kashmir. He said that Pt. Premnath Dogra was an outstanding sports person and game of football was his main passion wherein he excelled. He further added that the birthday of Pt. Premnath is celebrated as Khel Diwas as he always promoted our traditional games and encouraged youth to play the various local games which are part of our vibrant cultural diversity. He termed sports as the best medium to gain Leadership skills. On this occasion, Vibodh called upon the local youth that they must take sports as a career option as well and must aim to get Olympic medals. He referred to the vision of Hon’ble Prime Minister Narindera Modi for making Indian players as best sports persons in all the games of the world. For this, our youth need to work hard and State, as well as the Central Governments, have various schemes to help the younger generation to opt for sports as a career option. Vibodh asked the youth to follow the footsteps of visionary leaders like Pt. Prem Nath Dogra who was an institution in himself and he successfully led many historic movements which brought many reforms within the society. Prominent among others who were present on the occasion included Mandal Pradhan Kush Sharma, Seema Bakshi, Lovely Bakshi, Sanish Bali, Kartik Sharma and Hittu Sharma.

BJP Mahila Morcha discusses forthcoming programmes

Mahila Morcha meeting at Kachi Chawni Office-iBJP Mahila Morcha District Jammu conducted a meeting to plan and discuss the strategy for the forthcoming programmes in the leadership of its President Rekha Mahajan at BJP Office Kachi Chawni, Jammu. In this meeting, Rekha Mahajan discussed threadbare with her team the forthcoming programmes of the party and said that the four days 6th April, 22nd June,25th Sep and 25 December, are sacred to every activist of the party and each one of us should celebrate these days with great enthusiasm at booth level. She said that the birth anniversary of great ideologue of Bharatiya Jana Sangh, a great statesman and a visionary leader of our state Pt. Prem Nath Dogra was celebrated like a festival in Jammu on 24th October at 8.00 am at Dogra Chowk Jammu .She thanked all to for their presence at the venue in large numbers to pay tributes to the Sher- e -Duggar. Rekha further asked all to participate in “Vilay Diwas” (Accession Day) Rally that will be organised by party on 26th of Oct 2017 at 10.00 AM outside Brahman Sabha near Parade Jammu and participate in huge numbers to send a message to the whole world that the accession of the J&K State with the dominion of India is full and final. She also informed in the meeting that on 31st Oct 2017, on the eve of birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel "Run For Unity" event will be organised by BJP from Satwari Chowk to MAM Stadium and stressed upon all to participate in all these programmes with great enthusiasm and fervour. District General Secretary Savita Anand, Pooja Chouhan, Manju Gupta, Sharda Devi, Darshana Sharma, Kailash, Saroj Gupta, Surekha Devi, Prerna Nanda, Asha Devi and others were also present on the occasion.

BJP pays heartily tributes to Sher-e-Duggar Pt. Prem Nath Dogra

BJP pays heartily tributes -iBJP remembered the great leader from the State of Jammu & Kashmir who worked for the total integration of the state with the dominion of India and popularly known as Sher-e-Duggar. BJP celebrated the birthday of the great leader with great pomp and show while performing Hawan, garlanding of statue besides distribution of Prasad at various places around the region led by BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma along with MLC Ashok Khajuria, State General Secretary Harinder Gupta, MLA & Chief Whip Rajesh Gupta and MLC Adv. Ramesh Arora. It is worthwhile to mention here that the Pt. Prem Nath Dogra was the tallest Dogra leader of the recent times and was instrumental in forming the Jammu Praja Parishad party in 1947 along with other contemporary leaders to counter the policies of Sheikh Abdullah. He was later elected the President of Bharatiya Jana Sangh in 1955. Sat Sharma, while remembering the services of Pandit ji said that he dedicated his whole life for the upliftment of downtrodden and spent every movement for unity of the state with the rest of the country. He was a great soul who was instrumental in leading agitation for the pride of common people, the Praja Parishad Agitation, which ultimately proved to be a success with the popular slogan of “Ek Vidhan, Ek Nishan, Ek Pradhan” and the BJP under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is following the same very principle to bridge the gap between the hearts of the people. Ashok Khajuria, appealed the party workers to work dedicatedly for ensuring the reach of party principles to every household of the region. As a mature personality, he was equally respected by his opponents as well, he added. Rajesh Gupta emphasized on the high morality and standards of workmanship while following the great path of sacrifices shown by or predecessors and said that activists must follow his footsteps for a greater cause. Meanwhile the birthday of the visionary leader was enthusiastically celebrated at all the Districts, Wards and the Booth levels under the guidance of District Presidents Baldev Singh Billawaria in District Jammu, Ayodhya Gupta in district Jammu West, Omi Khajuria inn Jammu Rural. Similar programmes were conducted across the regions under the guidance of senior leaders.

Sh. Balbir Ram Rattan exhorts minorities youth at Srinagar to be self earning

Balbir exhorts minorities youth at Srinagar to be self earningWhile sharing the welfare schemes of J&K Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes Development Corporation Limited for minorities in the State with the unemployed youth belonging to Muslim and Sikh communities, the Corporation Vice Chairperson, Balbir Ram Rattan, stressed upon them to avail the benefits of loan facilities and set up their own earning units as per their ability and capability. Interacting with these youth at Srinagar, Balbir Ram Rattan, told them that the Corporation provides financial assistance to the poor and needy unemployed people belonging to different reserved categories, including the Minorities as notified at National Level, Safai Karamcharis and physically disabled classes so that they can set up their income generating units and earn livelihood in a dignified manner. He said that the rate of interest on different categories of loan under Corporation is much lower than banks. The amount for loan ranges from fifty thousand to thirty lakh, depending upon the nature of the unit to be established by the beneficiary. Balbir further told them that the Corporation has its offices in all the 22 districts of the State and anyone who wants to apply for the loan has not to travel long to the capital cities of Jammu or Srinagar but their nearest District office would cater to the queries and District Manager would guide them in completing the related formalities. “The Corporation is always at the service of the unemployed people of the state and whatever guidance or information is required by the loan aspirants is provided at local level”, Balbir said and added that the Educational Loan facility is also provided by the Corporation to the minorities as well as other reserved categories.

BJP Senior Leaders chaired a meeting to finalise ‘Run For Unity’ programme

22730221_1479183918829968_1448645591374050671_nBJP Senior Leader,Former State Vice-President & Incharge Run For Unity Sh. Anil Gupta (Anu) chaired a meeting to finalise 'Run For Unity' programme scheduled for October 31 to remember Iron Man Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel on his Birth Anniversary.

Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh paid tributes to Pandit Prem Nath Dogra Ji

22729016_1479154532166240_2819950938377512434_nRemembering Pandit Prem Nath Dogra on the eve of his 134th birth anniversary, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) senior leader and Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Nirmal Singh said late Pandit Prem Nath Dogra was a visionary leader, who has contributed tremendously in the socio-political field of the state and country as well. “Late Pandit Prem Nath Dogra has a visionary leader, who has immensely contributed in the socio-political field in the country,” he said. Welcoming the government of India’s announcement to appoint an interlocutor on Kashmir, Dr Singh said that all the stakeholders should understand the need to end the sufferings of the people of Kashmir. “It should be a concern of all of us to take the state out of the vicious cycle of uncertainty, acrimony and violence,” he said, adding, BJP was always in favour of peaceful talks from the then BJP senior leader and former Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee to present government. “PM Narendra Modi has also promised to carry forward the mission of Vajpayee ji,” he said. Present on the occasion were Vice Chairman SC, ST, BC Development Corporation Balbir Ram, State Vice President Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi, State Media Secretary Altaf Thakur, Protocol Incharge Kashmri Arif Raja, Vice Presidents Srinagar Ashok Bhat and Asif Masoodi, Distt. General Secretary Mohammad Anwar Khan, Distt. President Ganderbal Bashir Ahmad, Distt President Budgam Gh. Hassan Khan, Gen. Secretary Srinagar Zubair Nazir, Incharge Ganderbal Sheikh Rashid, Minorty Morcha State Gen. Secretary Sheikh Bashir and others

Dy CM Dr. Nirmal Singh today stated that science exhibitions and other project works being vital aspects of our education system at Katra

22687849_1479128095502217_7072532113400564063_n17th science exhibition of Bharatiya Shiksha Samiti begins at Katra Exhibitions, project works develop scientific temperament in students: Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh Dy CM Dr. Nirmal Singh today stated that science exhibitions and other project works being vital aspects of our education system develop scientific temperament in the students. The Dy CM, while addressing a gathering after inaugurating 17th science exhibition of Bharatiya Shiksha Samiti J&K, said that education plays pivotal role in preserving our rich cultural heritage and historic legacy and in this regard Bharatiya Shiksha Samiti is one such example which is sowing the seeds for fostering real Indian values and basic tenets of our society. Earlier, while inspecting the projects and practical works by the students of various institutions of the Samiti, Dr. Singh appreciated their efforts in displaying such science models in a very impressive way. On the occasion, the students also exhibited projects on environment, crop production, farming, disaster management, mathematics etc. Dr. Singh also asked the principals of the various institutions to promote the concept of integrated farming among the students through the assistance of SKAUST Jammu. He said interested students should be taken to the University for practically understanding the multifaceted scientific ideas which can be proved fruitful for improving the existing agriculture system. Referring to the science exhibition, Dr. Singh also said that there should be no hesitation in organizing such programmes which are linked with our civilization and foster our original value besides laying strong base for coming generations to imitate, preserve and transmit the same. Minister of State for Tourism, Priya Sethi, MLC Vikram Randhawa, DDC Prassana Ramaswamy G, SDM Katra Neelam Khajuria, CEO B.S. Jaral, Sangathan Mantri BSS Pardeep Kumar, President BVM School Katra Shiv Kumar Sharma and various other representatives of Samiti, scientists, local people, Teachers, students and children were present on the occasion. In three days event, the students would make presentations of various models and miniatures before the gathering and also exhibit their relevance for the present generations from social and economic point of view.

Sh. Kavinder Gupta visited Channi Himmat & Sainik Colony.

IMG-20171024-WA0040Focus being laid on sustainable development: Sh. Kavinder Gupta Continuing his daily interaction with people, Speaker J&K Assembly and MLA Gandhi Nagar, Kavinder Gupta visited Channi Himmat & Sainik Colony. He visited various parks, inspected the blacktopping works of ERA & PWD(R&B), construction/remodelling of drains, installation of new transformers undertaken by PDD & IRCON and construction of OHT’s & new tubewells in the area. During his visit, several delegations called upon him and came forward with many new ideas for streamlining the development activities in the area. The locals also expressed their gratitude for fast tracking the pace of development. While speaking on the occasion, he said focus is being laid on sustainable development of state through full scale implementation of centrally and state sponsored schemes. The major demands which came forward ranged from improving the power scenario, water supply, maintenance of parks and blacktopping of internal links roads of channi Himmat. While informing the people, the Speaker said, Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme (R-APDRP) have been expedited. The Speaker also informed that 33/11 KVA receiving stations at Hakkal and Sainik Colony being constructed at the cost of Rs 206.15 Lakh each with a capacity of 1x10 MVA and these are going to improve the power scenario of the Gandhi Nagar Constituency. Regarding the issue of water supply and blacktopping of internal links, he said the upgradation will be completed within the financial year 2017-18; as more tubewells are coming up to meet the water requirement of the area. He also inspected HVDS system of Channi Himmat through which 25 KVA transformers are installed for feeding power to 2 to 3 households depending upon the load which is going to reduce power losses. SDM South, Sonu Pargal, Prof. Virender Gupta, Baldev Singh, S.Sujan Singh, R.N Khajuria, R.C Sharma and N.K Zutshi were prominent among others who accompanied him.

Sh. Sunil Sethi appointment has called upon all stake holders to come forward and put their points and issues

Sunil SethiState Bharatiya Janata Party has welcomed appointment of Dineshwar Sharma former IB Chief as Special Representative of Central Govt in Jammu and Kashmir to talk to all stake holders to find lasting peace in the state. Sunil Sethi Chief Spokesperson of State Unit, while welcoming the appointment has called upon all stake holders to come forward and put their points and issues before Dineshwar Sharma as Central Interlocutor and avail this opportunity to take state out of destruction and violence forever and give peace chance . He said that act of violence and culture of Separatism has destroyed economy and peace of the region and vast majority of population in Kashmir is yearning for peace for the sake of future of their children and opportunity to earn their livelihood and live in peace. The atmosphere in the valley has been deliberately vitiated for personal and political gains which has caused immense loss to Kashmiri Culture of peaceful coexistence. Land of Saints and Rishis has been spoiled by evil of anti national elements and time has come to wash it clean again. Sunil Sethi however said that solution to the problem has to be within Constitution and any demand which is beyond Constitution or which has the attribute of Secession will never be acceptable to Bharatiya Janata Party.

BJYM holds Youth Convention “I am new India”

22780358_1478532595561767_125583827519242629_nBJP working on agenda of development: BJYM National President & MP Smt. Poonam Mahajan Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha Jammu & Kashmir led by its National President and MP, Poonam Mahajan held a state level youth convention “I am new India (Pragati Ki Yuva Hunkar)” at the Convention Centre, Jammu. BJP State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Koul, BJYM State President Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra, BJYM State Incharge Sanjay Baru, BJYM National General Secretary Sourab Choudhary, National Vice-Presidents Madhukeshwar Desai & Er. Aijaz, Gourav Pandey Prabhari J&K also addressed the convention. BJYM activists carried the National President in huge motor cycle rally from airport to convention Centre led by BJYM State General Secretary Vikas Choudhary, while passing through various parts of city amidst welcoming showers of flower petals. Poonam Mahajan, while addressing young blood of J&K, lauded role of BJYM in raising youth issues and said that it is duty of youth to work for society and Nation. She lauded organizational structure of BJYM in state and appreciated its role in all the three regions of the state. Mahajan mentioned role of surgical strikes made by NDA led by PM Narendra Modi to neutralize the agents of destruction and warned that Nation will not allow any mischief against our soil. She said that activists of the BJYM are ready to serve Nation at any cost. She said that BJP Government has always emphasized on developmental issues and worked on single agenda of Development after coming to power. While refuting claim of Congress on IT revolution in India she said that Nation witnessed true IT revolution, when Parmod Mahajan was IT minister in Vajpayee Government Meanwhile, she launched “My PM is my hero” campaign an initiative of BJYM, J&K, which will conduct seminars, workshops to aware youth and general population of all public welfare schemes initiated. Ashok Kaul, enumerated supreme sacrifices made by the great souls in the history of party. He claimed that BJP is promoting every innovative idea for growth and development of youth. He appreciated role of BJYM in making a bond with all the regions of state and prompted them to understand the organization more deeply. He said that opposition is horrified by the positive approach of party towards youth and so carrying out a miscampaign. Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra said that BJYM stands with the youth of state at all costs and is promoting activities of development for their growth. He said that the youth of state wants peace and development in all regions for success and thus BJYM is working with a mission to promote brotherhood among all regions. He thanked state office bearers, district presidents who worked for success of convention and echoed the commitment of extending reach of morcha to every neglected segment of society. BJYM State General Secretary Tarun Sharma carried proceedings of stage. BJYM National Co-Incharge Media Neha Joshi, National Executive Member Gourav Badana, Adv. Ramneek singh, Karan Sharma, Ajay Vaid, Adv. Anu Behnal, Ashish Sharma, Sunny sangotra, Rohit Vaid, Gurdev thakur, Rahul Hira, Shreya Sethi, Ajay Manhas, Abhishekh Slathia, Rohit Verma, Ashish Sharma, Hari Om Sharma, Akash Chopra, Amit Dubey, Sukhdev Singh, Sham Mehra were among the prominent BJYM leaders present.

Charak Biradri hails Vikramaditya’s resignation over Jammu issues

Charak Biradri hails Vikramaditya’sJammu Kashmir Charak Biradri hailed Vikramaditya Singh’s resignation from PDP over issue of Jammu region and Dogra’s. In a statement, Rajeev Charak, president of Charak Biradri said that Vikramaditya Singh take a right step and left the anti-Jammu party, which has history of fueling divide between the people. As per preplanned conspiracy, Kashmir centric tried to destroy Dogra history and inclusion of this in school textbooks is revival of it but unfortunately PDP ignored it,” He added the growing demand of birthday on Maharaj Hari Singh’s birthday also hurt the sentiment of Jammu region. Reminding PDP’s in 2008 Amarnath land row agitation, Charak said, People of Jammu should boycott the leaders of PDP and other Kashmir centric parties.

Sh. Jugal Kishore Sharma visited village Khanpur in Nagrota Constituency.

20171022_172250Jugal Kishore Sharma Member of Parliament BJP (Lok Sabha) Jammu Poonch visited village Khanpur in Nagrota Constituency along with Executive Engineer PWD and other staff. Jugal Kishore Sharma Member of Parliament also held the public meeting at village khanpur and said that the khanpur is the nearest part of Nagrota Constituency from the Jammu old city and would be developed at any cost.He further tour to the interior part of the village and inpected the required work of the road need to be completed.He said that the road is the major part of the development and should be constructed at the first periority.He directed the officials and the staff present at the occasion and said that estimate cost as well all the formalitues should be completed as soon and the work would be started at the earnest.Member of parliament said that BJP-PDP government is working on the agenda of "Sabka Sath Sabka Vikaas" and will ready to serve with all the level best to the citizens of India.He further added that all the demands would be kept in consideration and other development would also be done time to time. Senior BJP Leader Nand Kiahore Sharma,Block President BJP Nagrota Heem Raj Verma Executive Engineer PWD Uttar Kumar, AEE PWD Salim with staff & Ashu Kumar,Girdhari Lal,Dawarka Nath,Subhash Sharma,Balbir Singh,Ankush,Sajiv Kumar Koki,Master Shambu Nath,Ashok Sharma were also present at the occasion.

Sh. Sunil Sethi said in a press release that hair chopping is being used as excuse to incite people to protest violently.

Sunil SethiState Bharatiya Janata Party has taken strong exception to efforts being made to create unrest in Kashmir Valley under guise of protest against alleged incidents braid chopping. This is new tool of Separatists and anti national to vitiate peace in Valley. Sunil Sethi Chief Spokesperson of State Unit of Bharatiya Janata Party said in a press release that hair chopping is being used as excuse to incite people to protest violently. Recent incidents in which innocents tourists were targeted and subject to violence for suspicion of culprits has done lot of damage to tourist influx. Incident of braid chopping which started in Rajastan in June this year and were reported in some other parts including Jammu has been seen as opportunity by Anti Social Separatists to spread hatred against Govt and Govt agencies involved in maintaining peace. Truth or otherwise of incidents can only be verified after investigation but atmosphere is being created deliberately to make it difficult for investigation to take place. It is known fact that many accusations against security forces and agencies in the past have been found to be motivated and false. Sunil Sethi further noted that investigators are required to investigate both sides of story. About truthfulness of allegations and bringing culprits to justice and also About false accusations with motive to disrupt peace. He asked to hold investigation on both angles under supervision of high court judge to emphasis impartiality. Chief Spokesperson further said that peace which has been restored in valley after converted efforts of Security forces in eliminating large number of militants and of NIA in blocking the funding of terror in valley as also of huge impact of Demonetization, can't be allowed to be wasted. He said interest of Nation is paramount and there can be no compromise on that and persons involved in inciting public should be brought to book. He further said that none except mischief mongers stands to gain from such incidents.

Sh. Yudhvir Sethi celebrates CADD centre 12th anniversary

CADD centre celebrates 12th anniversaryProfessional designers will be needed to build Smart cities: Yudhvir Sethi BJP State Vice President Yudhvir Sethi said that all future designs be it in engineering, architecture, medicine, fashion or smart cities will be conceived on CADD (Computer Aided Design and Drafting) and Jammu is fortunate to have one such centre offering multiple courses. The kind of precision and desired results derived out of CADD software enables one to have state of the art end products. Yudhvir Sethi was speaking at the 12th anniversary celebrations of CADD Centre, Jammu where he was the chief guest. While wishing proprietor of the institute Anjali Chopra a great success in her Endeavour, he said CAD based computer system or works station are assisting in creation, modification, analysis and optimization of designs which people professionals are putting in use and more and more students must train themselves in this software. Yudhvir Sethi said that all smart cities of future will also be designed on CADD for which more professionals will be required. This he said will increase productivity of designers, improve the quality of design and also improve communications through documentation to create a database for building smart cities. The BJP Vice President added that CAD is today being used in many applications including automotive, aerospace, animation, advertisement and many other fields. He hoped that Jammu CADD centre will train students and professionals in such a way that their services are best utilized in building Jammu and Srinagar as two important smart cities. Later Anjali Chopra while gave details of CADD centre and informed the audiences how professionals trained in the institute are catering to engineering needs of J&K government. She said that many professionals have even estate their own designing centers after getting training from CADD centre Jammu. She said that one such centre is also functional in Srinagar and catering to the needs of engineers and other professionals.

BJYM National President and MP Poonam Mahajan, Dr Nirmal Singh addressed the huge gathering.

22687583_1477573288991031_815390098234342181_n (1)Hundreds turn to BJYM rally in Srinagar Hundreds of youth turned to Sher e Kashmir Cricket Stadium Srinagar to attend the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) rally, on Sunday. The rally was addressed by BJYM National President and MP Poonam Mahajan, J&K Deputy Chief Minister Dr Nirmal Singh and other senior leaders. On seeing the huge gathering of men and women, Smt Mahajan while waiving towards them said the massive gathering here indicate the youth of Kashmir want to carry the mission of peace and prosperity initiated by the present government under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. She said the three years rule of BJP government in J&K led to the prosperity of state and the present gathering indicates Kashmir is limping to prosperity. “Some elements want to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere created by BJP for their vested interests,” Smt Mahajan said, adding, “Ye to aik trailer hai, picture abhe baki hai”. The jubilant youth leader expressed her happiness by saying the Lotus is in full bloom in Kashmir. She also said BJYM want to carry the mission of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. “India’s future is sitting here,” she said while pointing towards the gathering. “Despite hardships and tough circumstances youth (Kashmiri youth) didn’t lose hope and want to live with India for prosperity,” she said. She also said it was her and party duty to carry forward the youth of Kashmir. “We joined hands, our hearts are also open to support Kashmiri,” she concluded. J&K Deputy Chief Minister Dr Nirmal Singh also addressed the impressive gathering. “BJP has led the country as well as J&K state on peace and prosperity in its short duration, which proved right in present times,” Singh said, adding, the huge gathering is the outcome of present peaceful situation. Earlier, BJYM State President, Dr Suresh Ajay Magotra welcome Smt Mahajan on her maiden visit to Kashmir. BJYM national vice- president Er Aijaz Hussian thanked the gathering on the occasion. Present on the occasion were Dr. Narinder Singh; State Gen. secretary, BJYM J&K Gaurav Panday; National General Secretary, Sorab Choudhury; BJYM National Media Incharge, Neha Joshi and others. The rally was organized by State Secretary Youth wing Bilal Parry with the active support of District Presidents.

Sh. Kavinder Gupta inspects development works takes stock of public grievances

20171022_132009Speaker J&K Assembly and MLA, Gandhi Nagar, Kavinder Gupta undertook extensive tour of various localities of his legislative constituency and interacted with people at these places. He visited areas of Channi Himmat, Deeli, Adarsh Vihar, Sector-B Sainik Colony, Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Raika and Sunjwan panchayat and interacted with the local residents. The Speaker was briefed by the people of Sainik Colony and Deeli area regarding the needs of the area like the issue of power supply to the tube well and the up gradation of existing transformers, blacktopping of roads and immediate need for construction of deep drain. Replying to the issues put forth by the people, the speaker said that the an additional two transformers have been sanctioned for the area and the work for its installation will be completed within a month’s time along with the blacktopping of roads and construction of deep drain. He also inaugurated the work for laying of marble in a community hall near Lakshmi Narayan temple Gandhi Nagar executed by Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC). The work will be completed with an estimated cost of Rs 7.5 lakhs approx. and the same was provided through his Constituency Development Fund (CDF). The Speaker also held various public darbars at Raika and Sunjwan and listened to the grievances of the people by visiting various areas of these panchayats. The residents demanded up gradation of main road, lanes and drains, protection works for their house and lands, regular supply of ration, up gradation of primary school and implementation of state sponsored and centrally sponsored schemes. He impressed upon the officers to work with zeal and dedication and aware the masses about various and hold regular camps so that benefits can reach the grass root level. SDM South Sonu Pargal, BDO Satwari Shahid Mughal, Xen PWD(R&B), Rajan Mengi, Gulchain Singh Charak, Ankush Gupta, Er. Ashwani Khosla, S.Balwant Singh, Ch. Mohd, Iqbal, Amit Gupta, Maan Singh, Liaqat Ali, Rohit Khosla were prominent among others.

Sh. Sat Sharma starts Macdamziation works of Bakshi Nagar road from Rehari Colony

IMG_2933Giving a major push to the infrastructure related to internal roads in Jammu West Assembly segment, State President BJP and MLA Sat Sharma(CA) started macdamization works of Bakshi Nagar road from Rehari Colony near Scorpion Fast Food. Accompanied by a large number of people, Sharma started the works in the presence of officials of PWD (R&B), local residents and political activists of the area. The works will be done under the supervision of PWD and the works include the Bakshi Nagar link, Shakti Nagar Bazar road, Maheshpura to internal Bakshi Nagar road and a total cost of Rupees 2.50 crores will be spent on the same. Speaking on the occasion, Sat Sharma said that it is indeed a major step towards development in Jammu West Assembly segment and numerous wards will be covered under the same ultimately providing a major relief to the residents of Jammu West Assembly segment. He said that now is the viable time for macdamization of roads and the quality of the roads speaks that no spurious material is being used and roads like highways are being laid in internal areas as well which itself speaks that BJP has always been committed to provide best possible assistance to the masses. He stated that works of roads are being done in many areas of Jammu West and many areas have been covered under the scope and areas which are left will also be covered in coming days so that no complain regarding development is heard and a major boom is given to the works in Jammu West Assembly segment. He appreciated the works of PWD and also expected cleanliness from their side and he also appealed the masses to become a helping hand in promoting the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi of building a Clean and Green Nation. Ex En PWD Uttar Kumar Sharma, Ex En Sewerage Era Rakesh Gupta, AEE Yasir Kichloo, JE Rakesh Khajuria, JE Sanjay Bhat,BJP Treasurer Arvind Gupta, District President BJP Ayodhya Gupta, Vijay Sharma,Balbir Singh, Sanjeev Sharma, Sourav Gupta, Munish Gupta, Amit dutta, Nitu Bali, Sanjay Sawhney, Onkar Singh, Prem Gupta, Balbir Gupta, Ashok Gandhi, Bharat Bhushan, Munish Raja, Jai Singh Chib and several others were also present on the occasion.

Smt. Priya Sethi alongwith BJP Vice President honoured Sanitary Inspectors of JMC by drives launched in Jammu.

diwali 2222 Giving a fillip to Swatch Bharat Mission and encourage more and more people to join mega cleanliness drive, Minister of State for Education, Technical Education, Culture, Tourism, Department of Horticulture, Floriculture and Parks Priya Sethi along with BJP Vice President Yudhvir Sethi honoured Sanitary Inspectors of Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) by lauding their contribution in monitoring various such drives launched in Jammu. The occassion was clubbed with Diwali festival and Vishwakarma Day celebrations wherein the Minister alongwith BJP Vice President distributed sweets and presents as a token of respect and recognition of services of this workforce that never gets their due in terms of recognition of their services which they are rendering throughout the year. Speaking on the occassion, Priya Sethi said that though the employees of JMC get paid for their work, yet the kind of efforts they put in to keep Jammu City clean is worth recognisable. There are times when night scavenging is done only to ensure that people in the morning hours get to move in a clean and hygiene city which also receives thousands of pilgrims everyday. She said, the safaikaramcharis and their supervisors infact are keeping the city on move with their sincerest efforts. Urging people to cooperate with them by not littering everywhere, Priya Sethi said we all with our collective efforts can make Jammu a model state in terms of cleanliness. She also lauded the efforts of each and every individual and NGOs besides Mohalla committees who during past several years had been vigorously launching cleanliness drives. Yudhvir Sethi while honouring the Sanitary Inspectors of JMC said that this workforce never gets encouragement and people must judge them by their work. He said several corporate houses, governments, NGOs, celebrities, politicians and even Prime Minister Narendra Modi are putting in their best efforts to keep India clean and change habits people when it comes to keep in their cities clean. He said that school children, college goers and individuals are all participating in millions of cleanliness drives which must also be replicated in Jammu and Kashmir. He once again lauded the efforts of Sanitary Inspectors in keeping Jammu City clean. He said Jammu is a beautiful city located on a small hill and its geographical features help us keep it clean. In additional efforts of safaikaramcharis help us maintain more hygiene. Yudhvir Sethi said role of Sanitary Inspectors and Safaikaramcharis during natural calamities and speadof epidemics is also noteworthy. Meantime, those present on the occasion, thanked the Minister and Yudhvir Sethi for recognising their services and assured that they will put in more efforts to maintain cleanliness in Jammu City. Other Who Were Present on the Occasion Anil Masoom, Lalita Sharma, Sunny Sehgal,Arun Sethi,Gulshan Kumar,Govind Sareen,Sudhir Anand,Rajesh Dogra,kartar,Satish,Romesh,Ravi Singh ,RamParshad,Dwarka, Narinder Aggarwal,Rajesh Dogra ,Swarn Singh,Ved Padha ,Booby and Others.

Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh inspects development projects in Jammu

22539033_1475850625829964_3436887918250524167_oDy CM Dr Nirmal Singh inspects development projects in Jammu, peripheries visits Bus-stand, Maharaja Hari Singh Park, Birpur JDA Colony Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh  visited different parts of Jammu and inspected pace of work on mega developmental projects underway in and around the winter capital. During his visit to Multi-tier Parking and Commercial Complex construction site at General Bus Stand, Deputy Chief Minister was informed that the work on prestigious Rs 201 crore project is in full swing and targeted for completion by November 2018. He was briefed that project will have a bus terminal, provision of parking facility for around 1500 vehicles besides shops and food courts. He also visited Maharaja Hari Singh ji Memorial Park and inspected the ongoing pace of work of installation of solar lights. He was also informed that newly established library in the premises of the park has been decked up with latest books and references for the convenience of general public. Deputy Chief Minister directed for iron fencing of the Park along the Tawi river side for the safety of visitors and proper maintenance of landscaping, flower beds and other public utilities. Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Minister visited upcoming JDA colony at Birpur to inspect progress of ongoing development work. He was informed that the colony would have 730 plots and installation of electric poles by PDD has already been completed. The work on laying of water supply pipes is also in progress, while construction of lanes and drains and flood protection works along the river side have been completed. The Deputy Chief Minister called for expediting work on all the key projects to complete these within the set time-frame for the benefit of people. “Our focus is on expediting development works, ensuring good governance and providing a corruption-free administration,” he said. Vice Chairman Jammu Development Authority Rajesh Kumar Shavan, Additional Deputy Commissioner Dr Arun Manhas and other officers accompanied the Deputy Chief Minister during his visit.

Sh. Sat Sharma starts construction works of Deep Drains at Ward 33

IMG_0997Promoting his vision of Cleanliness in every nook and corner and covering/constructing deep drains in Jammu West Assembly segment, State President BJP and MLA Jammu West Sat Sharma (CA) started construction works of covering deep drain at Ward number 33 at Shiv Nagar. Sharma was also accompanied by a large number of people including officials of UEED (Urban Environmental Engineering Department), local residents and political activists of the area who hailed the pro active approach of MLA. The works will be done under the supervision of UEED at an estimated cost of Rupees 8 lakhs and a proper roof will be built in order to provide best possible assistance to the masses. A stretch of around 80 metres will be covered under the same. Speaking on the occasion, Sat Sharma said that it was an old demand of the residents of Shiv Nagar and Rajpura areas through which these Deep Drains passes as in rainy season lots of problems occurred due to non channelization of the Nullahs which eventually caused the water come out of these drains causing problems for the masses. He said after construction of the same, no problem will occur in the future and the residents of of this area and other adjoining wards will benefit a lot through this as proper structure will be given to the Deep Drain and eventually the smell of garbage and water running through these drains will flow will end which will give a major boom to the cleanliness. Sharma also stressed upon doing the works with utmost good quality and stated that Jammu West is on a progressive mode and it can be seen from the projects running in every nook and corner of the Constituency. Ex En UEED Taj Choudhary, AEE Chander Kant, District President Ayodhya Gupta, Prem Gupta, Rakesh Mishra, Munish Khajuria, Sat Pal Khajuria and several others were also present on the occasion.

Sh. Rajesh Gupta has started the cleanliness drive at Chowk Chabutra.

IMG_20171020_090117679Sh. Mahatma Gandhi Ji said : ‘Sanitation is more important than independence' He made cleanliness and sanitation an integral part of the Gandhian way of living and initiated by the present Prime minister of India. Sh. Narendra Modi Ji on 20 of oct. 2017 Aakaar’s {a NGO} has decided to support Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and created an event under the leadership of Volunteer’s head Akshay Sharma and his volunteers team namely ER. Waseem, Akshay Mahajan, Akhil Abrol, Varun,Sunil,Rishav. Has started this cleanliness drive from Chowk Chabutra to Panjthirthi further local M.L.A Jammu Sh. Rajesh Gupta Ji has joined the whole team and given his full support along with many local residence.

BJP to hold “Run for Unity” marathon to mark birth anniversary of Sardar Patel

Run for Unity (2)BJP State unit chalks out a plan for massive programme of “Run for Unity” marathon on 31st October 2017 to be organized on the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel in a meeting chaired by BJP State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Kaul along with BJP state General Secretary Harinder Gupta and MLA Rajesh Gupta. BJP District Presidents Ayodhya Gupta and Baldev Singh Billawaria were also present in the meeting organized in premises of BJP headquarter, Trikuta Nagar. Addressing the meeting, Ashok Kaul detailed all the minute information about the programme to be organized in the memory of great patriot Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, the first Dy. Prime Minister and Home Minister in the history of independent India. He remembered his commitment to national integration in the newly independent country, which was total and uncompromising, earning him the sobriquet "Iron Man of India". He said that Sardar Patel worked extensively to restore peace across the nation and led the task of forging a united India. Modern day generation must know and recognize the contribution of the great men of India in letter and spirit, for which the society needs to do such exercises time to time, he added. While giving the details of programme, Harinder Gupta said that the “Run for Unity” marathon will begin from Satwari Chowk at 7:30 a.m. on 31st October 2017 onwards and will proceed towards the MAM stadium. He said that the winners will be awarded cash prize and all participants will be provided certificates. He said that the Consolation prizes will also be given in different categories and the participants will be provided t-shirts bearing the picture of Sardar Patel. He also said that different schools, colleges and sports bodies are specially invited for the participation in this mega event. A committee headed by Anil Gupta (Annu) was formed in the meeting, which included Vinay Gupta, Sanjeev Sharma, Jeet Angral, Harbans Choudhary, Ankush Gupta and Ambedkar Gupta to take care of the affairs of event. Rekha Mahajan, Prem Gupta, Hari Om, Vijay Sharma were the other prominent persons present in the meeting.

Sh. Sat Sharma celebrated Vishwakarma day with religious fervour

22555040_1225227064288250_6820960967580260186_nPM Modi rebuilding India on trail of God Vishwakarma Vishwakarma Sabha, Gurah Bakshi Nagar celebrated Vishwakarma day with full cultural and religious enthusiasm at Vishwakarma Hall, Gurah Bakshi Nagar, Jammu. BJP State President & MLA Jammu West, Sat Sharma was the Chief Guest on the occasion.Number of social programs including a drama on the ill effects of drug abuse were organized in the function. While addressing the gathering, Sat Sharma felt gratitude towards the members of the Viswakarma Sabha for giving him the opportunity to pay his obeisance at the feet of the God Vishwakarma in the middle of august gathering of senior citizens, chanting the Bhajans in the praise of the architect of God who is the creator of the things. He emphasized that the holistic approach is required for the true betterment of the society and said that the job of development is unthinkable unless the equality of the all living beings is truly ensured on the ground. Sat Sharma, said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is living a life filled with passion to rebuild India, just like God Vishwakarma, the divine architect, who constructed and reconstructed all the divine and beautiful things in the Universe. He also enumerated various welfare schemes initiated by the Central Government under the dynamic leadership of PM Modi as well as the State Government, where BJP is a coalition partner and appealed to the society to contribute for a better society. Meanwhile, members of Jay Jay labour Union Jammu also celebrated Vishwakarma day at Rehari colony Jammu. Vice-Chairperson OBC Board, Rashpal Verma, Ex VC OBC Kuldeep Raj Verma, Nodal Officer NHM Dr. Harjeet Rai, Ex Corporators Manmohan Singh and Chander Mohan Gupta, Senior Journalist Zorawar Singh, President Vishwakarma Sabha, Vijay Kumar and others were the prominent persons present on the occasion.

Sh. Vibodh Gupta celeberated Vishwakarma day with religious fervour

IMG-20171020-WA0027Skill development shall enhance the employability: Sh. Vibodh Gupta Vishwakarma Day Celebrations held at Rajouri with religious and traditional fervour as workers in different institutions, trade unions and individuals organized separate functions for worshiping Bhagwan Vishwakarma and tools being used by them. President of Rajouri Spare Part Union and his associates organised a simple but impressive function at Rajouri, where MLC Vibod Gupta was the Chief Guest and Sh. Yougal Kumar Manhas remained the Guest of Honour. Gupta and Manhas welcomed by the President Mr. Raja Rattan and the members of the Union with high sounds and garlands. All the Technicians of different trades/Engineers/ Mistris/ artisans, craftsmen, mechanics, welders, masons, industrial and factory workers along with the members of Civil Society participated in the Pooja of lord Vishwakarma, where a Langar was also served thereafter. Speaking on the occasion, MLC Gupta threw light on relevance of the day and engineering miracles of lord Vishwakarma and also worshiped the tools and machines with special prayer for safety of the operators and workers was done. He said that Vishwakarma is the divine engineer of the world, as a mark of reverence, he is not only worshiped by the engineering and architectural community but also by all professionals. It is customary for craftsmen to worship their tools in his name.'Sone ki Lanka' or Golden Lanka was built by the Vishwakarma. Vishwakarma is also said to have built the town of Hastinapur, the capital of Kauravas an d Pandavas, the warring families of the Mahabharata. Dawarka and Indraprastha were also built by Vishawkarma. Gupta said that, Vishawkarma was the divine architect in the Hindu pantheon – who is worshipped by artisans, craftsmen, mechanics, welders, masons, industrial and factory workers and workers from all other fields to ensure smooth functioning of machine parts and their tools. Innumerable kites of varying shapes and sizes and colours floated in the blue skies while workers prayed for safe working conditions as Vishwakarma puja was celebrated across the District. Gupta said that the essence of the Puja, in almost all over the State and nation, where Vehicles were decked up with garlands and streamers while engineers kept away from their gadgets and other devices is a mark of obeisance to the god. Gupta who was present as Chief Guest, at the event lauded the working of the Rajouri Spare Part Union and their step to appreciate the meritorious Mistris/ artisans/workers of different fields. Around 15 nos of persons were awarded in huge gathering. Gupta said that the dream of Narender bhai Modi “Skill India” shall come true. He said that Coalition Government is working tirelessly to develop the Skill/ enhance their talent. Under Skill Development Programme, different trainings under Plumbing/ Tailoring/ JCB Training/ Cutting/ Crafting in the District going on. Gupta reiterated that, it’s the Mission of the Narender Bhai Modi, to develop India and Modi led dispensation is working towards eradicating unemployment through its holistic and multi- dimensional policies such as 'Skill India', 'Mudra Bank', 'Start-Up India' and 'Stand-up India' etc. Govt is working towards eradication of unemployment," he said. "We are fortunate that India is full of youth. However, due to the wrong policies of previous government, it had an army of unemployed youth and it was becoming a legal responsibility for the country," Gupta said. But now various Skill development programmes are being run by the Govt. at State and District level to facilitate the youth. Speaking on the occasion, SSP Yougal Manhas said that youth is the real force in the Nation. Skilled Youth can write their own fate and can play major role in the development of the nation. He further said that development of the creative and innovative potential of young people through non-formal learning, that are relevant to employability, is the need of the hour. He said that various stakeholders in the nation and the state are working for providing employment opportunities to the youth of the State in one or the other way, but the only thing is to catch the opportunity. He wished all the participants Good luck and better health and said he shall always stand with the hardworking force. Prominent among others who were present on the occasion included, ,Dhyan Chand,Kala Ram,Rakesh Kumar,kaka Tilak,Kuldeep Sharma,Nazeeb,Shoket,Sunil Kumar and others.

Sh. Ravinder Raina lays foundation of Kanara bridge

PIC (1)MLA Nowshera Ravinder Raina on Friday laid the foundation of strategically important Kanara bridge which connects the Nowshera with the western border areas like Qila Darhal, Lam, Pukharni, Bhata, Kamila,Androth and Bagla areas situated on LoC. MLA Ravinder Raina alongwith BRO Officials Major Prakesh, Navneet Denga and engineer Mandal performed the Bhoomi Pooja at bridge site and later started the work. Addressing the gathering at Kanara, MLA Ravinder Raina said this was the long pending demand of the people living in border as it covers the larger population and also from the defence point of view this bridge will play a significant role in the movement of defence vehicles. Appreciating the role of Border Roads Organisation (BRO) Raina said once again BRO proved that it is the best organisation in construction the roads and bridges at hilly and mountainous regions. He highlighted the past achievement of BRO and said that we are proud of BRO for their quality work and completion of vital projects within allotted time period. Raina said the areas of western Nowshera in past were neglected by the successive governments and this resulted in lack of basic facilities like roads, bridge, Medical facilities and Higher education in these areas and reaffirm that he Will leave no stone unturned in developing these remote areas on LoC. He said Union government led by the dynamic Prime Minister Narinder Modi Ji is committed for the betterment of deprived areas with the mission "Sab ka Sath-Sab Ka Vikas" He further said the recent visit of Union Home Minister Raj Nath Singh Ji to Nowshera where he met the LoC/border migrants shows the pain and concerns of the Modi government gor the people of Nowshera and Sunderbani. Raina also assured the locals that he has already discussed the issues like Construction of Qila Darhal bridge (where a bus carrying Bharat drowned in river in 2014), Construction of Bhawani Qila Darhal road and black -topping of Nowshera Jhanger Lam road vis chowki Handan Kalsian and Bhawani with the union Defence Minister and very soon will meet the defence Minister so that these very important projects may get approval and work Will be started at the earliest. Speaking at function Major Parkash of BRO thanked the MLA Ravinder Raina for boosting the morals of the engineers of BRO and assured that BRO will never Compromise with its standards of working and said we will complete this bridge before the allotted time period. Large numbers of locals thanked MLA Ravinder Raina and BRO Engineers for the start of construction work of Kanara Bridge.

Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh celebrated Diwali with Border Security Force Jawans at BOP Gakhrial, Jammu.


Sh. C.P Ganga celebrates Diwali with CRPF Jawans

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-20 at 10.53.25 AMSenior BJP Leader and Minister for Industries and Commerce, Chander Parkash celebrated Deepawali with 38 BN CRPF Jawans at Smailpur, ari Brahmana. He met the jawans and distributed sweets among them. The Minister was accompanied by Commandant Ram Kumar Singh and Dy. Commandant B.S Chauhan . Praising commitment of the Jawans to maintain internal security, Ganga said this ensured that the countrymen enjoyed their Diwali celebrations peacefully. He added that festival of Diwali gives us a message to move forward towards the light from the darkness. This festival inspires us to live with peace, harmony and unity. He prayed for happiness and prosperity of the people of the state on this occasion.

Hon’ble PM Sh. Narendra Modi ji celebrated #Diwali with jawans of Indian Army and BSF in Gurez Valley, near LoC, in J&K.


Union MoS Dr Jitendra Singh inaugurated Bhinni Bridge at Billawar


Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh greets people on Diwali

22519374_1474229615992065_3701094577359095531_nDy CM Dr Nirmal Singh greeted people on the occasion of Diwali. In his message, Dr Singh appealed the people to use the auspicious day of festival of light to brighten the lives of others by celebrating the occasion together and in an atmosphere of amity. “Diwali is a time for festivity and happiness for all. It is an occasion to share our joy with those who are in need”, he said. Dr Singh also expressed hope that the festival of lights this year will "mark the beginning of a new phase of optimism" for everyone.

Sh. Karan Sat Sharma celebrates Diwali at Old Age Home and Bal Niketan, Ambphalla

20171019_155313Showing gesture of humanity and celebrating Diwali in a different way, State Vice President BJYM (Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha) Karan Sat Sharma along with his team visited Old Age home and Bal Ashram, Ambphalla where he distributed sweets and other items amongst the old aged and children. Speaking on the occasion, he said that it is a very pious occasion and it is our duty as well to look after those who require utmost attention of our love and compassion in today’s date. He said we should all celebrate such important occasions with them so that they do not feel neglected in the society and further it brings a moral culture in us as well. He also stated that our Prime Minister has so much of schemes for old aged and such children and in the coming times we will try our level best to get benefits of such schemes for them so that they could be provided with extra possible benefits. Sanjay Sawhney, Pankaj Sawhney, Atul Bakshi, Dalbir Singh, Arjun, Anil Kumar, Rustam and several others were also present on the occasion.

Sh. Vibodh Gupta celebrated Diwali with Rajouri Slum Children

22549605_1456799277739633_82207987038044882_nFestivals a Time For Celebration with weaker sections of Society: Sh. Vibodh Gupta With an aim to share happiness with slum dwellers and to bring smile on their faces on the eve of Diwali, Bharatiya Janta Party unit of Rajouri led by MLC Vibodh Gupta celebrated Diwali with slum people. Speaking on the occasion, MLC Vibodh said Diwali supposedly brings joy and happiness to everyone’s life, but the children of slums are miles away from this happiness. " To make their diwali memorable it was decided that festival will also be celebrated with slum kids by distributing distributed crackers, sweets, fruits and eatables among to them." MLC said. . Childrens burned some crackers on the spot to express their joy. Gupta further said that unity in diversity is our strength and it is the responsibility of every citizen and all governments to forge unity and our festivals provide a platform for this. He laid stress on the need of the hour to address the problems of the poor. " We must come out of our orthodox thinking and make society free from any kind of discrimination." He added. Other who accompanied MLC include Dinesh Sharma, Raja Rattan, Naresh Bakshi, Ranjeet Tara, Neeraj Tara, Sonu Sethi, Amit Sethi, Amrish Gupta, Nishal Gupta and others.

Rich heritage, historic temples make Jammu a great destination: Smt. Priya Sethi

DSC_2781Hanuman Temple Bhandara unites all: Yudhvir Sethi Minister of State for Education, Technical Education, Culture, Tourism, Department of Horticulture, Floriculture and Parks Priya Sethi said that it's the rich heritage, culture and several historic Temples that make Jammu a great destination. Jammu offers domestic tourists, foreigners and pilgrims varied destinations which makes us proud of being from this land. Priya Sethi was speaking at a function organised on the occasion of annual Bhandara at Pracheen Hanuman Temple at Gummat where BJP Vice President Yudhvir Sethi was also invited to seek blessings and inaugurate community meals. She said coalition government is doing its best to preserve Jammu important heritage destinations where contribution of each and every stake holder is needed so that we can showcase City of Temples at international levels. Referring to Pracheen Hanuman Mandir, Priya Sethi said such historic places must also be developed while keeping their architect and sanctity intact so that coming generations could take a lead from heteonwards. This Hanuman Mandir, she added is a perfect destination for a great time that also enables one to get drenched in the religious spirit. Earlier, she alsong with Yudhvir Sethi inaugurated annual Bhandara and offered prayers in the temple. Yudhvir Sethi while interaction with temple management and devotees said this Hanuman Mandir is not just the place for sightseeing, but it also enables devotees to steal a self-indulgent moment for themselves as well. Extraordinary architecture, innovative layouts, and well-thought execution make place a highly coveted point of tourist interest as well. He said the devotees and pilgrims while can pay obisance at this temple they can also explore interesting themes, fabulous designs, colorful landscapes, amusing characters, ambient music, props and merchandise available in nearby stores a D busiest Gummat Bazar and Jewel Chowk. He advised management committee to display historic importance of this temple at the entrance in varied languages so that people could know it's importance and significance. Later the Minister of state and Yudhvir Sethi offered prayers at the temple, sought blessings and assured that whatever possible for the development of area around this place will be got some from concerned agencies to enhance aesthetics of this place. The temple management also offered robes to the social guests/invitees as a mark of respect and places before them certain development plans which were agreed upon.

 Integration of art in education encourages student’s creativity: Smt. Priya Sethi

DSC_2758Kathua shines in Divisional Level Kala Utsav Minister of State for Education, Technical Education, Culture, Tourism, Department of Horticulture, Floriculture and Parks, Priya Sethi called for making dedicated efforts for promotion of culture of the state through various art forms. This was stated by the Minister during Divisional Level Kala Utsav 2017 organised by Directorate of School Education Jammu under RMSA here today. The competition was held in various performing arts including Music, Theatre, Dance and Visual Arts. Emphasizing on providing equal opportunities to students for expression of their talents, the Minister said that these kinds of events are instrumental in preserving our cultural heritage besides encouraging budding talent and harness their skills. The Minister stressed on focusing on encouraging the students to learn varied art forms and nurture their talent with right guidance. Integration of art in education encourages student’s creativity and improves the mental capability, she added. She said that the competition is an attempt to preserve the rich cultural heritage of state and country. Preservation, promotion and presentation of culture are essential for national development, the Minister asserted. Appreciating the organizing agencies, the Minister said that students needs a suitable platform to exhibit their talent optimally. She urged upon all the aspiring artists to put in a dedicated effort and move ahead in a right direction. The government has initiated proactive measures to safeguard and protect cultural diversity of the state, the Minister said and stressed the need of active participation of youth in preservation and promotion of our culture Students from various school of Jammu Division participated in the event. District Kathua out shined in the event by winning both Visual Art & Dance category, Poonch grabbed first position in Theatre Play whereas Jammu walked away as a winner in Music category. Chief Guest also distributed prizes and mementos to the winning participants. Director School Education Jammu S. Ravinder Singh besides senior functionaries from Directorate of School Education and RMSA were present on the occasion.

Sh. Vibodh Gupta ask party workers to celebrate Diwali with soldiers, slum dwellers at Rajouri.

IMG-20171018-WA0017Our heart is with soldiers sitting on border :  Vibodh With an aim to give them family like feeling so as to boost their morale, Bharatiya Janta Party unit of Rajouri decided to celebrate Diwali with soldiers guarding borders and also with poor masses living in slums. Decision was taken in a meeting of party workers chaired by Member Legislative Council, Vibodh Gupta in Muradpur area of Rajouri . Earlier party cadre of area put before MLC, the issues pertaining to the area with demand of their redressal. They also hailed functioning of BJP PDP State government for solving decades old issues of masses. Later addressing, MLC Vibodh Gupta extended greetings to all on the occasion of Diwali and asked them to follow the religious teachings associated with this main festival. " When we will be celebrating Diwali with family, our brave soldiers will be guarding borders against enemy bullet to save us from them ". "Our party cadre will celebrate Diwali with soldiers and directions to all block units have been issued in this regard " MLC said. He further informed that some special teams of party cadre will also visit slum areas in the district and will celebrate festival with slum dwellers. Gupta also told party cadre that they celebrate every Diwali with their family but this year, Diwali festival be celebrated with brave soldiers and slum dwellers. On the other hand, Member Legislative Council also condemned intense mortar shelling of Pakistani guns on civilian areas in Manjakote and Balakote terming it desperation of Pakistan to target India for no reason. " We want peace but our neighbour is the major hurdle in it and it's sad to see bloodbath along LoC due to adamant attitude of our neighbour" he said. Other who were present on the occasion were Ranjeet Tara, Bau Shah, Rakesh Sharma ,Vijay Sharma and others.

BJP celebrates “Diwali Milan” with religious fervour

22498916_1474014466013580_6154684711889669417_oPledge to weed out militancy, other evils BJP State Unit led by its State President & MLA, Sat Sharma along with MP Lok Sabha, Jugal Kishore Sharma & State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Kaul, celebrated Diwali with full zeal and religious fervour amongst the lightning of earthen lamps, Pooja and enchanting of devotional songs, while all the leaders and activists of party wished each other and prayed to Goddess Durga and God Ganesh for the peace, prosperity and progress of the State & Nation in an impressive function held at party headquarter, Trikuta Nagar. Sat Sharma, while speaking on the occasion, wished the countrymen and party leaders on the auspicious occasion of Diwali and prayed to God Almighty to bestow peace and happiness upon the vast lands of the Nation and whole world. He said that with the gleam of lights and echoes of prayers, may this Diwali finishes all the darkness of evil and hasten the return of light to those who are still in voyage of destiny. He said that the Diwali bestows health, happiness and cleanliness of souls & surroundings everywhere, so we must contribute in the cleanliness of our vicinity. He appealed to the general public, that while illuminating their homes with numerous Diyas, they must also light one “Diya” especially for our brave heart security forces and those who are the victims of militancy in the State. On the day of celebration of the God Ram’s return to Ayodhya after victory of demons, we must pledge to weed out militancy and other evils from the society and return to eternal path of love and brotherhood, he added. Meanwhile, “Refugee Helpline” was also inaugurated in the premises of BJP state headquarter, in which any member of Refugee community can come to seek help about the documents regarding rehabilitation package or other administrative issues and every possible effort will be done by the “BJP Refugee Cell” members in order to mitigate their sufferings. MLC Charanjit Singh Khalsa, Surinder Ambardar, Vice Chairperson Rashpaul Verma, Chander Mohan Sharma, State Vice-Presidents Yudhvir Sethi, Parmod Kapahi and Rajni Sethi, State General Secretaries Dr. Narinder Singh and Harinder Gupta, State Secretaries Rajinder Sharma, Anuradha Charak and Er. Ghulam Ali Khatana, Varinderjit Singh, Suresh Jamwal, Chander Mohan Gupta, Jaidev Rajwal, Rachpal Singh, Naresh Dogra, Dr. Pardeep Mahotra, Kulbhushan Mahotra, Arvind Gupta, Jugal Gupta, Tilak Gupta, Parduman Singh, Ayodhya Gupta, Baldev Singh Billawaria, Rajiv Charak, Rajinder Singh Chib, Parneesh Mahajan, Govind Sareen, Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Prof. P. L. Koul, Deepak Gupta, Karan Sharma, Sanjita Dogra, Pt. Ashok Kumar Khajuria, Bawa Sharma, Mohan Singh Rana, Naresh Sharma and other senior functionaries of party also attended the programme.

Sh. Rajesh Gupta has thrown light on the occasion of birth anniversary life of Maharaja Gulab Singh

DSC_0115225TH Birth Anniversary of Maharaja Gulab Singh with great fevour at Ram Leela ground Panjtirthi . The Program was organised on this occasion chief guest hon’ble MLC Ashok Khajuria has thrown light on the life of Maharaja Gulab Singh founder of independent Jammu & Kashmir state. Mr. Khajuria stressed on the dogras to be united to kept away the nefarious design of such forces which are disturbing dogras culture and the sacrifice of Dr. Shyama Prashad Mukherjee should not go in vain. Principle of BJP for one vidhan one nishan and one pradhan should be maintained at any cost. Hon’ble MLA Jammu East Sh. Rajesh Gupta has also paid tribute to Late. Maharaja. Speaking on this occasion he described Maharaja as conquer of ladakh,Tibet,balistan. He emphasized that he would leave no stone unturned for development of Jammu east constituency as one of the best constituency. Sh. Karan Singh member state executive BJP has thanked President Sher e Dugger Brigade Gorav Sharma and Gen. Sect. Gorav Soni for making the event impressive. Member state executive BJP has defined Maharaja Gulab Singh founder of dogra state and his descendent Maharaja Hari Singh who has described Pandit Prem Nath dogra as savior of dogras and founder of praja parishad in jammu and Kashmir. Today we are following the path of Pandit Prem Nath Dogras preachings. Vote of thanks was given by Gorav Sharma & Gorav Soni. The function was attended by:- Prof. Sham, Naresh Pradhan, Naresh Abrol,Om Ji Abrol,Suresh Bharti, Bupeshwar Singh,Subash Raina, Deepak Raina, Amrish Sharma,Rajinder Gupta,Rajesh Nischal,Sunil Sharma, Varun Sharma, Bhavuk Sabharwal, Sardar Happy, Sardar Lucky Singh,Dr. Sabeeki,Rohan Magotra,Vishal magotra,S Kumar, Satya,Amit Sharma and so many.

Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh chairs DDB Samba meeting

22495991_1472619302819763_5392830357832374806_oEmphasizes third party audit to ensure creation of quality, durable assets Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh, chaired a review meeting of District Development Board Samba, here. Minister for Industries and Commerce, Chander Parkash, MP Shamsher Singh Manhas, Vice-Chairman, State Board for Development of Scheduled Castes, Bushan Lal Dogra; Vice Chairman, State Advisory Board for Welfare and Development of OBCs, Rashpaul Verma, Vice-Chairman State Advisory Board for Development of Kissans, Daljit Singh Chib, Chairperson State Social Welfare Board, Dr Nirmal Gupta, MLA Samba Dr Devinder Kumar Manyal, MLA Hiranagar Kuldeep Raj, DC Sheetal Nanda, SSP Anil Magotra, ADDC Vivek Sharma and HODs of different departments. The Deputy CM reviewed the progress of physical and financial progress achieved under various sectors like Health, Education, Roads, Power and Water Supply, Agriculture and allied sectors. The members expressed strong displeasure over slow pace of tendering process in several development works which badly affects the objective of launch of such government programmes. A specific mention of works for roads sanctioned under Central Road Fund scheme in March, 2017 was made which have not been started yet. The Board asked ‘Contract Committee’ and PWD department to take necessary action in this regard. The members also urged upon the need of ensuring that AIIMS project is expedited and issues, in this regard, are redressed in a prompt manner. The Deputy CM directed officials to consult ‘Subject Matter Experts’ for developing an effective mechanism to utilise ‘Taloor Check Dam’ for power generation on which Rs 14 crore have been spent so far. Reviewing the status of development works being executed in the district, the Deputy CM asked the DC to develop mechanism for third party audit for material being supplied to government departments to ensure that quality and durable assets are created. He said that departments should make ‘Impact Assessment’ of schemes being implemented by them for further improving their service delivery system. The I&C Minister asked the tourism department to pay special focus on Purmandal-Utterbehani circuit in view of its immense potential and religious significance. He said that Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal and Sheep Husbandry and other departments need to work together in order to augment the farm income. MP, Vice Chairman’s of various boards and MLAs also put forth their suggestions and strongly advocated reducing the time between project sanction and completion.

BJP gears up for Panchayat elections

BJP holds meetingIn order to gear up vigor for forthcoming Panchayat elections in State of Jammu & Kashmir, State BJP unit led by State President & MLA, Sat Sharma chaired meeting of party MP, Ministers, MLCs, Vice-Chairpersons, MLAs, State Office Bearers, District Incharges and District Presidents to discuss and review strategy to ensure win-win situation. While addressing the meeting, Sat Sharma called upon party leaders to focus on every party program to extend reach of organization to every single area of region. He asked them to plan their poll strategy by keeping in view the commitment of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP National President Amit Shah to script win in every single election by working with full zeal and passion. He also asked them to ensure reach of “Mann Ki Baat” and celebration of 6 party festivals of party at every single booth among general public. MP Lok Sabha, Jugal Kishore Sharma asked party leaders to visit every single booth and Panchayat to cover entire region and work in harmony with Panchayat election Incharges and senior leaders of area. He called upon them to identify prominent and senior persons of area and meet them. He also asked them to mark BLO-2 and BLO-3 in their areas. State General Secretary (Org.), Ashok Kaul attributed success of BJP to its cadre based working and congratulated everyone for coming Executive committee meeting of State BJP in Srinagar for very first time. He asked party leaders to celebrate birthday of Pt. Prem Nath Dogra, Accession Day, Martyrdom Day of Brig. Rajinder Singh & Major Somnath with all pomp and show. State General Secretary, Pawan Khajuria conducted the proceedings of stage. State Vice-Presidents Karan Singh, Bharat Bhushan, Yudhvir Sethi & Rajni Sethi, State General Secretaries Dr. Narinder Singh and Harinder Gupta, Ministers Abdul Ghani Kohli, Priya Sethi, Sham Choudhary & Ajay Nanda, Sunil Sharma, VCs Daljit Singh Chib, Balbir Ram Rattan and Kuldeep Raj Gupta, MLAs Sukhnandan Choudhary, Ravinder Raina, Dr. Krishan Bhagat, R. S. Pathania, Rajesh Gupta, Dina Nath Bhagat and Shakti Parihar, MLCs MLC Ashok Khajuria, Ramesh Arora, Vibhodh Gupta, Vikram Randhawa, Charanjit Singh Khalsa and Sofi Yusuf, State Secretaries Aseem Gupta, Sanjay Baru & Anuradha Charak, Suraj Singh, Naresh Dogra, S. Varinderjit Singh, Jaidev Rajwal, Rakesh Mahajan, Parduman Singh, Jugal Kishor Gupta, Ayodhya Gupta, Omi Khajuria, Prem Nath Dogra, Jangbir Singh Chiku, Manmohan and other senior functionaries of party also attended the meeting.

Sh. Rajesh Gupta was the chief guest on the occasion of a function at Govt.High School City Chowk.

IMG-20171016-WA0019Jammu East MLA and party chief whip Rajesh Gupta was the chief guest on the occasion of a function at Govt.High School City Chowk. The headmistress Mrs. Shehnaz while welcoming the honourable MLA eulogised him for his time to time help in the development of the school. The headmistress apprised the MLA about the problems faced by the school staff and students. Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion said that he would provide full support for the growth and development of the school and announced rupees 10 lakhs from his CDF for the construction of toilet blocks for girls and a water purifier. MLA was accompanied by BJP leaders Prof. Shyam, Pardeep Sharma, Ramesh Sharma, Surinder Pargal,Anil Jandyal,Anil Masoom,Subhash Anand, Balkrishan, Rajinder Malhotra, Ramesh, Hari Om, Rajinder Gupta, Rajesh Nischal and also accompanied by social activist Ram Ji Dads Aggarwal and Bansal Ji.

श्री बलदेव सिंह बलोरिया ने  डिगियाना कैंप का दौरा किया।

digianaभारतीय जनता पार्टी जम्मू जिला अध्यक्ष बलदेव सिंह बलोरिया ने अपनी टीम के साथ डिगियाना कैंप का दौरा किया और लोगों से बात कर उनकी समस्याओं को सुना। अवतार सिंह जो डिगियाना कैंप गुरुद्वारा प्रबंदक कमेटी के नेतर्त्व में स्थानीय लोगों ने बलोरिया को बताया कि क्षेत्र की नालियों गलियों की हालत काफी खस्ता है और पूर्व विधायक ने भी इस क्षेत्र की पूरी तरह से अनदेखी की थी। उन्होने बलोरिया को मौके पर लेकर दिखाया बलोरिया ने लोगों की समस्याओं का जायजा लिया और इन सभी समस्याओं को लेकर स्पीकर कविन्द्र गुप्ता से बात की। जिस पर स्पीकर ने उन्हें आश्वासन दिया कि लोगों की सभी समस्याओं का हल संबंधित विभागों से करवाया जाएगा और लोगों को फिर इन समस्याओं से परेशान नहीं होना पड़ेगा। इस मौके पर बलोरिया के साथ भाजपा नेता हरबंस चौधरी, जोति शर्मा,विजय शर्मा और स्थानिये लोग भी मौजूद थे।

Sh. Yudhvir Sethi releases Seems Mohan’s book on education

Yudhvir Sethi releases SeemsBJP Vice President Yudhvir Sethi  said that India is focusing on education sector in a big way and ensuring that girls are provided with equal opportunities of education. He said girls’ education is necessary for making the homes a happy place who in turn can brighten the future of their country by good upbringing of their children. Yudhvir Sethi was speaking after inaugurating a Book titled 'Education in Indian Perspective ' written by Seema Mohan, Principal Vimal Muni College of Education, Anita Gupta and Madhu Bashan here today. Published by AADEE publication the book contains constitutional Provisions regarding education in India. It helps to understand the fundamentals in the discipline of education from the Philosophical and Sociological Perspectives. It also describes the basis of Teacher Education in India and the various aspects related to the Teacher Education in the changing contemporary society. Yudhvir Sethi said that education gives a woman freedom of thought. It broadens her outlook and makes her aware of her duties and responsibilities. He hoped that the book will be an insight into education system and help readers understand constitutional provisions regarding education in India well. Education, he asserted empowers a grown up girl to become economically independent. They will be able to stand up for their rights. Girls have all the rights to get educated. Empowerment of girls and women is necessary to fight against the problem of gender-inequality. Speaking on the occasion, Seema Mohan said that education in India is provided by the public sector as well as the private sector, with control and funding coming from three levels: central, state and local. Under various articles of the Indian Constitution, free and compulsory education is provided as a fundamental right to children between the ages of 6 and 14. This constitutional right must be exploited by all and children educated to make a strong nation. She added that India has made progress in terms of increasing the primary education attendance rate and expanding literacy to approximately three-quarters of the population in the 7–10 age group by 2011. India's improved education system is often cited as one of the main contributors to its economic development, she said adding that the book will help readers in a big way.

Cong to come out with blue print on regional councils: Prof. Virender

Prof. Virender GuptaBJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta while responding to the statement of Congress leaders, Sham Lal Sharma and Manjit Singh asking BJP to clear its stand on formation of Regional Councils for all the three regions of Jammu and Kashmir state, asked the Congress party to come out with the blue print about structure and powers of Regional Council, other getting this duly approved by the working Committee of its state unit and endorsed by it Centre leadership. He said that so far BJP is concerned it always remained in favour of a system where people of Jammu region are master of their own destiny and can lead a honourable and dignified life with no discrimination of any kind, whether it is political, administrative or financial. He added that BJP since the days of Praja Parishad movement of 1953, has been struggling for attaining such type of a system. However, it is Congress party both at the Centre or in the state, which in order to placate the Kashmiri leadership and the Kashmiri people, remained instrument in humiliating the people of Jammu region, subjecting them to the worst kind of discrimination and that of miserable plight and creating hapless situation for them. No doubt, the Regional Councils figured in State Congress manifestos issued in the last two assembly elections but it never raised the issue when it was in power, Prof. Virender said. He further added though after facing a crushing defeat in the last assembly election the demand of region councils is being raised for its survival, but even then it is welcomed as it is never too tale to mend.

Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh inaugurates JKPWWA Diwali Mela

22467292_1471838426231184_1348250105662008622_oLaunches JK Bank’s ‘Loan on Phone’ app for Police personnel Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh inaugurated two-day Diwali Mela being organized by Jammu and Kashmir Police Wives Welfare Association (PWWA) here at Gulshan Ground. It for the first time Jammu and Kashmir Police have organized a Diwali Mela at such a grand scale. The aim of the event is to provide officers and their families the opportunity to socialize on such festivities. The Chairperson, Jammu and Kashmir Police Wives Welfare Association, Bharti Vaid, women members of the Association, Director General of Police, Dr S P Vaid, Chairman J&K Bank Parvez Ahmed were present on the occasion. After inaugurating the Mela, Dr Nirmal Singh paid tributes to the police martyrs who laid down their life while safeguarding the people and maintaining law-and-order in the state. Crediting Jammu and Kashmir Police for ensuring peace in the state by offering supreme sacrifices, Dr Nirmal Singh said police administration plays pivotal role in upholding and enforcing law to protect life, liberty, property, human rights and dignity of the public. Deputy Chief Minister congratulated the organizers and said such events provide police personnel a break from the monotonous routine and create positive and happy environment as well as strengthening police-public relationship. “Celebrating a festival gives direction as well as strength to the society”, he further added. Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Minister in presence of DGP, Chairman J&K Bank and other dignitaries launched JK Bank Loan on Phone app for JK Police personnel. Dy CM was briefed about the “Loan on Phone” facility through mPay /dedicated phone line for J&K Police Personnel. Later, Dr Nirmal Singh along with the DGP and other dignitaries, went around the stalls put up by Police Establishment Centres and others. The Mela was attended by a large number of people from all walks of life. They showed great enthusiasm in purchasing goods kept for sale at the stalls, food of various kinds and varied cultural presentations. Among others, the Inaugural Function was attended by Inspectors General of Police and other senior serving and retired Police officers.

Union MoS Dr Jitendra Singh along with MoS Sh. Ajay Nanda Inaugurated Mudra Promotion Campaign at Jammu.


Union MoS Dr Jitendra Singh Inaugurated Passport Mela and Passport Adalat at Jammu.


Smt. Priya Sethi joined Diwali Milan at Brahmin Sabha

dewali milanMinister of State for Education, Technical Education, Culture, Tourism, Horticulture, Floriculture and Parks, Priya Sethi laid emphasis on promoting equality amongst masses and said that celebrations of festivals like Diwali gives direction as well as strength to the society. She was speaking after inaugurating a simple yet impressive Diwali Milan event along with BJP Vice President Yudhvir Sethi here . The event Diwali Milan and Bhajan Sandhya was organised by Dharmik Yuvak Mandal (DYM) at Dogra Brahman Pratinidhi Sabha (DBPS), Jammu in which people from all walks of life participated. Priya Sethi and Yudhvir Sethi inaugurated the event and said that such festivals leave an indelible impact on our society. They favoured celebrating festival of lights in its true spirit and hoped that it will bring peace and prosperity for Jammu and Kashmir State. Priya Sethi in her address said that the festival of lights teaches us not to discriminate with anyone and added that the festival also strengthens the value of equality amongst all. She said that Diwali Celebration enables our new generations to remember teachings of Lord Rama and connects them with our roots and rich heritage and culture. A Preeti Bhoj was also organised on the occasion wherein President of the Dogra Brahmin Pratinidhi Sabha Ved Parkash Sharma was Guest of Honour. Addressing the invitees, Yudhvir Sethi said Diwali - the most popular festivals of Hinduism, signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. The festival, he added is of such a significance that various cultures, religions and sects celebrate it with same enthusiasm. On the same night while Hindus celebrate Diwali to mark arrival of Lord Rama, Jains celebrate it to mark the attainment of moksha by Mahavira and Sikhs celebrate Bandi Chhor Divas to mark the release of Guru Hargobind from a Mughal Empire prison, Greeting people of all faiths and religions, Yudhvir Setji appreciated Dharmik Yuvak Mandal (DYM) and Dogra Brahman Pratinidhi Sabha (DBPS) in holding such an event. He said that devotional religious songs and recitation of Bhajans while reverberate a positive vibe in the air such events also bring people closer to each other. He congratulated people of Jammu and Kashmir on the occasion of Diwali and said that such occasions cement bonds of brotherhood, communal harmony and national integration. Our pluralist ethos teaches us to participate in each others’ festival and community celebrations as it brings joy, happiness besides spreading message of peace, he asserted. Later, the minister of state for education Priya Sethi and Yudhvir Sethi joined invitees for Preeti Bhoj and listened to devotional songs and Bhajans. They emphasised the need of holding more such events and involving people.Other who were present on the occasion Dharnidhar sharma (Patron) ,Anil Sharma (President) ,Gopal Sharma (General Secretary) Nischal Anand treasurer ,Sharat Kumar Vice President Kuldeep Anand Convenor, Sanja Anand Ex Prresident, N.R. Gupta Covenor of Dharmik Yuvak Mandal. Anil Masoom, Ashwani Gupta, Sunny Sehgal, Neeru Anand,. Darshana Sharma, Saroj Gupta Govind Sareen Surinder Kour

BJP SC Morcha conducts training workshop

BJP SC Morcha conductsIn order to keep the Morcha activists updated with the development at political and organizational levels, BJP Anusuchit Jaati Morcha conducted one day training workshop under its State President & MLA Dr Davinder Kumar Manyal at party headquarter, Jammu. It was attended by Morcha State Office Bearers, District Office Bearers and Mandal Presidents. Sat Sharma in his address, spoke on the motive of the organizing training work shop at different levels. He said that such exercises keep the party activists updated with the latest development in the political and organizational levels. He said that the SCs in particular, remained neglected by the successive governments of the Congress from 1947. It was only BJP led govt under Atal Behari Vajpayee and now Narendra Modi led government, which felt the pain and miseries of the weaker sections and launched various scheme for their socio-economic upliftment. Jugal Kishore Sharma, on this occasion, stressed upon the participants to understand the importance of attending the training workshop as it is the mean to polish the caliber and capacity of the activities. He said that the prime duty of the morcha activists is to fan out in the areas housing the population of SCs and educate them about the programmes and policies of the govt at the centre and in the state meant for the benefit at their community. Dr. Davinder Manyal said that the success of any organisation depends on its cadre which should be well aware of the ideology, principles and agenda. Proper communication at all levels is the most important and the SC Morcha is working round the clock to remain in touch with the party activists up to the booth level. He also informed that out of 16 districts of Jammu province, 14 have been constituted and the Morcha will be fully operational in entire region within next few days. BJP State General Secretary Harinder Gupta said that nationalism and social equality are two main things for the party activities. Nation first, party second and self last is the main mantra of BJP. SC, ST, BC Development Corporation, Vice Chairperson, Balbir Ram Rattan, shared various welfare schemes for the benefit of the reserved category. Morcha Prabhari N.D. Rajwal spoke on the need of a well knit organisational network. Ex. SC Morcha President C.L. Kanathia, Morcha Gen Secretaries Dharminder Kumar, M.L. Rao also addressed the training Workshop.

Sh. Sat Sharma inaugurates Ball Busters Cricket Champions Cup

IMG_20171015_114756926To boost the sports activities amongst the youth across Jammu, BJP State President and MLA Jammu West Sat Sharma (CA) inaugurated “Ball Busters Cricket Champions Cup” at Parade Ground. The tournament is being organized under the supervision of social activist Aditi Sharma and her team. A large number of people including local residents, political leaders, Government officials, players of cricket teams and a massive audience were present and also to mention that a number of 32 teams (16 from Jammu province and 16 from Kashmir province) are participating in the tournament. Speaking on the occasion, Sat Sharma said that it is indeed a great initiative which has been taken by the organizers of organizing a cricket tournament on a large scale which will definitely indulge more and more youth with them and it is a positive sign that youth today is progressing towards keeping its mind and physical body fit by taking part in such activities. He also gave a message amongst youth to “Stay Away From Drugs” and he stated that by indulging in such ills of society, a person can never progress and it affects the progress of nation as well as youth is considered to be the back bone of this great nation and our generations ahead are dependent upon our present generation. He also appreciated the efforts of organizers and said that they are also working towards building a better society by organizing such type of activities amongst the youth segment and are fulfilling the dreams of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi who always talks about the youth, its progress and how the youth is helpful in taking India to new heights. He also asked the organizers to keep the ground neat and clean and also expected that they will contribute their time for keeping the surroundings of this ground clean so that a small step could be taken forward in promoting the vision of our Prime Minister of building a Clean and Green nation.

Sh. C.P Ganga conducts public activists interaction programme

Ganga conducts public, activists (2)Minister for Industries & Commerce, Chander Prakash Ganga, conducted an interaction programme for public and activists to address their problems in Party Headquarter, Trikuta Nagar, Jammu. While listening to the public grievances, Minister said that Centre Government led by PM Modi is keen to work for the development of Nation. BJP follows the principle of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas” and in this birth centenary year of Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya, Modi Government has worked with never ending enthusiasm with plethora of public friendly schemes for the welfare of common masses. He also said that the Nation has celebrated three years of corruption free good governance at the Centre. To provide the various administrative and other helps, regarding public issues, BJP has started this programme, where public and party activists can directly talk to the MPs and Ministers of the Party. Many deputations led by prominent BJP leaders and the activists met Minister for redressal of their personal as well as public problems. Various important issues were highlighted by the deputations. Deputations asked for construction of roads in their respective areas. Some asked for the development works in their village. Minister addressed the problems related to the industries and similar matters. He also issued the instructions for the immediate required assistance to a cancer patient. Several deputations met with the Minister for their revenue and land related matters. Minister addressed many of the problems by telephonically talking to the authorities and issued written instructions for others. Whole programme was coordinated by State Secretary Rajinder Sharma.

BJP welcomes unearthing NC-Cong regime corruption

Prof. Virender GuptaState BJP Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta welcomed the State Accountability Commission (SAC) decision to go ahead with regular inquiry against Manohar Lal Sharma, the former Minister for cooperative, the former Commissioner/Secretary, Registrar Cooperatives and other in much publicized case of embezzlement worth crores of rupees and illegal appointments, which rejecting the motions moved by them seeking discontinuance of proceedings against them and directing them to file their response to the allegations against them. The State Spokesperson said that SAC should also initiate action against other former minister and bureaucrats against whom the inquiry has been conducts and prima-facie cases of gross irregularities and corruption have been established. Prof. Virender demanded that more teeth should be given to SAC and the investigation agency and Vigilance Commission should be put under his control. He said that this is essential in order the illuminate menance o corruption in the state that is causing great hindrance in the development and progress of the state which linked to providing essential amenities to the public and make the administration were sensitive and responsive to the people. He further said that during Farooq Abdullah regime Jammu & Kashmir state was rated at number two among the most corrupt states, however it stood at number one during Omar Abdullah government. He said that SAC should be given the authority to start suo-moto investigation and action against the corruption officials and ministers. However, he added that a fool proof mechanism should be put in place which ensures that men of highest attainments and integrity are appointed and it would be appropriate that SAC be renamed as Lok Pal.

Sh. Sat Sharma visits GMC & Sarwal hospital

22384311_1470767303004963_3600305534707565852_oState BJP President & MLA, Sat Sharma, conducted tour of Bakshi Nagar and Sarwal Hospitals, Jammu falling in Jammu West constituency to take stock of the efficancy of treatment facilities available especially related to those suffering from Dengue, along with other administrative issues in the premises of the hospitals. Sat Sharma, while conducting tour of the hospital, sought the complete details of all the primary and secondary health facilities, especially those meant to counter the nuisance of Dengue, which has engulfed many areas of the Jammu region as well. He asked for threadbare report of the availability of laboratory tests and emergency measures for the same and issued instructions for every possible remedial measures. He also said, he will provide every possible help to contribute in the containment of this menace. While conducting comprehensive tour of the hospital premises, Sat Sharma, paid particular emphasis on the pathological laboratory to enquire about the kits available. He also toured through various wards of both the hospitals seeking first-hand knowledge of the sanitation and available medicines and the staff well within the time of the need. He asked the patients and their attendants to be more vigilant and report any incident due to the laxity in the dispensation of professional duty. He also instructed the staff to be gentle and more humane while dealing with the trouble torn patients as the timely and appropriate medical service to the needy patient is the service to God almighty. During the tour, MLA was informed that the management and staff is keen to continuously improve the services being provided to the ailing patients all the arrangements have been made to treat patients with fully equipped laboratory facilities to cater the needs of the patients. Deputy Commissioner Rajiv Ranjan, Principal GMC Dr. Sunanda Raina, MS Sarwal Hospital Dr. Renu Khajuria, Dy. MS GMC Dr. Rakesh Sharma, Dy. MS Sarwal Dr. Rajesh Sharma, Dr. Rajneesh Kumar, Dr. Sanjeev Gupta, Dr. Sujoy Mahajan, Parduman Singh, Sanjeev Sharma, Vijay Sharma, Karan Sharma, Sorav Gupta, Balwan Singh, Ashok Gandhi, Amrik Singh, Jai Singh Chib, Sanjay Sawhney, Onkar singh Bose also accompanied the MLA during the visits.

Dozens of workers belonging to other political parties joined BJP at Nigeen Club Srinagar

n3Dozens of workers belonging to other political parties and other socio- political organizations joined Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in a mammoth gathering at Nigeen Club Srinagar on Saturday. The joining function was organized by BJP District Vice President, Srinagar Hakeem Masood at Nigeen Club Srinagar The new joining was garlanded by BJP State General Secretary (Org), Ashok Koul and MLC Surinder Ambardar in presence of other senior party leaders. While welcoming these people into the party fold, Koul told the gathering that the state was marred by corruption, nepotism and family rule, because of which people have been suffering. “People have realized that BJP is the only party caring for people, while as others only looted their aspirations,” Koul said the gathering, adding, join hands with the BJP to ensure welfare of general public in every corner of the state. He also appealed the workers to participate en masse in upcoming Municipal and Panchayat Elections and represent the local members for better governance. Speaking on the occasion MLC Surinder Ambardar Said that BJP has only two agendas in Kashmir, which is development and good governance. “At the time of joining hands with ideologically apart PDP we decided to form the government with the purpose of good governance, development and welfare of people. BJP is dedicated to fulfill the promise of people and commitment for development, and dozens of schemes are introduced in the state for the benefit of general public,” Kaul said, adding, even PM Narendra Modi in Srinagar has promised that not only Indian treasures, but hearts are open for people. Ambardar Said, adding party leaders are intouch with gross root level workers to listen their grievances “we are here to serve General public not rule them” Ambardar said. Present on the occasion were State Media Secretary Altaf Thakur, protocol Incharge Kashmir Arif Raja, and District Vice present and others.

Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh reviews Diwali arrangement in a high level meeting at Kathua

22467305_1470702033011490_3372847849691148146_oDy CM Dr. Nirmal Singh on Saturday directed the officers to synergize their efforts in order to ensure smooth celebrations of Diwali festivities across the District. He said that Diwali is a festival symbolizing return of righteousness and people across Nation celebrate it with great fervor. Dr.Singh also directed officers to connect Swachhta Abhiyan with the Diwali Celebrations The Deputy Chief Minister was addressing officers of District Administration Kathua during a review meeting convened to discuss the arrangement being made in connection with the smooth celebrations of Diwali festival. The meeting was attended by MLA Kathua, Rajeev Jasrotia, additional DC Kathua Rashpal Singh, SSP Suleman Chowdhary, Head of the various Departments, besides other concerned officers of various departments also attended the meeting. The Deputy Chief Minister stressed the concerned authorities for ensuring proper sanitation around temples, major markets, besides installing of LED lamps and proper supply of electricity as well as drinking water. He also directed for keeping the requisite medical facilities at the places where people throng the area. Dr. Singh also asked the Municipal authorities to put in place the requisite men and machinery for ensuring the requisite cleanliness of all the areas in districts and major towns. Dr. Nirmal Singh asked the officers for proper market checking to check illegal profiteering and selling of low quality food items and take actions against the culprits on the spot. He also asked for keeping adequate supply of essential commodities so that the people do not face any inconvenience. Taking stock of traffic, fire tenders and security related arrangements, the Deputy Chief Minister directed the concerned to ensure that fool proof mechanism be put in place so that any untoward incidents are prevented and people are also provided with the requisite facilities of transportation.

Synergise efforts for smooth Diwali Celebrations: Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh directs authorities

22339683_1469247753156918_5794545945183998153_oDiwali is a festival symbolizing return of righteousness: Dy CM Dr. Nirmal Singh Reviews arrangements in a high level meeting Dy CM Dr. Nirmal Singh on Thursday directed the officers to synergize their efforts in order to ensure smooth celebrations of Diwali festivities across the state. He said that Diwali is a festival symbolizing return of righteousness and people across Nation celebrate it with great fervor. Dr.Singh also directed officers to connect Swachhta Abhiyan with the Diwali Celebrations The Deputy Chief Minister was addressing officers of Jammu Division during a review meeting convened to discuss the arrangement being made in connection with the smooth celebrations of Diwali festival. The meeting was attended by Divisional Commissioner, Jammu Dr.Mandeep Bhandari, IGP, Jammu Dr.SD Singh, District Development Commissioner, Jammu Rajeev Ranjan, DDC, of all districts of Jammu Province through Video Conference, Head of the various Departments, besides other concerned officers of various departments also attended the meeting. The Deputy Chief Minister stressed the concerned authorities for ensuring proper sanitation around temples, major markets, besides installing of LED lamps and proper supply of electricity as well as drinking water. He also directed for keeping the requisite medical facilities at the places where people throng the area. Dr. Singh also asked the Municipal authorities to put in place the requisite men and machinery for ensuring the requisite cleanliness of all the areas in districts and major towns. Dr. Nirmal Singh asked the officers for proper market checking to check illegal profiteering and selling of low quality food items and take actions against the culprits on the spot. He also asked for keeping adequate supply of essential commodities so that the people do not face any inconvenience. Taking stock of traffic, fire tenders and security related arrangements, the Deputy Chief Minister directed the concerned to ensure that fool proof mechanism be put in place so that any untoward incidents are prevented and people are also provided with the requisite facilities of transportation.

Holds meetings with party Mandal workers of Mughalmaidan and Chatroo

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-14 at 11.36.47 AMJoined BJP in presence of Tariq Keen Feeling distressed from communal and hurting politics in Inderwal from last several years by present MLA G M Saroori , On 3rd of October several congress workers among Ex Sarpanches and Panches from various panchyats along with scores of workers and youth wings joined Bharatiya Janta Party in presence of Haji Tariq Hussain Keen . Wellcoming the new joinees in party , Tariq Hussain Keen said that BJP is single largest party of India , that cares for uplifting of poor masses . Tariq Hussain Keen holds the meeting with Mandal worker of Mughalmaidan and Chatroo at Mughalmaidan and urged upon them to strengthen the party on ground . During the course of meeting various issues were discussed and to be solved at an earliest so as poor masses shall grant benefit of schemes launched by Government . Meanwhile Tariq Hussain Keen visted Singapore , MalikNar , Kuchall and Symbool and interacted with party workers for early redressal of their grievances . During his visit to these regions scores of youth workers of congress party joined BJP . Various party workers , Mandal Pardhans , youth workers were accompanied with Tariq Hussain Keen during his tour of Chatroo region .

Ch. Lal Singh chaired a meeting of BJP cadre Nurpur

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-13 at 4.39.53 PMCh. Lal Singh honble Forest Minister chaired a meeting of BJP cadre of all four constituencies of district Nurpur HP as parbhari of these constituencies nominated by the BJP High Command for the coming assembly election of Himachal Pardesh On the way back Ch Sahib also inspected the site selected for Statue of founder of State Maharajah Gulab Singh Ji at Lakhanpur which is part of his constituency with DC Kathua and DC Lakhanpur.

Sh. Abdul Ghani Kohli distributed prizes in Inter school Handball championship

IMG-20171013-WA0003The inter School Handball championship in Udhampur concluded on Friday , which was organized by Udhampur Sports Council of J&K Sports Council and KC Gurukul School, in which 150 students participated. The chief guest on the occasion was Minister for Animal and sheep husbandry, AG Kohli , whereas DC Udhampur Ravinder Kumar , SSP Udhampur Rayees Bhat, Jt Secretary Sports Council Udhampur Shiv Sharma and Vice Chairm Udhampur Sports Council Rahil Gupta were special guest on the occasion. In welcome speech, VC, Udhampur Sports Council , Rahil Gupta said that such events have brought positive space in Udhampur and more tie ups will be done with private players to organize such event and Udhampur sports council is in talks with National level players for funding of sports activities in Udhampur district. Rahil also informed the guest and audience that many new sports projects have been defined by Secretary Sports Council Waheed Para, under guidance of Sports Minister Imran Ansari , which will be soon implemented across the state. While speaking on the occasion , AG Kohli said the youth must participate in Sports and Sports makes youth mentally and physically fit for decades. AG Kohli assured full support to the district Sports Council and appreciated the efforts of DC Ravinder Kumar and Vice Chairman Rahil Gupta for carrying out the event , which provided exposure to youth. DC Udhampur , Ravinder Kumar , who is also the chairman of Sports Council Udhampur while speaking on the occasion said more such events will be organized in coming days across the Udhampur district and congratulated the winner team and participants and asked the other participants to come back stronger next time SSP Udhampur Rayees Bhatt interacted with players and wished them good luck for the tournament. Shray Mahajan of KC Gurukul School assured more supports to such events in coming days. Shray Mahajan, Executive Chairman of KC Gurukul School, Raj Guru ,Sunil Badyal and Suresh Khajuria (Members Udhampur Sports Council), Chander Mohan J&K BJP Treasurer and Shaktish Chopra , I/C Managar Udhampur and others were also present on the occasion.

BJP Refugee Cell to open “Refugee Helpline Centre”

Lotus Logo copyBJP Refugee Cell, which is fighting for the long time to address the issues related to woes and sufferings of displaced persons from Pakistan Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (PoJK) has decided to open a “Helpline Centre” for the immediate redressal of the issues pertaining to the “Rehabilitation Package of the DPs of PoJK of 1947,1965 and 1971”. Refugee Cell State Convenor, Pt. Ashok Kumar Khajuria, while elaborating on the subject said that, while the issue is being already covered under “Prime Minister’s Development Package for J&K” approved under the Union Government’s Rehabilitation Package for Displaced Families from PoJK and Chhamb to the tune of 2000 Crore Rupees to be paid to 36,384 families at the rate of 5.5 Lakh rupees per family. He said that, although the scheme has been set into the motion by the Union government, but still there are many problems in the ground implementation of the scheme due to the one reason or the another. He said that most often, the beneficiaries under the schemes are from the below par background, so they are unable to avail the benefit promptly, due to lack of proper information or mediums. He said that often they are devoid of the true information and have to run from pillar to post in order to gather the authentic information with no one giving them a kind hearing, which at times is presenting a situation of total helplessness for them. They have to struggle for even a single, simple document, which is highly condemnable in humane perspective and they have to see this apathy for not one , two or ten years, but a long period of 70 cruel years, thus leading a life of alien in their meagre resources with every previous Government and administration lending a cold shoulder to their worries, he added. Pt. Ashok Kumar Khajuria, further said that in view of all the problems cited above BJP State refugee Cell has decided to come up with a “Refugee Helpline” in the premises of BJP state headquarter, Trikuta Nagar, Jammu, in which any member of the Refugee community can come to seek help about the document or other administrative issues and every possible effort will be done by the “BJP Refugee Cell” members in order to mitigate their sufferings.

Sh. Sat Sharma conducts review meeting with public welfare departments

Sat Sharma conducts review meeting with public (2)State BJP President & MLA Jammu West, Sat Sharma, conducted exhaustive meeting of the officials from PWD, ERA and other public concern departments, in which he seeked the progress report of various projects being undertaken in the assembly constituency from the concerned departments. While addressing the meeting, Sat Sharma said that, BJP is committed to raise the standard of living of every single person and Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Centre Government is working enthusiastically for the schemes especially formulated keeping the population from the deprived classes in mind. He said that BJP is the popular government not as an option but by choice, trusted by every section, every community of India due to the high and time tested traditions. Sat Sharma, took every single public welfare project turn by turn with each of the official present in the meeting seeking every minute detail of the works being done involving roads, lanes, drains, water supply and other essential commodities of direct public concern. He sought threadbare report of the reasons for the delay, if any, in the execution of every single project and issued instructions to immediate address the issues to relieve the common masses of any inconvenience. He remarked that as an elected representative, it is his prime duty to keep a check on the quality as well as quantity with in a set time frame, as he feels himself answerable to the supreme public. He remarked that in order to gain first-hand knowledge, he is keeping a constant vigil on every big project himself, which is being pursued in the area, so is well aware of the ground state of affairs. It is pertinent to mention, that the MLA has conducted time to time, surprise inspections of blacktopping, lane, drain construction and other works being underway in the constituency in the recent past to ensure quality works. He asked ERA officials to complete the water supply connections to every household in a set time frame and coordinate their timings with other departments, so that digging of roads and lanes for the execution of works do not cause any extended inconvenience to public. He also asked PWD officials to speed up the laying of roads and lanes, keeping quality of works in mind. BJP State Addl. Treasurer Arvind Gupta & District General Secretary Sanjeev Sharma, ExEn PWD R&B U.K.Sharma, ExEn ERA Water Supply Manesh Bhat, AEE PWD R&B Yasir Kichloo, AEE ERA Sanjeev Puri, AEE PWD R&B Rohit Puri, Project Manager Technofos W.A. Kakroo, PM ZIPL P. R. Sharma, Dy. PM ERA Rakesh Gupta, Sr. En. ZIPL Vishal Chopra, Jr. En Ravinder Singh, Sanjay Trisal, Sanjay Kaul & Shamsher Singh, APMs Vir ji Pandita, Rajesh Khajuria & Surinder Raina were present in the meeting.

BJP conducts Alp-Vistarak Varg in Kargil

BJP conducts Alp-Vistarak Varg in KargilState BJP unit cementing its base in the remote and strategic district, Kargil of Jammu & Kashmir State conducted a meeting of the BJP activists, who have volunteered for the 15 days of exclusive party working as whole timers (Alp-Vistaraks) to ensure the reach of party policy and ideology as well as all public welfare schemes of Union and State Government to every single household of the region. BJP State General Secretary (Org.), Ashok Kaul along with MLC Vikram Randhawa guided the volunteers with valuable points, for their service venture into the society. Ashok Kaul, while addressing the meeting, appreciated the voluntary act of activists to devote their valuable time of 15 days for the growth of party base in the area, shunning all pleasures of one’s home. He commented, that this unique act of devotion is visible only in the volunteers of the BJP, which is a cadre based organization and is marked by the strong threads of selfless love for the Nation and the society. He said that they have taken a greater responsibility on their shoulders for not only extending the base of the party, but also the responsibility of getting party acquainted with the problems of every single household, so that their sufferings could be attended at every level. He further prompted them to extend their reach to every person, who is still devoid of the basic amenities, even after 70 years of Independence. Vikram Randhawa, while appreciating the Alp-Vistaraks, said that these Vistaraks are working with zero self interest, just for the sake of the society, Nation and party and the party will always be thankful to them for their noble gesture. He appealed them to work with more zeal and enthusiasm to take all the people friendly schemes of the Central Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the common masses. BJP Kissan Morcha State President, Rajinder Singh Chib, State General Secretary Kissan Morcha Kasturi Lal Sharma State Executive Member Haji Khaddam, District President Kargil, Mohd. Ali and other senior functionaries of the party were also present in the meeting.

Sh. Rajesh Gupta resolved the Bus Stand Shopkeepers Association & the JDA authorities.

IMG-20171013-WA0010The shopkeepers of the bus stand who had closed their establishments as a mark of protest against the high handedness of the JDA authorities ,opened their shops today.It may be recalled that the shopkeepers of the bus stand had closed their business establishments because of the action of the JDA authorities in removing the extensions made in front of their shops. It was only due to the positive intervention of the MLA Rajesh Gupta Ji and the additional DC Jammu Mr.Manhas that the matter could be resolved between the Bus Stand Shopkeepers Association & the JDA authorities. Both the parties were high praise for the intervention of the honourable MLA Rajesh Gupta Ji due to whose intervention the matter got resolved amicably in the interest of both the parties. It was also resolved to form a committee headed by additional DC Mr.Manhas who would investigate the matter and fix responsibility for the actions on the day the encroachments were removed.Mr.Manhas said that anyone found guilty would be dealt in accordance of law and also if there is any damage caused to the shopkeepers that also would be taken care of. MLA Rajesh Gupta said that all along the honourable Deputy CM Dr Nirmal Singh Ji was keeping track of the events and gave his valuable guidance all along that helped us in resolving the matter amicably to the satisfaction of both the parties. The MLA was accompanied by Bus Stand Shopkeepers Association members Madhu Khajuria, Ramesh Tak,Rajan Gupta and also BJP leaders including Raj Kumar Gupta, Vinod,Opinder Singh, Sunil Gupta, Rakesh Bhalla,Kuldeep Balgotra,Ashok Lambad, Sd.Darshan Singh and Anil Gupta. The prominents who accompanied the MLA included Subhash Gupta, Rajinder Gupta, Gokul Koul, Chaman Lal, Hari Om Sharma ,Rajesh Nischal and Amit Gupta.

Sh. Rajesh Gupta inaugurated the work of the laying of water pipe at Mohalla Dalpatian

IMG-20171013-WA0009Jammu East MLA and party chief whip Rajesh Gupta inaugurated the work of the laying of water pipe at Mohalla Dalpatian and Ramdassian Mohalla in ward no.5 at an estimated cost of rupees 25 lakhs. Laying of water pipe was a long standing demand of the people of these areas and on completion this would ease the water shortage in the two mohallas. The PHE officials who accompanied the MLA included Sanjeev Gupta AEE and JE Sunil Sharma. The BJP leaders who accompanied the MLA included Subhash Gupta, Ramesh Sharma, Kuldeep Kandhari, Rajesh Gupta, Gopal Gupta, Chaman Lal, Laali,Ram Paul,Tej Ram Choudhry,Pappu,Bakshi,Toshi,Gandhi, Naveen Anand and Filly. Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion said that with the commissioning of the water pipe a long standing demand of the people of the area has been fulfilled.Rajesh Gupta said that we are in the process of fulfilling all the demands of the people of our constituency. He said that the developmental goals for all the areas in the Jammu East are already laid out and are being accomplished in a time bound manner.on the occasion Rajesh Gupta also appealed to the people to connect themselves with one or the other schemes launched by the Modi government. The prominents who accompanied the MLA included Subhash Sanghra, Gokul Koul, Jia Lal, Rajeev Bhardwaj, Rajinder Gupta, Rajesh Nischal, Hari Om Sharma and Manav Mahajan.

Sh. Vibodh Gupta inaugurated one day Sanskrit convection with Ayurvedic Plantation Drive.

IMG_20171013_111411Shri Kailakh Jyotish Avim vedic Sansthan organised one day Sanskrit convection and organized a cultural festival at Bawa kailakh Dev Asthan thather Bantalab Jammu. Objective of the convection was to give a massage to the young generation to work for the development of the Sanskrit language and to preserve the national heritage. On this occasion, BJP MLC Vibodh Gupta was the chief guest. He said that though Sanskrit was an ancient language, it would one day become an international language. The word `Sanskrit' means “prepared, pure, refined or prefect”.He was speaking after inaugurating the one day Sanskrit convention.Gupta said that today we believed in the concepts of the western world.We are obsessed with trying to know what others are doing and try to follow them mindlessly while we have our own rich culture still awaiting us. The only thing we see in our action today is we follow that path which is easy and free from obstacles. Basically, each of us is fully submerged in a world of showoff where there is no practical audience. We should start teaching Sanskrit to children in small age,this is important because from the very beginning a child should know the very best of literature and his / her true culture. He further said teaching Sanskrit to children would improve their pronunciation and also they know about their culture and bliefs. If a person studied the Sanskrit ‘Subhashithas’ in a meaningful manner, it would help build character, and would become a good citizen. The ‘Subhashithas’ were guiding lights, he added. The Sanskrit literature was rich, and it was necessary to promote its research.He also emphasized on the development and learning of Sanskrit language. “Sanskrit language is the mother of all language; various scientific researches have its origin from the roots of our ancient Sanskrit books and Vedas,” he said. The president of the Trust, Mahant Rohit Shastri appealed that all the parents should teach their children Sanskrit language and also dedicate some personal time for its development. Rohit shastri requested other society members to educate our young generation with the various ancient works of our great Sanskrit scholars like Kallan, Billan, Kalidas and many more who laid their whole life for the development of sanskrit language. So moving on the footsteps of these personalities will help us to create atmosphere of harmony and brotherhood and to spread humanism between various sections of society. On the occasion, large number of medicinal plants and trees were planted in the Bawa Kailakh Dev Asthan premises. Ram pal Seth, Shakti Dutt Sharma,Dr Chander Mouli Raina,Pt Dev Dutt Shastri, Goutam Shastri, Summit Shastri, Yash Seth, Sunil dutt (Raka),Rajat Soodan, Angraze Singh, Harsh vardhan Singh,Sudhir Jamwal,Sahil Seth and many other Sanskrit scholars were also present on the occasion

Smt. Poonam Mahajan to visit Jammu Kashmir on Oct 22,23

Lotus Logo copyBJYM State President Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra, while addressing the media persons, informed that MP & BJYM National President Smt. Poonam Mahajan is visiting state of Jammu Kashmir. Poonam Mahajan will arrive on 22 at Srinagar to attend a BJYM workers meet and to deliver lecture on “I AM NEW INDIA” She will also meet with various Youth delegation from different walk of life from Kashmir. On 23 of October, She will be welcomed at Jammu Airport. Poonam Mahajan will address State Youth Convention at Convention Centre, canal road Jammu. She will also hold meeting with State BJYM team and other office bearers. Dr. Suresh Ajay Magotra told that President visit to the crown state of India will encourage the youth of the state as well it will boost our activist also he added. Magotra further stated that preparation going on to welcome our worthy President. Gourav Panday, while addressing the media, said that Poonam Mahajan will seek reporting from office bearers and District President regarding various activity of organization upto Mandal level. She will also seek information regarding youth oriented schemes started by central government and state. BJYM State General secretaries Vikas Choudhary and Tarun Sharma were also present in the press conference.

Sh. Sat Sharma pays surprise visit to check ongoing blacktopping works, inaugurates new water pipes

Sat pays surprise visit to check ongoing (1)In continuance with the agenda to provide paramount services to the residents of Jammu West Constituency, BJP State President & MLA, Sat Sharma conducted a whirlwind tour of various areas of constituency in order to review and check quality of works being done in Lakkar Mandi, Sultan Mohalla, Rehari and other adjoining areas, while inaugurating works of laying down of new water pipes in the area in presence of departmental officials, local BJP leaders and large number of prominent citizens. Speaking on the occasion, Sat Sharma said that he is always available to address demands of public in order to mitigate sufferings of masses. He vocalized his commitment to dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and National President Amit Shah for complete redressal of problems being faced by general public and reaffirmed his stand that as an elected representative he is doing his all out efforts to carve best out of Jammu West Constituency. Sat Sharma inaugurated work of new water pipe laying, measuring 300 meters with estimated cost of around 5.5 Lakh Rupees in Sultan Mohalla, Janipur. He also met with local residents, where he interacted with ladies, senior citizens and children. He dedicated the work to local population, while appreciating their concern towards development of locality and made them to inaugurate the works themselves. He issued on spot directions to department for addressing issues related to existing water supply as well. Sat Sharma discussed issues related to various grievances of inhabitants. He assured them that money is no constraint for development works and more funds will be allocated for works, if needed, while taking cognizance of lanes and drains works in the area. Sat Sharma also paid a surprise visit to recently initiated blacktopping works in the areas of Rehari Colony and Lakkar Mandi, while reviewing the quality and pace of works in progress. He solicited the complete details of both works from concerned officials, while conducting tour of localities, to have first hand survey himself. Ex En PWD R&B Uttar Kumar, AEE Spolia, AEE Yasir Kichloo, JE Shamsher Singh, ERA Vishal Chopra, Parduman Singh, Sanjeev Sharma, Ajay Vaid, Vijay Sharma, Balwan Singh, Dinesh Gupta, Sahil Gupta, Subhash Sharma, Kakku, Sangeeta, Sunita Gupta, Balbir Singh, Ramesh Khajuria, Luthra, Kulbir Singh were other prominent persons accompanying the MLA.

BJP demands inquiry, suspension of officials involved in the hoardings carrying the photograph of Asiya Andrabi

Sunil SethiThe Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief spokesperson, Sunil Sethi demanded an inquiry and suspension of officials involved in carrying the picture of separatist leader Asiya Andrabi's photograph on hoardings and banners in photograph campaign on "Beti Bachao Beti Padhao" during a function organized by tourism department at tourist place Breng- Kokernag in south Kashmir's Anantnag district. "BJP demands strict action against those persons involved into this and suspend the officials immediately involved into this" Sunil Sethi said. The banners were posted and created by Child Development Project Officer ICDS Project, Breng. The photograph of former PM of India late Indera Gandhi, JK CM Mehbooba Mufti, Mother Teressa, Lata Mangeshker have been published on the banners. Aesia Naqash (MoS), Dr Ruveda Salam (IPS) and Deeba Farhat (IAS) photographs were also published.

BJP’s Maiden State Executive Meet in Kashmir

P2‘Party heavy weights also likely to participate’ In a historic move Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is organizing a first ever party State Executive meeting on 28th and 29th of this month in Kashmir, in which party’s who’s who are also likely to participate. In this regard, a series of meetings were held on Thursday with party senior leaders and workers. As many as 13 committees were formed for the smooth conduct of the meet. “These committees were given different tasks to ensure hassle free movement and conduct of meet,” said Dr Narendra Singh, State General Secretary and in charge Kashmir. Apart from BJP’s top leadership of the country, there would be more than 300 state executive members from Jammu and Kashmir “On 28th of this month, there will be state office bearers meet , which would be followed by state executive meet on 29th October,” he said.

Sh. Lal Singh interacts with All India Karate Championship players

IMG-20171011-WA0015The All India Shito-Ryu Seiko Kai Karate Championship in the memory of Maharaja Hari singh is underway at multipurpose hall in M.A.Stadium. The event has been organised by Universal Martial Art Academy (Regd.) Shito Ryu KAI Karate Do Association Jammu and Kashmir approved by Karate Association of India ,the only recognized National Federation Of Karate in India by Govt of India and Indian Olympic Association. Minister for Forest ,ecology Lal Singh was chief guest on occasion, wheras Shihan Bharat Sharma, General Secretary –KAI, Jt Secretary J&K Sports Council Shiv Sharma and Member Sports Council and Vice President of Karate Association Rahil Gupta were Guest on the occasion. The overall event was organized under direct supervision of General Secretary of Karate Association of J&K and Joint Secretary of Karate Association of India Ambedkar Gupta. In welcome speech , Rahil Gupta apprised guests of various achievements of Karate Association and how the team work made the ongoing event successful, where around 500 students participated, thus making it one of the biggest Karate event. While speaking on the occasion , Lal Singh said the youth must participate in Sports and if Sports is like Karate it makes you mentally and physically fit for decades. Lal Singh assured full support to the Karate Association of J&K and appreciated the efforts of association for carrying out the event , which will provide exposure to youth. Lal Singh also urged Parents to support kids in their endeavor as it will give them confidence to perform best at highest level. While speaking on the occasion Bharat Sharma, appreciated the efforts made by Ambedkar Gupta in promoting Karate across J&K. Bharat also congratulated –players on fact that Karate is now an Olympic game and said it will provide massive opportunities now to youth. Jt Secretary Shiv Kumar while speaking appreciated the efforts of Karate Association of J&K and hailed the efforts of Ambedkar Gupta and added that the presence of Minister for Transport Sunil Sharma as President and Member Sports Council Rahil Gupta s Vice president will help in more growth of Karate across the state. Jt Secretary also thanked Minister Lal Singh for his continuous support.

Sh. Baldev Singh Billawaria toured different areas of Gandhi Nagar constituency

hospitalBaldev Singh Billawaria District President Bharatiya Janata Party Jammu toured different areas of Gandhi Nagar constituency and assessed the prevailing situation of spread of Dengue in the city. He expressed his concern over the spread of epidemic and appealed citizens to be aware of its and maintain hygienic condition in their respective areas. He also required Municipal Commissioner Jammu for gearing up his men and machinery on war footing so that further spread of Malaria and Dengue is stopped. Later Billawaria also visited Govt. Medical College Hospital Jammu to enquire about the health of effected citizens from Dengue and Malaria. He also wished the patients speedy recovery.

BJP Local Body Cell announces incharges for Jammu & Kashmir

Govt. Girls Hr Sec. School function (3)BJP Local Body Cell held its meeting under the Chairmanship of BJP State Convener All cells, S. Varinderjeet Singh to discuss the strategy for the upcoming local body elections in the State of Jammu & Kashmir, in which State Office Bearers, District Conveners & members of the Local Bodies Cell Participated. Deepak Gupta (Nitu), State Convener Local Bodies Cell, while addressing the workers, appealed to gear up for the forthcoming Local Body Election and asked the workers to reach out to each and every booth of the region and apprise the people about the public welfare initiatives taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Centre Government for the overall development in general and Jammu & Kashmir cities in particular. S. Varinderjeet Singh, while addressing the gathering, expressed his gratitude to the Dy. Chief Minister Dr. Nirmal Singh with whose personal intervention, the state is recommended for the allocation of two smart cities, which will certainly open a new era of overall development for both capital cities of the State, which will not only provide world class facilities to the public, but will also provide a plethora of employment opportunities making Jammu & Kashmir, a Dream State. Deepak Gupta, also nominated Incharges of Local Body Cell, for Jammu & Srinagar provinces. Sudhir Jamwal is nominated as incharge & Anil Koul as co-incharge for Kashmir Province (Kashmir & Leh). Parveen Kapahi is nominated as incharge & Rajesh Kohli as co-incharge for Jammu Province. Surinder Mahajan is nominated as incharge for Jammu District & Malvinder Singh (Shanty) co-incharge. Pardeep Badyal is nominated as incharge for All the wards under Gandhi Nagar. Rajeev Gupta is nominated as incharge for all wards under Jammu East. Rohit Gupta is nominated as incharge for all wards under Jammu west. Those prominent who attended the meeting are Bimal Dev Singh, Sunny Bakshi, Rajeev Gupta, Rohit Gupta, Vinod Gupta, Surinder Sharma, Raj Kumar Sharma and Kuldeep Raj.

Sh. Sat Sharma inaugurates “International Day of Girl Child” programme at GGHSS, Canal Road

Govt. Girls Hr Sec. School function (3)International Day of Girl Child was celebrated with all cultural and ethical fervor in the Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School Canal Road, Jammu in the august presence of Chief Guest, BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma along with CMO, Jammu, ADC, Jammu, CEO Jammu, Officers of DSE, Jammu, officers of Education Department and political activists of the area. Sat Sharma, while addressing the gathering, lauded the performance of the students at various competitions held in the state and at National levels and encouraged the staff to work harder than ever to uplift the morale of particularly the girl child. He said the it is the duty of parents to save girl child and the teachers to teach the girl child well so as to make the world a better society to live in. He congratulated the staff for their excellent efforts. He also planted trees in the Herbal Garden alongwith Director School Education, S. Ravinder Singh. He also didn’t miss out a chance to mention the schemes initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi particularly for the girls and stressed that the “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” programme must reach to every single household of the region. Principal of the School, Sushma Koul read out the achievements made by the students of school in different curricular and co-curricular areas in various competitions held at Zonal, District, State and National level. The Chief Education Officer, J.K. Sudan also appreciated the performance of students and encouraged them to work hard to bring laurels for the parents and the school. CMO Jammu distributed the kits containing items of daily use. In his culminating address, he donated Rs. 10 lakh for the construction of class rooms and exam hall in the school. Karan Sharma, Jeet Angral, Veenu Khanna, Swaran Sambyal, Ramesh Kumar, Kamlesh, Darshan Lal and others were among the prominent persons present in the programme.

Union Minister reviews implementation of power sector schemes in JK

22338774_1467542289994131_2525346416650828929_oPM's vision of providing uninterrupted electricity to every household would be realized soon: Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh Union Minister of State for Power, New and Renewable Energy R K Singh directed for speedy and effective implementation of various schemes being undertaken in JK's power sector so that Prime Minister's initiative of providing electricity to every household by December 2018 is realized. The Minister was speaking at a meeting convened to review the status of various initiatives undertaken in the power sector by the State Government. Deputy Chief Minister Dr Nirmal Singh, Minister of State for Power Syed Farooq Ahmed Andrabi, Joint Secretary Power, Government of India, Principal Secretary PDD J&K, other senior officials and representatives of project implementing agencies were also present. The Union Minister directed the officers to ensure timely completion of central government schemes in power sector and their implementation within the stipulated time. He said the officers and the executing agencies should work in a coordinated manner to ensure successful closure and completion of the developmental initiatives. Union Minister also asked for taking necessary measures for ensuring that the Prime Minister's initiative of power for all is realized and requisite electricity is provided to the consumers. He said we have to ensure that every household of the state is electrified by December 2018 for which the consumers would be provided the connections free of cost and the programme would be demand driven. He also assured every possible support of the Union Ministry and said that the state should not hesitate in projecting the demands as may be. He said the centre would very liberally provide the requisite funds and other logistics for upgrading and augmenting the power generation and transmission as well. The Union Minister also directed for exploring the possibility of installing smart and prepaid meters so that the Revenue realization is increased and the losses on account of the same can be compensated. He also asked for exploring other power generating avenues like solar and wind as well besides hydroelectricity. The Deputy Chief Minister while speaking on the occasion said the schemes would be taken on a mission mode so that they are successfully implemented. He said the state would fully supplement the central initiatives so that these programs are completed within the stipulated timeframe. “The Prime Minister's vision of providing 24x7 electricity to every household of the state would be implemented in transparent manner so that there are no un-electrified villages or hamlets," Deputy Chief Minister added. He said in order to speed up the implementation of various schemes, central PSUs have also been roped in as project management and implementing agencies. Principal Secretary PDD Mr Dheeraj Gupta gave an overall presentation about the power scenario and the status of implementation of various state and central schemes.

First ever Awareness Camp by SC,ST, BC Dev Corp in Gurez

First ever Awareness Camp by SC,ST, BC Dev Corp in Gurez (1)J&K SC, ST & BC Development Corporation organized first ever awareness camp in Gurez, which is one of the remotest areas of Kashmir valley, for creating awareness among masses about various schemes implemented by the Corporation in collaboration with National Level Apex Corporations and the State Government, for socio-economic development of weaker sections of the society. Senior functionaries of the Corporation Balbir Ram Rattan, Vice Chairperson, R.K. Pandita, Managing Director, V.K. Tak FA/CAO, and other officers of the Corporation attended the awareness camp. Deputy Speaker, J&K Legislative Assembly, Nazir Ahmad Khan ‘Gurezi’, who is also local MLA, graced the occasion and stressed upon the masses to avail benefits of various schemes of the Corporation to improve their financial position by establishing income generating units. He emphasized on the importance of these schemes to the participants, in view of growing unemployment and less job avenues available in the area. He appreciated initiative of the Corporation in organizing awareness camp in Gurez for the first time. Balbir Ram Rattan, Vice Chairperson, asked the members of the target groups not to sit idle and become burden on their parents but to take a decision of standing on their own and support the family R.K. Pandita, Managing Director, highlighted various schemes run by the Corporation for weaker sections of the society enjoining upon the participants to take full advantage of these scheme and also share incentives available under schemes with their neighbors and other as well, so that they also become aware about these schemes. During day long awareness camp local participants were provided print material about various schemes, besides making available application forms to them for availing loans. Mohd Iqbal Kataria, Manager Projects, Kasturi Lal Bhagat, Manager Recoveries, Mehood-ul-Haq Gundroo, District Manager Baramullar/Bandipora, brought various features of the schemes, eligibility criteria, procedures for availing loan assistance, mode of payment and recovery of loans, to the knowledge of the participants. Arshad Majid Bhat, Divisional Manager, Kashmir, presented vote of thanks to the dignitaries.

BJP executive members meet finalized

IMG_0206Resilience of Indian growth story is examplery: Sh. Yudhvir Sethi Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) senior Vice President Yudhvir Sethi chaired a meeting of office bearers of Kashmir unit of BJP wherein programmes for forthcoming executive meet of all state units scheduled to be held for the very first time in Kashmir was finalized. A committee was also constituted to make arrangements for the coming meet. He asked party cadres to strengthen BJPunits at grass root levels and prepare for 2-Day meet of party executives scheduled for October 28 and 29. The meetign he informed will be chaired by BJP state head Sat Sharma wherein workings of all executives will be reviewed and future course of action will be chalked out. He said BJP is making inroads in far off places and needs to be strengthen at all levels and youth, he added can play a major role in it. Speaking on the occassion the BJP Vice President said that ever since National Democratic Alliance (NDA) took over the reigns of union government, it is working towards India's transformation to make it a strong nation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is writing a different story of India's strength wherein resilience of the Indian growth story has also been acknowledged world over. He said it was trust deficit that had alienated people of Kashmir but the situation is altogether different now. Unlike past, this government is sensitive towards people's issues and it was towards this end that amendments were made in GST on the demand of people. This, he said reflects government's sensitivity towards country's poor & middle class. Expressing his concern over dismal state of affairs during pre-2014, Yudhvir Sethi said that the NDA government now is working towards India’s transformation and in years to come each and every state will be self reliant and its subjects will have equal opportunities of growth, peace and prosperity. He urged party cadres to strengthen party units in every nook and corner of the state. Yudhvir Sethi said that coalition government in J&K State is coming up to the expectations of people. In three years the government had tried to do justice with all three regions of the state which is why people in large numbers are banking upon party's programmes and policies. He hoped that many new programmes will be unfolded in coming executive meet.The meeting was attended by Altaf thakur Arif Raja Ashok Bhat Asif Masoodi Anwar khanm Tahir Mir, Neelam Gahss ,Aizaz Ahmed,Billal Paray,Hillal Ahmed jaan and Nazir Ahmed Gilkar.

Why don’t we learn from our leader?

SS BijralWondering why dignitaries, politicians and bureaucrats, let their well advertised cleanliness drive end up a mere photo show? Their this exercise cements the dirt and filth in people mind instead of helping them be motivated to stay clean, said S.S. Bijral BJP state Spokesperson. Given the situation said one cannot escape the question ,”why don’t we learn from our leader”, with PM Narindera Modi giving the nation lead. Bijral, former IGP, said if we recall what Jai Ram Romesh UPA Environment and Forest Minister had said in 2009 and what PM Narinder Modi did during his surprise inspection of a Delhi police station on October 2, 2014, we would know Bharat, our mother land, does not expect us , its children to play with her honour by holding broom in hands for publicity stunt little bothering about her deteriorating health. Jai Ram Romesh had said,”Our cities are the dirtiest of the world. If there is a Noble Prize for dirt and filth India will win it in deed,” hitting national pride and ignoring to take corrective steps. Our PM Narindera Modi during his surprise visit took the broom and swept the scattered filth in police station premises advising staff there to keep area clean. The latter during his Independence Day address from Red Fort exhorted people to build toilets, end open defecation and join ‘Swachhata Abhiyan’ launched by the government. Bijral asserting the need is for action, a coordinated one, by individuals and the agencies involved. Modi led this campaign by actually doing it as Prime Minister expecting of us all to take pride in mothering the nation and enthusiastically coming forward to build a “Swachh Bharat’ the dream of Mahatma Gandhi and Narindera Bhai Modi. He said considering our selves fortunate being led by a selfless committed PM Modi, we should at least not falter in learning from him.

Cong needs to elaborate its perception on regional councils: Prof. Virender

Prof. Virender GuptaBJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta welcomes the senior Vice-President of State Congress party Sham Lal Sharma for his statement, asking for Regional Councils for all the regions of the state in order to ensure justice and equal development of all the regions. Prof. Virender asked Mr. Sharma that whether he has the consent of State Party President Ghulam Ahmed Mir and its senior Kashmir based leaders like Saif-ul-Din who have been supporting the demand of greater autonomy for Jammu and Kashmir (implied valley). He also asked Sharma to elaborate the structure of Regional Council and their powers. He asked the Congress party both at the State level and the National level to come out with a definite proposal on the issue of Regional Autonomy. The Spokesperson emphasized that merely having regional council with Financial, administrative and legislative powers with the Kashmir oriented State Government would end into a futile exercise. He elaborated that what is the need of the hour is political, administrative and financial empowerment of all the regions, in particular Jammu and Ladakh regions. The BJP from 1990 has been supporting the demand of Autonomous Regional Councils that addresses the issue of empowerment of all the regions. Prof. Virender Gupta said that number of proposals have been so far mooted to provide due justice to Jammu and Ladakh regions. These proposals include granting of statehood to all the three regions which was initially put forth by Jammu Mukti Morcha, Jammu State Morcha and know being supported by National Panthers Party and other Jammu based social and political organizations/ groups, he said. He added that the people of Ladakh region since long, right from the days of Kushak Bakala have been demanding for Union Territory status for the region. Prof. Virender asked Sham Lal to ponder over the proposals of regional autonomy, recently proposed by retired Director General of Police, M.M. Khajuria and that put forth by the Ex-Commissioner cum Secretary and member of State Finance Committee, Swami Raj Sharma about 15 years back. Prof. Virender pointed out that these proposals are identical to the concept of Autonomous Sub Statehood as was envisaged in Article 244A of Indian constitution and was applied to seven sister states in the North East. Elaborating the sub statehood concept, Prof. Virender said that Jammu & Kashmir should have three sub states for Jammu, Ladakh and Valley, with each sub state having its own legislature with all the powers that a state should have except for some of the common subjects / matters on which all the political units have consensus, and be left to the state executive councils which should have five members from each unit and work under the chairmanship of the Governor of J&K State. He further added that the Governor should be the head of the State Executive Council and there would be a common High Court.

Sh. Baldev Singh Billawaria has hailed the announcement of extension of industrial benefits to the state of J&K Jammu.

Baldev Singh Baloria JammuBaldev Singh Billawaria District President BJP Jammu District has hailed the announcement of extension of industrial benefits to the state of Jammu & Kashmir by Government of India. In a Statement, Billawaria Said that by Conceding the demand for granting industrial insensitive to the state for the period of another ten years, the centre has ensured boosting of industrial growth, export and employment in this sensitive region. A provision to provide a budgetary support for industrial establishment in the state past GST act, he said will go a long way in flourishing of industries in the state and enhance production. He especially thanked Dr. Nirmal Kumar Singh Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and Chandra Prakash Ganga Hon’ble Minister for Industries and commerce who had taken up the extension of industrial benefits to the state with union minister industries and commerce. He also thanked Dr. Suresh Prabhu Hon’ble Union Minister for industries and commerce for taking keen interest on the state of Jammu and Kashmir affairs.

Progress On Centrally Sponsored Road Project In J&K Reviewed

22291140_1467291963352497_3602874859694033662_o· Union MoS Dr Jitendra Singh reviews progress on Centrally Sponsored Road Projects in J&K, suggests use of Space Technology for preparing DPRs, UCs. · Work on Batote-Kishtwar road soon · Work on Akhnoor Bridge is likely from Feb 2018 · Work on road from Khilaini-Humbal, Doda and Humbal-Deedini to start soon · For early execution, road project from Bhagwa to Lal Draman, Doda to be converted from ‘Priority-2’ to ‘Priority-1’. · DPR sought from State authorities for ambitious Chhatergalla tunnel project · Central Road Fund proposals for J&K for year 2017-18 amounting to Rs. 1600 crore have been submitted · Historic Express Road Corridor project from Delhi to Katra via Amritsar, at the cost of over Rs. 50,000 crore, was also taken up, DPR for survey process is going on.

Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh hails Center for extending industrial incentives to J&K

22281765_1466812983400395_8731378259999752886_nDy CM Dr. Nirmal Singh hailed the Modi government for extending industrial incentives to the State for a period of 10 years, which had, otherwise, stopped after implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) as Excise Duty had ceased to exist in the new tax regime. He also expressed gratitude to Union Minister for Industry and Commerce Suresh Prabhu for announcing the new scheme extending budgetary support as industrial incentives to Jammu and Kashmir. He also thanked Union Finance Minister, Arun Jaitly. The Deputy Chief Minister said the extension in tax exemption would go a long way in promoting industrial growth and economic development in the State. “This is the first major incentive to industrial sector of Jammu and Kashmir and other States after implementation of the GST”, he added.

BJP nominates Panchayat Incharges

Lotus Logo copyIn order to streamline party activities and gear up for the forthcoming Panchayat Elections, nominations of Incharges for various Constituencies to look after the affairs related to Panchayat elections were made by the State BJP in a meeting attended by BJP State President & MLA Sat Sharma, State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Kaul, State General Secretaries Dr. Narinder Singh, Pawan Khajuria and Harinder Gupta at BJP headquarter, Trikuta Nagar. While addressing the meeting, Sat Sharma said that in order to boost up the organizational activities at the lowest level keeping the Panchayat elections in sight, party is working on strategy of covering every single booth and Panchayat of the region to ensure the win-win situation. He said that the incharges for various constituencies have been made to achieve the target, by reaching out to the public, ensuring that their every issue is addressed and the benefit of every single public welfare scheme is made available to them. Giving the details, he said that the activities will be supervised in Basohli by Narayan Dutt Tripathi, Bani by Uttam Chand, Billawar by Ganesh Basotra, Kathua by Dr. Narinder Singh, Hiranagar by Adv. Vijay Sharma, Samba by Kashmira Singh, Vijaypur by Keshav Dutt, Bishnah by Jasbir Singh Lucky, Suchetgarh by Sat Pal Pappi, R.S. Pura by Ashok Choudhary, Jammu Cantt. by Anuradha Charak, Nagrota by Nand Kishore, Raipur-Domana by Sukhdev Singh, Marh by Vikas Choudhary, Akhnoor by Suraj Singh, Chhamb by Jugal Dogra, Nowshera by Capt. Ramesh Lal, Kalakot by Adv. Vinod, Rajouri by Bharat Bhushan Vaid, Darhal by Dev Raj Sharma, Poonch by Sunil Gupta, Mendhar by Satish Sasan, Surankot by Mohd. Ilyas Khan, Reasi by Sheel Magotra, Gool-Arnas by Raman Sharma (Sarpanch), Gool-Gulabgarh by Adv. Keshav Singh, Udhampur by Ramneek Sharma, Ramnagar by Rakesh Anthal, Chenani by Adv. Naresh Bhagat & S.S. Jamwal, Ramban by Vijay Mohan Thakur, Banihal by Sham Singh Katoch, Doda by Puri Singh, Bhaderwah Gajay Singh, Kishtwar by Brij Mohan Sharma and Inderwal by Tariq Keen.

Sh. Jugal Kishore Sharma release Rs 10.70 lac for Ambulance at Sainik colony

jugaLJugal Kishore Sharma Member of Parliament BJP (Lok Sabha) Jammu Poonch Visited Ram Mandir Sainik Colony and sanctioned Ambulance for Ram Mandir Sainik Colony in Samba Constituency Jammu. Jugal Kishore Sharma Member of Parliament said that the ambulance provided to the committee at ram Mandir Sainik colony would kept under the guidance of prominent persons of the society and will serve to the whole area.He said that Rs 10.70 lac is released under MPLAD Scheme for purchase of ambulance and it is equipped with basic amenities. He also inaugurated the hall cum garage in which the ambulance would be kept will care and would be used in required times.Member of parliament said that BJP-PDP government is working on the agenda of "Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas" and will ready to serve with all the level best to the citizens of India.He further added that all the demands would be kept in consideration and other development would also be done time to time. Block President BJP Sainik Colony Kulbir Singh Chadak honored thanked Member of Parliament for visiting Sainik Colony and providing funds from his MPLAD Scheme for development works in Sainik Colony. Chairman Sainik Colony Housing Co-operative society Amar Singh Chadak,President Ram Mandir Committee CD Manotra Rt Comm Mehta,BS Jamwal,Sanjeev Manmotra,Parkash Singh,Devinder Sharma,Kali Dass and other prominent person of the society were also present at the same occasion.

BJP starts blacktopping of Lakkar Mandi road

BJP starts blacktopping of Lakkar Mandi roadIn continuance with its agenda of the development in the State of Jammu & Kashmir, BJP leaders inaugurated the macadamization work of the Lakkar Mandi road in the Ward No. 36 area corresponding to the main High Court road visiting heavy rush due to the heavy load of traffic on the Janipur main road falling in the Jammu West Constituency. BJP State Addl. Publicity Secretary Parduman Singh, ExEn PWD Uttar Kumar Sharma along with his team, Janipur Mandal President Vijay Sharma along with other political activists of BJP were present during the inauguration of road work. Parduman Singh, while speaking on the occasion, applauded the efforts of Jammu West Assembly Constituency MLA, Sat Sharma for his keen endeavors towards the development and the prosperity of this constituency. He said that the elected MLA has left no stone unturned to mitigate the sufferings of masses and is working on every possible measure to uplift the status of the general public for the smooth flow of essential commodities like electricity, water, transportation etc. He said that the cost of this blacktopping work almost approaches near to 1 Crore Rupees, which will go a long way to ease the traffic congestion and thus facelift the market and facilitate the movement of the pedestrian while saving the time and the fuel, and this is the motto of the BJP, which prompts every party activists to always think for the growth and prosperity of the society. Vijay Sharma said that BJP, being a party of the common masses always remains sensitive to the public issues. He said that BJP is committed to extend the reach of every single person to all the basic facilities, no matter how much deprived he remained in previous corrupt regimes. Subash Sharma, Karan Sharma, Raveesh Mengi, J.D. Singh, Sanjay Sawhney, Onkar Singh Bose, Balwan Singh, Joginder Kumar, Sonu, Darshna Bandral, Mohalla President Radhe Sham, Ashok Khar and others were the prominent persons present on the occasion.

Sh. Harinder Gupta conducted meeting of BJP leaders at party headquarter, Trikuta Nagar.

Gear up for Panchayat elections (1)Gear up for Panchayat elections: Harinder to party leaders In continuation with the agenda of continuous introspection of the organizational and developmental works and work out the strategy for forthcoming programmes, particularly with focus to gear up the party momentum in view of approaching Panchayat elections, BJP State General Secretary Harinder Gupta, conducted meeting of BJP leaders heading particular departments related to Office management, press, popular Radio programme “Mann Ki Baat” and celebration of 6 party festivals, at party headquarter, Trikuta Nagar. While addressing the meeting, Harinder Gupta, discussed the role of various departments with the leaders present and sought the details of the steps being undertaken by them to implement the programmes being assigned to them to promote the party activities. He asked them to work with strong strategy and goodwill among the general public to acquaint the common masses with the ideology of the BJP and extend the reach of every public welfare scheme of the Centre Government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while keeping in view the forthcoming Panchayat elections in the state. Harinder Gupta said that, the sole aim of BJP is to provide good governance to the common mass, which has been looted by the previous corrupt governments mostly headed by Congress. In order to achieve the aim of clean government, every activist has a duty to strengthen the organizational activities to the level of booth as the booth level activist is in direct face to face contact with every household. He asked them to ensure the reach of “Mann Ki Baat” to every booth, which is a direct means of communication with PM Modi and also concentrate on the celebration of 6 party festivals at every single booth. He called upon them to form booth level committees to ensure the same. State Vice-President Rajni Sethi, State Secretaries Sanjay Baru and Anuradha Charak, State Press Secretary Dr. Pardeep Mahotra, State Addl. Office Secretary Tilak Gupta, senior leaders Jaideep Sharma, Som Raj Khajuria and Gopal Mahajan were present in the meeting.

Sh. Rajesh Gupta started the sanitation and fogging drive from Panjtirthi in ward no.1.

MLA East Rajesh GuptaMLA Jammu east and party chief whip Rajesh Gupta started the sanitation and fogging drive from Panjthirthi in ward no.1. The MLA was accompanied by JMC Joint Commissioner Rajesh Sharma CTO Tariq Raina and other officials. The BJP leaders who accompanied the MLA included Karan Singh, Prof. Shyam, P.C.Gupta, Rajeev Bhardwaj, Suresh Bharti, Naresh Abrol, Madan Singh,Rajinder Gupta, Chaman Lal, Hari Om Sharma, Subhash Sanghra, Gokul Koul and Rajesh Nischal. Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion said that Swachhata Abhiyan launched by the Modi a landmark programme that will transform the landscape of our country. Rajesh Gupta said that cleanliness is next to godliness and we must organise Swachhata programmes in each and every locality of our city. Rajesh Gupta further said that if we maintain cleanliness there would be no diseases like dengue and malaria. Joint Commissioner Rajesh Sharma also appealed to the people to maintain cleanliness in their areas and approach the officials of the JMC in case of any service related to sanitation and cleanliness. He also appealed the people to take precautions against the spread of dengue and malaria and not to allow water to accumulate anywhere.

BJP asks for fixing accountability for development

Prof.-Virender-GuptaIn a statement, BJP State Spokesperson Prof. Virender Gupta stated that most of the projects which are visualized, do not get started and those which start often do not meet their end. The project to remove the scarcity of drinking water in Jammu city by bringing water from Chenab river was visualized somewhere in 1990 but it is resting in the files, whereas the project of providing sewerage facility to the Jammu city was visualized in 1992, planned in 2004, started in 2006 but still not yet reached the completion state. Another project of constructing lake in Jammu out of flowing water of Tawi river has been many years back imagined but its work could start around 2010, however as per the news it has been abandoned in between after spending about 90 crore of rupees. Project of developing Surinsar lake and connecting it to Mansar and Jammu city by an all weather pacca road, its completion has still been kept pending. Similar is the fate of flyovers whose start and completion is still uncertain even after its initial sanction in 2010. Due to non serious approach of the government, the project could not be taken up till date even after the lapse of seven years Even the land acquisition process has not yet initiated; whereas the funds for the construction of BC Ambhalla route to be provided by International Agency, ADB has lapsed two times. The starting of AIIM is also facing serious problem in the matter of acquisition of marked land due to slackness on the part of revenue department and the interference at the highest level. Prof. Virender further added that as per the report in the media, the physical verification of nearly 1500 projects across J&K State still being availed from the concerned department despite the lapse of several months. He added that it is mandatory so as to assess the financial implication, their implantation and physical progress for the effective monitoring implementation ensuring their completion within the stipulated time frame. He said that in number of cases the targets fixed for execution of various works are not achieved because of lack of coordination and monitoring. He asked for fixing dead line for completion of each job and those officers or concerned persons showing slackness and not meeting the targets fixed, should be taken to task.

Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh launches “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” week celebration

22291514_1466732226741804_4531787524072705407_o (1)Terms media as effective instrument in success of government schemes Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh  launched “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” week celebration being observed across the nation with theme “The Daughters of New India” at Government Post Graduate College for Women Gandhi Nagar. “Aimed at to ensure that girls are born, nurtured and educated without any kind of discrimination, the scheme would immensely help the females become empowered and self dependent citizens of the country”, the Deputy CM maintained . The weeklong celebration with effect from Oct 9th to 14th, 2017 is being organized by the district Task Force BBBP in collaboration with Song and Drama Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Minister of State for Education Priya Sethi, and Legislator Krishan Lal were also present on the occasion. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Nirmal Singh said that the objective of the scheme 'Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao' is to make people aware about the importance of girl child in the society besides bringing about an attitudinal change among the people girl child. In this regard, he emphasized the role of media as of utmost importance in proper and timely dissemination of information about such innovative schemes of the government among the people. “Media is effectively instrumental in transforming the conventional mindsets of people towards the changing needs and trends in the society as it has direct and strongest impact on our minds”, asserted the Deputy CM. The Deputy Chief Minister also stressed upon the parents to understand their role in ensuring that their girl child gets proper upbringing, education and all facilities for their overall development and emancipation. He exhorted upon them to take optimum benefit of schemes envisaging empowerment of girls for a flourished and prosperous society. Referring to initiatives of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, for ensuring empowerment of women and girl child, Dr Singh said that the Beti Bacho Beti Padho scheme is being implemented in mission mode so that the girl child gets benefitted from this landmark programme. Priya Sethi, while lauding the role of district administration, stressed that all the schemes related to females being run by the Central Government as well as state government should be widely publicized so that their benefits could reach to the real beneficiaries. The Minister said that the parents have to ensure a healthy life and enhanced education opportunities to their daughters for their overall development. On the occasion, Deputy Chief Minister in presence of other dignitaries flagged off mobile exhibition Van besides launching Facebook page regarding online services of BBBP. Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Minister also launched Grievances Portal Samadhan for online submission and processing of citizen services. The dignitaries also felicitated females under the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao scheme for their exemplary performance in different fields including MoS Priya Sethi, Additional Commissioner Rehana Batul, Station Director Radio Kashmir Jammu Anjali Sharma, Director Floriculture Babila Rakwal, Director Tourism Smita Sethi, Director Horticulture Anuradha Gupta, Regional Director Land Records Rifat Kohli, ADC Jammu Kanta Rakwal, Principal GMC Sunanda Raina, Head, Paediatrics Department Dr Rekha Harish, Medical Superintendent Govt Hospital Sarwal Dr Renu Sharma, Nodal Officer BBBP scheme Jyoti Salathia, Health officer JMC Dr Anita Salgotra, Entrepreneur Monika Manohar, Cricketer Roopali Salathia, Chess player Aarushi Kotwal, Taekwondo champion Mukta, Singer Vidhi Jaswal, Artists Vrinda Gujral and Aarushi. A colorful programme based on the theme “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” was also presented by the artists of Song and Drama Division and others. Earlier, the Deputy Chief Minister went around various stalls exhibited by different departments to create awareness about the state and centrally sponsored schemes. On the occasion, Deputy Chief Minister along with other dignitaries and participants pledged to work for welfare and empowerment of the girl child. Among others, Deputy Commissioner Jammu Kumar Rajeev Ranjan, Regional Head Song and Drama Division Baljit Singh, Mission Director ICDS G. A. Sofi besides staff members, students of college and other senior officers of concerned departments were present on the occasion.

Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh gives away awards to winner, participating teams

22279966_1465946560153704_3881663189983194524_nPDD Cricket Premier T-20 League concludes First Cricket Premier League T-20 2017, organized by Power Development Department (PDD) concluded here at Green Field, Gandhi Nagar. The tournament was spread over a period of one week, in which more than 6 teams of various wings of PDD participated. The aim of organizing the tournament was to create awareness and spread message among people about energy conservation. Deputy Chief Minister Dr. Nirmal Singh was the chief guest and Chief Engineer System & Operation Wing Jammu S. K. Zutshi was guest of honour at the valedictory function. The other prominent guests included, Superintending Engineer Circle-2 Jammu Ashwani Sachdeva, Nodal Office PDD Jammu Sanjay Sharma and other senior officers of PDD besides and a large number of sportspersons. Dr. Nirmal Singh also gave away trophies and awards to the winner, runner-up and participating teams. He impressed upon the PDD employees to participate in sports which make them physically and mentally strong and enable them to give best to their profession. He congratulated the participating teams and said that winning and losing is not important but the most important aspect in the life is to come forward and be a part of competition. Dr. Nirmal Singh appealed the public to save electricity in their day to day life for development and growth of the state. He further said that the state government has taken several initiatives to expand the electricity access to the uncovered areas and provide 24x7 power supply to all households in the state. In the final played, System and Operation Wing Jammu defeated EM & RE Direction Office by 21 runs. Earlier batting first after winning the toss, System Operation scored 163 runs in 20 overs and in reply EM & RE Direction Office could score 142 runs only for the loss of ten wickets. Manoj of System Operation Wing team was declared as the best batsman of tournament while Darshan as best bowler of tournament.

Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh lays foundation of Rs 3.96 cr sewerage project

22289925_1465943960153964_2048014385385144569_oSays Govt focused on development of Jammu city; Cautions people against misinformation Dy CM Dr. Nirmal Singh said that modern and quality infrastructure is essential for speedy development of an area and it is the endeavor of present dispensation to upgrade and strengthen the existing infrastructural edifice in the state. He was speaking after laying foundation stone of construction/upgrading of Rehari Nallah downstream Jewel Chowk to its out fall (Phase-2nd) taken up under Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) here. The 577 mtr long sewerage is being executed by UEED through Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) and would be completed at an estimated of Rs. 3.96 crore. The project would benefit residents of Jewel Chowk, Krishna Nagar, Rajinder Nagar, Company Bagh, Canal Road, M. A. Stadium and its adjoining areas. Legislators Rajesh Gupta, Sat Sharma, Commissioner Secretary Housing and Urban Development Hirdesh Kumar, Chief Engineer UEED Haneef Lone, Additional Deputy Commissioner Jammu Arun Manhas, Joint Commissioner JMC Rajesh Sharma, Executive Engineer UEED Rajesh Gupta and other senior officers of concerned departments were also present on the occasion. Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Chief Minister informed that first phase of this project has already been completed and assured that the remaining work would be completed within stipulated time frame. He said that timely and quality completion of projects is priority of the state government which is pre-requisite for accelerating economic, trade and social activities. He maintained that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi the country is witnessing a tremendous improvement in all fields of development with emphasis on equipping the unattended areas with enhanced basic services. While highlighting various upcoming and completed projects in the city, Deputy Chief Minister said that these projects are path breaking steps towards its development on modern lines. He said these projects including multi-storey parking projects, Jammu Ring Road Project, upcoming ambitious general bus stand multi-facility centre, Maharaja Hari Singh Park, Multi Tier Parking City Chowk and one each parking projects proposed at Panjthirthi and on circular road aim at to give new look to Jammu. Projects like Tawi River Front Development project, Artificial Lake, development of heritage sites including Mubarak Mandi Royal Complex, construction of rope way project across River Tawi upto Mahamaya Temple provide all ingredients for projection of Jammu on global level, he said. Dr. Nirmal Singh further added that move are a foot to make Jammu smart city with better roads, clean surroundings, high end basic facilities. He said with varied national level educational institutions established in here, the city is on way to emerge as a hub of education. He said some political organizations who failed to bring remarkable change in the state economy during their tenure are trying to sabotage the pace of development to hide their failures adding that people are the real judges and they are acknowledging the work of the current dispensation.

Sh. Bali Bhagat visits GMC

22291516_1465939983487695_8971356770563955533_oMinister for Health and Medical Education Sh. Bali Bhagat visits GMC; reviews treatment facilities for Dengue, Swine-flue patients. Says Govt fully prepared to deal with situation, appeals people to follow health deptt advisory.

Sh. Shamsher Singh Manhas inaugurated Solar Power Plant at NHPC Regional Office, Jammu.

Inauguration of Solar Power Plant at NHPC Regional Office, Jammu by Sh.Shamsher Singh Manhas, Hon,ble MP(RS) on 09.10.2017 (14) A 50 KW (40KW+10 KW) Roof Top Grid connected Solar Power Plant has been installed at NHPC Regional Office , Jammu which was inaugurated today by Sh. Shamsher Singh Manhas, Hon'ble Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) in an impressive function in the presence of Sh. S.Kalgaonkar, Executive Director, NHPC, Sh.Yoginder Kotha, Chief Engineer(Civil), Sh. S.Tirkey Chief (HR), Sh. K.L. Acharyullu, Chief (Finance), Besides, Officers from Nearby banks and employees of NHPC were present on the occasion. Welcoming Sh. Shamsher Singh Manhas, Hon,ble MP (Rajya Sabha), Sh. Kalgaonkar said that to meet the surging demand of electricity, solar energy is the best form of energy to fulfil the energy needs of any organisation and bridge the energy demand-supply gap. Keeping this in view, solar power plant was envisaged for the office complex which has now become functional. Speaking on the occasion, Sh. Shamsher Singh Manhas highlighted that geographical location of the country stands to its benefit and India has tremendous scope of generating solar energy. The reason being India is a tropical country and it receives solar radiation almost throughout the year. Since majority of the population lives in rural areas, there is much scope for solar energy being promoted in these areas. Use of solar energy can reduce the use of firewood by rural household. He further said that Solar power is inexhaustible. In energy deficient country like India, where power generation is costly, solar energy is the best alternate means of power generation and we don’t need a power or gas grid to get solar energy. A solar energy system can be installed anywhere. Solar panels can be easily placed in houses. Hence, it is quite inexpensive compared to other sources of energy. He appreciated the efforts of NHPC for installing On Grid Solar Power Plant at its Regional Office being a clean renewable resource with zero emission. A vote of thanks was presented by Sh. Yoginder Kotha, Chief Engineer (Civil).

R.S.S takes out “ Route March ” in Ranbir Singh Pura

8OCT Mail 1Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) celebrated its foundation day with great enthusiasm and charm today in Ranbir Singh Pura. To celebrate its Foundation Day and to aware the border people about the role of Army and security forces in guarding the borders, a route march (Path Sanchalan) was taken out by Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) here today in the border town. In this connection route marches were taken out in different areas of the Jammu by the activists of Sangh. Over 300 volunteers of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh took out route march in Ranbir Singh Pura town on the occasion of its Foundation Day , which comes on the day of Vijaydashmi ‘Dusshera’ .The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh cadre were wearing white shirt, brown trouser and black caps regulated by concerned Path Sanchalak (route in-charge) while Chanting “patriotic and motivational songs” Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh volunteers participated in the procession which started from Ancient Devi Dwara Mandir Main Bazaar Ranbir Singh Pura and passing through different locations of the town including Old Bazaar, Tehsil Baazar, Shiv Nagar Chowk, Shaheed Devendra Sharma Chowk, Bus Stand, Shaheed Daljeet Singh Chowk, Munsiffs Court, Hospital Badyal Road, Hanuman Mandir Chowk. They rally culminated at historic Old Bazaar. The same function will also take place at Miran Sahib town on 15th October, Sunday, a rally will be taken out by RSS activists, which will start from Brij Nagar High School , and after passing through various markets including Main Baazar Miran Sahib and Turpentine factory baazar, Army Brigade road will culminated back GBHS Brij Nagar, where pracharaks will address the volunteers. It will the second gala event for RSS in R.S Pura Sub-District after change of uniform. While at Ranbir Singh Pura Shastra Pujan (weapon worship) was also performed by religious heads before the start of the route march. Addressing Swayam sewak of R.S.S Arun ji said that R.S.S was founded in 1925 by Dr Keshav Ram Headgevar, to strengthen nationalist forces. He said it was fact that people of J&K have faced various problems from last more than 20 years due to insurgency. “We lost many precious lives during the turmoil and now RSS has launched a movement asking people to stand against the forces inimical to national cause and stand against those who are posing a threat to national unity and integrity. He said it was duty of every citizen to cooperate with Army and other security forces as they are working to guard the country against the enemy and anti national people. It is a matter of grave concern that every day there are reports about the fresh bids of infiltrators towards this side on LoC and I.B and the nation has to be prepared to tackle them with full might, he added.

Sh. Sat Sharma alongwith Sh. Rajesh Gupta Inaugurates deep drain (nallah) of Science college

20171008_121525MLA Jammu West and BJP state President Sat Sharma CA & MLA Jammu East Rajesh Gupta inaugurated the work of deep drain (nallah) of Science College.The work is estimated to cost rupees 4.50 Crores. The officials of the UEED including Xen Rajesh Gupta, AEE C.K.Sudan,JE Ravinder Sharma and Ravinder Koul accompanied the MLAs. MLA Sat Sharma while addressing the gathering said that the work of the drain of Science College today is of paramount importance to the people of the area and also the commuters who use the Science College road.Sat Sharma said that he was conscious of the difficulties faced by the people of the area due to water logging and innundation during the rainy season. MLA said that once the drain gets blocked during the rains it causes a multitude of problems and with the inauguration of today's work the long standing problem will get resolved Rajesh Gupta while speaking on the occasion expressed his gratitude to the people of the area who displayed great patience while facing the problem of water logging .Rajesh Gupta said that with the work of deep drain the area will heave a sigh of relief.He said that the area has added importance because of the presence of Science College and other institutions of learning. The MLA said that after the work of the deep drain is over we can focus upon further improvement in the area. The BJP leaders who accompanied the MLAs included Ayodhya Gupta, Subhash Gupta, Ajeet Angral,Gokul Koul,Rajinder Gupta, Subhash Sanghra, Kuldeep Kandhari, Gopal Gupta and Hari Om Sharma. The prominents who accompanied the MLAs included Gurcharan Singh, Raj Kumar, Anil Gupta, Vinod,Bittu, Sunil,Ashok Lambad,Opinder Singh,Kuldeep Balgotra,Surinder Pargal, Atul Bakshi ,Prem Gupta, Ravi Sharma, Surgeet and Ashok Gupta. Vote of thanks was presented by Distt. President Ayodhya Gupta.

Sustainable and Equitable Development Will Make J&K a Model State: Sh. Vibodh Gupta

IMG-20171008-WA0024 - CopySh. Vibodh Visits Various Villages in Budhal Rajouri Giving a further boost to his contact mission with the common masses BJP senior leader and MLC Vibodh Gupta visited some remote villages in Budhal area of Rajouri and took stock of the various developmental programmes there. Accompanied by local party workers and leaders Vibodh also visited Rajnagar Budhal and patiently listened to the various problems and issues of the local population there. The local residents of the area informed MLC that Primary Health Centre of the area is almost nonfunctional as there is no doctor available there. Many requested MLC to take up the issues of Government Degree College Budhal with the higher education authorities as the college is without a principal and as a result of this local students are suffering. Moreover, from a long time, the college is functioning from the building of the local higher secondary school and no one is taking any initiative to complete the Budhal college building. Many locals protested that the Tehsildar never sits in Budhal as a result of which they are facing many problems. While referring to the process of issue of Adhar Cards in the area the local residents informed that they have to run from pillar to post to get their Adhar cards as a result of the inefficient process being followed to issue Adhar cards to the local residents of Budhal. Addressing a gathering of local residents and party workers Vibodh informed that present Government is working hard to ensure that such problems of common masses are addressed to on priority basis. While referring to his regular visits to such remote areas Vibodh said that since at present there is a sincere Government both at the sate as well as at the centre, therefore he is trying to ensure that genuine problems of the people of the remote areas get the attention which they deserve. He further added that present Government is according highest priority to education and health sectors and he will soon take up the issues being raised by locals to the concerned ministers. While referring the various programmes and policies of the Government, he said that the main mission of the present Government is to reach to the last man in the queue and all the Government’s plans and programmes are directed towards this. Giving details about the Hon’ble PM Narinder Bhai’s dream of making J&K a model state of the country, Vibodh said that only sustainable and equitable development will make J&K a model state. He called upon local party leaders to keep a regular eye of the genuine demands of the locals and work hard to ensure their early resolution. Prominent among others who were present on the occasion included Dev Raj Sharma, Parvaiz Malik, Romesh Kumar, Mohd Shabir, Pandit Tilak Raj, Qazi Manzoor Ahmed, Vijay Verma, Surinder Kumar, Bitu Shah, Shanti Devi, Amro Devi and Satvinder Kumar.

Sh. Sat Sharma starts macdamization works at Rehari

20171008_103430Giving a major push to infrastructural developmental in Jammu West Assembly segment, BJP State President and MLA Sat Sharma (CA) started macdamization works at Rehari Chungi area. The works are divided into four segments under the same and the works started today will cover the stretch from Rehari Chungi to Sarwal to Patoli Chowk. Further, a stretch from Pacca Talab to New Plot and Sarwal to New Plot road is also covered under the same work. Pertinent to mention, stretch from Rehari Chungi to Rehari Colony to Subash Nagar has also been allotted by PWD (R&B) department which will also be covered under the same project. A large number of people including officials of PWD, local residents and political activists were also present on the occasion. The works will be done under the supervision of PWD(R&B) at an estimated cost of Rupees 1.20 crores. Speaking on the occasion, Sat Sharma congratulated the residents and political activists of the area and stated that BJP is committed to provide best possible infra to the masses and the quality of the works done states that there is no compromise on the quality of the works done by various departments in Jammu West Assembly segment. He said the roads which are being macadamized under his tenure were never Black topped from decades and their condition became worst and ultimately caused miseries for the local residents and the people who commute through these roads. He said within a stipulated period of time these works will be completed so that no problems are faced by the locals. He stated that major projects including installation of sewrage system and water pipes are completed in almost areas and these areas are now kept on priority and the works for restoration of roads and lanes in these areas are already in progress and many areas have been restored as well. He also appealed to the masses to maintain the sanctity of the works done and he also appealed them to promote and contribute in the noble cause of “Swachhta Hi Seva” in which our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked everyone to spare some time for cleaning of their surroundings so that PM’s dream of Clean and Green Nation could be achieved. PWD Ex En Uttar Kumar Sharma, AEE Yasir Kichloo, BJP Leaders Arvind Gupta, Praduman Singh, Vijay Sharma, Kuldeep Magotra, Sanjeev Sharma, Dinesh Gupta, Balwan Singh, Bal Khajuria, Onkar Singh Bose, Naresh Sharma, Purshottam Khajuria, Ramesh Khajuria Kaku, Amit Dutta, Sahil Gupta, Amit Manhas, Sunita Gupta, Kishore Chandan, Ajeet Samral, Sangeeta Verma, Balbir Gupta, Madan Pandey, Suresh Sethi, Amrik Singh Chib, Dr Akshay Sharma, Suresh Salgotra, Sanjay Sawhney, Atul Bakshi, Inderjit Sawhney, Sourab Gupta, Sunil Kumar, Rohit Bawa, Varinder Singh Billu, Karan, Kulbir Singh, Raghu, Arpan Baigra, Danny Rohit Bhardwaj, Mangat Ram and several others were also present when BJP President started the works.

Traditions connect us with our roots, rich culture: Smt. Priya Sethi

DSC_2211"Scintillating evening marks Karwachowth eve" Smt. Priya Sethi, Minister of State for Education, Technical Education, Culture, Tourism, Department of Horticulture, Floriculture and Parks said Karva Chauth - a one-day festival in which married women fast from sunrise to moonrise for the safety and longevity of their husbands is our culture and enthusiastic participation of women folk in it depicts how strongly we are connected to our roots and are keeping age old traditions alive. Priya Sethi was speaking after inaugurating an evening celebration on the eve of Karvachowth at Geeta Bhavan today. She was joined by BJP Vice President Yudhvir Sethi who was co-organiser. The simple yet impressive function at Geeta Mandir attracted thousands of women who participated in different events in large numbers. Special performers enthralled the audiences with their folk songs, Dogri Pakhan, Bhangra and musical feasts. Priya Sethi while congratulating women for celebrating this festival said that this is how we stay firmly rooted out rich culture. "As a culture minister and as a citizen of historic Jammu city I believed that it is my duty to organise special events on such occasions and this is for the third consecutive year that we are celebrating this event with much enthusiasm", She sai